Coach Stephen A. talks trash to Coach Wilbon ahead of the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith and Michael Wilbon answers the fans questions and discuss how much pressure they feel to win the All-Star Celebrity game and debate who will take home the trophy at the end of the game.
#FirstTake #NBA
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Comments 80
Rohit Mewara
Rohit Mewara Month ago
poor guy was shaking while asking the question
Joe Palmer
Joe Palmer Month ago
"It makes y'all ashy" 😂😂😂😂
Mr Xavier
Mr Xavier Month ago
And he gets a tech 😂
Darktings Month ago
"It makes yall ashy" lmfaoooo😂😂😂😂
James Melton
James Melton Month ago
Over reacting is SAS claim to fame. Trying to make it bigger than it is. Why he yelling for this interview? Ill take any all star game seriously when the start playing defense in them.
Chris Shanklin
Chris Shanklin Month ago
😂😂Stephen put molly in her place
Mick The King
Mick The King Month ago
Is it sad the only celebs I know are Chance and Ronnie 2k?
Terry Boniface
Terry Boniface Month ago
that didn't aged well
P H Month ago
Wilbon a southsider who loves the Cubs and my son was born a couple months After the white Sox won the world series I'm from the northwest side closer to the Cub's
P H Month ago
Sas loss
Michael Maneage
Michael Maneage Month ago
Both of these guys should be receiving offers from the browns next year.
joshua bennett
joshua bennett Month ago
Stephen A has the better team tho 🤦🏽‍♂️
PennyWhysTV Month ago
Man I read this so wrong... I thought Stephen A Smith was coaching the REAL ALL-STAR game.. not the celebrity lol.. I was finna say
Eric Armstrong
Eric Armstrong Month ago
Emcee Ace
Emcee Ace Month ago
What up Singh ! Oakland CA in the building ! Lol
DM Month ago
"It makes yal ashy!"
Keyser The Red Beard
Rosalina Pua
Rosalina Pua Month ago
Celebrity going to be better if the captain and players of the team will be Skip and SAS and the coach will be Bron and Porzingis.
1 Kawhi 2 Giannis 3 kd 4 lebron 5 ad Basketball is an Offensive & defensive game. Period. Rankings
Picante Rojo
Picante Rojo Month ago
They should handle it in celebrity death match.
Montanaof300 Month ago
Molly just shut up
AA Sharp
AA Sharp Month ago
SAS’s team got bodied!
Vinny T.
Vinny T. Month ago
Why the turbinator act like he's gansta black?
xSwish Month ago
Everybody saying Team Stephen A Smith is winning because of Quavo BUT WE ALL KNOW HE IS WINNING BECAUSE OF SPICE ADAMS🐐
Rolando Quinteros
Stephen A should suit up
Dionn Smith
Dionn Smith Month ago
I wish he was a real coach 😂😂
Black Ops 4
Black Ops 4 Month ago
who ever got Quavo winning
Sean Ewing
Sean Ewing Month ago
Lord quavios will carry Stephen a
Ayo Duro
Ayo Duro Month ago
Darlens Leveque
Darlens Leveque Month ago
Myles Month ago
“It makes y’all ashy”🤣
angrytacos Month ago
How you a Boston fan in the bay smh
this not john wick true but it is about too be john wick 4.
Jerald Hymon
Jerald Hymon Month ago
It makes yall ashy 😂😂😂
justaction Month ago
Quavo is nice, Stephen A's gonna win.
dvon1097 Month ago
I was rooting for Stephen A until i saw Ronnie 2Cap on his team
ACEE Month ago
Its a disgrace to even see Ronnie 2K name on ESPN.
James Seda
James Seda Month ago
Stephen A just sub yourself in and take over 😂
Ant W
Ant W Month ago
vote sada baby to play next year frfr
Jay Tee
Jay Tee Month ago
Molly is the Meg of ESPN .."Shut up , Meg"
Tim Donaghy
Tim Donaghy Month ago
Hannibal boutta get mvp
Tyrone Kidd
Tyrone Kidd Month ago
Please someone take out Ronnie2k. Do the community a favor!
404 Da Don
404 Da Don Month ago
I ain't gonna lie , I wouldn't count Wilbon's team out because he has Famous Los 😂 that boy is a walking Splikak !
Nathan tbw
Nathan tbw Month ago
I'm from northern MN the last two days I've left for class its been -18°F and -15°F without windchill with windchill it's been in the -30's so talk about cold
EJwonka Month ago
They shoulda let max coach against Stephen A. If max won, that would be hilarious😂
bandwaay yj
bandwaay yj Month ago
EJwonka should’ve been LaVar Ball if he wasn’t banned.
Cokebyparis Month ago
SAS: “your from Oakland living in Chicago wearing a Celtics jersey stfu” 😭😭
Micah Lee
Micah Lee Month ago
Chris Smoove got snubbed
peoples26 Month ago
Hope Hannibal can play or its a wrap
Chill YoungApex
Chill YoungApex Month ago
Los Finna go torch these fools 😭
MaxRealSavage Month ago
Hope ronnie 2k is watching this, Stephen A. might throw a fit if he plays like last year lol
Jonathan Berhane
Me: let's go team Stephen A, Sees Ronnie 2k Also me: Come on team Wilbon
SolidSerge1 Month ago
SAS can be a wrestler lol. Expert at cutting promos!
expose3000 Month ago
Why Stephen A talking trash about Celtics when he a Knicks fan 😂😂😂😂
Harman Padda
Harman Padda Month ago
Senghhhhhh 👳🏽‍♂️
nigg nigg
nigg nigg Month ago
i don't know 1 and you need stop putting ex basketball player!
ShayAND1 Month ago
Stephen A. has Quavo its a gg
jinx Month ago
FamousLos vs Quavo I think Los gon repeat as MVP but Quavo gonna ball too
Alberto Esquilin
Mahomes wanted to play and Stephen a didnt pick him up that’s flawed
vizard dota
vizard dota Month ago
Dude spice Adams is is this game too? 😂😂😂
Alex Torres
Alex Torres Month ago
Molly can never just introduce the topic and stfu
Yellow Flash
Yellow Flash Month ago
*Homie from Oakland.......but he reppin' Boston?* (insert Jackie Chan insulted face)
Roman Avila
Roman Avila Month ago
0:07 From Oakland, CA.....is a Celtics fan 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️
Quentin Jones
Quentin Jones Month ago
I'm from Atlanta and I'm not a hawks fan
Emcee Ace
Emcee Ace Month ago
@Medium rare beef hammer lol the highs Definitely out way the lows . Ive been a LeBron hater via Kobe/Warrior support (still healing from 3-1) so this has just been weird lol but I'm trying to let bygones be bygones since *the incident*
Medium rare beef hammer
Emcee Ace patriots AND Lakers fan? Must be nice lol
Emcee Ace
Emcee Ace Month ago
I’m a Brady fan , from Oakland! When the Warriors were trash all those years you flirted with other teams . I was a Kobe fan so it was LA all day , ironic how he tears his Achilles then The Warriors become a title team. Kept me from stopping watching basketball lol
Black n Mild Jones
His house getting egged 2nite 🤣😂😂
Big C
Big C Month ago
Stephen A hairline is coaching his team lol
Shanell Moonesinghe
I don’t like the Celtics cause of their fans but imagine dissing the Celtics when ur a Knicks fan
Casshen Mathis
Casshen Mathis Month ago
Ronnie2k is gonna get sent to the bench 5 minutes in lol shitguy
Victor Cruz
Victor Cruz Month ago
Bad Bunny Baby
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez Month ago
Stephen A. “The Bottom Line” Smith
Tiger Hoods
Tiger Hoods Month ago
I got quavo dropping 30
Brynthere Donethat
Drop 30 sacks in your mouth..u still madd bro?
Rock Wolf
Rock Wolf Month ago
Hey Stephen A., what happened with the Knicks when they faced the Rockets when Jordan was out of the league?
Jonathan Cruz
Jonathan Cruz Month ago
Ronnie2k is on SAS team?? Automatic L
Oso .Jones
Oso .Jones Month ago
First time seeing these teams and I'm sad that SAS doesn't have Kwame Brown on his team
Eldon Bushenlonga
I swear if Kwame brown was playing wouldnt be coaching at All cause he's that bad lol
Avocado11 Month ago
Wilbon with Common, Tiago Splitter, Rasho Nesterovic, Kwame Brown and Slava Medvedenko as his starting 5.
Darlens Leveque
Darlens Leveque Month ago
YouTube Recommendations
@ 3:34 someone meme that line
Book of shadows contributor Brian
135th comment 🍨🍧🍡🍢
thomas simpson
thomas simpson Month ago
As if there heads weren't big enough!!
Trae Yates
Trae Yates Month ago
"you tell Common this ain't John Wick!!" lmao
LF257 Month ago
Stephen A - “i dont wanna hear a word from Molly Qerim” The comment section finna get wild🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Toby Creation
Toby Creation Month ago
Cj Treasure
Cj Treasure Month ago
Almighty Squad
Almighty Squad Month ago
SAS YOU BETTER KILL RONNIE 2k when he mess up
Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon Month ago
Stephen " YOU GOT TO GET IT DONE!" a Smith
Kev. Mill
Kev. Mill Month ago
Quit being a follower with this stale copycat comment.
David R
David R Month ago
If Stephen A.s team loses can we get him to STHU on First Take? 😆
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