Cody explains the Triple H reference in his DoN entrance, Jon Moxley, his match with Dustin

Chris Van Vliet
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Cody Rhodes talks to the media (including Mark Henry) after Double or Nothing in Las Vegas. He explains how he came up with his entrance with the sledgehammer and the throne and how it ties into Triple H, he discusses Jon Moxley's contract, competing with WWE, his match with his brother Dustin, whether AEW's TV show will be rated PG and much more!
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May 26, 2019

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Comments 3 831
C B Day ago
But is bullet club fine?
JohnnyBuschi 6 days ago
WWE likes to use a lot of Satanic symbolism. It's not even a debate.
RiversideRambo 6 days ago
I really didn't think wrestling could ever get me back
Luigi 9 days ago
I dont understand how the message was supposed to mean that Cody is a wrestler first and business man second. How were we supposed to know that? The message that was shown of breaking the throne clearly states that WWE's reign is over, and theres a new king in town. But no, not in Cody's eyes
nochilltayy_ 11 days ago
try to get Cage , Ryback & others
james hyde
james hyde 11 days ago
Don't care about a bunch of overpaid Actor wannabes
Spook TacuLiz
Spook TacuLiz 12 days ago
Cody is a great role model.
RealTakerslady 12 days ago
Lol when Mark came in all the interviewers shut up and stepped to the side
RealTakerslady 12 days ago
Chris Van Vliet Haha I don’t blame you guys 🤣💪🏾
Chris Van Vliet
Chris Van Vliet 12 days ago
We had to, he’s the world’s strongest interviewer! Haha
IBroLLyI SephirothI
handsome and amazing dude
barbara Swingle
barbara Swingle 13 days ago
dusty would be proud of his sons for sure
barbara Swingle
barbara Swingle 13 days ago
Dark Man
Dark Man 13 days ago
Joe Wiedmeier
Joe Wiedmeier 15 days ago
Cody about PPV’s 50 bucks he cares about our wallet
Slice of Pepperoni
Slice of Pepperoni 15 days ago
AEW is really good but they really shouldn't bag out WWE it looks weak and desperate
Mark Abbazia
Mark Abbazia 15 days ago
Is that shaggar Dave?
Teez Williams
Teez Williams 15 days ago
Just finished and gotta ask one more time, AS A FAN OF WRESTLING, WHATCAN U SAY NEGATIVE???? THIS IS DIFFERENT,I’m not sure ppl understand just how absolutely great this company can be , and very fast... they have absolutely everything working in their favor.. they broke outta creative prison, started a billion dollar Wrestling company that’s Owner is a die hard wrestling fan, and heads of the company are wrestlers that are doing it for all of the right reasons... and tony Kahn is a fan and he put a million bucks in without chance of closing down,, CODY CAN GO DOWN AS THE GOOD GUY SON OF THE AMERICAN DREAM THAT BROKE AWAY, DID IT HIS WAY,AND RISE UP TO SLAY THE MONEY PRINTING PROMOTIONAL COMPANY, THAT USES WRESTLERS HARD WORK TO PRINT THRIR MONEY!!!
Teez Williams
Teez Williams 15 days ago
And anybody hating on a company that loves the most important aspects of the business, fans and wrestlers, is a wwe investor, or loves glow sticks and lime gree cents merch!!! AEW is also communicating with the fans, and giving them what they want, wdf can u not love about that???
Teez Williams
Teez Williams 15 days ago
How can u not love this dude, it’s almost like watching like some finally freed prisoners speaking as real as they want for the first time without being 100% controlled by vince for years... I love how he’s keepin it authentic, this is unbelievably refreshing, I haven’t watched wrestling since 02 besides here n there with my nephew but I’m a fan of this!!!
Love THIS!
There fights are really like other TTV shows (wwe)
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 18 days ago
I’m just glad to have more than one wrestling league to watch
Gideon0297 18 days ago
Cody is such a Class Act!!!
Daniel Park
Daniel Park 18 days ago
I meant to say treat their wrestlers with respect.
Daniel Park
Daniel Park 18 days ago
This is why Randy Orton has to go to AEW. Cody is a real gentlemen. He speaks the truth. This company threat their wrestlers with respect. He sees experience that is important while running a company.
Daniel Park
Daniel Park 18 days ago
This is why I believe WWE will lose to AEW. When WCW unfolded WWE took it over. AEW will do the same.
WWE be rubbing their Superstars the wrong way they be doing them wrong like Ryback CM punk in the others
Sami Bean
Sami Bean 18 days ago
After everything you had sacrifice, now you got satisfied.. Congrats man
Ronn West
Ronn West 18 days ago
When the last time wwe said happy and healthy
jamie bairos
jamie bairos 19 days ago
1. Please take that battle royal out of the Buffett menu. 2. The diversity question was nauseating, who cares...let's see wrestling and stay away from SJW crap
hope dies
hope dies 19 days ago
And his hair is still perfect...
alstate king
alstate king 19 days ago
I hope CM Punk signs with AEW. And since WWE is on USA network, they should get AEW on TNT network asap
Purple Capricorn
Purple Capricorn 19 days ago
They will be on tnt in oct...
Jimmy Chen
Jimmy Chen 19 days ago
its weird to see Cody seem so ready to talk about the behind the scene stuff
PRINCE KK 19 days ago
Losers wwe became you famous
Lipp Mann
Lipp Mann 19 days ago
The negro wants diversity.
Pauldjreadman 20 days ago
I like what the guys are going, about damn time.
teddy cannoli
teddy cannoli 20 days ago
How could wwe fuc thease brother's up..so..much talent
Matt LUNDY 20 days ago
Chubby Doug dillinger with a beard?
Dario D'Aversa
Dario D'Aversa 20 days ago
It is an exciting time to be a fan. I can say I've witnessed one of best, if not the very best, tag team match in history... and it wasn't in the WWE. No hate -- but it's undeniably refreshing to be able to say something like this. Long live AEW.
Jungletraveler00 00
Cody is great
RONALD CASTRO 20 days ago
Your camera sucks
kornfan987 21 day ago
Mortal Kombat lives inside us all!!! Flawless Victory.
you're all ways winner
Did not no know he liked mortal kombat
Charles Smith
Charles Smith 21 day ago
Seth Rollins has 14 months left on his contract. Time to build up competiton for him.....IN AEW. Hes taylor made for it.
(ಠ_ಠ) 21 day ago
he wants the fans to keep the company accountable. that's how you know AEW is gonna do well. and on top of that, AEW is gonna schedule less ppv's and make each one worth the money. then add a diverse "buffet" of talent and matches, tv14, and creative freedom = success. all the signs are pointing to this company actually being incredible. even that group hug at the end. it all seems so positive, self aware, and level-headed. and his comments about wrestling being violent and inclusive show that he has good perspective.. he knows his shit. and the industry needed this. the open and honest press conference sports feel is just another reason why AEW will be a success. Cody has (and is) learning from other industries and wrestlings past the things to do (and not to do). AEW has changed the landscape. Great time to be a fan or come back if you left. Also nice to finally silence all the critics that thought AEW was nothing but a "t-shirt" company LOL. So many uninformed dumbasses out there.
F H 21 day ago
Cody Rhodes is over rated. Where he was in wwe is where he belongs. He's a low to midcard guy and should never have a major title. The biggest belt he should ever have is the US belt at best
Georgios N. Telas
Watching DON of AEW it was REFRESHING for me. Except the Rhodes bros and Jericho, Omega, Moxley, all the other athletes were completely unknown for me, but they earned my respect. Even those japanese women (that make me sick in WWE) were awesome! Thats why I hate with all my guts those childish and ridiculous gimmicks of Asuka and that midget pirate. Here, I FINALLY saw total action on/off ring, tricky moves that make you go "aw", and a croud that was ALIVE. Suddenly I'm not that anxious to watch the next Raw or Smackdown. Nothing compete the "fresh" when is made from good ingredients. Vince should change his mind the sooner the better for his legacy.
Carson Singleton xd
Aew is just so respecting
Carson Singleton xd
Yay mark Henry
banjo pariah
banjo pariah 21 day ago
I am excited to be excited about wrestling again!
Jimshady06 21 day ago
Listen to Cody and tell me the wwe guys have the same burning passion- how did they treat him so badly and his brother?? The two most under rated ever! Karmas a bitch - I’ll support these guys
Jimshady06 21 day ago
Where can u get AEW in the UK?
Shawn Duket
Shawn Duket 21 day ago
I would love to sit down and pick Cody's brain. The man speaks well and you can tell how excited he is about AEW. Besides, what an incredible and emotional match he and Dustin put on for the fans.
Gil Pou
Gil Pou 22 days ago
Great backstage interview with Cody Rhodes even better seeing Mark Henry asking the questions also props to AEW the rise of an Empire💯🌏
ROBERT MATTON 22 days ago
Wwe is garbage now anyway, their dying
John 22 days ago
A man we can all look up to! A class act Cody is
King Peezyworld
King Peezyworld 22 days ago
At least every one's hair looks natural and not dyed
Too Meowstream
Too Meowstream 22 days ago
Watching Cody Rhodes crushing that throne with sledgehammer was more enjoyable than Drogon incinerating the Iron Throne
62202ify 22 days ago
Cody looks great
matchi potchi
matchi potchi 22 days ago
Vince is going to need another steve austin or the rock pretty soon 😝
Lloyd Mabon
Lloyd Mabon 22 days ago
Cody Is A Cool Dude Love Wwe But I'm Rooting For Him And Aew As Well Good To Have Other Wrestling Choices To Watch
guess who
guess who 22 days ago
Mark Henry is a great reporter, the questions he asked are outstanding.
Scott k
Scott k 23 days ago
All they gotta do is keep it old school, keep the Caty drama away,And beat the fuck outta each other.. The Circus of WWE doesn't even fit alot of the guys even HHH.. What WWE was 20 even 10 years ago was leaps and bounds over what it is now to me WWE isn't worth watching and haven't in over 5 years
Nitro Nate
Nitro Nate 23 days ago
I cant believe someone is actually there recording vertically with a cell phone
Chris Van Vliet
Chris Van Vliet 22 days ago
JustLouIt 23 days ago
AEW is Making Wrestling Great Again!!!! #MWGA!!
Tugg Tv
Tugg Tv 23 days ago
So happy for this guy great story and I hope this would inspire many that when one door closes many will open !!!
NSUTurtle 23 days ago
Feeling the diversity element.
JAIME GARCIA 23 days ago
You can hear the excitement in his voice
sharpenedpencil 23 days ago
whys he orange
KSD 23 days ago
Do they have a TV contract yet?
KSD 23 days ago
Cody is verry well spoken Individual. In this interview he’s very humble. I don’t know if that’s how he presents himself all the time but in this interview he is
slimydick23 23 days ago
This is all BS until 7:36 when The Pride of Silsbee Texas steps in and parts the waters like Moses
smith. 23 days ago
Cody is going to become one of the most legendary men in wrestling in the next year
Gavin C
Gavin C 23 days ago
So saying you look past someone’s skin color when judging them means your racist now? Wow, what a messed up world we live in.
Flip Vidz
Flip Vidz 23 days ago
Cody will be an AMMAZZING joker character from Batman ..don't yall think so too ?
LilEsto99 Javier
LilEsto99 Javier 23 days ago
Cody Rhodes has set the bar on how wrestling is in 2019 watch out WWE you got competition
The King OfVirginia
Cody who?? This faggot is a no body coasting off of the WWE accpmplishments fucking loser hope he tears both ACL
1truenamekian 23 days ago
Here come the wwe & Hof bootlickers to degrade the product
scarf emup
scarf emup 23 days ago
Mark henry a spy
dennyadkins21 23 days ago
Good luck AEW. This will make everything better. Wwe needs to be held accountable for shitty programs. Now they will have competition
Revan Fernando
Revan Fernando 23 days ago
Cody knows who Shao Khan is! Wrestlers are people!
Eric B
Eric B 23 days ago
Excellent question from Mark on diversity.
Justin Ariff
Justin Ariff 11 days ago
Loved the answer too 😄
William E. Pope
William E. Pope 23 days ago
All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is a breath of fresh air in the wrestling world that has been needed for a long time since the WWE has gotten boring so far
Delores Stevens
Delores Stevens 23 days ago
Cody and Dustin is great I love them and miss there Dad
Anthony Rosenbaum
Anthony Rosenbaum 23 days ago
Holy fuck, Cody an Miz look way too much alike lol
Larry Hall
Larry Hall 23 days ago
You got my support Cody #GoAew🤘
Larry Hall
Larry Hall 23 days ago
1.3 prefer entertainment than wrestling booooo!
KingCoin 420
KingCoin 420 23 days ago
Im dumping wwe for my new side chick aew 😆😆😆
Larry Caldwell
Larry Caldwell 23 days ago
I loved the Shao Kahn reference, He seems like a real down to earth dude.
Jeremy Varao
Jeremy Varao 23 days ago
Man I haven’t watched wrestling in ages because of how “family friendly” it had gotten. Last time I watched consistently the Rock and Sock Connection was a thing. Paige’s movie got me interested again. AEW looks really promising.
M Bip
M Bip 24 days ago
Pls. don't bring NWO members.
DaViEbh0Y cLanDoNaLD
Botchamania 1:00 " Dean MALENKO been with the WWE for 10 years and leaves to sign for us, as John Moxley ". More diversity? So, people (who aren't white) getting spots just because they aren't white? So, colour over skill and talent? Like affirmative action. Huh. Kinda sounds like Communism, PR and plain olde racism? But NO NO NO NO. Whites can't be discriminated against, because we're white, and only whites can be raySisst.....
Ji Ve
Ji Ve 24 days ago
Guys don't put down the WWE because the WWE is the begging of all the others wrestling companies good or bad that's the truth you can enjoy both of them and not hate the WWE or AEW or NJW
Chucktrainor06 24 days ago
Hunter is shed
Austin Healey
Austin Healey 24 days ago
Someone's got some skin care issues 😂
Nate Kyng
Nate Kyng 24 days ago
What's with the spray on tan melting off his face? lol No wonder he likes it there, he's crowded with microphones even after a shitty match.
Lord Crazy777
Lord Crazy777 24 days ago
So are they going for ECW stuff or what
NANDO R/T 24 days ago
AEW has my full support. What about you?
Bionus Davis
Bionus Davis 24 days ago
Great interview
WAR ZONE 24 days ago
Much respect now this is the future of wrestling were AEW going with it
HolyWhisp 24 days ago
He's an old fashioned student of the game like his father, a sponge that absorbs every single little bit of knowledge, info and advice from everyone he meets. He's stayed humble, worked hard and created something that's simple without all the bullshit. Kudos to him and his team, I hope this works because my god we need an alternative.
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