Coldplay: Everyday Life Live in Jordan - Sunrise Performance

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Watch the band's first performance of the Sunrise part of their new album Everyday Life (out now, listen at coldplay.lnk.to/EverydayLife) at sunrise in Jordan. Watch the entire Amman broadcast at ruvid.net/video/video-tO7CCP7liwI.html
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Nov 21, 2019




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Pided Piper
Pided Piper 6 hours ago
Pided Piper
Pided Piper 6 hours ago
so Real. Hard to be
Pided Piper
Pided Piper 6 hours ago
yor magic to me|||||||
Pided Piper
Pided Piper 6 hours ago
Thats in sa ra shun null
Pided Piper
Pided Piper 6 hours ago
you aint sell in SEX?????((((())))))
Pided Piper
Pided Piper 6 hours ago
your inspir ray shell Too Me
Pided Piper
Pided Piper 6 hours ago
very Devine. Thank You Mr Coldplay
Pided Piper
Pided Piper 6 hours ago
only what can satisfy But the Blues
Robert Pennington
amazing performance ..simple... beautiful.... a masterpiece of talent ,heart,and soul...
Rufas de Rufino
Rufas de Rufino 2 days ago
Who else came to see Stromae Participation?
Tran Tuan
Tran Tuan 3 days ago
I will alway love music of Coldplay.
Webi DeFlash77
Webi DeFlash77 3 days ago
"Coldplay can Replace "WHO" To Prevent Covid-19 With their music...."
mawlodsat Shaqlawa
love song im kurdish iraq i love coldplay
Cintia Perna
Cintia Perna 4 days ago
Que hermosura por favor. Todo perfecto de principio a fin. Pero el coro del final le dio el broche de oro a una sesión magistral
Corpo _Ethereal
Corpo _Ethereal 5 days ago
Loved seeing Femi Kuti on the sax. Proudly Nigerian!!
CaliGRAFOS tu lado creativo
Peter Hamm
Peter Hamm 6 days ago
This is such amazing stuff. Best Coldplay yet.
João Víctor
João Víctor 6 days ago
quando o violino toca, o coração sai pela boca ...
Mona acidosa
Mona acidosa 7 days ago
Absolutely divine!
ramiro 8 days ago
Love this...
arscott rose
arscott rose 8 days ago
Lots of Best wishes to my friend lovely.
José ailton
José ailton 9 days ago
Boa noite família coldplay
José ailton
José ailton 9 days ago
José ailton
José ailton 9 days ago
6,3 mil comentários
Yanjindulam Uelun
where is the Violinst?
Chaos Black
Chaos Black 10 days ago
Short question: how do I marry Chris?
Mattia Sala
Mattia Sala 10 days ago
I think that everyday life is a magic thing, I always think to my friend Tommy when I listen it, dead five months ago. Hope to listen and see them live when this moment will be gone.
Sonia Nieves
Sonia Nieves 10 days ago
Me encanta!! Gracias por interpretar y hacer música tan hermosa!!
Merrit Penny
Merrit Penny 11 days ago
fantastic, lovely music - thank you Coldplay!
Elena Karimova
Elena Karimova 11 days ago
Opening heart everyday morning with sun rising light Thank you 🙏
Jamie Angelo
Jamie Angelo 11 days ago
This is the best ever. Love Jordan and Love Coldplay!!! You guys rock!
Eniz Y.
Eniz Y. 11 days ago
stephan ebongue
stephan ebongue 12 days ago
thank tou COLDPLAY your music relaxe my brain its like a therapy
NELSON GUS Cor 12 days ago
Paula Espindola
Paula Espindola 12 days ago
Los amo profundamente, gracias
alessandro ferraz
alessandro ferraz 12 days ago
I lovvveeee Coldplay, from Brazil I love a lottt... I love us Coldplay.... thanks for alll...]
johan deman
johan deman 13 days ago
Mara Arruda
Mara Arruda 13 days ago
Very very beautiful!!
Mara Arruda
Mara Arruda 13 days ago
Gosto muito dessa banda Coldplay
Russell Family
Russell Family 15 days ago
You might not agree with Coldplay's political views, but you cannot deny the true genius that is taking place here. A life changing band for me. Any real Coldplay fan loves everything they put out, regardless of musical direction. 20 years strong boys. Keep it going.
Teddy Alfandi
Teddy Alfandi 16 days ago
Wow. I'ts amazing view 🤩
Miguel Angel
Miguel Angel 17 days ago
Coldplay, tiene musica maravillosa, increible, notas y voces q hacen a este grupo seguido por millones en el mundo. GRACIAS COLDPLAY🇨🇱👍♥️🇨🇱♥️🖐✌ SALUDOS DESDE C H I L E 🇨🇱
Samuel Salazar
Samuel Salazar 17 days ago
Satan can look so beautiful sound so beautiful but is ugly underneath
Marcy C
Marcy C 17 days ago
Still my favorite, then Church.
Mr Felix Abayomi Ojetayo
Thank you beautiful people for this masterpiece,let’s continue to preach the message of peace hope love and unity .our world is perfect with all of us!Blessings to everyone
Mostafa Elzeiny
Mostafa Elzeiny 18 days ago
Just one word: Perfection!
Sanyo_812 18 days ago
Coldplay is the God's biggest present.
FOLLOW TARGET 18 days ago
Joud El Jamal
Joud El Jamal 19 days ago
Coldplay are free drugs.
Ryan Witter
Ryan Witter 19 days ago
this might just be the most beautiful video on the internet
Brendan Cronin
Brendan Cronin 20 days ago
the intro for this is pure ennio morricone...sublime
José ailton
José ailton 20 days ago
Hoje faz 8 meses que esse album foi lançado meu Deus
MB LaMaximaBandera
MB LaMaximaBandera 22 days ago
Coldplay banda revolucionaria , dice que la música será la arma del futuro. Con toda esta sensura capaz controlen lo que digan las canciones.
Umar Pukhtoon
Umar Pukhtoon 23 days ago
09:14 master piece
Claire Rensonnet
Claire Rensonnet 25 days ago
can't read the all 6281 post, but is the beginning an hommage to Afro Celt Sound System ? I juste ask . ruvid.net/video/video-6SqsSbgrGUA.html I mean, do you have some informations ? because I love Coldplay and I like to learn about their music
Joanna Nawrocka
Joanna Nawrocka 26 days ago
Różnorodna i jednocześnie spójna. Mogę słuchać codziennie (póki co ;)) Tak, podoba mi się i nie wstydzę się tego!!!
Χριστίνα Αποστολίδου
Thank you soooooo much!!!
chigozie odo
chigozie odo 26 days ago
I love Coldplay
Adilson Cardim
Adilson Cardim 26 days ago
🔊❤️Beleza só grandes canções conseguem quebra as barreiras do Ego Humano 🔊☮️🤝🎧💓💓♀️♂️
KEN channel 中東系異端児
Love it and Jordan is beautiful. from Japan
Erica Aparecida
Erica Aparecida 26 days ago
Sem palavras tão, tão lindo lindo maravilhoso, nossa desmaiei sério nossa fui ao céu e voltei, está sendo difícil voltar🙏🙏🙏🎶🌠💆😭💖💖💖
Mary Mary
Mary Mary 26 days ago
Broken in this quarantine has made me feel lyk i should start going 2 church🤗😃😃
mario adiputra nengko
Tnkyu love you music
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker 27 days ago
I’m glad it doesn’t include the 80,000 prepubescent boys that don’t bleed while servicing jihadis in 8th heaven / jannah
Clean City
Clean City 28 days ago
Thanks a lot guys!!!
Ariel Marie
Ariel Marie 28 days ago
thank you for this, it's perfection
Владислав Вятчинов
Заходите в мои видеозаписи играю кавер н а Church
Renjith Isaacjose
Renjith Isaacjose 29 days ago
This is the best the best can give to the world we leave as a musical gift
Dox0 WALLISIĀN Month ago
I love you COLDPLAY and STROMAE🔥🔥💓💓💓
Maria de Fátima Santos Costa Barata
Que Experiencia q Loucura, Arrepiante, as lágrimas Transbordam e confortam-me a Alma, Ouvi-los é sempre Despertar de Emoções, que nos enternecem a Alma!!!
mikeslair Month ago
Arabesque Femi 🎷
Jay Vedanaya
Jay Vedanaya Month ago
"Fix you" - yesss shed those tears! "Daddy" - Hold my beer..
Hervé Fulchiron
Peace, Love and Luck for Lebanon
Hervé Fulchiron
please We need this ❤️ every day
Schaaff Month ago
Mein Herz blutet im positiven
bukpu01 cheng
bukpu01 cheng Month ago
sunset sunrise
Kiri Rakete
Kiri Rakete Month ago
Coldplay and family, this is epic. Thank you
Andrey Shcherbakov
Andrey Shcherbakov
Tatiana Shilova
Tatiana Shilova Month ago
Daddy is a sooo touching song, I am always crying while listening...
El Mido
El Mido Month ago
Zuckerberg who ?? lol
Douglas Cassiano
Coldplay have better sound without colors
Byron R.
Byron R. Month ago
I cried just with that intro ... wow
isabel granados
isabel granados Month ago
es ironico que la cancion se llame sunrise y llo estar llorando
Joanna Santana
Joanna Santana Month ago
always wonderful!!!❤️❤️❤️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Tey Oliveira
Tey Oliveira Month ago
Their are always,the best.
tonyfox21 Month ago
omar kayed
omar kayed Month ago
So proud of my country jordan ❤️ And i will not forget these sound and feeling in this morning ❤️❤️
Mutasim Hassn
Mutasim Hassn Month ago
I hope I was wihe you in this round, l love Coldplay you r beast
Ano 3000
Ano 3000 Month ago
Anyone in quarentine watching this beautiful performance again? Follow my channel, please! It’s so hard to get new subscribers 💔
Rafael Assunção
camila moncayo
camila moncayo Month ago
Carolina Miranda*
Stromae ♥️
Valerie D. G
Valerie D. G Month ago
Magnifique 🎶🎼🌟🌠💟💟🌟🙏
Elena Losada
Elena Losada Month ago
손유정 Month ago
겁나 우울해
Khulile Nxumalo
Khulile Nxumalo Month ago
power! matimba! amandla!!!!!
riccardoarati Month ago
yes guys keep on showing love
Peace Month ago
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