Cole Sprouse on Creepy Twins and the Toxicity of Social Media

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For Variety's Power of Young Hollywood issue, Cole Sprouse went in depth about how "Riverdale" transformed him from a Disney child star to a leading man, if he sees himself working again with his brother, Dylan, and why he's glad he wasn't a child start during the age of social media.


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Aug 6, 2019




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Comments 741
Leilani Henry
He was fit for Jughead. I watched Riverdale first without knowing much about Cole, but after this interview, I obviously see he has a great vocabulary. Now I don't know if he was apart of making his character or something like that but if he wasn't then this shows how perfect that role is for him.
ua Ua
ua Ua Day ago
You still look alike lol
Twiglet Day ago
Wouldn’t mind being the meat in a Sprouse sandwich 😍
A G Day ago
Wow, I am very impressed with him...
Sofia Calcagno
Sofia Calcagno 4 days ago
He is so well spoken!
villegas24 4 days ago
This is what reading his whole life gave him, a broader vocabulary than most guys twice his age.
Thelma Romero
Thelma Romero 4 days ago
he's blonde wtf i got a crush on him now
Kayswurrld 4 days ago
cole is such a dork, i love it.
Jusstt Mayy
Jusstt Mayy 4 days ago
“Make some money ya know?” 😂😂😂💗💗💗
Jusstt Mayy
Jusstt Mayy 4 days ago
Cole, you are talented, hardworking and the best photographer and actor, you inspire me 💗💗
farkle minkus
farkle minkus 6 days ago
I think Cole should come up with a vocabulary word of the day app that reads it in his voice
farkle minkus
farkle minkus 6 days ago
I just like his personality
souls don't speak
Unicorn Batul123z
Duo no no... I say 2 he’s way to smart and hottt 🥵🥵🥵
Daniel L.
Daniel L. 11 days ago
What a pair of legends, thanks for a great childhood fellas. Wish you the best
Charizard Rules
Charizard Rules 11 days ago
I like the way he thinks. Very smart.
Riverdale Cola
Riverdale Cola 12 days ago
When I listen to Cole, I feel really dumb because he is really smart and using fancy words and then there is me like which witch is which?? 😂 can anyone relate?
Hannah Hersi
Hannah Hersi 13 days ago
His vocabulary is so impressive WTF
Hannah Hersi
Hannah Hersi 13 days ago
He's very smart, totally mature and incredible talented. That's why I follow him on the social media... Girls, Cole is more than a pretty face. He's a very talented artist.
;; P e a c h y ;;
;; P e a c h y ;; 12 days ago
You copied the comment to @Tail Kennedy
Bodhi Perry
Bodhi Perry 16 days ago
Looks like he should be in the 50s lol
Nur Annisya
Nur Annisya 19 days ago
I can see he is very educated and well spoken man.
L L M 25 days ago
como pretendes q te entienda cole si mi nivel del inglés es un una mierda y tu vocabulario esta por encima q todas mis neuronas?
Anuradha Pandit
Anuradha Pandit 25 days ago
Such diction and clarity at his age!
Moni Chocobar Viñas
Gabriela Cerrano Mejia
muumi tikkari
muumi tikkari Month ago
Cole is everything❤️❤️
Lindsay Month ago
No idea who he is but he seems pretty well rounded and cute.
Mary Kim999
Mary Kim999 Month ago
No one: Literally no one: Me seeing the title: tHe t0xiCitY 0f oUr CitYyYy, 0f oUr ciTYyyY
Katie •
Katie • Month ago
Fun fact Elvis was naturally blonde too! Its all i see when he’s dressed like that with the hair color and style
Daniela de la Paz
Very mature ❤️
jasmine amer
jasmine amer Month ago
He looks like Hugh Grant
sar chocolate bear
His brother is hotter
sar chocolate bear
He's so fucking annoying
Gregg Hanson
Gregg Hanson Month ago
Cole is a shining light.
ilovetteokbokki Month ago
Kinda off topic but how is *TOXICITY* *pronounced*? Is it: Toc-sisity? Tocsic-ity? Tocsi-city? *I am confusion!*
benedict ma
benedict ma Month ago
I've seen a few of Cole's interviews and he's always so eloquent. smart dude
Caitlin Bopp
Caitlin Bopp Month ago
Blessed this amazing video was uploaded on my birthday. 💖💕
Caitlin Bopp
Caitlin Bopp Month ago
He’s honestly so talented, as a girl who’s dream is to become an actress I truly admire his work. He’s an amazing actor and he’s very talented in not just acting but other art forms too like photography.
Arlette Lara
Arlette Lara Month ago
Cole-"talking" Me-yeah yeah totally totally "not getting anything he is saying" Jk his conversation is very interesting
Aishu Narkar
Aishu Narkar Month ago
I was just obsessing over how cute he is i didnt actually listen to what he was listening ahah
Ilove todance
Ilove todance Month ago
I’m just watched my future husband ❤️ you Cole 🤤🥰😘
Kiera Momaru
Kiera Momaru Month ago
It's not really Cole is it?! It's actually Dylan
Lina Month ago
Cole has more of a baby face than Dylan. Cole is just plain hotter that Dylan No offense Dylan
Bts Bts
Bts Bts Month ago
I guess cherryl blossom was there to dress cole😍😍🤣💋💋that red suit was everything
Jinyoung Jung
Jinyoung Jung Month ago
i mean he went to college
Dayana Bejarano
Dayana Bejarano Month ago
I’m learning English and his vocabulary make me feel like I don’t know anything
Laura Sophie Schulze
Love his 70s vibe. Very beautiful man in and out. Hot and intelligent is the deadly combo.
kyra walton
kyra walton Month ago
he was so cute as a child in big daddy he was adorable
Kenia Downing
Kenia Downing Month ago
Napoleon Meow parte
Napoleon Meow parte 2 months ago
The fact that people are in awe of his vocabulary which is pretty generic & incredibly easy to comprehend shows that most of the people on the internet are retards
Zach Redner
Zach Redner 2 months ago
Cole has OBVIOUSLY grown up to be, not only very good looking, but much more importantly, VERY INTELLIGENT! He actually USES his Brain to THINK with! To THINK LOGICALLY, RATIONALLY, and INTELLIGENTLY! That is something that is DRASTICALLY MISSING with the majority of today's youth! TOO MANY of today's youth actually "DEPEND" on "SOCIALIST Media" to TELL THEM what they are supposed to think and believe. And they easily fall PREY and become VICTIMS of the LIBTARDED PROPAGANDA mentality! And Cole obviously recognizes the FACT that "SOCIALIST Media" platforms, such as Fascistbook, Instagram, and others, are not only PROPAGANDA machines, but they are EVIL and DANGEROUS for the YOUNG AND EASILY IMPRESSIONABLE, IMMATURE mind! KUDOS to you Cole, and may GOD Bless you with a wonderful and happy life!
helen pruzan
helen pruzan 2 months ago
Nice to see such intelligence!!!
Mriranda westbrooks
Mriranda westbrooks 2 months ago
If they ever did another elvis Presley movie cole should play it he is giving me elvis presley style from elvis early yrs
사신Raptron666 2 months ago
and they made this guy act the ''im a weirdo'' speech god i feel so bad for Cole he could write a far better script then the riverdale writers themself
Stephanie Pollitt Clark
I love how intelligent and grounded he is. Good for him. A well adjusted former child Star is amazing.
todd podd
todd podd 2 months ago
all these thirsty imbeciles praising his diction are ignoring how pretentious, conceited, artificial, and manufactured this prick is
0-0 2 months ago
Why does Cole remind me of Harry styles?
justin jones
justin jones 2 months ago
Cole sprouse woke
aiaru 2 months ago
he’s so well spoken i-
Sakhi D
Sakhi D 2 months ago
3:12.... so that English is..... damn😂
JoanieDoeShadow 2 months ago
One twin to another, thank you Cole!
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