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Kevin Hart and Ronda Rousey kick off their shoes and jump in the tub to talk Olympic dreams, intimidating your significant other, and the meaning of FOMO.
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Jan 22, 2019




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Comments 11 583
Stanton Creed
Stanton Creed 3 minutes ago
Kevin.Dude! Your pits look kind of rusty. WHY ?
• DYSTREX •17 4 hours ago
Why are there dildos hanging out of the tubs
Get Connor mcgregor on the show!
Waves 雅各
Waves 雅各 6 hours ago
Back when She was everywhere and huge. I found this weird attractiveness with her. I still think she’s hot
Leonidas Morales
Leonidas Morales 7 hours ago
She thicc
BBDog Gaming
BBDog Gaming 8 hours ago
“Get the gun!”
Daniel Batista
Daniel Batista 9 hours ago
Genisys 11 hours ago
She got them nipples pierced I see
BrittanyAltic 12 hours ago
victor bautista
victor bautista 13 hours ago
Yo KING OF COMEDY... i see you have the white hand, the black hand.. but where is the brown love? U need one Kev i am available. U need a gangsta homie in your show.👍ill be waiting✌
Jaz. Akbar
Jaz. Akbar 16 hours ago
Please add subtitles
Mr. Green
Mr. Green 23 hours ago
man I played too much MK11, when I hear her voice I think of Sonya Blade
Shilpi Biswas
Shilpi Biswas 9 hours ago
@Mr. Green oooopsieeee
Mr. Green
Mr. Green 13 hours ago
@Shilpi Biswas of course I know that it's her voice, you just didnt get my comment
Shilpi Biswas
Shilpi Biswas 19 hours ago
U probably don't know.. it was she who voiced Sonya blade
Jesses James
Jesses James Day ago
She is fine as hell to me
Chris Burch
Chris Burch 2 days ago
Get the gun 😂😂😂
MZM 2 days ago
ronda is so damn cute
Jennifer Flores
Jennifer Flores 2 days ago
I love her so much hahaha she so badasss
Jacob Aguallo
Jacob Aguallo 4 days ago
My knuckles do that too
mark harris
mark harris 4 days ago
hollys kick to her face was not hard enough ...
CowboyOfAllTrades DON-OfAllSalesmen
Best one to date!!
dart arkana
dart arkana 5 days ago
Rousey badass betch😆
Barry Kibler
Barry Kibler 5 days ago
Still the most attractive women on the planet! Her smile is 1 of a kind! Just stunning
JamzOhizu 5 days ago
Barry Kibler ok boomi
john doe
john doe 5 days ago
tS Spaced
tS Spaced 5 days ago
“Get the gun” 😂
Naven Maistry
Naven Maistry 5 days ago
She was always Dub Dub Ee😂
Kenny Foster Gaming
I just went from 6 to midnight.
Bryan Woods
Bryan Woods 6 days ago
Didn’t like her.. now I like her
Joel Pollard
Joel Pollard 6 days ago
You gotta love bam bam's support in that last WWE impression!!!!
nicholas harris
nicholas harris 6 days ago
I wish I could take a ice bath with ronda
Emoji 784
Emoji 784 6 days ago
Steve J
Steve J 6 days ago
Rousy always looking sexy, her face too good for UFC forget that.
Uvuwuewuewue onyetue Osas
more like Ronda Araousy.
calin offgang
calin offgang 6 days ago
cartman1675 7 days ago
"The belts don't matter" *She said as she was 5 months into her 8 month title reign*
mason clark
mason clark 7 days ago
During the fake promo, Bam Bam is funnier than Kevin
Cj Shepherd
Cj Shepherd 7 days ago
The fact she was so cold made me uncomfortable and I had to stop watching half way 😂 poor girl was struggling
socomon69 7 days ago
Rhonda is just cool. She's got a good head on her shoulders.
WeirdozChannel 3 days ago
I need some good head from ronda
kiragumanyara 7 days ago
"Never before...Never before."
duncan pinderhughes
Us black guys..LOVE us some Rhonda Rousey. She aint figured that out yet ... Cause once u go.... Y'all Kno the rest
JMOB 773
JMOB 773 7 days ago
Lmfao hahaha
Andrey V
Andrey V 8 days ago
Yoga pants in the water? That's weird
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