Clown Guesses Who's The Real Clown Out Of A Lineup

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Can Billy the Clown guess whose the real Clown in the lineup??
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Oct 23, 2019




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Comments 100
I love *everything* about Alyssa. She's fantastic! 😄
Good hair Dude
Good hair Dude Month ago
Me. I’m a clown.
Liquid Luck
Liquid Luck 2 months ago
"cream pie of hotdogs?" "cream pie. on my face." "mmm that's what she said" i died
Amanda Schamper
Amanda Schamper 2 months ago
I know it’s Alyssa cause I just watched the clowns “Never have I Ever”.
Manda Kat
Manda Kat 2 months ago
"Juggling cats while standing on top of an elephant" Way to keep it simple and believable
Gilbert Donell Chen
Gilbert Donell Chen 2 months ago
Billy talks like my parents when they see my grades
The big Gay
The big Gay 2 months ago
These videos are always so awkward
Arghya Chakravorty
Arghya Chakravorty 2 months ago
イヤド 2 months ago
Angel B.
Angel B. 3 months ago
they may be the real clowns here, but i am the BIGGEST clown
u p o n
u p o n 3 months ago
Plot twist : you are the clown
Switzerland Ball
Switzerland Ball 3 months ago
Me I’m the real clown
Andreamary 3 months ago
This looks like a 2006 video
Van Johnson
Van Johnson 3 months ago
I love david he's so funny
taes used spoon
taes used spoon 3 months ago
Why do I hear Ellen’s voice when the clown speaks-
Happy Stanner
Happy Stanner 3 months ago
Xitlaly Sanchez
Xitlaly Sanchez 3 months ago
me reading the title: who is the real clown? me in my head: my ex 😅
Trix Trigo
Trix Trigo 4 months ago
*Spoiler alert*. Hear him? 1:10
Sophia Damore
Sophia Damore 4 months ago
“How long have you been a clown?” *it all started at my birth*
ghetto gaggers
ghetto gaggers 4 months ago
I'll humiliation a clone
Hannah Grace
Hannah Grace 4 months ago
i knew right off the bat who the clown is. it’s me
Mhd Shakhashiro
Mhd Shakhashiro 4 months ago
Who else thought that tall guy was Shaquille O’Neil
mircea farckas
mircea farckas 4 months ago
Immagine being a clown for 10 years
Amandarama 4 months ago
imagine being a clown your whole life
Elizabeth Afton
Elizabeth Afton 4 months ago
Lol I knew it was alissa bc on the I have thinggy magicy she said hi I am alissa
anna anna
anna anna 4 months ago
I feel like the clown pick the two fake colwns on purpose
_calamari _
_calamari _ 4 months ago
Personally, I don't think he was funny at all, he was just rude. 😒Smh
Chip Animates
Chip Animates 4 months ago
Nah fam it’s me
Rafael Sirens
Rafael Sirens 4 months ago
Girl I’ve been clowning for 21fuckng years
just gaming 1432
just gaming 1432 4 months ago
tenyella:this is my birthday clown: i don't care 4:26
Noon_Sunflower 4 months ago
This was probably difficult because it’s a little rude to say “You look like a clown!”
Leah Ridge
Leah Ridge 4 months ago
if people dress up as clowns...dosent that mean there is *no* such thing as *clowns* ?
Mumble 4 months ago
Plot twist the interviewer isn’t the clown
Rose Delicea
Rose Delicea 4 months ago
He looks like a mean clown
Blueberry AJ
Blueberry AJ 4 months ago
*Stanley seeks unsure XD*
TheShadowZ 4 months ago
their all clowns all of them are clowns
Zoe Wilson
Zoe Wilson 4 months ago
The clown made me uncomfortable
lozer nolife
lozer nolife 4 months ago
10:32 was the funniest I almost spit my water out 😂
Solo Player
Solo Player 4 months ago
I am not a clown but what I really am is a big fat JOKE!!......
Alex Sánchez
Alex Sánchez 4 months ago
Just begun to watch it and by the crossed arms and smug look i'd say that the girl in the middle is assessing his performance cuz she a clown yall
The Purity of Chaos
The Purity of Chaos 4 months ago
Is it weird that I guessed correctly within the first five seconds?
OverComing Pyro
OverComing Pyro 4 months ago
how discord server head admins be picking the next trial mods
trustfrated 4 months ago
wow is should be a clown
jalinda 4 months ago
Spoiler Alert: it's you.
GOD is me
GOD is me 4 months ago
All of them are clowns for being on this
lexi The potato queen
That clown is so rudeeee i hate himmmm
Emin3nt Productions
Emin3nt Productions 4 months ago
I don't believe that Billy was a real clown. You are scary not funny :D Like Billie under your bad scary.
Corgi is Bored
Corgi is Bored 4 months ago
Who else knew Alyssa was the clown thanks to Never Have I Ever?
Stop Clickbait
Stop Clickbait 4 months ago
Clown: hey, i'm billy and i've been a professional clown for the past 10 years Me: *i've been a clown to everyone around me for my entire life*
Led istic
Led istic 4 months ago
Is that LANA ROSE?
Michael S.
Michael S. 4 months ago
Alyssa was an various videos from buzzfeed as a clown 🤨
Marco nvn
Marco nvn 4 months ago
Ok but why am i watching all of the clown series at 4 am
Tom Nook
Tom Nook 5 months ago
If Billy was a teacher I would cry if he asked "WHY DID YOU HAVE A 5 ON YOUR TEST"
haloola 5 months ago
The black guy is hilarious 😂
Phoebe TheCrackhead
Phoebe TheCrackhead 5 months ago
I already know who it is because I saw the clown never have I ever
Rebecca Robson
Rebecca Robson 5 months ago
Number 1 was so obvious
Justin Oliver E. Desembrana
Summarization: a clown clowning 1 clown with 4 fake clowns
ethan johnson
ethan johnson 5 months ago
Get in your mouse 😄
Tirza van Boxtel
Tirza van Boxtel 5 months ago
The 3e guyy can play in a movie or something 😂😂
JPM-Stalin/Expert Rper/
Why no one is searching Daniella's video, its on youtube xd
Emmafem98 5 months ago
Wow, Daniella sounds and looks like lerk from Dawn of the Croods series.
Emmilia Rhodes
Emmilia Rhodes 5 months ago
Stop bringing Stanley on
Tessa Cooper
Tessa Cooper 5 months ago
Am I the only one who started to name more big dogs then the ones billy did, I started to say all the big dogs possible 😎
DerpyBud 5 months ago
I could tell that number 1 was the clown from the start because I recognised them from other clown videos
SHSL Baby Raptor
SHSL Baby Raptor 5 months ago
Is it just me or is this guy totally not a clown
Lucasj6x 5 months ago
I knew it was Alyssa bc she was in the never have I ever clown vid
Lililetus 5 months ago
Stanley is my absolute FAVE. Always a hit.
BittersweetGumdrops 5 months ago
No one: Alyssa: *wHaT cLowN aRe yOu, eLviS?* at 1:36
The Traveling gaming frog
At the first start, I knew Alyssa was the clown from the previous videos
skyoop 5 months ago
Whoever watched the clown series would already know who the clown was
Emma DeMatteo
Emma DeMatteo 5 months ago
9:08 the girl on the left losing it
Candice Watanabe
Candice Watanabe 5 months ago
Ha you can tell by me because of my actions
Klawe lane
Klawe lane 5 months ago
Billy:what do you do with pie's Stanley:I eat them Me: YOU DONT KNOW THE FIRST FRICKING THING ABOUT CLOWNING DO YOU!!!!!!
billy murray
billy murray 5 months ago
midnight blue literally!! I was thinking the same thing. 🥧
Idola’s Things
Idola’s Things 5 months ago
im confused is billy a girl or a boy
Caroline Karnay
Caroline Karnay 5 months ago
The real clown is every person who enjoys buzzfeed videos
INTONG AXEL 6 months ago
The red guy is just so cringy
Ennaby the clown
Ennaby the clown 6 months ago
How can you miss elephant sh*t it’s huge?!
Jakub Kodzik
Jakub Kodzik 6 months ago
Plot twist: the viewer is the clown
Claire Lasagna
Claire Lasagna 6 months ago
Title:who’s the real clown? Me: me duh-
Assbutt Cass
Assbutt Cass 6 months ago
zombie 13
zombie 13 6 months ago
Alyssa is the least energetic clown I’ve ever seen but I love her none the less ✌️
toxic 6 months ago
Is the clown gay?
Scheiße Tenders
Scheiße Tenders 6 months ago
My mans be looking like a who from Dr Seuss
the destroy of games 101
Thumbnail: Who’s the real clown Me: *looks at myself* I guess that was quick
Jay Arya
Jay Arya 6 months ago
6:54 what a convo lmao
Alexi Hebert
Alexi Hebert 6 months ago
Has no one noticed that this was posted after Billy and Alyssa made a video together
X Sori
X Sori 6 months ago
next vid:who is the real asian
X_A 6 months ago
I knew it was Alyssa already because I just finished watching the Clown “Never Have I Ever” and Alyssa was on it...*SO I CHEATED* kinda...
Zachary Rosenfeld
Zachary Rosenfeld 6 months ago
i just watched the clown play never have i ever video so i already know Alyssa was a clown lol
Schwinn D.
Schwinn D. 6 months ago
Billy. Seriously?? How would you possibly guess Stanley??
CHARLIE NO7 6 months ago
I would have choose number one. That smiles is a good give away.
Oop -
Oop - 6 months ago
kilsnacks 6 months ago
The real clown be cute ngl
Steven Gaw
Steven Gaw 6 months ago
kilsnacks ya she is
Isaac DeLeon
Isaac DeLeon 6 months ago
When a clown makes a that’s what she said joke
EliteGamerPro 6 months ago
The guy all the way on the right looks like Shaqu
Savage Civilian
Savage Civilian 6 months ago
He is a clown what did you expect for him to get it right the first time
Lil Whatever
Lil Whatever 6 months ago
This was the lamest episode ever 🤢
The Heartless Knight
The correct answer is, Shaving Cream.
The Actual Doom Slayer
Billy's nose is either half clown or really swollen. It's just me, I can't tell.
Lisa Diving
Lisa Diving 6 months ago
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