College Kids React To Their FIRST EPISODE Of Teens React (Darius, Alberto, Carlos) | Reactception

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College Kids React to their first Teens React episode. Watch as they laugh, cringe and get nostalgic!
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Please note that this episode was filmed prior to FBE staff working remotely. We hope that all of you are safe and appreciate you watching and supporting.
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College Kids React To Their FIRST EPISODE Of Teens React (Darius, Alberto, Carlos) | Reactception


Published on


Mar 24, 2020




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Comments 80
FBE 3 months ago
Get nostalgic and watch more Reactors react to themselves! fbereact.com/2UdrXb3
mark Joshua Cruzada
mark Joshua Cruzada 3 months ago
Hi im a big fan of you guys.... can tou guys react to sum 41... if you guys remember them....
Soccer_starzo Zoi
Soccer_starzo Zoi 3 months ago
FBE how do u apply for this show
Eshaan Patel
Eshaan Patel 3 months ago
do parents or college kids react to playboi carti
Xixanja QX
Xixanja QX 3 months ago
Make part 2!
Kelly Lallmon
Kelly Lallmon 3 months ago
Can the elders react to Daniel Caesar pleasssseeeee 👉👈
Anissa Bulan
Anissa Bulan 16 days ago
Darius is cute af
Family Servos
Family Servos 21 day ago
Ieva Radvilė Žalytė
Darius is everyone's favourite dude
Miguel Juarez
Miguel Juarez Month ago
Have the Fine brothers react to their first videos onscreen with some of the cast. Maybe even make it a try not to laugh challenge.
Erinetta Subarto
Erinetta Subarto 2 months ago
Ok alberto the fact that now i know ur a med student i cant look at u the same anymore AM NOT COMPLAINING IM THANKFUL BYE
Neez Amour Books
Neez Amour Books 2 months ago
Darius so high up in the skyyyyyy
Alex Murillo
Alex Murillo 2 months ago
I honestly think Alberto is a good person. Watching him growing up I knew he would be a humble smart adult. I look up to him in a odd way.
pio A
pio A 2 months ago
Darius is so cute and funny
Lalala 2 months ago
Carlos has literally no lips lmao
Tyler McCaw
Tyler McCaw 2 months ago
Wait didn't Alberto do this before?
Ray Slavenburg
Ray Slavenburg 2 months ago
This is the first time I'm hearing somebody complain over his hairline when he was younger :'D
LoadedPotato 2 months ago
21 year old Alberto sees 16 year old Alberto: Who are you?
Celeste Seas
Celeste Seas 2 months ago
I loved Alberto before even knowing he was going to med school and now I love him more (hopefully we will be Meredith and Derek in their good old days)
Paige Boroski
Paige Boroski 2 months ago
I wish my hairline was one of my biggest regrets
Itz Emile
Itz Emile 2 months ago
Carlos and Alberto hitting tho
mvrivhh gvrcivv
mvrivhh gvrcivv 3 months ago
Darius and Carlos be the ones I’m crushing on 😍
Đorđe Jovanović
Đorđe Jovanović 3 months ago
which disease does carlos have
Jayce D'rick
Jayce D'rick Month ago
ngl kinda insensitive question but i cant deny my curiosity as well
Raissa ́
Raissa ́ Month ago
Antonia Henríquez
Antonia Henríquez 2 months ago
You are right i’m wrong
Đorđe Jovanović no one cares
Mk121 3 months ago
Ok but imagine if u had the ability to go back in time and tell ur younger self how ur doing currently. Like how much that could change your younger self’s perspective!
Maéve Costello
Maéve Costello 3 months ago
I’d date Alberto
Jennychenjen Month ago
Maéve Costello Same haha 😆
Nothing 2 months ago
I think you need to be 21 buddy
6r.4yd3n L0p3z
6r.4yd3n L0p3z 3 months ago
Ing Mekoing
Ing Mekoing 3 months ago
React heaters got nothing from trinity
Isabelle Beauchamp
Isabelle Beauchamp 3 months ago
am i the only one who think Alberto is really, really cute?
Isabelle Beauchamp
Isabelle Beauchamp 3 months ago
@Timo C same! i think he´s really fun to be friends with.
Timo C
Timo C 3 months ago
Isabelle Beauchamp his looks are a bonus, but his character is what attracts me the most 😉
Isabelle Beauchamp
Isabelle Beauchamp 3 months ago
@Timo C yassss
Timo C
Timo C 3 months ago
Isabelle Beauchamp nope, me too girlfriend 👍🏼
Kwnctantina Kyriakou
I knew I liked Alberto for a reason. He's a colleague. 😂
Prastiti Cute
Prastiti Cute 3 months ago
Carlos look so young 😍
Sakura 3 months ago
react to lauvs how i’m feeling please!! 💙
jooheon's aegyo
jooheon's aegyo 3 months ago
alberto i cant see you the same way again jxbdkdndidbdjd ok but i still love you
La'Kisha Guerrant
La'Kisha Guerrant 3 months ago
I love me some Darius
Arman 3 months ago
jeez Alberto is so hard on himself
STRIKE - 3 months ago
Tamara Helou
Tamara Helou 3 months ago
Thats the first time i see Carlos although I watch way too many react videos
SLone3251 3 months ago
Man, Alberto...those arms..👀
Isabelle Beauchamp
Isabelle Beauchamp 3 months ago
ikrrr ughh
Keeley Eubanks
Keeley Eubanks 3 months ago
W1LD 9
W1LD 9 3 months ago
alberto speaks: also alberto: 😁
Emory Marshall
Emory Marshall 3 months ago
Please react to Kobe!!!
ImSoLament 3 months ago
“I am not the chosen one!” 😂
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez 3 months ago
React to LongBeachGriffy
Shelbi Bego
Shelbi Bego 3 months ago
Honestly, I think we should listen to boomers more. At least their music 😂
Valent Nikolas
Valent Nikolas 3 months ago
I... Never expected a react-ception episode to get this deep. Darius and Carlos, both of 'em continue to surprise me with each passing day.
MAd ZoO 3 months ago
Please react to XXXTENTACION new album! O don't think you guys have done ajy reactions after his death💔 And please guys don't forget to show them tentacion insta live video at last in which he is talking about life😳 Please🙏❤️
Zumiez Warthog
Zumiez Warthog 3 months ago
MAd ZoO no
Camila Chavez Ibarra
Please react to Sandaime J Soul Brothers
Daniboy559 3 months ago
My two faves Darius & Alberto 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Anti Social Social Club
I Stan Alberto
Kill Switch
Kill Switch 3 months ago
Awww I just love Carlos he is a keeper
Kill Switch
Kill Switch 3 months ago
Cherry Bomb no don’t do that
Dazoo 3 months ago
Where his lips tho
Kill Switch
Kill Switch 3 months ago
La-Shanna James what do you mean?
La-Shanna James
La-Shanna James 3 months ago
do you know if he's okay tho? health wise ?
KayKay F.
KayKay F. 3 months ago
I'm very basic, I see Alberto and I click. He is such a sunshine
Anti Social Social Club
KayKay F. Honestly
Hector Hernandez
Hector Hernandez 3 months ago
I feel old 💀I remember when y’all use to be in teen reacts now y’all college kids
Enjoli Rose Willet
Enjoli Rose Willet 3 months ago
Can we just appreciate the edits 😂 “bad ass” 🤣
Tam Alpaio
Tam Alpaio 3 months ago
Generations react to imagine dragons
Tam Alpaio
Tam Alpaio 3 months ago
Shelbi Bego did u watch the vlog squad?
Tam Alpaio
Tam Alpaio 3 months ago
Also you don’t have to answer but how old are you?
Tam Alpaio
Tam Alpaio 3 months ago
Shelbi Bego exactly. All I wear are sweatpants. Have you ever left Alaska?
Shelbi Bego
Shelbi Bego 3 months ago
Guy clothes are way more comfortable
Shelbi Bego
Shelbi Bego 3 months ago
That cool. I would love to visit the east coast. And I have some rather masculine outfits myself
Tam Alpaio
Tam Alpaio 3 months ago
Alberto looks the same 😂
Yasmin Mahamud
Yasmin Mahamud 3 months ago
“I’m not the chosen one”💀💀Honestly all these guys are just amazing and funny
S Rawat
S Rawat 3 months ago
Let’s make a thread of ‘ok boomer’ I’ll start
Degenerates Lost
Degenerates Lost 2 months ago
@Ahmad Awais Ok boomer
Aaron Mittleider
Aaron Mittleider 3 months ago
Ok boomer
Ayden’s Corner! :D
Ok boomer
Ahmad Awais
Ahmad Awais 3 months ago
No.... buwahahahaha
Thomas Leroux-Lévis
Ok boomer
Life of Frida
Life of Frida 3 months ago
React to Deutschland and Ausländer
Yna Mac
Yna Mac 3 months ago
Alberto is in a Medical field! So jealous of him😞
Heyo Mewo
Heyo Mewo 3 months ago
Please please please do either an Adults or College Kids' reaction on King Gnu-Hakujitsu or maybe the band HIGE DANdism(髭男dism) with their songs Pretender or I LOVE... or any song really. Please, these bands are so great, the vocals, the flow, the aesthetic, the spectacular composing skills, I just kenot. It's great to find such artistic individuals like these 💕 Damn, them + Kenshi Yonezu, my Japanese playlist lookin fine like the Fine Brothers 😂
Syra Abiador
Syra Abiador 3 months ago
You should have the teens react or college kids take a myer briggs test
Cara Jane Evans
Cara Jane Evans 3 months ago
My favourite thing about this is Alberto referring to himself in 3rd person😂 He's so ashamed of himself he's subconsciously telling himself it's not him 😭
Andy Donovan
Andy Donovan 3 months ago
Alberto talking about younger Alberto and even future Alberto like he's not an Alberto is fascinating.
Rosewood 247
Rosewood 247 3 months ago
They look so different yet so the same!
faren29 3 months ago
darius trim is fresh
Eke Emdiemel
Eke Emdiemel 3 months ago
Alltimegamer_21 3 months ago
Darius was damn cute!!
Aliens Hate Humans
Aliens Hate Humans 3 months ago
After few years --- Aliens react to humans
Aliens Hate Humans
Aliens Hate Humans 3 months ago
Idiots react to how idiot they were earlier
tns nochelle
tns nochelle 3 months ago
the fact that after one of those teens react videos it said 'NEW my music episode' .....
IVY C PF 3 months ago
Reaction like he was right , that dude is right to themself instead I was right then .. 😂😂
Tu40R O
Tu40R O 3 months ago
React to Oasis Please
Brenda Garcia
Brenda Garcia 3 months ago
React to the channel Soft White Underbelly
Triracial Yeezuz
Triracial Yeezuz 3 months ago
Y’all should react to Denzel Curry
pedro6720 3 months ago
SOOOOOOO.... Reactors got paid???
Loba Étoile
Loba Étoile 3 months ago
Carlos is really cool. He's very honest and unapologetic about his opinions, I respect that.
Bianca Alexandra
Bianca Alexandra 3 months ago
What disease does Carlos have? Has he said?
Marissa Alcala
Marissa Alcala 3 months ago
react to Eric Andre
rigged ref
rigged ref 3 months ago
Old people react to Mac Miller
holy brother
holy brother 3 months ago
Hello FBE, Sorry for being Anonymous. I'm your Subscriber from Indonesia 😁😁 . I like all of your Videos, they all are so exiciting to watch. There is some request from me if you really read the comments. Pleaseee react to Weird Genius from Indonesia, it's a music composer from Indonesia, their song are so cool. FYI they have the EDM genre. Thank you guys for making my day in quarantine dayss (even before it)
Chicken T3nders
Chicken T3nders 3 months ago
React to Trippie redd
codkiller 0
codkiller 0 3 months ago
You should react to Mac Miller
rigged ref
rigged ref 3 months ago
Camden Howell yes
Cam H
Cam H 3 months ago
Freddimehrcurry Blob
Any Germans here?
FlapJack -
FlapJack - 3 months ago
Jose Waldo
Jose Waldo 3 months ago
Bois_Element 3 months ago
AJ Golden
AJ Golden 3 months ago
Plz do Elders react to Lil Uzi Vert
Chi Chi
Chi Chi 3 months ago
imaginary123 3 months ago
8:39 Soy Luna, "There is always light that guides you. The sun will rise again." Watch it if you haven't seen it on Disney+. That quote shows to Luna when she first hears it that she can do anything she sets her mind to. Did I mention I love Luna?? (As a character)
Xavier Martinez
Xavier Martinez 3 months ago
Alberto... how many “like” can you say In one episode? 😱😱😱 geez
Rocket Edits
Rocket Edits 3 months ago
Elders or parents react to YNW melly And if u do it plz let them hear suicidal with juice WRLD
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