Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: "Just Tell Him You’re The President” (Season 7, Episode 1)

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Dec 31, 2015




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Comments 100
Dan iel
Dan iel 4 minutes ago
Everyone here is thinking the same thing. I aint event gotta say it. You just know
Sasquatch Nunu
Sasquatch Nunu 8 minutes ago
How people thought Jerry Seinfeld was funny, everyone knows Kramer was the funny one. Oh I'll tell ya, to be a Jew in the 90s
Victor Marrero
Victor Marrero 12 minutes ago
Love it, Obama seemed to be a cool guy. Definitely a great men.
Koi Hour ago
"My other car is a 5 ton bulletproof limousine"
Ron Duff
Ron Duff Hour ago
This was Awesome ! President Obama is Awesome , A Class Act . Truly missed.
Ron Duff
Ron Duff Hour ago
I miss a Real President . He was Awesome !
Amalita van Buuren
Half the problems we currently have (2020) with the orange toddler comes from him being up late at night binge watching this and like videos while shoving handfuls of Doritoes in his pie hole and feeling sorry for himself. "Why dont they like me???!" When Obama pokes him a bit for making so much money as a comedian (14:45) and Jerry essentially says 'im so much richer than you' but both of them understands that means nothing in the 'cool' world or the 'power' world.... is what the current mandarin maniac doesn't understand.
henessy3022 Hour ago
I really miss Obama... Shit sucks now.
Football For You
Football For You 3 hours ago
4:12 the people behind them were like... Camera man: "dude were in the shot!" Boom guy: " huh?" Camera guy. " were in the shot come on!" Boom guy. " oh sh-"
Patrick Challis
Patrick Challis 3 hours ago
When a President was a respected and respectful man, who upheld the dignity of the office. Now no one respects the office or the man holding it. Sad for America when Trump can run down an institution in less than one term!
Andrew Zelaya
Andrew Zelaya 4 hours ago
Obama says he highly valued anonymity and with term limits for congress key highlight right there lol
kofi nkrumah
kofi nkrumah 4 hours ago
One of the best we have ever had. Mr President, I salut you and you will cont to be my remodel 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Toto toto
Toto toto 5 hours ago
What a lack of style wearing this kind of shoes...
AaAa HhHh
AaAa HhHh 5 hours ago
how do they have the same teeth despite not being related in any way
Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson 5 hours ago
Secret service was probably controlling that car remotely, Jerry was just acting like he was driving. Obama: “I shave and then I workout, I don’t need a reason that’s just how I do it.” 😂😂😂 Love this! Very funny
OvercomeEvil WithGood
@obamagate, introducing the most corrupt President in history. Meanwhile, the best President in history gave millions and millions of We the People's money to human trafficking survivors. Thanks President Trump for such a brilliant move and we absolutely love you giving Our money to such worthy causes. You are the man DJT and we love you! Give more to trafficking survivors We are okay with it!
Ty Jones
Ty Jones 6 hours ago
Can we all sign a petition to get him back? Like is that a thing? We impeached trump last year and hes still going💯😭 #Barrack2020
Alex Wong
Alex Wong 6 hours ago
I miss Obama!!!! 👍👍
lodmanizded4eva 7 hours ago
I miss the years of Obama. It's like the world had a blanket of sunshine and rainbows. Now everything is fucked.
Michael C
Michael C 49 minutes ago
Wasn’t it Obama that started everything being as fucked as it is? Didn’t his office triple the national debt?
@Brickstun Ram yeah.. everything is relative
Brickstun Ram
Brickstun Ram 2 hours ago
Oh right the years of the Global Financial Crisis give me a fucking break lol
Odell Wells
Odell Wells 3 hours ago
jay adams
jay adams 8 hours ago
wonder if jerry knew he was interviewing the antichristtt
Valeria O
Valeria O 9 hours ago
Yeah just tell them ur the president hehe
Denise Garchow
Denise Garchow 9 hours ago
My brother's best friend had one just like that. I was about 15 and the world get drunk and let me drive. I thought it was a 62 until I saw this vedio.
Bozz LP
Bozz LP 10 hours ago
Jerry rly only would be as successfull in the USA, i dont think any other country would be stupid enough not to look through to him. Also for anybody who didnt notice, they had kind of a fight with only understatements saying whats happening/body language.
Conal Otoole
Conal Otoole 10 hours ago
Love him
Tony Juarez
Tony Juarez 10 hours ago
Headdress Mama
Headdress Mama 11 hours ago
That was awesome.
jasonkirkk 11 hours ago
Obama is ridiculous
Rainbow Troll Corner
Is there also a funny video of u and Donald? 😂😂
deanmoncaster 12 hours ago
Who is the president's boss? The guy that opens the gate
deanmoncaster 12 hours ago
"this car came from a time when Americans said things and didn't know how to do it" So any time between 1800 and now? More now though.
Jim Lahey
Jim Lahey 12 hours ago
Ya like jazz?
Isaiah Freeman
Isaiah Freeman 12 hours ago
Man like if you hella miss Obama feels like ages ago come back Barack
Dirk Boersma
Dirk Boersma 13 hours ago
I found him funnier than Seinfeld. Cool prez! - and just drinking coffee in the basement with Coffeemate on the counter, nothing fancy. That’s classic.
tv tissue
tv tissue 13 hours ago
That break room looks like the Home Depot breakroom
bosrules1 14 hours ago
obama....the wost oresident in history....a total smooth talkin slimeball
Laura my life
Laura my life 14 hours ago
Loved it, watched it till the end with such an interested 👌
Alexander 14 hours ago
Wow ! could you imagine that this guy right there , who was once the president of the United states ...will go to jail one day ??? Wow be prepare guys !! you'll witness some historical events !!
Kelly Damude
Kelly Damude 14 hours ago
I love this❤️😁
Bill Hinckley
Bill Hinckley 14 hours ago
Satanic Pedos in Cars 😠
Bev Hart
Bev Hart 15 hours ago
You all should check out Obama’s interview with Anthony Bourdain, two very cool people. RSH Anthony!
Shadow 15 hours ago
I'm with Jerry...being famous is better. Because you can do something like this, with an amazing man like that. I'd love a chat with Mr. Obama. But otherwise, eff being famous. lol no, thanks. I like no one knowing who I am.
Godspower Iserhienrhien
Going through all these comment while watching, haha - some of y'all should be in cars getting coffee!
Godspower Iserhienrhien
Loooooooved it!
Keith Sarty
Keith Sarty 17 hours ago
That was awesome 🤣🤣
Rob Qartaylor
Rob Qartaylor 17 hours ago
Jerry so washed up now..
ONE SOUTHCENT2RAL 18 hours ago
Gisli v.ingason
Gisli v.ingason 18 hours ago
Jerry is president
LFC markeb
LFC markeb 19 hours ago
could you imagine trump doing this freaking lol
Buck Johnson
Buck Johnson 20 hours ago
Gotta admit, I didn't like the man as President, but he is funny. That was great!
jeff schoonmaker
jeff schoonmaker 20 hours ago
This makes me not like Jerry Seinfeld. And have a new respect for Obama
Katrina Lindahl
Katrina Lindahl 21 hour ago
He should never made president in the first place never did f****** nothing for us f****** idiot that's all he is
Juan Adorno
Juan Adorno 23 hours ago
Anyone noticed, Obama's hair is halfway onto the gray?
Beard Man
Beard Man 23 hours ago
He may have been president, but he’s still a sleaze bag! Can’t wait for the truth to see the light of day, so we can properly see him as he is!
Zubair Zufapro
wait a min.. they are here. ruvid.net/video/video-fnyI8MmmTq8.html MIC issues
The Upgraded
The Upgraded Day ago
is that the real deal?
Kurt Umali
Kurt Umali Day ago
We don't wear seatbelts anymore?
Thelma Peckerwood
the white guy looks like a gopher when he smiles
Robert Guerra
Robert Guerra 19 hours ago
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Robert Guerra
Robert Guerra 19 hours ago
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Robert Guerra
Robert Guerra 20 hours ago
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Robert Guerra
Robert Guerra 20 hours ago
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Thelma Peckerwood
2 clown idiots
Tina20 Day ago
This is so funny. President Obama is so great in front of the camera.
PC gone mad 3142536
The most phathetic pre$$ident in History!!
sovftfairie Day ago
For those of you who were about to comment: “hE wAs a wEaK pReSiDenT” Well, he was black. And if he was stronger, you would have blamed him for being a “wArmOnGer” or a Crazy killer who drove his country into the ditch. Which isn’t true. He brought peace and prosperity unlike the yAhOo in office Rn.
Small Fry
Small Fry 4 hours ago
​@Beard Man im sorry are you calling him a a weak president or a warmonger OMG IM SO CONFUSED
Beard Man
Beard Man 23 hours ago
Race relations in this country crumbled within the 8 years this sleaze bag was in power! Don’t get me started on the crimes his administration was responsible for! This dirt ball droned more people of color than Clinton, Bush, or Trump combined! So he wasn’t a peaceful president . I’ll advise you not to drink the Democrat kool-aid anymore!
Small Fry
Small Fry Day ago
you are ignorant
Jørn Mulder
Jørn Mulder Day ago
Volvo is also a good trusty car ! and save
Doom Day ago
Ryan Klemmer
Ryan Klemmer Day ago
That felt like a Time Warp💯. Back to reality 🤮
paul Day ago
Worst president ever and worst comedian ever, in the same car. WOW. awesome.
Randall Elliot
Was that Trump at 745
Randall Elliot
Obama is so cool
The coolest president ever , we miss you Potus.
GlockSigBerettaColt Fan boy
@Flin Stone fuck Obama. He's the dumbest fucken loser there is for a president
Flin Stone
Flin Stone 10 hours ago
Fuk Donald trump he’s ah bitch he pulling dis country to the ground
Flin Stone
Flin Stone 10 hours ago
Collest president of all time thank u Obama for serving u time in the White House stay black🦾🦾
GlockSigBerettaColt Fan boy
Of course Obama acted cool while president, it's what you do when you're trying to ruin this country without being detected
Jaefar SABNW
Jaefar SABNW 13 hours ago
Worst ever, by the numbers and policies
Ivan Day ago
How was this man able to make being the president look cool
Harley Jameson
Being the President is cool. At least his hair was under control at all times. Unfortunate for certain folks for whom that is not always the case 😂
Kevin Tucker
Kevin Tucker Day ago
Couple of comedians.
Rich Goccia
Rich Goccia Day ago
Surprised Obama didn't ask if he could take Big Mike for a spin in the vette.
Rich Goccia
Rich Goccia Day ago
Obama sucks! 👍
Scott Allen
Scott Allen Day ago
The embarrassing moment was the overly deep bow in Japan.
Caz Evans
Caz Evans Day ago
Say what u want about Obama, BUT at least he had a sense of humour, ppanpd his lovely wife who actually TALK.idk,i miss him.👍🕊
Mahesh Sir Maths class
Obama had a great heart to speak with a person knowingly he doesn't love him.. The first sight and entire conversation by that white host is annoying.. Obama is great.
None Ya
None Ya Day ago
should have had c4 in the car
I miss Obama so much ❤️
Helen Polemis
Is that the best coffee the White House can offer?
Charisma 101
Charisma 101 Day ago
8 - 11 - 20 ( ONE WORD ) Barack Hussein Obama
Coryn M
Coryn M Day ago
Quarantine, day 487: laughing, crying, crying, laughing remembering a real human running our country.
Buck Johnson
Buck Johnson 20 hours ago
Yeah, I was thinking about Reagan as well........
Francisco V
Francisco V Day ago
Muhammad Furqan he’s over blowing his “ban”. Only stopped chinese nationals from flying back and forth, not US residents or immediate family which still flew continuously. Get your facts please aside from breitbart or fox. www.factcheck.org/2020/03/the-facts-on-trumps-travel-restrictions/
Coryn M
Coryn M Day ago
Well the name calling didn't take long. Always keeping it classy, just like our glorious president. 👍
Muhammad Furqan
Frank J and meanwhile when trump was trying to block flights from Covid hot spots libtards like yourself were calling him racist
Berkehan Yılmaz
@Francisco V here comes the lesser-evilist Fuck off liberal
Joedy Barnes
Joedy Barnes Day ago
I remember when the president was cool.... Feels like 4 years ago.
GlockSigBerettaColt Fan boy
Remember tho, criminals like to play cool when they're secretly trying to commit crimes to remain undetected. As for Obama he tried to ruin this country and almost succeeded. Obama was elegant with lies while Trump is brutal with the truth
OLACA 2017 Graduates
I just admire President Obama. He is all. Trump on the other hand seems like he should be working as janitor with his 2 words sentences-idiot of a president
Matt Weaver
Matt Weaver Day ago
Idc if you like Obama or not the man is funny.
So now that we all know about #ObamaGate and Epstiens Island with #PizzaGate how do we feel? Fooled by CIA Agent Tim Osman (Aka Obummer). 🤥😂
ben libbe
ben libbe Day ago
Obama is such a liar. Last year he said he was 54 years old and now he says he’s 55 years old. Which is it Obama???
Minnesota Titan
OMG throw him in prison right tf now
Jasmine Parker
I thought people got angry at Trump for being on TV. He hasn't been on any show since he became president. Obama became a tv star when he became the President.
Kenneth Wood
Kenneth Wood Day ago
I highly doubt that he could leave the property without the secret service by his side. They are guarded even after their term of service.
MOB 213
MOB 213 Day ago
That coffee looks shit
Rocket Man
Rocket Man Day ago
Biggest POS in the history of our country.
D C Day ago
"The longer they stay in office the more likey it is to happen" Sly dig at Putin there...
andik70 Day ago
it looks a bit crammed inside
Red 35th
Red 35th Day ago
No one loves Jerry Seinfeld like Jerry Seinfeld loves Jerry Seinfeld.
MrSham3less Day ago
I'm so intrigued to find out who is going to be the next president after Trump
Jennifer L
Jennifer L Day ago
Trump :(
Champ Day ago
Lucky Upadhayay
"What kind of language do they use with you?" "English - generally"
Thelma Peckerwood
Thelma Peckerwood 18 hours ago
english?? you mean muslim??
Jonathon Jeffery
How does this not have more views? And how is it 4 years later that I stumble on it? Great content and absolutely great idea!
vandana patel
I like the ending part
wphighganja Day ago
I see one joke in the car
Pascal Day ago
Why is that I could throw up on every 2nd word he lied in the cam?
Sharpvessel4987 2 days ago
did anyone search him?
Iain Watson
Iain Watson 2 days ago
Obama is a comedian? Says a lot about being president.
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