Cole Sprouse on Creepy Twins and the Toxicity of Social Media

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For Variety's Power of Young Hollywood issue, Cole Sprouse went in depth about how "Riverdale" transformed him from a Disney child star to a leading man, if he sees himself working again with his brother, Dylan, and why he's glad he wasn't a child start during the age of social media.


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Aug 6, 2019




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Comments 531
Stacy Alexander
Stacy Alexander 3 days ago
I think he's great for selena
kcir allen matmat
here after selena gomez was conflicted of her chrush over juan or cole
Roro Roro
Roro Roro 5 days ago
He is so smurt,and good talker,he knows what to say ,talented and charming
Roro Roro
Roro Roro 5 days ago
Oh time runs so fast they became men
Baekhyun Stan
Baekhyun Stan 6 days ago
God he is HANDSOME
Renata Baker
Renata Baker 6 days ago
He's so cute
Hannah Middleton
Hannah Middleton 7 days ago
Love him so talented and wide knowledgeable vocabulary wish I had that.
Kem Kat
Kem Kat 14 days ago
I’m so happy that he’s speaking out on social media but I feel like not a lot of people are getting the message
ChyloeReece 16 days ago
There's no doubt Cole is well spoken and has been impressively proactive in broadening his acumen for greater knowledge, but this shouldn't be a rarity? I am truly worried by all the comments stating the need for a dictionary, what the fuck, people?!? Has our society really gone that much to shit? Or people calling Cole some sort of prodigy, WTF. How sad that no one else applies themselves. You too can get your degree in archeology, it's very doable. You too can expand your vocabulary, put down your damn phone and start reading actual books, people! Jeezus, I cringe for humanity.😑
Noo Naa
Noo Naa 17 days ago
What he said about social media is so true
David Kwak
David Kwak 17 days ago
His response is brilliant
Forsythia Hoareau
Forsythia Hoareau 17 days ago
He’s so articulate and answers so intelligently. He uses words like “upon”, “clarity”, etc and has a mature voice. I think that break from the limelight and decision to go to college really did good for him.
HonestlyScuffed 17 days ago
where can i score one of dem black sparkly shirts?
MD Akhjar
MD Akhjar 20 days ago
"creepy twins"
sami l
sami l 21 day ago
Cole is absolutely gorgeous and the way he talks I could listens to him for hours
Luann Johnson
Luann Johnson 21 day ago
What an incredibly intelligent young man.
Noor Alrasheed
Noor Alrasheed 22 days ago
"I think it's also dangerous to rely on social media following as an indication of talent or success, I think it's more of a publicity machine than an actual filter for talent" Best thing to have been said on the matter thus far.
Abby 22 days ago
Hollywood needs more actors like Cole Sprouse that are not just a pretty face and a sexy body but an actual intellectual.
Jeana Lowe
Jeana Lowe 23 days ago
Why is he not a HUGE star in every movie out there? Super good looking, smart, talented. Hello!
Raphael Holder
Raphael Holder 24 days ago
One doesn’t need to read a dictionary to have an “impressively extensive” vocabulary. One just needs to read. You take the time to pick up a book and read (it doesn’t even need to be non-fiction or educational) and you’ll see how many new words you know by the end of it
K R K 24 days ago
uhm i'd say a lot of twins shy away from being perceived as a unit so its more about choosing to let the majority feel comfortable by disassociating.
Happy Geek
Happy Geek 24 days ago
That's Cody...where is Mr.Mosby?
LLL Link
LLL Link 25 days ago
I love Cole Sprouse ❤️
Anastasia Intan Wardyani
damn cole ur words
yeeyeesoftboi i
yeeyeesoftboi i 25 days ago
give the man a chapstick
Beth Fuller
Beth Fuller 25 days ago
Bit of a wanker imo like get a grip
Maye VB
Maye VB 26 days ago
Smart and has a great sense of humor 💯👍🏼
Mordiveer 28 days ago
If there's one thing i like its self awareness.
Michael Moretti
Michael Moretti 28 days ago
Cole Sprouse ... turns-up to Comic-con press events stoned off his face and proceeds to sabotage his Riverdale co-stars while they try to dodge his train-wreck ... Cole Sprouse is an arsehole.
Cortney 28 days ago
Everyone’s comments about how they need a dictionary to understand this interview makes me sad that everyone has such a poor vocabulary.
IglooDweller 28 days ago
Whoa, I had no idea he was the kid from 'Big Daddy'.
_ *sunflower* _
_ *sunflower* _ 29 days ago
I love the way he speaks
Starlight Fevoura
Starlight Fevoura 29 days ago
To me Cole Sprous doesn't look like the celebrity you approach on the street for a photo, no he is the time of celeb you just want to have a conversation with because he has a interesting mind with pleasant opinions
Marc Ortega
Marc Ortega Month ago
Cole is so right about social media. I had to quit Instagram AGAIN because I felt like I wasnt being myself.
Lan Piers
Lan Piers Month ago
I agree with him so much. I feel the same way about my self as person within social media
Mitochondria• Month ago
Does he look little older? Like more like his actual age now?
Diogo Month ago
Whatever you do, do it with style!
Eli Lozano
Eli Lozano Month ago
He's so educated and well spoken, and his commentary on current social media is spot on.
LaHistoire Month ago
Wow, he is really intelligent. I don't know why I am surpised, but it's so great to listen to him! :D
tyrone b
tyrone b Month ago
Basicaly he so down to earth and aware of things. seen interviews before and when they do a chat session they so straight and real about things. but of course the media catch them in their off days or moments and they get judged by that most of the time.
Sarah S
Sarah S Month ago
well I don't understand that much when he talks, but at least he has a beautiful voice :))
Yavitsono Nakhro
A gift to mankind.
Kameenie Sara
Kameenie Sara Month ago
This was impressive. It was refreshing to hear a young person speak without using many 'like you know', 'like' etc or disney speak. Very mature guy.
alberto lugo
alberto lugo Month ago
When will Cole Sprouse magazine go on sale?
Khadija Lazma
Khadija Lazma Month ago
Considering the level of perfoction Cole has reached, I feel like i am able to say, and with absolute confidence, that Lili is god's favorite creature.
celest simmons
celest simmons Month ago
God....He is so attractive😖😖😖
gaby's blog
gaby's blog Month ago
So well spoken
sprouse moose
sprouse moose Month ago
i dont the meanings of half the words hes saying but i luv it
Hannah Parker
Hannah Parker Month ago
I love listening to him talk, he’s very articulate and humble.
Naji Delarosa
Naji Delarosa Month ago
i don't really understand his word's sometimes 😅
Just Thinking
Just Thinking Month ago
I was so in love with these two when we were younger! They were the only faces I've ever drawn
ok but why does he speak like an oscar winning actor yet stars in one of the worst shows i’ve ever seen lmao
Goel Sachin
Goel Sachin Month ago
Have you seen his mew movie five feet apart ? he is really amazing in it
AMELIA ANN Month ago
He's so smart
Brittany Bacon
Brittany Bacon Month ago
It saddens me that most of the comments on this video speak to his attractiveness and well-spoken vocabulary. While those are points I agree with, they are not the points he is trying to make clear in this interview. His stance on social media is one that should be highly considered; the vocabulary he uses is definitely that of an educated person who went through college/university, so it makes sense that it can be difficult for people to understand, therefore being overshadowed by people solely commenting on his appearance or his language skills. It's refreshing to hear an opinion like this on such a controversial topic from someone who has grown up in the computer age and has become witness to the toxicity that the social media top dogs and participants have created.
Caitlyn Winders
Caitlyn Winders Month ago
the whole time all i could think about is how i want that red suit!! 😍
Hungary TikTokers
he's very smart, cute, and handsome:)
Rosy Cavalier
Rosy Cavalier Month ago
I like Cole but i hate Dylan after he called out Jared Leto.
adanma nwankwo
adanma nwankwo Month ago
💗 wow makes sense
Aylin Dunham
Aylin Dunham Month ago
I really enjoyed his comment about having anonymity in college. This is so true; having the opportunity to be anonymous was one of my favorite things about college (especially on a big campus). In class discussions, you are really given the chance to analyze issues and topics from an objective point of view and look at things from different perspectives.
ThatNoraChick Month ago
He's so impressive
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