Coldplay: Everyday Life Live in Jordan - Sunrise Performance

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Watch the band's first performance of the Sunrise part of their new album Everyday Life (out now, listen at coldplay.lnk.to/EverydayLife) at sunrise in Jordan. You can watch the second part of the album performed during sunset in Jordan by clicking the link at the end of this video.
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Nov 22, 2019




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Comments 5 658
Aya Aj
Aya Aj 3 hours ago
9:13 .. no comment
Incrível!!!Muito belo!!!
MAL STOCKTON 23 hours ago
Daddy ....best song frm coldplay..eva ...cry everytime 😢..beautiful
Rosmeri ME
Rosmeri ME Day ago
Los amoooo
Shah Yusoff
Shah Yusoff Day ago
The best band in the world..! Just Wow!!!!!!!
Theodore Bickle
It's almost been two months since this came out and I still find myself revisiting it many times The finish gets me all the time Beautiful from start to end
Sara Bennett
Sara Bennett Day ago
Sad song.
Sara Bennett
Sara Bennett Day ago
Go Chris. Oh I love your ways.
Sara Bennett
Sara Bennett Day ago
Breathtaking really.
Sara Bennett
Sara Bennett Day ago
Big trouble in little Canada. You won't take me.
Sara Bennett
Sara Bennett Day ago
What a beautiful sky. What a beautiful group. Feel like I'm a groupie now.
la shifae
la shifae Day ago
Pure GOLD Chris Martin is a world treasure 💕
Hicham Kharbouch
Coldpalyi and maroc
Joe Neumeister
The LIGHT she do shine on me, and let the light shine bright on the world and bring us peace from her sunrise to his sunset ~~ LOVE will come again, bring it home with music Coldplay and let us feel the joy as you have done in the past and now in the moment ... Love shines from Colorado
Darren Kennedy
Darren Kennedy 2 days ago
One word ..............HEAVEN
Tatiana Thoumy
Tatiana Thoumy 2 days ago
i love you
Resul Kicikow
Resul Kicikow 2 days ago
perfect perfect perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Judah D'souza
Judah D'souza 2 days ago
Church has Speed of sound energy
Eltetpa Angelo
Eltetpa Angelo 3 days ago
everlasting kind of music
irwan riswandi
irwan riswandi 3 days ago
I love and peace "Bani Adam" ini the world. together will live in Jannah
jorgi giraldo
jorgi giraldo 4 days ago
exelente musica
Pete Robbins
Pete Robbins 4 days ago
I have no idea how Chris gets through DADDY................ I cannot get through the first seconds without breaking down in tears and I never will.
Randy Geene
Randy Geene 4 days ago
Holy, Holy..........I am a grown man and every time I hear this little song, it brings me to tears. Thank-you for putting together such an emotional group of songs and such a beautiful presentation. Randy in Canada. The song is actually, “When I Need a Friend”.
karoletti 5 days ago
I applaud you, I salut you, I cherish you, I thank you. Guys, this - and Sunset as well - is brillant.
Mark Vine-Chatterton
Dalireve AJ
Dalireve AJ 5 days ago
Me encantó!
Nita G
Nita G 5 days ago
También yo.
Игорь Порублев
Coldplay: Вы лучшие! (Coldplay: You are the best!)
Imran Aliyev
Imran Aliyev 5 days ago
That's amazing!
Pieter de Boer
Pieter de Boer 6 days ago
Gewoon het mooiste wat er is.
Martine Vandenberghe
Arabesque est une sublime découverte...les mots me manquent !!! Merci Coldplay, pour toutes les émotions que vous me faites vivre .
Martine Vandenberghe
C'est un véritable petit bijou ce live !!! J'adore ce groupe, pour la variété des chansons, leurs mélodies, et les valeurs qu'ils portent . J'ai eu la chance de les voir en concert à Lyon il y a quelques années... c'était magique...FABULEUX !!!
Tatyana Navarrete
🤗 AMAZING!!!! 😍
C.K Arla
C.K Arla 6 days ago
My heart is so happy
Edo Prabowo
Edo Prabowo 6 days ago
mengheningkan cipta mulai
Nathan Tbc
Nathan Tbc 6 days ago
Ju Lie
Ju Lie 6 days ago
Just THANK U for this morning prayer 🙏
Fadjroel Rachman
Fadjroel Rachman 7 days ago
thank you very much chris martin and coldplay for this amazing album (jakarta, indonesia)
eddie reynolds
eddie reynolds 7 days ago
FAL G 7 days ago
Guys, you are not Sigur Ros. Stop trying.
. 6 days ago
LoL This sound more like old coldplay
Angela Neuenschwander
so much looooove for these guys
Jackeline Diez
Jackeline Diez 7 days ago
Este álbum es perfecto 🙏💚 for ever coldplay ❗
Saygın Metin
Saygın Metin 7 days ago
jude999 8 days ago
Who composed the orchestral intro?
Maria Isabel Ribot
This album is amazing!! It's a masterpiece!!
Robac Industries
Robac Industries 8 days ago
Best performance we have ever seen all time on youtube!
Emmanuel Rodriguez
Belleza de principio a fin
Marco Ramos
Marco Ramos 9 days ago
2:43 i love this song
Tonderai Mudonhi
Tonderai Mudonhi 9 days ago
that's the Lord playing the piano @12:20
clara hilbert
clara hilbert 9 days ago
Before he started playing Chris Martin kissed the ground, bless this lad!
Arath JC
Arath JC 9 days ago
I love it
Virginie S
Virginie S 9 days ago
😮 Stromae is singing in Arabesque!!! 😀
flutgos 9 days ago
I wonder why Chris' live voice wasn't present in Church but it was in all of the others. Very odd.
Hrach Ayunc
Hrach Ayunc 8 days ago
yassir AM
yassir AM 10 days ago
عاش أطفال فلسطين المحتله⁦🇵🇸⁩⁦🇵🇸⁩⁦🇵🇸⁩⁦🇵🇸⁩💪💪💪💪💪
yassir AM
yassir AM 10 days ago
Viva Palestine 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸
Dita Damayanti
Dita Damayanti 10 days ago
^Streaming Full Movie (2019-2020) In HD Quality Full Movle Available On : film-streamingde.blogspot.com/ ********************************************************* All Subtitles quality HD Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??
Anaïs~JK 10 days ago
Blessing. This band. Their music.
Hikmy Fitryanti
Hikmy Fitryanti 11 days ago
When my mind stuck.. I take a headphone and listen Coldplay Album.. then my soul go floating 👻
Reedus Rulz
Reedus Rulz 6 days ago
Hikmy Fitryanti This album to me especially❤️
Senem Erçatım
Senem Erçatım 11 days ago
It's been more than 10 years I am following Coldplay. Actually, I do not only listen to their songs but also read a lot about Chris Martin and try to understand his philosophy. I knew that he read and learn about diverse cultures and bring them to us. I think the thing we feel is the spirit of Coldplay. I feel sorry about focusing on Chris in the band as they are fabulous as a team.
Harris Avaan
Harris Avaan 11 days ago
Coldplay could end international wars with it's music.
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