College Kids React To Melanie Martinez - K-12 (The Film)

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College Kids React To Melanie Martinez - K-12 (The Film). Watch to see their reactions.
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Melanie Martinez - K-12 (The Film)
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College Kids React To Melanie Martinez:
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College Kids React To Melanie Martinez - K-12 (The Film)


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Sep 13, 2019




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FBE Month ago
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Cassie Miller
Cassie Miller 16 days ago
Ghostly 24 days ago
Wait where is the principal?
Dolly and Z
Dolly and Z 6 hours ago
My fav song is “class fight”
DMEC Empire
DMEC Empire 11 hours ago
I love Melanie’s creativity that goes into her videos. I freakin love Melanie do much😍😍🥰🥰
DMEC Empire
DMEC Empire 11 hours ago
I loved the way Angelita looked at Crybaby when she was strangling Kelly with her braids in class fight.
Sherlyn Serrano
Sherlyn Serrano 11 hours ago
I was eating 🥺
Twinkle UwU
Twinkle UwU 12 hours ago
My favorite song from here is "teachers pet" is it just me or...?
wet maraj
wet maraj 6 hours ago
ON my top 5
RedPanda Gxcha
RedPanda Gxcha 16 hours ago
K-12 is me
Sarah Grosz
Sarah Grosz 17 hours ago
Tbh strawberry shortcake and orange juice is my favorite out of the album
Eliya Plays Roblox
Eliya Plays Roblox 20 hours ago
Melanie Martinez albums Crybaby and K-12 tell my story. I'm so inspired by Melanie Martinez and her albums I have started writing my own albums.
Andrea Robles
If your a big fan of her you now her song is about her ture life
Andrea Robles
Andrea Robles 16 hours ago
Omg thank you
Siena Parr
Siena Parr Day ago
Love Melanie Martinez SOOO much💕💕
La Sharel Batuhan
I love Michelle
Carlos Andrade
I am 8 years old and I watched it was so good
• CallumBerry •
• CallumBerry • 11 hours ago
@Ellie Playz lmao
Ellie Playz
Ellie Playz 11 hours ago
Horror Skull Gacha oMg I’m SO cOoL bEcAusE i CaLleD soMeoNe a bIsH!!1!!1!
Exorompa 13 hours ago
@Horror Skull Gacha it was a joke BiSh
Beth Stephens
The school bus was my favorite one
Beth Stephens
It won't let me watch it go rsome reasin
Nahomir 11
Nahomir 11 Day ago
Beth Stephens is beacuse is only for premium now
Bro they got RUvid PREMIUM
Bxbble Tea
Bxbble Tea 32 minutes ago
Or they just watched it on something different
toxıco. Day ago
fruitsvøothie_ ?? wdym? this was a month ago..
icypeach. Day ago
Lily rose Beauvallet
Carla Otero
Carla Otero 17 hours ago
Fire drill is not in the album and it’s during the credits so that’s why they didn’t watch it
eddy medina
eddy medina Day ago
Lily rose Beauvallet they watched the film and fire drill was during the credits why would they watch that
Chloe Farrugia
they killde him YES NO SHCOOL
kagura onmyouji master
"Your body is imperfectly perfect Everyone wants what the other one working" No orange juice~ That hit me hard 😟😭❤
eddy medina
eddy medina 2 days ago
Emily Avocado
eddy medina I know :(
Ryan Shxun
Ryan Shxun 2 days ago
Crystal True
Crystal True 11 hours ago
Youtuber Obsessed Jess
I really love Strawberry Shortcake I even did a cover of it 💕
sofia mendes
sofia mendes 2 days ago
Melanie Martinez is my life ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Accounting BBA-1
Accounting BBA-1 2 days ago
Where can I watch this movie for free?
Gxbby_bear 5
Gxbby_bear 5 Day ago
@Isabella The Unicorn no
Isabella The Unicorn
Accounting BBA-1 On RUvid
kagura onmyouji master
Its not free on yt anymore because she already uploaded all the MV separately. It was free for 1month 😟
just me
just me 2 days ago
Its not free on youtube anymore
Nessa Davila
Nessa Davila 2 days ago
Drama club is soooo underrated I swear
Daniella Fonseca
Ramen Chan
Ramen Chan 2 days ago
1:06 first day of first grade*
Rookie Lookie
Rookie Lookie 18 hours ago
Rachel Gute it’s starts of In Kindergarten and then ends in High school.
Yao Wang
Yao Wang 2 days ago
It’s Kindergarten
Its Ashaa_
Its Ashaa_ 2 days ago
Rachel Gute no it’s kindergarten threw high school high school sweethearts comes after she is already in high school in the 11th grade
Rachel Gute
Rachel Gute 2 days ago
They are in high school... that’s why there is a song called high school sweethearts... and in wheels on the bus they are smoking weed....
holly preece
holly preece 2 days ago
orange juice and strawberry shortcake are by far my favourite songs,, i love the story behind them 🥰
They my fav foods.
5 GAMERS 3 days ago
She's 🤢
Isn't Me
Isn't Me 23 hours ago
@XxGachaAshxX "gamers are gross" Hey , don't say this...
Isn't Me
Isn't Me 23 hours ago
gachanumnum oof
Your just jealous because she better
hi I'm alive
hi I'm alive Day ago
Nobody likes you 5 gamers
Kayla Reese
Kayla Reese 3 days ago
the film cost money now D:
Gãchã Senpãí
Gãchã Senpãí 2 days ago
It's true it 3.49
Jaylynn Johnson
Jaylynn Johnson 3 days ago
"Choke her out!! Yes sis!" This had be dying lol😂
Tayler H
Tayler H 3 days ago
The entire soundtrack is my favorite song, not gonna lie
Sara Gacha
Sara Gacha 3 days ago
Did anyone notice they didn’t play the principal I am depression that’s my fav song outta all of them
kagura onmyouji master
Two of my favorite song isn't present the principal and lunch box friends 😭
kagura onmyouji master
Two of my favorite song isn't present the principal and lunch box friends 😭
Sara Gacha
Sara Gacha 3 days ago
Della's Mashups yeaaaa ☹️
The Arabulis
The Arabulis 3 days ago
High school sweethearts is my favorite
Leah Chan
Leah Chan 3 days ago
My favorite songs from k12 -the principle -drama club -lunchbox friends -highschool sweethearts -recess -fire drill
bram casey
bram casey 3 days ago
"choke her out!! yes sis!!"
Francisco Haro
Francisco Haro 3 days ago
In spanish please🙏
Khloey m101
Khloey m101 3 days ago
NOO they forgot two of my favorite songs lunchbox friends my fave then the principal
Kim Macdonald
Kim Macdonald 2 days ago
Khloey m101 ikr
Norman Delly
Norman Delly 3 days ago
Khloey m101 omg right
Solange Rojas
Solange Rojas 3 days ago
sandrita’s world
strawberry shortcake and orange juice hit me hard.
Carmichael Guillemet
We gonna ignore the fact she said Lilith my queen and Lilith is a demon4:43 Need some jesus
Coral McStar
Coral McStar 4 days ago
I've watched the film before,it's on my playlist music on my profile and you can go watch it Edit: Thank you so much for 5 likes in only two hours! Have you watched it?😘
LEONARDO 1999 El Que gusta memes
it is a person
Papercut Creations
A guy with a good fashion sense.
hello there
hello there 3 days ago
a human being? do you have a problem with that?
clorox best drink
A person? 🙄
jungkook's abs
jungkook's abs 4 days ago
omfg finally!!!!
StarrySummerz Anime
We need some Lunchbox Friends (*as in the song, in case you didn't know*)
Trisha Payton
StarrySummerz Anime oh ya I know
StarrySummerz Anime
I'm talking about the song, sorry for the misunderstanding.
Trisha Payton
Trisha Payton 4 days ago
Hidden Stars
Hidden Stars 4 days ago
StarrySummerz Anime the point of the song was that she didn’t want lunchbox friends?
liammm yee
liammm yee 4 days ago
“she didn’t put as much effort in her lyrics” he must have not heard them right lmao
BillieGrande Com
BillieGrande Com 3 days ago
Digital Error
Digital Error 4 days ago
I realized that the “tired blue boy” from pacify her is in the film
「ケイティ Studios」
@Dreamiie Nix hOldInG a GiRls hAnd
Dreamiie Nix
Dreamiie Nix Day ago
_”Tired blue boy walks my way”_
「ケイティ Studios」
H e 's e v e r y w h e r e
Angry Hermione
Angry Hermione 3 days ago
And lunchbox friends
Voltem a colocar as legendas para todos os idiomas por favor
weonly liveonce
weonly liveonce 5 days ago
My favorite track isn't here :( Nice reactions! Loved the video
weonly liveonce
weonly liveonce 2 days ago
@Nessa Davila yup
Nessa Davila
Nessa Davila 2 days ago
Is it Lunchbox friends?
weonly liveonce
weonly liveonce 3 days ago
@Cinnamonroll Deku lunchbox friends :D
Cinnamonroll Deku
weonly liveonce what's ur favorite track?
Chat Mallow
Chat Mallow 5 days ago
I have some prombleme in school with friends so wathcing pœple react about a moovie that talks about school problems maid me feel a bit better 🙃
Chat Mallow
Chat Mallow 5 days ago
Yes ! K-12 one of my favorite movie !
CupcakeGacha 5 days ago
Bai Kelly Jelly
CupcakeGacha 5 days ago
I cried 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
A e s t h e t i c H u m a n
The movie was released on my birthday ._.
Maianda Griffith
Maianda Griffith 3 days ago
A e s t h e t i c H u m a n happy belated birthday!
Sunflower Lover
Sunflower Lover 3 days ago
A e s t h e t i c H u m a n np
A e s t h e t i c H u m a n
@Sunflower Lover Thank you
Sunflower Lover
Sunflower Lover 3 days ago
A e s t h e t i c H u m a n it’s your gift 🎁
Kenzie Kristmas
Kenzie Kristmas 5 days ago
High school sweet hearts is my favorite
mansi mehta
mansi mehta 5 days ago
2:45 my pfp ;)
mansi mehta
mansi mehta 4 days ago
@Møjâvë oooh coolio
mansi mehta another one lmao
Møjâvë 4 days ago
Mine is the school bus sinking (on my school account, this isn’t it)
mansi mehta
mansi mehta 4 days ago
@Billie Eillsh omg a billie eilish on a melanie martinez video rad
Billie Eillsh
Billie Eillsh 4 days ago
mansi mehta lol
ToshiMinaj3011 5 days ago
My faves is basically the whole album. But recess, the nurses office and wheels on the bus stay on repeat.
IT 5 days ago
Why did you skip The Principal, Lunchbox Friends, Detention and Recess? :(
BillieGrande Com
BillieGrande Com 3 days ago
@3 evil Queens The Principal*
Maxence 4 days ago
@3 evil Queens nope t was drama club
IT 4 days ago
@3 evil Queens no they didn't.
3 evil Queens
3 evil Queens 4 days ago
IT they did have the principle
Kayly Pacheco
Kayly Pacheco 5 days ago
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