Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: "Just Tell Him You’re The President” (Season 7, Episode 1)

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Dec 31, 2015




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Sam S
Sam S 58 minutes ago
The coolest guy of all times (Obama). “Watch out, people.” Thanks, Jerry Seinfeld!
Felix GuZman martinez
Fu@k Obama nothing but a puppet of the wealthy
Victoria Alfred-Smythe
Well, the dude is funny
Ellie B.
Ellie B. 5 hours ago
“Please try Obama Care today.”
Teknologic 6 hours ago
Bee movie
David Muriithi
David Muriithi 7 hours ago
too too too good
Don Rajah
Don Rajah 7 hours ago
Obama is the coolest president ever.
1 Park
1 Park 9 hours ago
Why Jerry has to wear dad shoes?
Frostingly 13 hours ago
I thought they would go to starbucks together in that car to get coffee
Mark Trump2021
Mark Trump2021 13 hours ago
Sorry he's a POS. His tyranny wife talking crap on WH. How you feel sleeping in a house built by slaves U got to be kidding you wonder why race relations is where its at. Can't get past the past. I'm not bitching about our past
Travis Collins
Travis Collins 17 hours ago
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Tonik Tiki
Tonik Tiki 17 hours ago
"Nothing like stumbling up the stairs" Joe biden: 😬
John Benjamin
John Benjamin 19 hours ago
Hey look! Two clowns!
Johnny Jamoni
Johnny Jamoni 20 hours ago
Seinfeld: You ready Hussein O: Got some stuff to do Seinfeld: You never have time for me anymore- wonder what Clinton is doing
Johnny Jamoni
Johnny Jamoni 20 hours ago
Seinfeld goes to make a left where he's supposed to make a right until he sees guns pointed at his head
Sean Lacey
Sean Lacey 20 hours ago
Hmm american presidents and the year 1963 there’s some kinda connection there i just can’t remember what🤔
Ziyao WU
Ziyao WU 21 hour ago
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Doc Brown
Doc Brown 21 hour ago
All these presidents are full of sht impressive to watch how good they manipulate others tho
Sal Ort
Sal Ort 21 hour ago
Obama a comedian? He was rather the joke.
Salty Doggs Reef
Salty Doggs Reef 22 hours ago
Obama is a BETA
NOVA longclaw
NOVA longclaw 22 hours ago
Two jackasses
Carmel Digital Network
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Jim Corneleous
That must be the unfunniest dude I have ever seen in my entire life, and Obama sucks. Trash video.
Solomon Killeen
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Benson Mwenda
Am glad you mentioned yellow stone park
dman2159 Day ago
Okay this has been in my recommended for 8 years now, and i finally gave in to watch it today
Draven Stephens
Draven Stephens 16 hours ago
The vid was posted five and a half years ago though.
He is so chill! He is like another cool friend
Jaime Majano
Jaime Majano Day ago
Jerry asking the president: Ya like jazz?
Goose Shid
Goose Shid Day ago
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Eucliid Day ago
4:27 license plate is 1963. Conspiracy theorists, ITS YOUR TIME TO SHINE
liltucker08 Day ago
I smiled through this whole video. Obama was so amazing.. we need him back
Bully Maguire
I read the title as "Canadians in cars getting coffee" I thought it was another Tim hortons joke or something
Jonathan Grant
This One of The Dopest Things I Ever Seen💯
Don Chapman
Don Chapman Day ago
It says comedians which I find appropriate being that Obama's administration was the biggest joke of American history until Biden cheated, and Dick Chaney huh so he did the same thing every other politician but he did it 10 times better and 10 times more and they are really just a bunch of haters Obama you began the downward spiral of the states and world
Mr. R
Mr. R Day ago
Boubama is not comedian, he’s a puppet
Mark Burgess
Mark Burgess Day ago
What a JOKE. Worst "President" of all time.
Michael Hill
Michael Hill Day ago
I love this pragmatic type of individual. Happens to be like me, but he's above and around people and calibrates accurately. I love his use of common and sophisticated demeanor. Good example for leaders globally but good to know our instincts are effective barometers of each person we meet. Preconceived notions are petty....think deep and be a baller when it comes to negotiations. TED Talk done!
Random Guy
Random Guy Day ago
That's cool and all but he wasn't in a wrestling show fighting a billionaire.
Lime Life
Lime Life 2 days ago
What part in the White House when Miss Lewinsky blows our 42nd president
Miles 2 days ago
0:52 That's not something you should say when you're driving the president around lol
Jacqueling Traveling
So I could call a nuclear submarine from right here - who knew the president got jokes!
Vanessa 2 days ago
Pissing myself laughing at all those people running out of shot like we don’t see them 😂
Sweetddy Reacts
Sweetddy Reacts 2 days ago
Obama is a piece of shit!
Cheryl Avila
Cheryl Avila 2 days ago
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strong the bear
strong the bear 2 days ago
“Privilege is toxic.” Truth.
Sean Fhhk
Sean Fhhk 2 days ago
Does this mean jerry is Racist? He is hanging out with one of the most racist ppl in America.
james lee
james lee 2 days ago
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took a minute and fifty seconds to realized who’s show this is and i am ashamed lol
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez 2 days ago
What a great ? From Seinfeld about sports. But when Obama said football Seinfeld should’ve asked “like REAL FOOTBALL or the American shit we play in this country” lol
Aerosma 2 days ago
How the hell
Crypto knight
Crypto knight 2 days ago
I don’t like Jerry Seinfeld
JeiBlazee 2 days ago
steven jones
steven jones 2 days ago
The coolest ever! Clinton #2
Jacquie Miller
Jacquie Miller 3 days ago
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lina 3 days ago
you know people by their friends and if the foul mouthed larry david is the friend of the most powerful man in the world its no wonder this stinking world is a sewer
FatDayChallenge 3 days ago
He could of at least wore shoes.
Baye Laye Diallo
Baye Laye Diallo 3 days ago
The coolest American president ever.
Philip Warwick
Philip Warwick 3 days ago
Anyone read hilary's email to him?
Fade Opz
Fade Opz 3 days ago
How do u take off ur pants mr.president? One leg at a time or ? No.. I make a call .. 🤣🤣🤣
iambdo 3 days ago
please don’t use God’s name in vain
Justin Wright
Justin Wright 3 days ago
Wish it were a great President like Trump.
Vcat 183
Vcat 183 3 days ago
I would love to have chilled with Obama.
Jillian Gardner
Jillian Gardner 3 days ago
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Logan 3005
Logan 3005 3 days ago
I wish I didn't grow up with parents that hated Obama, seems like a really cool and good guy.
Hey man, I'm not telling you what to do, but you do know you dont have to grow up believing everything that your family tells you, right? My parents are democratic and they *only* listen to CNN MSNBC and anything NBC related. They hate Fox News with a passion. Now I'm not gonna say my political opinion, but I know better to listen to both sides of one arguement and decide myself which one sounds more foolish than the other because you already know they're both biased, which means they may leave out a few things and add a few things that aren't 100% true. Actually, they can add anything that they want. That's part of the reason present-day politics is so corrupt. That and the polititions. All I'm saying is do your own research and dont be intimidated by your parents when they tell your things about a certain politicians.
GarlicSTDs 3 days ago
“You haven’t tumbled down the stairs?” *foreshadowing*
Sheila Stevens
Sheila Stevens 3 days ago
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GreyWolfClimber 3 days ago
560k 👍🏻 vs 19k 👎🏻 That’s reassuring. They just need democracy in the USA. They need a good ol’ fashioned Freedom Invasion.
Thanh Tran
Thanh Tran 3 days ago
3:46 "You have to use the non-presidential garbage"
NonZeroSumGame 3 days ago
I know there's a lot of controversy surrounding Obama Care and maybe a few other ideas that came from his administration, but there's just something about knowing that your Leader is a down to earth, normal for the sake of the word, very Solid human being! I have always thought that our POTUS should obviously be intelligent, but I think it's more important that he represent the Opitome of an American "Mans Man". I believe he should be able to go a few rounds with a pro Boxer, and be gentle enough to express his feelings in a confident way that says "I'd cry for love, and kill for the safety of my Country!"
alexovil2222 3 days ago
Kool guys 👌
Vijay Kumar
Vijay Kumar 3 days ago
Mr. Coffee's sales must have gone to roof after this show!
howard sdsasd
howard sdsasd 3 days ago
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English Cocker Spaniel Albie
I used to like Seinfeld the programme, as a stand up he’s as funny as a facial flesh eating disease. These shows are just awful.
Rafael Lima
Rafael Lima 4 days ago
this guy jerry seinfeld is so arrogant he always braging about his show i took time to watch and it is absolutelly HORRIBLE... there are a few eposides with very good plots and fun, but his character is the boringest one, and even more THIS IDEA OF HAVING HIM MONOLOGUE AS STAND UP WHILE THE SHOW HAPPENS IS COMPLETELY ABSURD if you completely remove his character from the show and replace with a broom, would be funnier... really, even his voice pitch is annoying i've heard that this was number one show in america during that time and i can only wonder THERE WASN'T ANYTHING ELSE TO WATCH? WAS IT BEFORE SOMETHING REALLY GOOD AND PEOPLE WATCHED SO THEY DIDNT MISS THE BEGINING OF SOMETHING ELSE? DID ALL PEOPLE IN AMERICA LOST THE REMOTE CONTROL AND GOT TO LAZY TO GO TO TV AND SWITCH THE CHANNEL?
English Cocker Spaniel Albie
Oh BTW there was plenty of excellent comedies on TV at the time and this show still to this day is syndicated and making money. I think that speaks volumes as it’s audience is still out there even amongst new viewers looking for decent comedy.
English Cocker Spaniel Albie
It was well written and an excellent show. Sadly comedy nowadays is safe, censored and antiseptic so as not to offend the delicates. His character was stiff and awkward but he complimented the self absorbed nature of George, the neurotic and insecure nature of Elaine and the unbalanced and clownish Kramer. Every comedy needs a straight man. That’s the point.
Frank Suarez
Frank Suarez 4 days ago
Make Jesus Feel Stupid - RUvid
Bill Moyer
Bill Moyer 4 days ago
ass kissing of the highest order
Anya Saeed
Anya Saeed 4 days ago
Seinfeld was my Dad's favorite show! ❤️ Obama took over his job at the end there though! Jerry was fumbling!
Eugene Pearson
Eugene Pearson 4 days ago
Man made for tv and not the white house. Also a man made by tv in the white house.
Ed Rodrigues
Ed Rodrigues 4 days ago
Aside from this President wanting to legislate the elimination of this car, he didn’t write any of the jokes, including any on this clip.
Mark Setton
Mark Setton 3 days ago
Corey 4 days ago
Obama: I knew that wouldn’t work. Jerry: You didn’t sell it 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
Joey Vega
Joey Vega 4 days ago
Seinfeld suit and nikes lol hell yeah
mona ll
mona ll 4 days ago
He forgot about the TAN suit lol
Cindy Pierce
Cindy Pierce 4 days ago
I'm no a big fan of Jerry. I'm a big fan of Obama good president.
Ivan Kolar
Ivan Kolar 4 days ago
Two losers together driving in a car! They must of ran out of ideas
Thomas Tucker
Thomas Tucker 4 days ago
Obama is a big Crook
Maggy 4 days ago
Lol. Do they really not have better coffee?? Cream? Real cookies?
Benjamin Zakar
Benjamin Zakar 5 days ago
"Hosted by acura" yet the beginning seemed like a vette commercial lol
Benjamin S.
Benjamin S. 5 days ago
This is the best all-time adventure.
Savannah O'Neill
Savannah O'Neill 5 days ago
Obama = instant thumbs down and 🤢🤮
Carill Asanji
Carill Asanji 5 days ago
I love this man
Carill Asanji
Carill Asanji 5 days ago
How is the president not in seat belt? 🤔I
Tamela T.
Tamela T. 5 days ago
Thank you RUvid algorithm for letting me know 5 years later that I needed to see this. Now I need coffee.
Juan Higareda
Juan Higareda 5 days ago
Every one hates on mexican folk's but love them food
Isai Cortes
Isai Cortes 5 days ago
When the food wishes theme comes on 👌🏾
Miry Reina
Miry Reina 5 days ago
😆😂😂 epic!
Pranoi Golay
Pranoi Golay 5 days ago
Ohh my🙏 what a cool Prez🙏🙏🙏
Jacquie Miller
Jacquie Miller 5 days ago
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CountryBoy 5 days ago
Obama so weak and so anti american. Glad he’s gone.
Avi Chetri
Avi Chetri 3 days ago
Gabrielus, rex Simiensis
"Can I throw this out? Do you have a garbage?" "You have to use the non-presidential garbage" Lmao, presidential garbage
Victoria Alfred-Smythe
@GreyWolfClimber good point
GreyWolfClimber 3 days ago
Probably a thing. I mean the correspondence off his desk probably has to be destroyed as opposed to just taken to landfill.
The King - TK
The King - TK 4 days ago
@SirCheeseTheThird lmfao
yo new nick for trump just dropped
No name
No name 5 days ago
Accomplished people like Seinfeld should never hang out with race hustlers.
see you soon
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