CNN Equality Town Hall Cold Open - SNL

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At CNN’s Equality Town Hall 2020 candidates Cory Booker (Chris Redd), Pete Buttigieg (Colin Jost), Elizabeth Warren (Kate McKinnon), Julian Castro (Lin-Manuel Miranda), Joe Biden (Woody Harrelson) discuss LGBTQ issues.
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Oct 12, 2019




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Comments 100
Major Payne
Major Payne 4 days ago
TheBlueFox_ Rech
TheBlueFox_ Rech 7 days ago
Woody does the best Joe Biden impression lol
Billy T
Billy T 11 days ago
anderson cooper asking if pete needs an uber has HUGE “we just hooked up” energy and i don’t think it was a coincidence.
Flyinghow 16 days ago
Y'all know I'm not a lesbian but all the ingredients are there LMAO. She slays me!
Queen Sassy
Queen Sassy 19 days ago
6:27 yess hamilton
Michael Brown
Michael Brown 19 days ago
F&cK CNN and SNL' political agenda. I love most of CNN, but when the go to "political humor" it always an attack on the right/conservatives. yes they "pick" on the left types...... but attack the conservatives...THAT is the real goal
jax jaxie
jax jaxie 22 days ago
Is that really Billy Porter? He looks and sounds just like him.
iran free live
iran free live 27 days ago
klc Month ago
Fire Jim, re-hire Woody!
Adrian Santos
Adrian Santos Month ago
D B Month ago
These are all so much more enjoyable to watch now that the election is over. The undertones of pure dread are gone.
C.Z. Johnson
C.Z. Johnson Month ago
Jim Carrey is a way better Biden than Woody
wickedphant0m Month ago
Elizabeth Warren doing Sasha Velour was just THE MOST
LWIV&V Month ago
"Show of hands, who's nervous about this story?" I don't know why, but that was my favorite part.
iamchloe Month ago
I know I’m not a lesbian but all the ingredients are there - a lesbian
Michele Mulligan
Woody 🤣🤣🤣👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Evan Faust
Evan Faust Month ago
They switched to Jim Carrey because Woody and Sudeikis’ impressions were too accurate.
EEM1978 Month ago
“Y’all know I’m not a lesbian but all the ingredients are there!” Priceless.
Heather Sturges
Heather Sturges Month ago
Bringing Sasha Velour to SNL!
Ian Morrison
Ian Morrison 2 months ago
This sketch aged well.
Vikman Photography
Vikman Photography 2 months ago
I like Jim Carrey but Harrelson makes such a better Joe Biden
Daydream 38
Daydream 38 2 months ago
Timothy Verheyn Jr.
Timothy Verheyn Jr. 2 months ago
Even as Biden, Woody is still damn handsome
Jeremy Silver
Jeremy Silver 2 months ago
“But we all know I’m your guy” That aged well
KaleLikesWaffles 2 months ago
hey it's the show Mulaney was referring to in his SNL monologue is Feb 2020 haha
Vincent Maurizi
Vincent Maurizi 2 months ago
When COlin Jost smiles he looks like a lego figure
sacarver 2 months ago
*lin manuel miranda was my first choice*
Tristan Anderson
Tristan Anderson 2 months ago
Butty judge his hands lmao 😂😆🤦‍♂️😊😁 just got his fudge 💩 packed .
Gideon graf
Gideon graf 2 months ago
Love Kate’s Sasha velour rose petal wig reveal.
Karen from Finance
Karen from Finance 2 months ago
Lin about to starting singing Hamilton was amazing
Kyla Cook
Kyla Cook 2 months ago
so why is NO ONE talking bout how Joe was like supper gay in this 💀 he just kissed the host- 9:06
DJ Clawson
DJ Clawson 2 months ago
I'm writing in November 2020 to say we didn't know how good we had it with Harrelson's Joe Biden.
DeadEnd Friends
DeadEnd Friends 2 months ago
Best Joe Biden by far ! Those teeth lol
Phil Jerome
Phil Jerome 2 months ago
Woody is much more believable as Joe Biden than Jim Carey.
Jack's Cinema
Jack's Cinema Month ago
I agree they definitely should have gone with him
Despicable Me
Despicable Me 2 months ago
I agree. Carrey's Biden is just cringy. Basically Carrey is doing a combo of fire marshall Bill and the mask. Also, notice how all of the Biden jokes about his creepiness, etc., are no longer on SNL? Predictable.
Max Johnson
Max Johnson 2 months ago
Max Johnson
Max Johnson 2 months ago
WH is a much better Biden then jC
Landry 2 months ago
Elizabeth Warren is Kate's best character. Just my opinion. This isn't her best skit as Warren, but I'm on a binge
Tomi 2 months ago
Woody is so hilarious love his Biden take
Trixie Neil
Trixie Neil 2 months ago
fangurl33 2 months ago
Omg Chris Redd 😂😂😂
FJK 2 months ago
3:14 song name
Foxae 3 months ago
The guy who asks warren a question is the same one who payed Putin in one of the celebrity family feuds, and now I can’t unsee it
Rommel the Cat
Rommel the Cat 3 months ago
The black woman in the gallery is beautiful.
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 3 months ago
Honestly what's wrong with Pete Buttigeig? Why don't people like him aside from being awkward like mark zuckerberg?
Charmedsas1 3 months ago
Omg Billy P. Killed it!!!🙈😂
daniel dinatali
daniel dinatali 3 months ago
stephen a smith
Scott Simon
Scott Simon 3 months ago
GrinchGames 3 months ago
Biden told the fake story about his father again last night had to immediately come back and rewatch this much better recounting of it lol
محمود محمد
محمود محمد 3 months ago
Ari 3 months ago
Sorry but what song was Castro starting to sing?
Tyrese Hall
Tyrese Hall 3 months ago
The cold open of SNL was funny and hilarious. 🤣🤣😆😆😆
Serena Perez
Serena Perez 3 months ago
4:53 who ever wrote this joke needs a raise
Todd Wiggins
Todd Wiggins 3 months ago
Make America Grill Again with a Biden Burger: ruvid.net/video/video-AMxDNAZnr8o.html
Dinah Kyle
Dinah Kyle 3 months ago
Y'all realize we're voting for Cletus Kasady, right?
Abigail 3 months ago
3:15 Kate McKnnon's part
Ian Kensington
Ian Kensington 3 months ago
I love Woody Harrelson as Joe Biden. He’s so fucking hilarious. He’d be a really good Mike Pence too.
Flaze Da
Flaze Da 3 months ago
The gaga &spears references Biden's making lmao !
Wendy F
Wendy F 3 months ago
It was 19 clickity clack 😂
Devan Vieira
Devan Vieira 3 months ago
I think Woody would have made a way better Mike Pence lol
Zain Chupacabra
Zain Chupacabra 3 months ago
This Biden actor should be used for Pence instead.
Sarah Sterly
Sarah Sterly 3 months ago
It's sad to think out of all of these people biden is the canidate
Sarah Sterly
Sarah Sterly 3 months ago
I wish lin would run for president
SuozziVille 3 months ago
This was hilarious to watch. Who else is here from the “LatinoBama” clip on Tik Tok?😂
Dj Gamez
Dj Gamez 3 months ago
Andrew Cooper and Billie Porter being confused that Buttigeig can drive is the best and gayest joke in here and its so unappreciated. Also hi from the future, everything is worse now
UchihaMoonSerenity 3 months ago
Omg I finally understand this joke. Is he the rare gay that has all five??
Bill Mueller
Bill Mueller 3 months ago
It is SOOO HILARIAOUS that "In 2018, gay and bisexual men made up 69% of the 37,968 new HIV diagnosesc in the United States", LOL!!! Wonder why SNL didn't work that joke into the skit? (Information courtesy of: www.cdc.gov/hiv/group/msm/index.html!!! CDC IN DE HOOOOUUUUUSE, Y'ALL-WOOHOO!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!
Kell Manderley
Kell Manderley 3 months ago
love the knowledge that at this moment john mulaney is walking around backstage with his make-a-wish kid and she's feeling like she just won the lottery
Kelly Fulton
Kelly Fulton 3 months ago
Billy Porter was a nice touch lol
Eileen McKee
Eileen McKee 3 months ago
Jordan Ace
Jordan Ace 3 months ago
RUvid search, "1985 hearing Joe Biden says the N-Word twice." He could have self censored. I wonder what BLM thinks about this?
Tiberius Gracchus
Tiberius Gracchus 3 months ago
Biden: Corn Pop taught me a valuable lesson - about roaches, cheez-its and pasta...he also, you know, used to rub my leg hair.......sorry, am I taking up too much time....look, you know the thing, man, come on...
Obamna 3 months ago
Idk why ellen was getting so much hate
Blue Mustang
Blue Mustang 3 months ago
This Biden is much too lucid.
Shipmate 3 months ago
Biden is going to stroke out if he’s elected
Nay Rose
Nay Rose 3 months ago
Ugh Billy Porter has no talent ..the man can't be natural 😖
Silver Fletcher
Silver Fletcher 4 months ago
These are not gaffes. This is the behavior of a sick man, a man who is suffering of Alzheimer disease, The election of 2020 simply goes to prove that America is a land where even a person suffering of Alzheimer's disease can become president. Normally a person in this state should be followed continuously by specialised personnel or urgently hospitalized because he could be dangerous to himself and others. Biden cannot be left loose. Shame on his family and on his Party for allowing this show.
Mary Cullen
Mary Cullen 4 months ago
I love Lin Manuel Miranda as Julian Castro.. I had never heard of Julian until this and I still don’t care!!! Lin definitely needs to host snl again this upcoming season!!
Kelly Thornburg
Kelly Thornburg 4 months ago
House of Booty Gig
Pawel Dudzic
Pawel Dudzic 4 months ago
This would be funny if wasn't so close to how those morons actually behave
Ashley Worden
Ashley Worden 4 months ago
The real Joe Biden would never kiss another guy!
Ranimal Gaming
Ranimal Gaming 4 months ago
It’s supposedly funny when Liberals do it but when a Republican does it they are automatically labeled. This absolutely proves it.
rita 3 months ago
quit crying snowflake
Charlton Moore
Charlton Moore 4 months ago
Cory Booker is literally a Rhodes scholar that was raised in a white suburb. Saying he's from the projects solely because he's black is classic liberal racism.
vasco soldevilla
vasco soldevilla 4 months ago
new rockstars
L A 4 months ago
Haha maybe this Joe Biden should sub in for the real debate against Trump! Biden is going to get worked, he can’t form full sentences.
Brandon slade
Brandon slade 4 months ago
Woodys portrayal of joe is spot on lmao
TechGently 4 months ago
A liberal SNL telling the truth about Biden, this is hilarious.
michael mikeatmrc.chamberlain
brian keenan
brian keenan 4 months ago
Mocking a sick older man like Biden is plain wrong!
nasir samuels
nasir samuels 4 months ago
max hessink
max hessink 4 months ago
camodo gaming
marygoround1292 4 months ago
My husband joked that Harrelson can't shake his southern accent.
khanh doan
khanh doan 4 months ago
Delaware daddy lol
Brandon Calhoun
Brandon Calhoun 4 months ago
gacha life
Roger Propes
Roger Propes 4 months ago
Biden was and is so nondescript and lackluster that I have to be constantly reminded that he was ever VP. Who knew that now I have to vote for him?
Richard Chavez
Richard Chavez 4 months ago
Which higher institution of education did all demoncrats attend? Was it the college of satan or willingly ignorant fools???
Michael Keehan
Michael Keehan 4 months ago
Castro: Withdraws campaign His rivals: Well he never gon' be president now! Never gon' be president now! Never gon' be president now! That's one less thing to worry about! That's one less thing to worry about!
tonymsff 4 months ago
that black is annoying
1989 BMW M3
1989 BMW M3 4 months ago
I like how they got the corry boker’s girlfriend thing
rash b
rash b 4 months ago
"Warrening, Warrening!"
Student Tyler Pullum
OR unless you're Ellen in 2020 lmao
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