Clown Guesses Who's The Real Clown Out Of A Lineup

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Can Billy the Clown guess whose the real Clown in the lineup??
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Oct 23, 2019




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Comments 1 683
waffiharis 12 hours ago
"What kind of things can you balance?" "My responsibilities" HAHA😂😂
the meme
the meme Day ago
Lol this guy is great
Claymore The Dinosaur
i need to get billy’s YT
billy.murray Hour ago
Claymore The Dinosaur thank you 🦕🤩
Claymore The Dinosaur
billy.murray :O oh my goodness. i love your costume
billy.murray Day ago
Claymore The Dinosaur 👈🏼 click my photo 😉
EX0stasis 2 days ago
Polkadot girl reminds me of Aubrey Plaza in the way she talks.
Éllia Blanchard
Éllia Blanchard 4 days ago
He's so sassy!
BlueBeluga 5 days ago
*E N L O N G A T E D W E E N I E S*
Anna B
Anna B 5 days ago
Number 5 could absolutely be an amazing clown. He is HILARIOUS. "Full time job?" " professional clown. " "Part time job?" " part time clown. "
Ice Tea Peachy
Ice Tea Peachy 6 days ago
I’m sorry but this is scaring me for some reason...
Taylor Britt
Taylor Britt 7 days ago
Who else knew it was Alyssa because they've watched the other clown videos and seen her in them?
Aiggn Roneb
Aiggn Roneb 7 days ago
Got sum fatty milkers on the one clown
Noeli Jimenez
Noeli Jimenez 7 days ago
he got it all wrong... i wasn't in the lineup but i was the clown and I still am.
beresheethtrack 7 days ago
They got the title of the video right, but not the in-video title - "whose" =/= "who's"
Yuki r1n
Yuki r1n 8 days ago
Alyssa looks tired enough to be a clown
Ally cat
Ally cat 12 days ago
Stanley was terrible 😂🤦‍♀️
Cece Elizabeth
Cece Elizabeth 12 days ago
Alyssa reminds me of Kristen Stewart.
Jaylen Burke
Jaylen Burke 13 days ago
Why is there 666 dislikes?
4RHV33 L4NZ 13 days ago
I already know allyssa is a clown because before I watched this I saw other videos of her in buzzfeed
SomebodyYouKnow 13 days ago
“Cream Pies, in my face...” “thats what she said..”
Listen BOI My first love story
Let’s be real The real clown is the person in front of your screen.
Erramor 14 days ago
me: sees all the people... me: YEP, IT'S ALYSSA!
orion stellae
orion stellae 14 days ago
Alyssa throughout the entire video: *am I a joke to you*
Alfhosskin 14 days ago
10:33 No.... He didnt say that.I hear adult jokes from a clown. I guess i need to sleep
DevilboyScooby 14 days ago
I thought it was number 5 too, he was really quick!
DevilboyScooby 14 days ago
1:40 *me, having seen Spencer being questioned by John:* Oh, god, this is going to go badly...
Rebecca manning
Rebecca manning 15 days ago
Billy:DID U EVER STEP IN ELAPHANT SH** Me:thats one agresseve clown
Yoongis Toothbrush
Yoongis Toothbrush 16 days ago
"Who's the real clown?" *Me panicks in the corner*
bricat saxton
bricat saxton 16 days ago
Billy is my favorite clown, we need more billy
bricat saxton
bricat saxton 13 days ago
@billy.murray :0 you just made my day! Thank you!!!
billy.murray 13 days ago
bricat saxton yay thank you. You’re my favorite
Waxenable 16 days ago
Number 1 was so obvious,she kept laughing at clown jokes
Blocky Boy
Blocky Boy 16 days ago
2:22 my councler discussing my grades
Noel IGuess
Noel IGuess 17 days ago
I’m usually scared of clowns, but that guy is actually really funny, only mildly makes me not trust him
billy.murray 13 days ago
Noel IGuess Thanks for watching the video! Glad I didn’t scare ya too badly! 😉
Matthew Hamilton
Matthew Hamilton 14 days ago
Goof to know Boba fett
Sarah2 Khaled
Sarah2 Khaled 17 days ago
What can you balance? My responsibilities
Banana Man
Banana Man 17 days ago
17k like
Fini Lemon
Fini Lemon 17 days ago
The clown is making me nervous...
zheng bing rui
zheng bing rui 19 days ago
Clown: What’s the secret ingredient in a pie? Me: Love!
Vanilla 20 days ago
Anyone else get a really bad vibes from the interviewing clown. Like idk I just really hate him
xxtrispriorxx 21 day ago
It's hard watching Stanley do his interview😑
bphcx 21 day ago
In fell in love with #1 (the real clown) 😍
Matt from Wii Sports
*How do you do your makeup with those banana nails?* Damn, Billy ain't holdin back this time
Cherry Blossom 桜の花
I could tell it was number 1 because everyone else was frowning at the start and that nervous grin gave it away.
Misayo Glitter
Misayo Glitter 22 days ago
2:17 I would say pie because I love throwing pie at peoples faces, 2:59 and I'd say throw them at peoples faces roflmfao
Margaret Keyes
Margaret Keyes 22 days ago
Its Alyssa. I watch other vid with her . I recognise her face.
Cole Taylor
Cole Taylor 22 days ago
Every time they have a six foot girl
WooD 22 days ago
The clown investigating reminds me of erin if you know
MagicalHoopLoop 22 days ago
My name is jeydy ( Hey-Dee) and some people cant Say it. And my clown name is actually Yeye 😂 i know i know its a bit weird but atleast i luv it😋
Anonymous 22 days ago
Trick question. They are all clowns
Kyaira Johnson
Kyaira Johnson 22 days ago
David sort of scared me!!!
Elvin Akhundov
Elvin Akhundov 23 days ago
I think my recommended section is cursed
Ness 23 days ago
You're wrong, I'm the clown.
Lisabbonnie 23 days ago
Who's the real clown? I AM
alex bousley
alex bousley 23 days ago
I can’t tell if this is ment to be a joke
Fidan Hasanzade
Fidan Hasanzade 23 days ago
The clown interviewing made me feel so uncomfortable idk why😂
f4t1m4 23 days ago
Plot twist : the real clown is the viewer
Valdas V
Valdas V 24 days ago
Lol I though #2 was trying to hide his clowlines too
Margaret Keyes
Margaret Keyes 24 days ago
I like throwing pies in people's face
Random Person
Random Person 24 days ago
Why isnt my friend here
Rainier Jansen
Rainier Jansen 24 days ago
I think its the girl in the black shorts and grey sweater with black and red hair. Edit: I was wrong
Shooketh Limelight
Shooketh Limelight 24 days ago
i've been a clown ever since liam payne said they'll be having an 18 month break from one direction
Mr osman 89
Mr osman 89 24 days ago
Who else is scared of clowns
game on
game on 24 days ago
I am sure the red shirt is a clown
Kay Gee
Kay Gee 24 days ago
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