College Football Player Bodyslams Cop During Arrest, Insane Police Video | TMZ Sports

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A college football player straight-up body slammed a cop during his arrest in Ohio this week ... and police video of the incident is INSANE.
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Comments 80
xWinter 3 days ago
I think in this case they should have just shot him
Sebastian Goodmann
Davin Dempster
Davin Dempster 9 days ago
Y'all saying "stop exaggerating that wasn't a body slam" have shit for brains. He was going to get body slammed but had dummy long legs
Shumi Khatun
Shumi Khatun 10 days ago
Ooh so that’s some next level bodyslam
John Doe
John Doe 11 days ago
I feel so bad for male officers that have to risk their lives even more by having a female partner. And you can't even complain about it anywhere but RUvid, which makes it so much worse!
Koala Modz
Koala Modz 15 days ago
The cop had what was coming to him tho
Dnell Plug XT
Dnell Plug XT 16 days ago
That wasn’t a body slam dumbass
Warrior Bulldogs
Warrior Bulldogs 20 days ago
I came here to see a bodyslam. I left dissapointed.
Tristan Anderson
Tristan Anderson 26 days ago
Seriously what are these ball players on ???? Nowadays . Like I would be a ex ball player if I did shit like this if not in jail
bamf bhart
bamf bhart 28 days ago
u can see how scared he got when a black man hands up says search me he pee himself then tried arresting the kid lol
bamf bhart
bamf bhart 28 days ago
total failure of deescalation here on the officers place
Liberalism is a Cult
Note the female cop...did...nothing. A male cop would have helped. It's not fair to male cops to have female partners.
Brrenda Baldwin
Brrenda Baldwin Month ago
That neck choke was a no no .hey cop if you Wana run with the big dogs you gota play by our rules.or stay your bitch ass on he porch.wofwof.just sayn.
The Living Experiencer
It's very disappointing to see how people are dismissive of the fact that the footballer assaulted a police officer, resisted arrest and was a danger/threat to those around him prior to his arrest.
Alexander Bohm
Alexander Bohm Month ago
did that cop perfectly keep that kimura on throughout the lift or am i seeing things? mad props to the cop for that...then kept half guard locked once they were all down.
Sera Ashley
Sera Ashley Month ago
Wasn’t that bad of a slam lol
Black Ink
Black Ink Month ago
Cop deserved it
b3to91frca Month ago
😀😁😂🤣😆 slam the fucking pigs
Mat R
Mat R Month ago
Shelly Flanary
Shelly Flanary Month ago
Everyone talking about the female cop not being able to do much about the situation... Might I remind you the male cop being thrown to the ground was ALSO useless in this situation. Cheers.
G D Month ago
The things they are saying and doing to him while he’s cuffed on the ground their lucky the cam can’t see it but I know it’s some evil shit
Good should of slammed him hard
Asmare Desta
Asmare Desta Month ago
If you are having a bad day the comments are pretty funny...have good laugh.
baz hennessy
baz hennessy Month ago
Pillow fight
Brian Symmes
Brian Symmes Month ago
Danny de Vito certainly wasn’t much help.......
A R Month ago
Didn't body slam cop. False statement. He did pick him up and tried to. He simply put the cop down
Tarai Asoa
Tarai Asoa Month ago
This is not a scene from the American dream, when a bunch of cops jump on you, that is when your in real danger of losing your life, because they start to do all manor of painful things to you and the worst thing is underneath all those bodies you can't properly see exactly what they are doing??? when is the nightmare on this planet going to end.
Tarai Asoa
Tarai Asoa Month ago
This is not a scene from the American dream, when is the nightmare going to end.
R R Month ago
Female cops with poor upper-body strength are a danger to themselves and their partners.
TerrySees 2019
TerrySees 2019 Month ago
Looking at the video I see 5 assaults by that police officer . This is 5 times this cop touched him . The football player had every right to defend his life from armed attackers . Just because its a cop does not give cops the right to touch or assault anyone according to the law . 2 armed attackers assaulting him 5 times . Its all on the video . Videos do not lie.
Quazarion Ivey
Quazarion Ivey Month ago
If you put this in a anime perspective the lady cop is sakura👎🏽🤣
Ant Man
Ant Man Month ago
What was ironic was that the officer was not mad at the guy. Was impressed by his strength
Gary Month ago
Damn, that fat cop was useless as hell
I have to agree. She is so tiny. I cant imagine what would have happened if she confronted that man alone.
Susan B
Susan B Month ago
He gently placed the cop on the ground (unfortunately).
Bossgame Balmain
Stuff like this needs to happen more often maybe then these racist pigs will stop abusing their power and harassing people! FTP
Bob Mbeki
Bob Mbeki Month ago
the police officer won, boy this is not a football game
Well well well
Rider L
Rider L Month ago
What's up with the mini me cop???
Felony assault for "body slamming" that parisite of a road pirate, But we all know they can get away with shooting and most of the time Killing unarmed people, children,pets. FTP
Chynna Holliwood
Relive her of her duties. All she did was grab his ass. So glad he wasn't killed.
John Doe
John Doe Month ago
Can be happy not to get shot
J P Month ago
I hate cops but he did walk up in that cops face. Gotta expect a reaction there.
SOULTAKU 100% Month ago
This was an attempt to body slam. Anyone who can’t see that has no right commenting on this post. The only reason the officer didn’t get annihilated was because he grabbed the other guy so he couldn’t actually slam him. If he hadn’t, he would’ve sustained severe head and neck injuries.
Hollywood Runna
Hollywood Runna Month ago
Must be a white town. White people still around? Yeah 3 white cops? Does California even have white cops anymore 😂
Hollywood Runna
Hollywood Runna Month ago
Witch hunt. What s that bitch think she gonna do
Hollywood Runna
Hollywood Runna Month ago
He really just choking dude out? Smh
C&C Phx
C&C Phx Month ago
So the bitch cop was the chihuahua? She belongs behind or under a desk
SaltGang entertainment
That shit is funny especially at the end when he leans back and they thought he was relaxed he did that football Shuffle what is feet on
Ms. Strutn
Ms. Strutn Month ago
That officer put his hands around the huys throat he should have resisted that. They always want to choke like its a fetish
R Broyles
R Broyles Month ago
They should have shot the bitch and put a stop to his bull shit
alex diaz
alex diaz Month ago
The cop assaulted him first, got taught u shouldn't put hands on people. All cops are mindless drones.....who murder innocent civilians and lie about it.
bean tea
bean tea Month ago
If you push an officer but then put your hands up right after its like touching home base and they can't get you. Then you can do it a second time...
lxH8xURxFACE Month ago
I fucking hate cops !!
GiDD Month ago
Cop with amazing head control! Saved himself a ton of pain!
GiDD Month ago
This was a body slam. The only reason he didn’t land harder is because the cop had amazing head control so if he slams him , his head gets cracked too.
GiDD Month ago
You can’t shove a cop and then put your hands up.
C S Month ago
TMZ is uneducated in fighting or getting a story 100% correct. First of all the office had a head and arm guillotine and that's why the football player wasn't able to fully slam him to the ground. The officer is definitely training in Jiu Jitsu on a regular basis and I was impressed. I aslo think he has the choke in deep because the other two officers were able to hand cuffed. Mma vs football = L 4 football
Bad Cattitude
Bad Cattitude Month ago
Why didn't they shoot him? He's a danger to the community
zealot951 Month ago
This video proves another thing...women cops are useless.
reiki11111 Month ago
If I wanna see a body slam I'll watch WWE lol
Awesomeness MLP Channel Eva
Seriously body slam..and what was that midget dressed in a cop uniform doing there
David Scruggs
David Scruggs Month ago
That's right, slam that pig!!!!
bigcitytaken Month ago
this why they get shot... just listen to the cop !!!
Mark G
Mark G Month ago
She could have cuffed his ankles
Ronald Jay
Ronald Jay Month ago
He lucky to be alive but his career is over cause its on video
B.M.F F Month ago
That was a very gentle body slam ! Respect to bof !
joel dominguez
joel dominguez Month ago
Fuck cops thugs in blue
Mihad Alzayat
Mihad Alzayat Month ago
Imagine if the female cop was there all by her lonesome trying to conduct the arrest.
JP Patches
JP Patches Month ago
More like “picks him up and lays him gently on the ground”.
Cruce Entertainment
The suspect stands up wondering how in the world he ever got put into handcuffs by these 3 clowns. He will never live this down in the tank.
CrimsonTide Month ago
What college? Community college?
Medijine Time
Medijine Time Month ago
At least in prison your education is free also.
Ian son
Ian son Month ago
I wish that he body slammed that piece of shit pig.
P Le
P Le Month ago
Finally, someone is not afraid to body slam a pig.
oblivion85 Month ago
Man I was expecting a SLAM based on the description. But glad the cop didnt get hurt.
Ya Know
Ya Know Month ago
He tried to slam him but the cop grabbed him on the way down. That's what you do when you get picked up off your feet. MMA 101.
jibjones123 Month ago
No wonder they need guns. How is beanpole and a woman suppose to take an athlete down. Fuck cops
Jj Mench
Jj Mench Month ago
Everyone’s Dream! To slam a cop😂😂
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