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Kevin Hart and Ronda Rousey kick off their shoes and jump in the tub to talk Olympic dreams, intimidating your significant other, and the meaning of FOMO.
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22 янв 2019

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Комментарии 10 674
IMVU. Keesha
IMVU. Keesha 58 минут назад
Kevin said “get the gun!!”😂😂
Tails1025 Час назад
I would love to ground & pound Ronda :)
Anthony Trujillo
Anthony Trujillo 10 часов назад
Bam bam is my favorite 😂😂
James Bailey
James Bailey 11 часов назад
12:29 bam bam get the gun !!! 😂
Thatguy Youdontknow
Thatguy Youdontknow 13 часов назад
So if her and her husband fight is that still abuse?
Luis De Los Santos
Luis De Los Santos 13 часов назад
3 PAC 14 часов назад
cold as boobs*
Seico_Savvy Savage
Seico_Savvy Savage 14 часов назад
she was cold as balls thats for sure
Jeremy J
Jeremy J 14 часов назад
Buddy tried to sneak a peak 😂 11:59
PrettyBoyEnt 14 часов назад
Dixie Normous
Dixie Normous 15 часов назад
Rhonda would get it tbf
Jay Ahmed
Jay Ahmed 19 часов назад
She’s so sexy GD
Pandastic 11111
Pandastic 11111 21 час назад
Shouldn’t he be used to the cold by now😂
mpho mulaudzi
mpho mulaudzi 23 часа назад
She is freezing cold
Mhareeha День назад
Have an amazing day everyone
Print This Cow
Print This Cow День назад
I thought my mother was the only one that shitted on my dreams if you reading this BE GREAT N REACH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL
fraz bro
fraz bro День назад
Does kevin really swim laps? I cant see it unless hes swimming with fins and a snorkel...
Dark RulerX
Dark RulerX День назад
Cold as ball people cold as ball.
noman ul haq Khan
noman ul haq Khan День назад
Her laugh😍
Edvis V
Edvis V День назад
1:48 and that face got me :DD
enchantingwhisp День назад
Best one
Dunkaholic Dom
Dunkaholic Dom День назад
Get the gun!! 🤣🤣🤣
VINSVAN TV День назад
12:07 is that boonk gang🤔
Samantha Strowbridge
Samantha Strowbridge День назад
This is gonna get likes for no reason 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jay Banks
Jay Banks День назад
Get the gun 😂😭
The Everything channel
The Everything channel День назад
Lol he said bam bam get the gun😂😂
Bivin Philip
Bivin Philip День назад
4:38 Why does Kevin Hart always look like hes trying to squeeze a fart
yEeT THis wHEat
yEeT THis wHEat День назад
she could snap my neck in half and I’d say thank you
obnoxious/games&entertainment День назад
hahahaha that fucking ending though hahha
Crown Jewels
Crown Jewels День назад
I’m high as hell 🌿 💨 and she is a 😍
Bird Cajuste
Bird Cajuste День назад
Kevin Hart felt emasculated 😂
Muatasem Al Bitar
Muatasem Al Bitar День назад
Kevin is too short he is standing in the tub 😂😂
racquel jay
racquel jay День назад
Bruh she cold cold she look like she wanna get out
The Notorious N.I.C.K
The Notorious N.I.C.K День назад
I swear Ronda has the cutest smile ever😁😁❤️❤️😍😍
Joe Yau
Joe Yau День назад
Is that just me couldn’t concentrate to their conversation?
Mustapha Bashir
Mustapha Bashir День назад
Get drake on
Lexi Liana
Lexi Liana День назад
My dad is friends with Ronda Rousy
Ski Mask The Ugly God
Ski Mask The Ugly God День назад
Omg! He finally found someone about his height
Dallas Salmon
Dallas Salmon День назад
I wish Michael Jai White were on this show
Nerik Licea
Nerik Licea День назад
Kevin has a better promo than Ronnie
SGTSayz День назад
Bam Bam get the gun! hahahahah
Toco90 cole
Toco90 cole День назад
When you gonna have Kobe on the show Kevin
tS Spaced
tS Spaced День назад
Bam bam get the gun!😂
Lazaro Vera JR
Lazaro Vera JR День назад
God I love when she smiles😍
Willie Dynamite
Willie Dynamite День назад
Just skimmmmmed over those 2 defeats in the UFC
eDope День назад
Should've kicked him couple times too
Caleb Mayo
Caleb Mayo День назад
She is fine as hell damn
Mike Ee
Mike Ee День назад
she's cold
D C День назад
Harun Amjad
Harun Amjad День назад
Even I can do that finger cracking infinite times yay finally someone
Jeremy Birk
Jeremy Birk 2 дня назад
Kev didn't have the balls to ask about Holly Holm or Amanda Nunes
Alfredo Diaz
Alfredo Diaz 2 дня назад
T J 2 дня назад
Nah dude 6 7 260 idgaf, hher husband would be slept
T J 2 дня назад
MrsKocher26 2 дня назад
Was he supposed to be a wrestler or Baptist preacher?
Bass Thedon
Bass Thedon 2 дня назад
Despite that toughness ... she is a really beautiful and sexy woman !!!
LBANGER1017 2 дня назад
damnn i never even seen what she looked like until 2day. She can get dat UFC creampie
Sean P.
Sean P. 2 дня назад
Lol they are still trying to sell Ronda as tough hahahaha; we all know she would hop out of that tub and run for her life if Amanda "The Lioness" Nunes walked in. :)
Babs Checkett
Babs Checkett 2 дня назад
I felt bad she looked sad while she was telling her story, and she was so cold she was stuttering, I felt so bad ;(
joemchang 2 дня назад
How are they even talking still?
Marek Jedkins
Marek Jedkins 2 дня назад
I swear I thought Kevin heart was taller than Ronda rousey
joeyboyjoeyboy2 2 дня назад
snu snu
Doby Gerod
Doby Gerod 2 дня назад
I love when kev is serious
-YandiNota- LoKa-
-YandiNota- LoKa- 2 дня назад
1:07 im dead 💀 she doesn’t want to walk to get in
Kritikal H
Kritikal H 2 дня назад
This was the most uncomfortable episode to watch
Kritikal H
Kritikal H 2 дня назад
Ronda is on roids
Kritikal H
Kritikal H 2 дня назад
2 comedians
Joey Whitmore
Joey Whitmore 2 дня назад
Why she wearing leggings
Lephen Stukas
Lephen Stukas 2 дня назад
I'd hit it
Anthony Meza
Anthony Meza 2 дня назад
JonCarlo Savala
JonCarlo Savala 2 дня назад
happy larry
happy larry 2 дня назад
Ronda Rousey paved the way for women to make millions from MMA
zachazow 2 дня назад
@10:40 Kevin finally sits
zachazow 2 дня назад
@8:30 I started questioning whether Kevin was standing or on his knees...i know his legs could not be in front of him
DR RON 2 дня назад
Shout out Ronda, need more women like you.
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones 2 дня назад
Looks like someone stole a page out of "Hot Ones"...But I'll watch.
Brian Maxie
Brian Maxie 2 дня назад
When she said she had a husband I stopped watching. 😂😂😂🤷‍♂️
Brian Maxie
Brian Maxie 2 дня назад
She so gorgeous
JP Truth
JP Truth 2 дня назад
Would so bang her, and i dont know why
michel baldeh
michel baldeh 2 дня назад
yoo kev bring micheal blackson i bet u he wont even get in the tub
Capt. Crunch
Capt. Crunch 2 дня назад
His foot is whiter than Ronda 😂
b. bryant
b. bryant 2 дня назад
Imma poop squeezin sumna bleep🤣🤣🤣
Flatbush Massive
Flatbush Massive 2 дня назад
" idk why you cracking ya knuckles, this not one of those things." lmao
Main God
Main God 2 дня назад
Ronda says I need my hand held when I go in Kevin probably got a boner
ihavetubes 2 дня назад
Ronda Rousey is the best.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 2 дня назад
The guards are good....... HOW THE F***K DO THEY NOT LAUGH
Def_ Ronnie
Def_ Ronnie 2 дня назад
Ronda is even taller‼️
BarePills 3 дня назад
Rondas taking steroids and clenbuterol. plain to see to anyone with any knowledge of PEDs.
Sirena Heatley
Sirena Heatley 3 дня назад
Kyrie Irving???
Rasheed Blackmon
Rasheed Blackmon 3 дня назад
"Bam-Bam , get the gun" 😂😂😂
Justin Moreno
Justin Moreno 3 дня назад
I thought the top comment would be Kevin's fake bottom feet or is that just how black ppls feet look?
Knight Oyin
Knight Oyin 3 дня назад
Why didn't she take off those bottoms? Asking for a friend. Modern day feminism sucks. She wears better in the UFC ring
Jeremy Martinez
Jeremy Martinez 3 дня назад
She is super attractive
Javon Smith
Javon Smith 3 дня назад
The bottom of Kevin Hart’s feet albino
Darian Williams
Darian Williams 3 дня назад
lmao kevin this is my fave episode so far you ar a great actor/comedian but i have no coment on your rapping skills lol keep doing what your doing
Senay m
Senay m 3 дня назад
Get the guns
Kenneth 3 дня назад
American humor man that's bad!!!!
Dayz TopCat
Dayz TopCat 3 дня назад
who is Ronda Rousey ?
Bazz vid
Bazz vid 3 дня назад
Bring Giannis on this show
Lazer Cohen
Lazer Cohen 3 дня назад
The bottom of his feet 🤭
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