Cole Sprouse Wants to Jump into Directing

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At Variety's Power of Young Hollywood event, "Riverdale" star Cole Sprouse said he wants to make the jump from acting to directing. Rather than direct an episode of his CW teen drama, the actor would rather create his own project. Sprouse also touched on the media's and fans' obsession with his relationship with co-star Lili Reinhart, saying they should take what he posts with a grain of salt.


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Aug 7, 2019




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Comments 59
sylvia malik
sylvia malik 3 months ago
Cole: I rather a control freak me: yeah Cole dont we all I love Cole
Border Collies
Border Collies 5 months ago
He always looks so tired! Gosh Cole just get some sleep
Rachel Ewing-Merrill
Sees the thumbnail Me: falls in love again
Miss B Gaming
Miss B Gaming 6 months ago
Cole is so SMART
Miss B Gaming
Miss B Gaming 6 months ago
I support
Shita Dwi
Shita Dwi 6 months ago
Finally someone/interviewer asked him about directing film or something, because ik he will good on it
Dream1ng 6 months ago
awww his smile when she said lili's name.
piggy smallz grande
piggy smallz grande 6 months ago
hopefully he doesn't give up acting to become a director
Natalia 6 months ago
Anyone else slightly cringing every time someone asks Cole and Lili about each other? xD
Ismy Partygirl
Ismy Partygirl 6 months ago
Yeah he wants to try to have a real career? Haha good luck.
Your Local Nan
Your Local Nan 6 months ago
Ismy Partygirl since when was acting not a real career
Lyane Thibodeau
Lyane Thibodeau 6 months ago
What does asl means???
Ximena Ramos
Ximena Ramos 6 months ago
Ashleyxo wait really 😗✌🏻??
Princess Paida Modasir
lol i honestly thought it was american sign language
Ximena Ramos
Ximena Ramos 6 months ago
Lyane Thibodeau age/sex/location
Landon M.
Landon M. 6 months ago
Cole’s favourite word: “Validating”
Aina Nabilah
Aina Nabilah 5 months ago
As well as “flattering”
katie burke
katie burke 6 months ago
*dangerously* validating
הגר גדליוביץ'
@Landon M. I think the only person who has the right to get in his mouth is his girlfriend so why don't we stop analyzing every single word he says?
Landon M.
Landon M. 6 months ago
הגר גדליוביץ' He’s extra af he over uses words for no reason
הגר גדליוביץ'
@Landon M. Cole's.
Lola Who
Lola Who 6 months ago
It is so strange that he never confirms his relationship with Lili. It is insulting to your partner. On the other hand his brother is so proud of his relationship which I find so normal. Honestly I would feel bad if my bf would not publicly acknowledge our relationship. It is always something shady about it...
rosi toasti
rosi toasti 2 months ago
it‘s called privacy. it is not insulting. they both said that they prefer keeping relationships private
Rose Guiseppi
Rose Guiseppi 6 months ago
they doesn’t have to pleasure us with their relationship if they don't feel the need to. everything that goes on the internet can be used by everyone and probably they just want their relationship to be something special to them and not the whole world.
Trump Lit
Trump Lit 6 months ago
It's called privacy
Marschru Schrybul
Marschru Schrybul 6 months ago
I would agree with you if these two were normal people without public personas. A public person can not sue anyone (e.g. media outlets) to not print anything about their private life if they ever made parts of their private lives, well, part of their public lives (like talking about a partner or putting pics of their kids on social media). That way celebrities can retain legal protection that they would otherwise lose. When an actor, singer or politician doesn't answer questions about relationships etc, they probably follow recommendations from their lawyer. Or they are weird. (Oh boy, this turned way more into an essay than I wanted)
Lenka Junová
Lenka Junová 6 months ago
What is insulting about the need of privacy? They do not owe us sh*t regarding their relationship.
Romeo 6 months ago
He looks so much like Daisy Ridley... I am confiused
Liam Kirk
Liam Kirk 6 months ago
He needs to learn to act first
rosi toasti
rosi toasti 2 months ago
he can. he‘s an actor since he is 8 months old. his acting skills are not acknowledged in riverdale AT ALL, but if you would see five feet apart for example, you‘d see that he is a great actor.
Border Collies
Border Collies 5 months ago
He's been acting since he was 8 months old and he's actually really good at it. Can you cry on command?
Rose Guiseppi
Rose Guiseppi 6 months ago
i don’t think this comment belongs in this comment section lol
Trump Lit
Trump Lit 6 months ago
destiny 6 months ago
he can tho lol
Prats Mixerdale
Prats Mixerdale 6 months ago
HE LOOKS SO HOT!!!!!😍😍💖💖
Meghan Xo
Meghan Xo 6 months ago
Is it just me or is the way he talks with this smart ass attitude, adding unnecessary big words in almost every sentence a little redundant and annoying?😂
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith 6 months ago
I need to by a dictionary before I keep watching videos that Cole Sprouse is in
Border Collies
Border Collies 5 months ago
*buy, but yeah I learn a new word every time!
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith 5 months ago
Charlotte Jennings well I’m just stating facts 😂
Charlotte Jennings
Charlotte Jennings 5 months ago
Tim Kruse
Tim Kruse 6 months ago
wow he was asked if he would direct an episode for riverdale, talk about trust
Tim Kruse
Tim Kruse 6 months ago
@aurora michelle wow I never knew that
aurora michelle
aurora michelle 6 months ago
Actually it’s pretty common for actors to direct a few episodes of the tv show they’re in
Meaghan Freedman
Meaghan Freedman 6 months ago
Who is the lady standing in the back who signals he has to leave
Meaghan Freedman
Meaghan Freedman 6 months ago
emilyfan505 6 months ago
His publicist
vixxa 6 months ago
The interviewer is really great
NickRejoice 6 months ago
Nice guy
manasa s
manasa s 6 months ago
I am desperately waiting for his direction he has so much talent which needs to be used in a very proper way. Love him ❤❤
הגר גדליוביץ'
I love his reaction to Lili. It's pretty pathetic of whoever spread the breakup rumor to not do their homework and actually LOOK at them before they say their relationship felt wrong.
הגר גדליוביץ'
@Lauren Page what's wrong? That they don't document each other pee every four minutes?
Lauren Page
Lauren Page 6 months ago
looks pretty wrong to me tho
Mario 11
Mario 11 6 months ago
“You need a big movie” wtf she talking about making cole feel down Bc she doesn’t know Five Feet Apart.
Irene Fox
Irene Fox 6 months ago
I think she meant as a director, because he doesn't want to direct a Riverdale episode.
Glitter Kween
Glitter Kween 6 months ago
Ana Alvarado
Ana Alvarado 6 months ago
Jughead e Betty Jones
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