Colin Kaepernick to NFL: Stop running from truth | USA TODAY

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Quarterback Colin Kaepernick holds private NFL workout: I've been ready. The workout was held at a local high school in Riverdale, Georgia.
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Nov 17, 2019




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Comments 80
Pat Pat
Pat Pat 17 days ago
Be warnes. N. F. L colon we dont need hes a trouble maker. Let someone else have him not us him and his girlfrend will start wars on the field. And thats what they want to do alledely
Tinka TRap Bell
Tinka TRap Bell 6 months ago
2020 ..... #Salom!! LIght&Prosperity @CKaepernick ..."Turn Dwn Uh Self...?" Apologies ......
Kovačević Dobrina
Kovačević Dobrina 6 months ago
Uncle Rico.
Quentin Daniels
Quentin Daniels 7 months ago
Kaepernick... The sorriest race baiting SOB, maybe only second to Rev Al Sharpton. Btw, Kaepernick, your hair looks like crap.
Don Whitlock
Don Whitlock 7 months ago
“ we have nothing to hide” WTF is that all about.
Don Whitlock
Don Whitlock 7 months ago
He’s all about having attention ! The tattoos, the Afro he didn’t start his “protest” until he was benched He comes with a lot of baggage
Janet M.
Janet M. 7 months ago
He should play because He wants to on his terms.Other players have done it why cant he.?What I dont understand is why Every I mean every player of color is not backing him...can you imagane the multitude of social change that would take place if they did? GOD BLESS YOU AND NEVER GET TIRED SIR OF DOING THE RIGHT THING!❤🙏🤗😇❤🙏🤗😇❤🙏🤗😇❤🙏🤗🤗❤🙏🤗😇
Billy Mcfarland
Billy Mcfarland 7 months ago
Don’t need your sorry ass here.. you walked away.. so keep on walking..
Big Kyle
Big Kyle 7 months ago
Only skill shown was from those receivers trying to catch those shit passes.
Hamad Ghafoor
Hamad Ghafoor 7 months ago
black lives still don’t matter and this guy is making millions
Dana Gallegos
Dana Gallegos 7 months ago
He speaks as though teams are waiting in line to sign him. In reality, no one gives a crap about him. What makes him think that the next 3 years will be any different than the last three years? His ego for some unknown reason has gotten even bigger. He lives in his own fantasy world!
Sam_jupiters253 7 months ago
It’s the NFL’S sandbox and your trying to get in it I would suggest you don’t bite the hand that’s gonna feed you total Stunt just for media attention
Aria Beyea
Aria Beyea 7 months ago
Jaygo 7 months ago
It's Funny seeing the comments from these White Beta males, whining about this Multi Millionaire Black man, who could Buy them , their wives and children and sell them
Jaygo 7 months ago
America should be grateful Colin didn't Protest like a White boy and Mass Shoot up the NFL. He's not a savage, he did a peaceful protest.
J Rushing
J Rushing 7 months ago
Well, he should not have kneeled in first place....I really don't care about him.. Other quarterbacks in NFL are way better than him... He is just getting old and he should join the retirement NFL league...
Joboo Luvs u
Joboo Luvs u 7 months ago
Anyone in his camp, needs to read a book. Educate yourself on being bamboozled. This guy is a punk real talk.
Tutu Tucan Tutu
Tutu Tucan Tutu 7 months ago
What a joke 😂
Samuel Ortiz
Samuel Ortiz 7 months ago
37375 7 months ago
Racist Casino-trump start this WAR with the African people, the 49ers are racist Italians that want an italian team. Casino-trump is on his way out. imPEACHment is well under way.
Lis Hobbins
Lis Hobbins 7 months ago
That don't make no sense all you had to do was just show up look we got a lot of good quarterbacks from college waiting to sign that good contract deal get them onboard
Visfor Vegan
Visfor Vegan 7 months ago
Interesting that they don't mention why the venue was moved. The NFL showed up with a waiver that Collin would have had to sign to say he wouldn't sue the NFL. The whole thing was a stunt on the NFL's part. What crap. I'm not watching another game till the Colin is signed. They allow out right racists in the NFL, but s player fighting for justice? Oh no no no.
Victor Matthius Rivera
This dude is so pompous and full of himself lol!
Lightsyde Phil
Lightsyde Phil 7 months ago
The words spoiled and entitled come to mind when I see this guy.
E Rob
E Rob 7 months ago
Conservative Charlie
The truth is you are a crybaby! No crybabies in the nfl. It's a man's game.
Wisest Owl
Wisest Owl 7 months ago
Prashant K.C.
Prashant K.C. 7 months ago
Who the hell is we now?
Tc 7 months ago
Stop running from what???? A Bad Rash!!!! What joke Dipshit!!!!
OarsmanPower 7 months ago
🖕🏽That’s for you Kaepernick 🖕🏽 Get a haircut ya bum...
Jason Helms
Jason Helms 7 months ago
He should probably do what a lot of washed-up former QBs that screw up their careers do... Find a local flag football league. Heck, they don't even play the national anthem before games, so perfect for him!
Rainy C
Rainy C 7 months ago
🙋🏽‍♀️I like CK switching it up a bit, that's what quarterbacks do. 🤷🏽‍♀️They don't just take orders they call plays as well. Some perspective employers may like that some may not that's how they determine a good fit. I believe everything CK has done has been in faith and he has been both punished and rewarded for his stance. Some of the blk commentators are pretty sus.
Sandra McGill
Sandra McGill 7 months ago
Ties to Redd and the abuse on our family
Jim Johnson
Jim Johnson 7 months ago
this dude if fkin nuts. NFL needs to run from him. No same person would deal with this moron.
Carol Limon
Carol Limon 7 months ago
There are so many talented players that would love an opportunity to try out for the NFL. This fool squandered his opportunity. What a conceited snob!!!
islandblader 2 months ago
Hes entitled because of all this.
Trumpster Bob
Trumpster Bob 7 months ago
Colin Kaepernick is not for the USA people he is for the Anti American People and Anti Christians so screw him.
Michael G
Michael G 7 months ago
He sounds like a angry black woman that got cut in line at Popeye's .
mercflf8 7 months ago
at best this so called victim is a sub par player...nothing more...
Marie Tajalle
Marie Tajalle 7 months ago
Is this another joke? I thought we were rid of this anti-american.
Jaygo 7 months ago
Anti American?? Hahaha, White guys are the True Anti Americans, who stock pile Guns to have Another War against America. Only White people go out shooting up government buildings with their Confederate flags, yet Colin is the Anti American?? lol. idiot.
jose r
jose r 7 months ago
you reap what you sow. was expecting remorse and got nothing. nothing has changed. same kaper. GL in your new ventures outside the NFL.
EX DUECE 7 months ago
what is the truth? That you be hired immediately?
ric1 est1
ric1 est1 7 months ago
How could you bluntly tell the NFL to stop running when you literally keep changing the venue at the last minute fool...
Jim Browski
Jim Browski 7 months ago
He's just making another nike commercial
TallCoolDrink 7 months ago
The only one running is you. lol
AADMZZ 7 months ago
White people stay mad. This dude makes millions NOT playing football. Sit your kkk ass down
Jim Browski
Jim Browski 7 months ago
Money doesn't make you not a lowlife.
mary doe
mary doe 7 months ago
Colin is a radical trouble maker
Therus Fosterson
Therus Fosterson 7 months ago
Nothing to see here folks. Move along.....
Don't hire this Trator!
Mr Big Licks
Mr Big Licks 7 months ago
This idiot thinks he's owed something.
rbrtgrdn 7 months ago
What a way to ingratiate yourself to prospective employers. I wouldn't hire this clown to stuff envelopes.
Martin Ljubic
Martin Ljubic 7 months ago
How about you start with an apology to America!! That would be a master class in Reason, Logic, Reality!!
Joe3 7 months ago
To everyone who supports Colin Kaepernick, would you like your favorite NFL team to sign him? If so, please comment and list your favorite team.
Therus Fosterson
Therus Fosterson 7 months ago
Ummmmm .... my favorite team (for 40 years) USED to be the ‘Niners. I cannot accept your offer
Kenneth Sayles
Kenneth Sayles 7 months ago
Gonzo never was my favorite muppet...
MurDaCaPs 916
MurDaCaPs 916 7 months ago
Kenneth Sayles 😂
Patrick Owusu
Patrick Owusu 7 months ago
this fella tripping, FOH
How To Canna Review
How To Canna Review 7 months ago
Ok that’s enough of you now. This is all of us moving along.
Deven 7 months ago
Coming from the military knowing that the heart of a team is the bond I can’t help but question what I’m his aim is? His potential teammates know his antics and doubt they care for him so why would you want to be put in that position?
Lor M.
Lor M. 7 months ago
Colin should play in another country. Any NFL player that takes a knee during the national anthem should be fired why pay them US dollars
Rick James
Rick James 7 months ago
He is a 💩 kicker.
Rabinowitz Shekelstein
The US wasted it's true potential on worrying about social programs ever since the Civil Rights Movement.
JustKeep Swimming
JustKeep Swimming 7 months ago
This is what a Real Man looks like. Often many celebrities who have a voice run and fail to speak the truth for fear of being reprimanded. God kept him strong through his journey. # NFL stop running from the truth.
Jim Browski
Jim Browski 7 months ago
He's a piece of sh1t
Calvin Taylor
Calvin Taylor 7 months ago
Colin sounds like someone who thinks they are entitled. The NFL and the public does not owe Colin anything. Hey Colin: take a knee. We are done here.
Judas Priest
Judas Priest 7 months ago
"You've been a dickhead for three years and still going!" Lol
Steban Lewansky
Steban Lewansky 7 months ago
Bah bye.
BIG- L 7 months ago
Last time he played His team was 3/13 n Obama was president. NFL set up a open workout Kap turns it into a Kap Circus. As JZ said "Time to move past Kneeling and Kap".
S.A.M. 7 months ago
I'm so tired of hearing abt this punk. He needs to move out of this country because he doesn't deserve to be here or even play football and get paid for doing so. Go away punk. Media. stop giving him air time b/c no one cares!
Spade Avenger
Spade Avenger 7 months ago
New job interview technique for sure good luck with that..........
J C 7 months ago
So he is black? And feels the "oppression" from being black?? My black friends say you wouldn't last a day here in St Louis.
Elvis Edge RR Woodward
You need to play sports internationally....
stayridenchevyz 7 months ago
He seems oppressed lol
Sean Anon
Sean Anon 7 months ago
Every NFL fan to Colin Kaepernick... QUITE RUNNING YOUR MOUTH!! Which is & has been the single leading cause to why you’ll never play another snap ever again!! His behavior is disgusting 🤮
Jim Browski
Jim Browski 7 months ago
He's just making another Nike sjw commercial
gene and aj
gene and aj 7 months ago
He's a douche!
jk 7 months ago
Stop kneeling
Rashard Stallworth
Rashard Stallworth 7 months ago
Kap looks Great.
bluemystic7501 7 months ago
This dude is annoying.
Surannhealz 7 months ago
When I saw the news that this was a "highly anticipated" event, I knew it was only highly anticipated because people get so much satisfaction from watching this loser fail. Thanks for the satisfaction!
Rod Cooper
Rod Cooper 7 months ago
His shirt said kunta kinta......I think he won😂😂😂😂
Robert Esposito
Robert Esposito 7 months ago
Dan Jones
Dan Jones 7 months ago
How arrogant can one get ? He's the most hated man man in the sport, Michael Vick has more respect then this guy.
Achibald Smith
Achibald Smith 7 months ago
The truth is that he sucks!! He is playing the victim like a little bitvh
Justin 7 months ago
The day you start playing, is the day I stop watching
Justin 7 months ago
W Towns ouch. That really hurt coming from you. 🤣😂
W Towns
W Towns 7 months ago
You think you not watching it going to hurt anyone pale boy? Get a clue pathetic trash.
Parapsychologists 7 months ago
Lost Gonzo
Lost Gonzo 7 months ago
I think the NFL treated him like bulshit from the beginning and by the kind of showing they wanted of him will strictly absence of any criticism no my friend don't let them dictate to you fairness they are not capable of it and have been of the same attitude from the day Jim Brown was gone and they took it out on Dewayne Thomas of the Dallas Cowboys stand your ground they know their guilt
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