Coachella 2019: Ariana Grande Brings Out *NSYNC and Chokes Up During Mac Miller Tribute

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Everything Everything
Awww wish mac was here
Catherine Yim
Catherine Yim 2 months ago
She said “nace” LoL you mean NAZ?
wayamy27narf 2 months ago
If she replaces JT, their new name would be *ASYNC Arian........A Chri..........S Joe..........Y Lanceto...N (though, technically not his real name) J..............C I am SO DOWN FOR AN NSYNC ARIANA GRANDE TOUR!!!
Rockie Kane
Rockie Kane 2 months ago
Ariana can't sing she sucks
Nalini Celebrating_Lyfe
Go Ariana...
Taufik Rahman
Taufik Rahman 2 months ago
Ariana Grande s*cks!!! 😡
S CP 2 months ago
?All of these clips are bad vocally? Like dry as if she really is bored... was that the whole show?
i can be needy
i can be needy Month ago
Man you don't understand shit about music clearly otherwise u wouldn't dare say those things
Allison Marbella
Allison Marbella 2 months ago
QUEEN!!!! 👑👑👑
TYG Vlogger
TYG Vlogger 2 months ago
"We cant hear anything" That was cute lol
u wish
u wish 2 months ago
+the LGBT flag
EE La 2 months ago
She did not perform One Last Time like wtf girl that one of you biggest song n you chose to do some boring new songs that no one can relate to.
Valeria Talavera
Valeria Talavera 2 months ago
Jeremy Tate
Jeremy Tate 2 months ago
AG looks like a walking STD.
Leslie Salmeron
Leslie Salmeron 2 months ago
JC sounded Amazing!!!! He still got the moves too!! Loved their performance!! ❤️Nsync
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande 2 months ago
Love Ariana soooooooooo much I wish I was there so bad😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Santilla V.
Santilla V. 3 months ago
Alriiiiiight Ari.
Masha Mitchell
Masha Mitchell 3 months ago
Stop with arichella. It's unoriginal and thristy. You're not Beyonce.
Justus Xii
Justus Xii 2 months ago
Christopher Angeles
Christopher Angeles 3 months ago
Yes choke in stage !!
Christopher Angeles
Christopher Angeles 3 months ago
????? What!!!!!!
Aicargalliv Nek
Aicargalliv Nek 3 months ago
That wistle note 🥰
George Navarro
George Navarro 3 months ago
I love ariana so much 💘
Shannon Feathers
Shannon Feathers 3 months ago
What a sweetheart! 💜 She gets better and better and Im def not a fan of boy/girl band/bubblegum poprock type of stuff, but shes different, shes a old soul, and very generous, really cares. Seems everytime " Bang Bang" is performed theirs a malfunction. Shes sweet! 💟
David Savage
David Savage 3 months ago
Greg Jones
Greg Jones 3 months ago
garbage feminazi thot
Miss X Awatere
Miss X Awatere 3 months ago
Coachella IS SOOOOOO Over rated 🤣🤣🤣🤣 OneLove AOTEAROA BOI!!!!
Sydney Noelle
Sydney Noelle 3 months ago
I forgot/didn't know she could dance
Jasmine Shelton
Jasmine Shelton 2 months ago
@Sydney Noelle yeah I guess she's not too bad at doing some of the poppy, fun 1-2-3 2 3 combos. I do like her choreographers though I don't know what the twins names are but they're cool
Sydney Noelle
Sydney Noelle 2 months ago
@Jasmine Shelton Well I wouldn't consider her a dancerI just think he doesn't suck...9 years of my life has been devoted to competetive dancing so I know shes not a dancer
Jasmine Shelton
Jasmine Shelton 2 months ago
@Sydney Noelle it was cute but she has even said yourself personally she prefers to sing on stage than focus on dancing. But I am a trained dancer and I will admit that I don't consider her much of a dancer but she is an incredibly talented singer and fabulous performer so it's not insulting what I'm saying
Sydney Noelle
Sydney Noelle 2 months ago
@Jasmine Shelton she was handling the NSYNC choreography pretty well I'm sure if she tried she could dance
Jasmine Shelton
Jasmine Shelton 2 months ago
She can't, she's not much of a dancer, she prefers to focus more on her singing.
Sofija Gjurashaj
Sofija Gjurashaj 3 months ago
She did great! Sad bc last years Coachella she was there with Mac Miller and shortly after they broke up
Joanah Taylor
Joanah Taylor 3 months ago
Bruh her lip fillers are outta control JuSt SaYiNg
serenity gibbs
serenity gibbs 3 months ago
I’m sorry but she should not have been paid more than Beyoncé
Ari L
Ari L 2 months ago
Đěąđ Īñşíđę see full article here, and any brief google search can confirm the same. www.iheart.com/content/2019-04-19-did-ariana-grande-get-paid-twice-as-much-as-beyonce-for-coachella/
Đěąđ Īñşíđę
Nope ariana got more
A 2 months ago
serenity gibbs I’m pretty sure she wasn’t? I read somewhere on twitter that it was a fake report meant to get people stirred up but I think they both got the same $8mil check.
Two Sisters
Two Sisters 3 months ago
What about of xxxtentacion
Blahk Morris
Blahk Morris 3 months ago
man I wish JT would have been there, I wonder why not ruvid.net/video/video-rhJEpcTzDEg.html
Blahk Morris
Blahk Morris 3 months ago
Elenh 3 months ago
Ari said “we can’t hear anything” it’s not only nicki
Kelby C
Kelby C 3 months ago
Beyoncé was the best Hands down
Unknown 3 months ago
0:11 its not her first lol
Unknown 3 months ago
Logan Robinson i know
Logan Robinson
Logan Robinson 3 months ago
Unknown headlining it is
HL Watts
HL Watts 3 months ago
I loved everything about her performance except “Arichella”. She should have gone with “Coachella Grande”. Missed opportunity sis...
obsidiana07 3 months ago
She killed the song and not in a good way. 😒😕
Symmy 3 months ago
#Beychella Superior
Symmy 3 months ago
nikki scissorhands you prefer Ariana’s boring ass performance? Bye omg
nikki scissorhands
nikki scissorhands 3 months ago
Gregory Artisan
Gregory Artisan 3 months ago
All she does is talk about mac Miller for attention. She treated him like such garbage before he died.
Rashid Emcee
Rashid Emcee 3 months ago
Gregory Artisan Thank You for not being a sheep
YOUNG GEN1US 3 months ago
Alba Gutierrez
Alba Gutierrez 3 months ago
She is a great performer and her voice is amazing ♥️
Zach Wagner
Zach Wagner 3 months ago
Tbh I’m glad that she didn’t decide to put ghostin’ on the set list, she definitely wouldn’t make it through the whole song.
ShipyNerdz 3 months ago
Don't make @Coachella seem innocent they did them girls dirty they are gonna pay big when they get much hate from the barbs and Ariana grande fans Coachella should be ashamed they did that to them and any one else they did that to technical difficulty my ass
Official. Jhade
Official. Jhade 3 months ago
Arichella are you serious 🤦🏽‍♀️. Man there are some huge wave riders, BEYCHELLA was a ONE time thing for a true Queen because my sis Beyoncé actually made history with her record breaking performance . The fact that Beyoncé’s Homecoming documentary about the Coachella performance that she did a year ago was talked about more than Ariana’s performance just proves my point. Don’t @ me 💯🤷🏽‍♀️
the one
the one 3 months ago
@Abdul Alamery bitch you're wrong and I'll tell you why Beyonce put so much effort passion and work into her performance Ariana did none of that all she did was sing her shity bubblepop songs Beyonce made a documentary of her coachella performance I recommend you watch it it'll open your eyes
the one
the one 3 months ago
I know right can't believe they paid Ariana twice as much then Beyonce like wtf
Abdul Alamery
Abdul Alamery 3 months ago
Official. Jhade ari has made history this year with the fastest album to reach #1 and longest time at #1 for a song so ARICHELLA is equally as special as BEYCHELLA and just because someone else is headlining other thank ur fave doesn’t make them less special so go back to crying just coz Beyoncé ain’t here
Hottt Teaaa
Hottt Teaaa 3 months ago
Hello people who didn’t go coachella
Elle McFierceson
Elle McFierceson 3 months ago
I like Ariana, but calling it arichella is a stretch and disrespectful to all of Beys work.
the one
the one 13 days ago
@trybogus bitch granola is just another basic oop singer NEXT
trybogus 15 days ago
@the one Your Bedonce is done! Her latest music doesn't even make any anymore unlike Ariana who always creates huge waves everytime she releases a new one. Sukc that!
Jordan Sutton
Jordan Sutton 18 days ago
Elle McFierceson go off trick
the one
the one 2 months ago
@trybogus sis wake the fuck up I doubt arana granola is making more then hey oh child
trybogus 2 months ago
Bunch of Beyoncetards hating because Ariana got more fans and is making it bigger, she's not even over yet!
Mel M
Mel M 3 months ago
Is nsync there because justin was supposed to perform?
Adam Shafiq
Adam Shafiq 3 months ago
My wig stay gluedt to my scalp and is secured
Maya M.
Maya M. 3 months ago
she's such a good performer seriously though .... all that dancing and her vocals still sound so good. she works hard and has improved her stamina so much!!!
My name is Aminé
My name is Aminé 2 months ago
celebstadium lmao the fact you think you have the power to banish me. 😂 I’m not a Beyoncé stan I’m a talent stan, and I watch the entire show and she didn’t dance energetic or complex choreography the entire show (apart from maybe during the NSYNC tribute). You as an Ari stan know that she doesn’t truly dance and is not a dancer and doesn’t enjoy dancing on stage, she’s all about the singing 🎤 she has said this multiple times in interviews. What about pointing that out seems toxic to you? 🤔 🙄
celebstadium 2 months ago
My name is Aminé get out toxic bey stan, thank you next!
My name is Aminé
My name is Aminé 2 months ago
Maya M. “all that dancing” where? 😂 she’s doesn’t even ‘truly’ dance like that - maybe a lil 5678 here and there but c’mon now 🙄 she wasn’t energetically dancing like say Beyoncé was last year...I don’t like the false equivalence... people see their fav swaying from side to side while singing then say “OMG the talent to sing and dance simultaneously”! 🙄
Maya M.
Maya M. 3 months ago
woah 0:49 her lip injections.... i never noticed until now
Jasmine Shelton
Jasmine Shelton 3 months ago
Oh wow, good call.
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