COL vs NaVi, Astralis vs G2, Vitality vs Team Liquid | BLAST Premier Global Final Day 3

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00:00:00 Countdown
00:25:34 Show Start
00:58:18 Complexity vs NaVi - Mirage
02:58:03 Complexity vs NaVi - Nuke
04:05:49 Complexity vs NaVi - Inferno
05:31:12 Astralis vs G2 - Dust2
06:56:57 Astralis vs G2 - Vertigo
08:06:01 Astralis vs G2 - Inferno
09:46:40 Team Liquid vs Vitality - Nuke
11:14:00 Team Liquid vs Vitality - Vertigo
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Jan 21, 2021




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Comments 64
Виталий Беляев
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Alan Tuktamyšev
Alan Tuktamyšev 20 days ago
Zywoo is not number one 😡
Gief Replays
Gief Replays Month ago
2:43:00 most unintentionally hilarious conversation ever. yes, s1mple needs to not only be the best player in the world but he needs to make all his teammates better. reasonable. maybe he can start paying their salaries too, hold their hands and sing kumbaya, until they figure out how in the world they can possibly manage the psychological trauma involved with playing with the GOAT.
Destroyer Month ago
yeah lol
Piska otwaliska
Piska otwaliska Month ago
Мне понадобилось 3 часа чтобы блин найти этот ролик
Marius Geert
Marius Geert Month ago
as a dane i can confirm the sea is colder than ice, lol
MrHillhurst Month ago
Navi sucks team
d4slaimless Month ago
Бумбла тащит!
Allen Month ago
The video is not full, where's the second half of Liquid vs Vitality?
For some reason (ESL has the same problem) the stream just ends after 12 hours, if you watched it live, you would have seen the full stream, but it kinda sucks that the stream was just done after 30 minutesXD
Joy Kazuhira
Joy Kazuhira Month ago
8:50:59 ahahah good one.
Frodo Month ago
3:08:43 How was this a kill? I thought he shot too much to the right... 4:32:22 Why did Simple throw away his AWP and saved the AK? Bit was right next to him and could have saved the AK too. Money wasted.
Pianochess 1
Pianochess 1 Month ago
11:54:38 what happened to the molotov?
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Bullet Generator
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I hate that astralis won over g2, it felt like g2 is a better team
CarlitoJr888 Month ago
Why is this video cut short again?? And why when I am finally able to watch it live on my tv I get black screen for half a second every 20 seconds wtffffff. This is literally the only live event that does this.
Ash Month ago
Dupreeh and electronic are so fucking good!!!
Vijay Chavda
Vijay Chavda Month ago
8:41:49 Glitch?
SkittlesInDaDum 1
Navi smiling alot after losing to Liquid and barely beating out complexity. Where is the fire?
iShallRise 23 days ago
They didnt lose to Liquid?
Sandi Gunawan
Sandi Gunawan Month ago
And they won the whole thing now. The fire blazes strongly.
ArtixPheonix Month ago
space jam monsters took simple and put him in rush lol
Рустам Быков
Evan Ouk
Evan Ouk Month ago
The kindly frost concordingly help because freon fittingly pause out a faithful spider. first, dear dancer
Chillz Month ago
who do you like. like for astralis comment for g2
Borchikov Month ago
3:05:01 я умер от смеха
Yung Sheldon
Yung Sheldon Month ago
10:10:58 wow it's so interesting that they are watching an old vitality game on nuke in the background for any weakness in their play...
Ansh Agrawal
Ansh Agrawal Month ago
H4213 Month ago
H4213 Month ago
Zeka Epta
Zeka Epta Month ago
Navi nice job 👍
NOOB Gameplay
NOOB Gameplay Month ago
imagine if screaM play this 6:42:00
ax ax
ax ax Month ago
1:29:37 1:46:04 1:49:47 2:03:07 3:10:44
ax ax
ax ax Month ago
ax ax
ax ax Month ago
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ax ax Month ago
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ax ax Month ago
ax ax
ax ax Month ago
Hai Le Hoang
Hai Le Hoang Month ago
So Astralis is decent on D2 now? I mean a lost is still a lost but 16-14 is close enough for me.
Nfi Month ago
is is it only me or navi is actully too depended on simple like the have too much confidence in simple
Maksim Pak
Maksim Pak Month ago
I like how the commentator is wreaking puns about b1t in Navi. Navi got a little b1t of utility lmao
Axel Andersson
Axel Andersson Month ago
where can you find leaderboard of the tournament?
meme review
meme review Month ago
Is that pimp
Supremacy Month ago
Anyone else feel like NAF tryna be a budget twitz?
t1ddyt1tanZ Month ago
hes doing pretty ok rn
Fabien Tag
Fabien Tag Month ago
Apex best in game leader at the moment
Madr9x csgo
Madr9x csgo Month ago
Welcome to KennyS carry
Ekwipotencjał Month ago
I have vitality bro
Siddles Month ago
10:19:19 Elige cheating? Opinions?
Yung Sheldon
Yung Sheldon Month ago
but check the screen behind shox, interesting that they are watching an old vitality game on nuke in the background for any weakness in their play 10:10:58
tbh if you look at their demos, all pros look like this, idk what to say
Timothy Koh
Timothy Koh Month ago
He flicked to where a potential ct can be, but missed so he slowly repositions his crosshair, which happens to be over a ct peaking just a the right time
Sadman Pranto
Sadman Pranto Month ago
don't think so, Elige has smooth aiming habit... instead of flicking or jitter tapping...
Rexes Typhoon
Rexes Typhoon Month ago
Liquid with Fallen looks hot
GamerNeFo Month ago
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NotDvck Month ago
NotDvck Month ago
who said this?
dav1 Month ago
Jonibek Norboev
Jonibek Norboev Month ago
Again these top 3 guys show how they are in the top 3 positions. S1mple still lead their team, amazing play from boombl4 in nuke, Zywoo, as usual, a master Shifu. Very good game from Device
123 456
123 456 Month ago
@Jonibek Norboev yeah hes a beast
123 456
123 456 Month ago
@Pianochess 1 lol
Pianochess 1
Pianochess 1 Month ago
@123 456 a single master is not enough
Jonibek Norboev
Jonibek Norboev Month ago
@123 456 yeah Lol, Vitality looks unbeatable right now, let's see today.
123 456
123 456 Month ago
So Zywoo is a Master Master?
Aarush Semwal
Aarush Semwal Month ago
9:16:39 kennys comeback O_O its always better to see a legend rise from the grave than a new star coming up, would definitely love to see kenny back
Syndrixx Month ago
Fr prime kennyS is scary, he is o good that they have to nerf the awp
Joshua James Balbon
58:20 Complexity vs Navi 5:31:16 Astralis vs G2 9:46:41 Team Liquid vs Vitality Please put time stamps at start of the match till it ends, like you did at the first day of tournament
Potato Month ago
@Siddles definitely not. Hes played in many many tournaments and games that it's just a coincidence. This happens often even when you play, check your own demos and you will see shady stuff. It's cs after all.
Frelted Month ago
@Mr. Worldwide when these people play so much of the game theyre going to do stuff like that on a coincidence, got to believe thered be a lot more of those clips if he was cheating.
Mr. Worldwide
Mr. Worldwide Month ago
@Siddles WTF that feels like Gold Nova Dust 2 Style of Play with following through the wall
Crazy Frog
Crazy Frog Month ago
What a hero 👍 thxs bro
Léo Mieulet
Léo Mieulet Month ago
10:38:23 zywoo the clutch 1hp
Mikhail Dustin Elpedes
Also im confused from Scrawney because he says zywoo like zeewoo. So whats the original
Mihir Bhole
Mihir Bhole Month ago
Zeewoo is how the French say it. Idgaf, I think zyywoo is much cooler.
Zelfers Month ago
zeewoo is how u say it
G J Month ago
I don’t understand why Astralis starts with T-side 2 maps straight.
21 Whispers
21 Whispers Month ago
They’re just built diff
yaza Month ago
@Zerotist ???????????
Nocturnal Pyro
Nocturnal Pyro Month ago
@Zerotist explains why they are the best team in the world
Zerotist Month ago
astralis is noob as ever lol
Leuka Lattias
Leuka Lattias Month ago
G2 picked Dust 2 so astralis chose the starting side. Astralis picked vertigo so G2 chose the starting side on that.
DVN_DRA Month ago
4:14:14 - S1mple Ninja ❤
Arthur Gurzhiy
Arthur Gurzhiy Month ago
DVN_DRA Month ago
@chh4b I missed that part.. Ty for d timer
Maksim Pak
Maksim Pak Month ago
@chh4b these new guys in Navi are super serious. No clownfest team speaks like in Zeus times.
chh4b Month ago
5:9:53 voice comms of defuse
Mikhail Dustin Elpedes
Im sad when I just see astralis being the winner of g2, faze, liquid, etc because they win all the time.
Koustav Chatterjee
@Joshua C. They don't deserve to win because they are worse. Only teams which deserve to win are Astralis and Vitality
xxtoxii Month ago
@Nafiu Islam true, i hate astralis, but other teams choke af when they play against them so they desrve to lose, and looking with x ray, astralis is so winable.
Nafiu Islam
Nafiu Islam Month ago
@Joshua C. Nothing is deserved. Whoever worked harder must be the winner. Astralis doesn't choke like G2. G2 lose for their own mistakes. Chokes miserably
Mikhail Dustin Elpedes
@Joshua C. i agree
Joshua C.
Joshua C. Month ago
Actual facts. Really wanted g2 to win because they deserve it. So does new liquid
SaunteRRRR Month ago
Fallens just happy to be on a good team again
Uchiha Sasuke
Uchiha Sasuke Month ago
Very impressed with liquid, stewie is playing a lot better but hes still calling, looks like fallen is really impacting the team mentally as well as with some awp support. I'm liking how Liquid is looking!!!
Sketch Month ago
9 comments 1.4m views, Explain.
Sketch Month ago
@Tamzid Zuha I’m talking about on RUvid you mong
Tamzid Zuha
Tamzid Zuha Month ago
It was a live steam you mong
bo nam
bo nam Month ago
They've been streaming for 11 hours with 80k+ live viewers.
Jherald Banco
Jherald Banco Month ago
they disable chat on live
Max Month ago
Cause the views from streams
Muzan Month ago
Honestly this was worst day for me seeing my fav team g2 and tl losing
Potato Month ago
@Zerotist why are you being so toxic?
Zerotist Month ago
@FelixZ they will be the worst team soon
FelixZ Month ago
I am happy because astralis win.
Dev Month ago
Honestly this was a great day for me to see my fav team Astralis and Vitality winning... but i love fallen though.
Nocturnal Pyro
Nocturnal Pyro Month ago
Personally I was kinda happy that G2 lost
Jerry Han
Jerry Han Month ago
Invincible Zywoo
Koustav Chatterjee
@Nafiu Islam Not really no. device is way better in teamplay, communication, strats, a little better in positioning, but worse in aim and game sense. device does not play same style as s1mple or Zywoo, he holds angles when he AWPs and does not take risks because he trusts his teammates. Besides, he was a rifler anyways, he's not an AWPer but only picked it up in 2017 because his team needed him to. As a rifler, he was similar to NiKo now, but a bit more consistent.
Matt Month ago
I think zywoo is mechanically better than dev1ce but aside from that dev1ce is just way better btw im not a fan of device since im a s1mple fanboy though i think device is still better than simple. You see how both top 1&2 players choke during crunch time but you won't see dev1ce do that. He always steps up when team needed him the most and even zywoo think dev1ce was the best player of 2020. I also truly believe if zywoo continue to be dominant he can overtake device's iq and skill but right now no competition coming from 3100 elo player
xxtoxii Month ago
what? im asking at what time will they play today?
Nafiu Islam
Nafiu Islam Month ago
@xxtoxii idk. I am telling from their recent forms of 1v1 and stats. You can google them. Have a nice day.
Nafiu Islam
Nafiu Islam Month ago
@Matt all criticism aside, zywoo is better than device in one player. But as a team device have a better team. Don't wanna hurt your feelings for your favourite player but if only single player judgement comes then s1mple,zywoo are ahead for sure.
A-the Great
A-the Great Month ago
05:04:00 that round.Thank me later. ELECTRONIC CRAZY CLUCH
Elias Anderson
Elias Anderson Month ago
Well played Liquid, I have high hopes for them honestly, if they play like they've been doing, they will smash EG today and if a rematch happens with Vitality, I don't think the Frenchies will be as fortunate to get away with multiple 2v5s and 2v4s and 1hp clutches to scrape a win against a Liquid that honestly played better than Vitality
Elias Anderson
Elias Anderson Month ago
@Michael GoldsmithI get you point, but they still got away with way too many 2vx situations, i feel like liquid will be aware no to make mistakes next time around, I know Vita got some skillfull clutch players etc, but liquid got enough firepower in a 5vx to not let the lead slip, with good coordination and team play of course which they might not have yet. But honestly I don't think this is a honeymoon period, FalleN recently joined, if any honeymoon was gonna accrue it wouldn't be right away and even if it did, they would be winning with random clutches and highlight plays that normally wouldn't be happening. That wasn't the case, liquid outplayed both Navi and Vita in so many occasions that I'm struggling to believe this is a honeymoon period
Austin Hwang
Austin Hwang Month ago
They’re good at 2vX situations but they still won way too many of them. Pretty fortunate to get away with it.
Michael Goldsmith
Vitality arnt getting away with 2v5s they have a roster who's best aspect is there clutch factors it's not a fluke it's a feature of the line up And if zywoo doesn't ace your lucky and liquid had suprise with the new line up after the first game that dies
D4rT_ Legend
D4rT_ Legend Month ago
Salve de portugal
D4rT_ Legend
D4rT_ Legend Month ago
Team Krusty
Team Krusty Month ago
Alex Sandro
Alex Sandro Month ago
Cristian Santos
Cristian Santos Month ago
first s
Mdl Mdl
Mdl Mdl Month ago
First after first
J. Balvin - Ma' G
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