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Kevin Hart and Terrell Owens are talking that trash! T.O. gives us the low down on his rise to NFL fame, public perception and his questionable middle name.
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15 янв 2019




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Комментарии 3 279
david whaley
david whaley Час назад
T O baby!!
Redspartan672 Час назад
he laughed at my hometown college football team
Lil Chocolate
Lil Chocolate 3 часа назад
Terrell is sexy asf that skin and muscles 😻😻😻🤩
black guy
black guy 5 часов назад
Get Mike Vick. Name it "Cold as Your Dogs"
Joaquin Canizalez
Joaquin Canizalez 5 часов назад
Did y’all have uniforms 💀😂😂
Raven S
Raven S 6 часов назад
TO is still fine!!!!
Nathan Hank
Nathan Hank 7 часов назад
Dude Joey Diaz would be the most legendary guest of all time
Essence D
Essence D 7 часов назад
Hand modeling 😂😂
Deva Savant
Deva Savant 8 часов назад
Kobe Bryant should be on this
Steph Harden
Steph Harden 9 часов назад
Fr tho where tf is his body fat at? Dude looks 25
ChampagneJay 13 часов назад
For the 3% reading this , I hope you become successful in life with everything you dreamed of , and accomplish more than you had imagined. I am a RUvidr myself and I’m not asking you to do anything but I would love to hit 200 subs but the end of February! THANK YOU , ALL OF RUvid
Kaydin Summers
Kaydin Summers 17 часов назад
El dorado is his middle name
Bradley Mackey
Bradley Mackey 20 часов назад
Need ol Shay Sharpe in this tub he’d be hilarious 😂
Mike Smoove
Mike Smoove День назад
Now that you did T.O now we need Marshawn Lynch and Chris Johnson
Friendly neighborhood Crisis actor
Darkskin alaskan bull worm
Diammingo Gates
Diammingo Gates День назад
put eddie murphy on the show
Holy Rebounds
Holy Rebounds День назад
Where’s ya body fat at.... TO: You Got It Look like 😂
Aric Brandon
Aric Brandon День назад
A why KH never fully get in the ice though?
B & G kennel's
B & G kennel's 2 дня назад
Do gordon Ramsay
MsFoxValley 2 дня назад
Gawd damn! That chocolate body!! 😥😥😥😥
Lil Chocolate
Lil Chocolate 3 часа назад
MsFoxValley fuckn becky
YungKaz Music
YungKaz Music 2 дня назад
"I am, deer hoof hands"😂
King Leads
King Leads 2 дня назад
Kev can be funny sometimes but sometimes he tries too hard and is disrespectful
Elias Tate
Elias Tate 2 дня назад
Get tom brady the 6 time superbowl champion
Travis Rehder
Travis Rehder 2 дня назад
Moss next please!
Black Ball GamePlaY
Black Ball GamePlaY 3 дня назад
TO talking his 💩 I’m like chill out bruh, because he may just Catch you slipping and Clock you again 😭😂
Abe Dejeus
Abe Dejeus 3 дня назад
Get the rock in this
Randall Smith
Randall Smith 3 дня назад
Corey Kirk
Corey Kirk 3 дня назад
I love bam bam
Cyan N
Cyan N 3 дня назад
And made El Dorado The magnificent, and golden Ten thousand years ago!
Official Chinz
Official Chinz 3 дня назад
I'm here for 2 reasons: T.O BAM BAM 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
footba11fan41ife 3 дня назад
T.O. Forgot about Darelle Revis shutting him down. No shame in a future hall of famer getting the best of you. It was a pleasure watching them both ball.
Jason/sam Morgan
Jason/sam Morgan 3 дня назад
I’m throwing my el dorado away in the morning on god 😂💯
Hot Sauce
Hot Sauce 4 дня назад
We want Shannan Sharpe😂
rube718 4 дня назад
Is it me or does TO make you wanna get in the gym?... This dude retired but look like he still in the league? ....😳😩😤
Gorgeousbronze -Madison-
Gorgeousbronze -Madison- 4 дня назад
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Deer hooves boy i'm crying
Taye0921 4 дня назад
Is it me or to looks cold as f**k 😂
Vince H
Vince H 4 дня назад
This guy got muscles on his muscles
Tiago Muhlethaler
Tiago Muhlethaler 4 дня назад
Kevin, you should bring CONOR MCGREGOR for one episode....It would be AMAZING!
Mukarram Shahzad
Mukarram Shahzad 4 дня назад
Ive always pronounced it Terrell, not Terrelle.
Anthony Nieto
Anthony Nieto 4 дня назад
Kevin do a video with Terry crews
search and destroy
search and destroy 4 дня назад
You need to have gorge kittle on here. Would be perfect for this show.
Ralph3210 4 дня назад
Bam bam mvp
Wack Nation
Wack Nation 4 дня назад
You should do one with Jordan Burroughs
jonah ramos
jonah ramos 4 дня назад
Eldorado is the city of gold lol
Michael Lavalais
Michael Lavalais 4 дня назад
Bring Joel embiid on next time
Durag Man
Durag Man 5 дней назад
The security guards make this show lmaooooooo
Emanuel Hash
Emanuel Hash 5 дней назад
Only reason why I liked 49rs growing up
Jaden Moon
Jaden Moon 5 дней назад
That’s my quarterback (Kevin Hart) is what TO should of said after the quarterback story
Eugene Robinson-Culclager
Eugene Robinson-Culclager 6 дней назад
Answer: Bam Bam & Daryl keep straight faces because KH really isn't that funny.
Santa 6 дней назад
Bam Bam and Darryl have the best jobs on this planet
Jose Alvarez
Jose Alvarez 6 дней назад
"You got it look like it" 😩😂😂😂
Island Girl
Island Girl 6 дней назад
Lol Why is it that black men have to do these kind of things thank God they did not put them in the same bath.. 😂
Christian Martinez
Christian Martinez 6 дней назад
Two big balls
Steel City Red
Steel City Red 6 дней назад
Corey Mason
Corey Mason 6 дней назад
He said TO hands look like deer hooves ....I couldn't deal 🤣🤣🤣
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin 6 дней назад
This man is 45, Bro he’s Forty Fucking Five - *Peter has left the chat*
A P E 6 дней назад
El Dorado means “The Golden”
The Giraffe King
The Giraffe King 6 дней назад
Where tf is his body fat
P Marcus B
P Marcus B 6 дней назад
1 👍🏽 = 🌡
Head Honcho
Head Honcho 6 дней назад
El Dorado needs to stop smacking that popcorn
Kenneth Gray
Kenneth Gray 6 дней назад
TBO 🤣🤣🤣🤣
zay np
zay np 6 дней назад
You shoulda said "He said you got no nipples"!😂😂
Ezekiel Nichols
Ezekiel Nichols 6 дней назад
I have a bone to pick with you
yannic noah
yannic noah 6 дней назад
bam bam!
Rey 6 дней назад
Dude get TIm Duncan!
Ian Nash
Ian Nash 6 дней назад
T O needs to still play
Dayton Mayse
Dayton Mayse 6 дней назад
We need Floyd mayweather !!!!!!
Shaheer Salman
Shaheer Salman 6 дней назад
Get Allen Iverson an MJ an Kobe
johnnycage435 6 дней назад
How tf does the guard not laugh
Wale Oh
Wale Oh 6 дней назад
Get Soulja boy on this
Jackwagon55 7 дней назад
TruDragon88 7 дней назад
Damn he’s still fit !
Ben Avnet
Ben Avnet 7 дней назад
ChrisppyOP OG
ChrisppyOP OG 7 дней назад
T.O.'s shoulders got shoulders
Crimlo Motty
Crimlo Motty 7 дней назад
My lil bro jus signed with UT Chattanooga 👌🏽
Daniel Miltner
Daniel Miltner 7 дней назад
So we gonna start calling him E.D now?
wolfman907 7 дней назад
El Dorado lol
Ayele Matthias
Ayele Matthias 7 дней назад
Loan the guy some body fat before before he gets a splinter and is dead on the spot😭
Jeremiah Blake
Jeremiah Blake 7 дней назад
What about that Sean Taylor hit though ...
Dizzy Hippy
Dizzy Hippy 7 дней назад
You should get shannon sharp on this
The Sweet Forever
The Sweet Forever 7 дней назад
“I’m a God fearing man” I’m like holup 😒☝🏾...oh never mind confused him and Ochocino 😂😂 . Yeah I don’t watch sports. Don’t know why I watch this series but it’s hilarious.
Dramacidal 7 дней назад
Somebody need to teach him how to eat with his mouth closed
Popa Smurf
Popa Smurf 7 дней назад
Kevin you didn’t think we’d recognize the fake ice.?
The Journey
The Journey 7 дней назад
T.O funny asf what a goat
Anthony Vargas
Anthony Vargas 7 дней назад
Damn George, you just gon take that?
Wesley Wade
Wesley Wade 7 дней назад
Get Chad OchoCinco
Sandy Wolaver
Sandy Wolaver 8 дней назад
❤️✌️Terrell Owens! 😘
Cristian 8 дней назад
Bruh I need TO workout plan tf!
Brandon 8 дней назад
she parallel parked El Dorado between your first and last name lmfao!!
1dayullsee 8 дней назад
Kevin a little fatfuck
BURROGAMI TV 8 дней назад
Anyone else think Bam Bam had the best TD dance?
ELROBO ON YO MOM 9 дней назад
Sean taylor shut him down all the time
Steve g
Steve g 9 дней назад
terrel still on the steroids i see. ya liver is going to give out buddy.
Drake Barnett
Drake Barnett 9 дней назад
Bro I refuse to believe this guy has never been shut down once in his career like cmon man
great Nile
great Nile 9 дней назад
When are you going to the ice bucket hart
Jordan Hoffman
Jordan Hoffman 9 дней назад
TO is ripped
Rasesh Shankar
Rasesh Shankar 9 дней назад
Now we need Ochocinco on here!!!
faze a dab
faze a dab 9 дней назад
adriaonom 9 дней назад
lol.. he said he had deer hoofs!!
5.0 G.T.O Bundles
5.0 G.T.O Bundles 10 дней назад
“Yo thick azz goin get one for yourself huh?” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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