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Basketball SUPERstar, Russell Westbrook, takes over hosting duty on Cold As Balls! He discusses with his first time guest, Kevin Hart, about his competitive spirit, his feelings toward Kevin Durant, and who would win in a one-on-on with LeBron James. Powered by Old Spice - bit.ly/ColeAsBalls
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Comments 100
Gene G.
Gene G. 2 minutes ago
*Dat bottom button is screamin for help.*
Nikola Vasiljevic
Nikola Vasiljevic 23 hours ago
Is this real Westbrook?
jayden Hunt
jayden Hunt 2 days ago
When bam bam flipped down his glasses I lost it
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
One talks loud and one plays loud.
Paul Sittner
Paul Sittner 3 days ago
Deadass described Kevin hart as a Child Actor in his profile hahaha
Melvin Junior
Melvin Junior 3 days ago
Russell Westbrook kind of reminds me of Mike Tyson when he's speaking lol
Matteo Bernini
Matteo Bernini 3 days ago
I have pectus excavatum
edwin Hunnet
edwin Hunnet 4 days ago
Kevin Hart isn’t funny. Mofo is lame af.
Kyza Yorke
Kyza Yorke 5 days ago
Next question 😂😂
Santino Aragon
Santino Aragon 5 days ago
kevin hart can smell cheese
toobasaurus23 6 days ago
Shame the Russ doesn't have that humility when it matters for his team.
Story 6 days ago
This was great west is a great actor lool
Quan Henry
Quan Henry 6 days ago
Nobody in the comment section uses the letter s at the end of a word.
Landon Ellis
Landon Ellis 6 days ago
2:32 his stomach looks like a face
Nahshon McDowell
Nahshon McDowell 7 days ago
Do kawhi Leonard next plz
Benzh IV
Benzh IV 7 days ago
I love russ’s laugh
mored arev haritourian
Taylor R
Taylor R 4 days ago
He did ben simmons...blake griffin...swaggy p...
Klint Llovia
Klint Llovia 7 days ago
How can you not like russel westbrook? Smart man, Great basketball player
Edwin L
Edwin L 8 days ago
Where are the tatts on west?
manuel montoya
manuel montoya 8 days ago
Westbrook was like whos earl boykins
AKMemez 10 days ago
i always thought russell was a cocky hothead who complained about everything... after watching this i was wrong. He seems like a very funny and down to earth guy.
GaminN00b 4 days ago
Same here. But people are always just competitive in sports. Alot of people are chill in their normal life
cameron king
cameron king 10 days ago
God Lecks
God Lecks 10 days ago
Bruh westbrook is built like a freaking tank lmao
Skyler Pennie
Skyler Pennie 10 days ago
Good to have you here on the show Kevin Durant.
Alex Suarez
Alex Suarez 11 days ago
I have never seen westbrook this calm
Nacoa _
Nacoa _ 11 days ago
I thought this was new cash nasty upload💀
SOUPY41 11 days ago
I want to watch the pk subban episode but it’s not available in my country but I live in Canada wtf
Letz Talk
Letz Talk 11 days ago
Should've called him out playing My Career in real life
Solomon Said
Solomon Said 11 days ago
Next question
Chrome Child
Chrome Child 11 days ago
I do think Westbrook would beat Bron 1v1. That isn't to say he's a better player in the NBA, but 1 on 1 I think he'd get Lebron.
Teron Arrington
Teron Arrington 11 days ago
Bring Paul George be next
Akhil S Morusupalli
westbrook doesn't have tattoos?
Essence D
Essence D 12 days ago
Russ has a nice body
Lebron-832 13 days ago
Russels voice reminds me of chicklet.hf
Russell Westbrick
Russell Westbrick 13 days ago
next question
Joely xo
Joely xo 14 days ago
Kevin hart and Chris rock?
Xavier Jiles
Xavier Jiles 14 days ago
Bring derrick rose👌👌
Kaalen 16 days ago
Now Russel needs to grow his most important muscle...
Xavier Jiles
Xavier Jiles 14 days ago
That sounds super weird
FORTNITE GOD 17 days ago
Keith F
Keith F 18 days ago
Oml Russell where is your pack bruh u is killing it on the court but tf is yo pack at🤣🤣🤣🤣but first nba player I’ve seen without tattoos
Michael Robertson
Michael Robertson 18 days ago
Lol, dame>Russ
Llamasquad33 19 days ago
That’s Drew from Everybody Hates Chris. They grow up so fast 🤧
Alexanderpro_1 19 days ago
Wait since when is 6,2 very short my family is shorter then Kevin Hart then...
The kEvChO
The kEvChO 19 days ago
Kevin never getting all the way in the tub
Emanuel Boateng
Emanuel Boateng 19 days ago
Next question
Its Churchie
Its Churchie 19 days ago
he looks like Pepe and sounds like Mike Tyson
Mateusz J
Mateusz J 21 day ago
why the icy is fake????
Wrecking Ball
Wrecking Ball 22 days ago
"I know why you wear number 0, cuz that's what your IQ is." XDDDDDD
Ruben Gutierrez
Ruben Gutierrez 22 days ago
Lol Westbrook funny
Hassan Abdussamad
Hassan Abdussamad 23 days ago
Sometimes I wonder if they’re using real ice🤔
Jefferson Chen
Jefferson Chen 23 days ago
Osama Mohd
Osama Mohd 23 days ago
Luis Suarez I think gonna be crazy
Onyok Jr.
Onyok Jr. 23 days ago
Do jimmy butler after we win championship
GreatesteverD !
GreatesteverD ! 12 days ago
+Druzii Onyok is Embiid
GreatesteverD !
GreatesteverD ! 12 days ago
@druzii Embiid cried before he got to the car 😂😂😂😂
Druzii 12 days ago
+GreatesteverD ! called it 🤣🤣🤣
GreatesteverD !
GreatesteverD ! 12 days ago
Druzii 22 days ago
digital subliminal messages
S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S My murder // ....he killed somebody // good shot ...// fire off then ....// I got 2million if you do it // I'll match yo price /and the whol rest ofvte world would be free // baby rapeing hate // other than bvb that i ain't every real ever like most of em ,so it's not line we guy or bad blood now // haaa // later ...
Unknown Person
Unknown Person 23 days ago
he's pretty likeable
celera2008 23 days ago
Kevin so stupid!!!😂😂😂😂
Aumi Gangland
Aumi Gangland 24 days ago
Next question
aznmafia77 24 days ago
Hart: I've been an adult in every goddamn movie Westbrook: so in jumanji, who the hell were you? Hart: I was a kid, technically. Westbrook: ok, cool Hart: ay man, fck dat, get in the tub LMAOOOOOO 😂😂😂💀💀💀
NSOM Leeky
NSOM Leeky 24 days ago
Russell Westbrook look like a ninja turtle 😂😂😂I thought he would have a deep voice😂😂😂
Wellington Lewis
Wellington Lewis 23 days ago
Eyewack 24 days ago
1:45 ex-host lmao
Caleb Cook
Caleb Cook 25 days ago
Haha Russ is so childish😂😂😂
GoodBoy Raxe
GoodBoy Raxe 25 days ago
Kevin Hart:"Thats why you wear #0 Cause that was your IQ is 😂😂😂🤣
GoodBoy Raxe
GoodBoy Raxe 25 days ago
Russell: I was too smart for S.A.T Me:🤣🤣🤣
Kyle Cummo
Kyle Cummo 25 days ago
2:38 wen a man turns into a bee 🐝
TimSneis 25 days ago
Best one yet
Daylan Williamson
Daylan Williamson 25 days ago
Do one with Dwayne Johnson!
Flo Double
Flo Double 25 days ago
The title has new meaning now
Duolingo Bird
Duolingo Bird 25 days ago
*god damn, he turned white hand against me too*
Chuck Zacharry
Chuck Zacharry 26 days ago
I used to hate westbrook. "USED TO"
Dwayne Bolden
Dwayne Bolden 26 days ago
we need a shannon sharp episode
Herro Stfu
Herro Stfu 26 days ago
Russell Westbrick
Marquis Logan
Marquis Logan 27 days ago
He said wtf is going on🤣🤦🏽‍♂️
DäČårrii []
DäČårrii [] 27 days ago
This is the first time I’ve seen Russ’s bright side
dubbedx 24 days ago
He's nice off the court and not to the media you'll never hear about Russ being rude or rejecting a signature,hug,dap everyone who's met Russ loves him and the NBA players respect him because he's not a mean person just has a "DOG" attitude when he's competing
Gavin Matthew Davis
46 rebounds and 86 assist 5:37
Wee lil Dink
Wee lil Dink 27 days ago
At least he ain’t a ring chaser
Christan Daniels
Christan Daniels 28 days ago
Didn't know it was cheat code for having kids.
top bannana
top bannana 29 days ago
This finna be Damian Lillard show soon.
Snipper MM
Snipper MM 29 days ago
He was a chuiwai
LoudUpBHzTv 29 days ago
Is that Logo Dame Dolla Son ?
Fathoms Below
Fathoms Below Month ago
Bet Westbrook ain’t laughing now lol
dubbedx 24 days ago
Nah he is laughing if you saw his snp he got a new hair style and he was dancing
HAKATAPAWA 29 days ago
He's gonna laugh next season
Im tryna Change the world
Best Quote of 2019 By Russel WestBrook - "I’m a very very nice guy."
Danny Childs
Danny Childs Month ago
Do y'all really think that's real ice lol no shiver bumps at all.
DontShoot ImWhite
Love Russ
Tommy Stokes
Tommy Stokes Month ago
I like Westbrook, n like watching him play, but I don't think he's really a team player even with all the triple doubles. He passes when he's trying to get another 3*2. But he doesn't really call out plays, he takes a lot of contested shots, even tho they drop a lot but when he brings the ball up, he just takes off like a rocket n doesn't slow down to wait for a play to form. He doesn't call plays, n doesn't let team get set. Just runs rampid, n then passes at literally the last second in mid air when he can't get around the d for his lay up or dunk. He takes off the wall shots when he shouldn't, even if they fall.
Tommy Stokes
Tommy Stokes 28 days ago
+top bannana Do you agree with me? I like watching him play, but he tries to be a one man team, n become a hero if they were ever to win the finals. Seems like he would feel like he did it alone n would take the spotlight alone, giving no credit to his teammates.
top bannana
top bannana 29 days ago
Tommy Stokes good job I respect you mate you did better than everyone on ESPN.
wenhao dong
wenhao dong Month ago
So Russell just doesn’t like NBA reporters
dubbedx 24 days ago
He's nice off the court and not to the media you'll never hear about Russ being rude or rejecting a signature,hug,dap everyone who's met Russ loves him and the NBA players respect him because he's not a mean person just has a "DOG" attitude when he's competing
Lemme Smaash
Lemme Smaash Month ago
I’m late on this video but I only realised this the only interview Russ ever talked on
James Pegg
James Pegg Month ago
Wow I didn’t know Westbrook had a personality
HAKATAPAWA 29 days ago
You should have stop your sentence at Westbrook
Cringy Gamerz
Cringy Gamerz Month ago
Who's here after Damian Lillard eliminated Westbrick and the Thunder
MakeCash 2 days ago
+Sad Gordon a lot
Sad Gordon
Sad Gordon 2 days ago
+MakeCash how often do YOU do good things?
Jay Liu
Jay Liu 7 days ago
Who's here before Dame get swept by the Warriors
Majed Soliot
Majed Soliot 8 days ago
You're an idiot for calling him Westbrick when you haven't been on his shoe stupid mf
MakeCash 11 days ago
+RAIN Nightmare Not anymore stupid
LUCAS PAPA Month ago
I loved you in secret life of pets
Aaron Galindo
Aaron Galindo Month ago
Do Giannis next
mrbam88 Month ago
Kevin how tall are you?
Paul Month ago
You gotta get Joel on the show!
Jaylen Odili
Jaylen Odili Month ago
Mr Westbrook took over west tubs
Kevin Durant is trash compared to wetbrick
Underrated Jay
Underrated Jay Month ago
Westbrook is mad because of his close bestfriend that died. Btw
Florrit Month ago
we need James Harden, or more Chris Paul
Adam Joyce
Adam Joyce Month ago
Crybaby Westbrook
TYTZerkon Month ago
I was hoping that Kevin would ask Russell about the WHAT interview he had.
Bennett Mandell
Bennett Mandell Month ago
You made this video on my b-day
Trey_Eclipse Month ago
Russ knows KD a snake
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