Cole Sprouse, Camila Cabello and Stephan James Play Young Hollywood Trivia

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For Variety's annual Power of Young Hollywood issue, we quizzed Cole Sprouse, Camila Cabello and Stephan James about the their campaign slogan, what they think should be the new word for 'lit' and their favorite emoji and app.


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Aug 6, 2019




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Comments 239
overwatch fan_#1
overwatch fan_#1 5 days ago
Stephen: that's so wavy Cole: tHAt's FuCking siCk
Sarah 10 days ago
I am actually shook how really president-like the last "Sprouse 2020" is 👀😂
Tori Angelica
Tori Angelica 12 days ago
Cole is so fucking handsome 🔥 like I can’t 😍
aya haruno
aya haruno 12 days ago
an interesting choice for the thumbnail
Hey What’s up
Hey What’s up 15 days ago
I see Cole Sprouse I click
Kenzie Anderson
Kenzie Anderson 18 days ago
The eggplant😂 Bet he sends it to Lili
Khirstie Evangelista
Cole is so funny... and charming... and HOT! and smart. Omg I can't. He's so perfect!
Chastity Acevedo
Chastity Acevedo 21 day ago
Cole sends to the eggplant emoji to lili
presto channel
presto channel 22 days ago
Cole!! Lol
Kathy Cagg
Kathy Cagg 23 days ago
OMG.. I got an ovulation ad. 😂
Salma Arriaga
Salma Arriaga 29 days ago
Odio que Camila diga "Cabeiou" en lugar de CABELLO ... Es una palabra en español, ¡¡¡PRONUNCIALA BIEN, MI AMOR!!!
Katelynn & J’valyn
Everyones just like im not gonna say it but then coles like its fu*cking sick😂😂
Jia zubair
Jia zubair Month ago
Camila is a Queen 😍
Clorox Month ago
You know we all came for cole. Admit it.
Karinos Life
Karinos Life Month ago
Coleeee you dirtyyyy 😂😂😂
Jipan Enterprises
Variety: Favourite emoji Cole: stresses about the question Cole: The ovulation app Me: on the floor laughing 😂😂😂Lmao
Sophie Adams
Sophie Adams Month ago
Anyone here for camlia cabello??
Bria Robinson
Bria Robinson Month ago
When you watch this with your little sister and first thing that comes out of her mouth Cole Sprouse for Mayor 2020 😂 (I don't know of she really knows what she talking about)
Anjali Abraham
Anjali Abraham Month ago
Cole is a freaking mood
Nouka and Nouna
Nouka and Nouna Month ago
suite life of zack n cody?
asia Month ago
I love james
Emiper Month ago
CoLe SpRoUse 2020 fOr ThE PeOpLE wAtcHinG🇺🇸😂
Joanna Grace
Joanna Grace Month ago
Oml I can’t with Cole 😂😂😂
Jordan Dahl
Jordan Dahl Month ago
I just realize none of them could actually run for president 😂💀 they weren’t born in the US lmao
Vanidia Ronaldo
Vanidia Ronaldo Month ago
Sprouse 2020 lol
Ana Teodora
Ana Teodora Month ago
I keep watching 1:05 on replay... Cole’s swearing is so soothing to listen to 😂👍🏻
Ana Teodora
Ana Teodora Month ago
Yall, Cole uses the eggplant emoji with lili...
Joana Silva
Joana Silva Month ago
"Cabello 2020, for the gazillionth time, it's CamEEla CabeYo"
Taryn B
Taryn B Month ago
Cole Sprouse should run for president I would vote for him
Moraya Month ago
I'm a basic grl *i see Sprouse i click*
Rhydian Morris
Rhydian Morris Month ago
Camila ❤️❤️
Chiara meitz
Chiara meitz Month ago
Cole has the best Humor 😂❤️🤤
Mishel P.
Mishel P. Month ago
Cole is literally the funniest person on earth
Jasmine Andrea
Jasmine Andrea Month ago
Ok but why the thumbnail
MN Th Month ago
Will Cole ever give a straight answer
Queen Benzz
Queen Benzz Month ago
Camila glfofo
• raven •
• raven • Month ago
Aw Camila is so cute I cant
Briana Parks
Briana Parks Month ago
❤❤❤Cole Sprouse❤❤❤
Renen and Jazzie
Who else is voting for cole for president?? I’ll spread the word COLE 2020 😂🙌🏼
Annabella Li
Annabella Li Month ago
that "for the people watching" 🤣🤣🤣
Zannia Ojibe
Zannia Ojibe Month ago
Lol someone get Cole😂😂😂”My ovulation app”
no12regrets16 Month ago
Cole: *heavy sigh*
Laura 2005
Laura 2005 Month ago
I just love Cole, just love him😂❤️
Jonathan Massey
Jonathan Massey Month ago
cole sprouse is NOT funny
Goel Sachin
Goel Sachin Month ago
If you think he is not funny then there is something definitely wrong with you..
Kylee Chapman
Kylee Chapman Month ago
the “ 😻 “ is my favorite tooooo😭😭😭😭
Lilly Sprousehart
“my ovulation app” im crying
LouChoob Month ago
I love Cole so much😂😂
Aphmau Lover
Aphmau Lover Month ago
Cole only like eggplant cuz Lili uses it
Isa Amanat
Isa Amanat Month ago
When he said the eggplant and looked straight into the camera I died
Camila Cedeno
Camila Cedeno Month ago
Wtf after this video I got an ovulation test ad I-
stephanie stocks
🌊that’s WaVy 🌊
Alisa Tarasovskaya
When he said “my ovulation app” I saw an ad for an ovulation app lol lmao
Diamond Rose
Diamond Rose Month ago
Coles response are the Best
Mersades Mckay
Mersades Mckay Month ago
Exited for teen choice awards tomorrow
Noelle K
Noelle K Month ago
Cole is hilarious 😂
A J Month ago
Honestly i only came for Cole
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat Month ago
I’m a normal person: I see Cole Sprouse I click
Renen and Jazzie
I like your icon picture hehe 😻💕
Amy Boyle
Amy Boyle Month ago
No way the eggplant is my favorite emoji too 😂🍆🍆🍆🍆
Kelly Gesink
Kelly Gesink Month ago
Maybe he meant to say Lili’s ovulation app? Lol!
Fatima Seyma
Fatima Seyma Month ago
Wow after this video I got an ovulation AD HAHHAHAHAHHA
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