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Ric Bucher joins Jason Whitlock and Marcellus Wiley in studio to discuss the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers after today's trade deadline. Hear why he thinks the Clippers' addition of Marcus Morris gives them a clear edge over the Lakers.
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Clippers addition of Marcus Morris gives clear edge over Lakers - Bucher | NBA | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF
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Speak For Yourself
Do the Clippers now have an edge over the Lakers?
DeShan Nichols
DeShan Nichols Month ago
jack burgess
jack burgess Month ago
DB Balbas we did t need Morris we can do it with out him
DB Balbas
DB Balbas Month ago
@Neil Ft Experts, the logo Jerry West, even the Lakers themselves know Morris IS a difference maker. Wait till PG don't show up?...what about Kawhi, what about Lou, what about Trez, Shamet. Morris was the best, most consistent player in the playoffs last year for the Celtics. Averaging 20+ Wait Ohhh...your a Laker fan trying to be positive?...nah...that won't work here.
Neil Ft
Neil Ft Month ago
Morris makes no difference.....hes an average player. Wait til Paul george disappears on yall when they play the Lakers ......Lakers in 6
Nolan Drake
Nolan Drake Month ago
Mr I
Mr I 22 days ago
He was looking like a real difference maker last night! Hahaha he was getting buckets on a trash Knicks team, he always been average at best!
ArchetypalHigh Month ago
chemistry between you guys is crazy good. one of the few of these pannels that isn't largely a joke.
ArcaneEgg50 Month ago
They got beat by Sixers
aMazing Keith
aMazing Keith Month ago
Lakers got him now🤷🏾‍♂️
Matt Scarey
Matt Scarey Month ago
Why would the lakers go after somebody that would be done in a cpl years tops? When they know lebron wont be their long, ad might wanna go home sooner than later if things dont pan out. And kuzma hes young and a pretty good player if he gets minutes. The lakers dont wanna get rid of all their young talent bc they have some old ones that will be gone in a cpl years. So again marcus morris would have just taken away from their future not give to it. Clippers are building a team like lebrons old teams. Its all right now or bust. What are rhey gonna do if kawhis injury keeps really hurting him, but next it goes into the playoffs. Same thing with pg also. Montrez will be the only clipper left from this years clippers in a cpl of years. Kawhi, Lou williams, morris, and probably pg with his injury probe self.
Alvaro Barajas
Alvaro Barajas Month ago
This dudes a bum men you can have him
Fred Ruck
Fred Ruck Month ago
An another think the clippers built they team too try n beat lbj not the LAKERS that's where they gone lose cause I believe they gone get knocked early in playoffs👀😱
Jordan Maverick
Jordan Maverick Month ago
The media is a joke 😂 the Lakers were there as title favorites and the clippers get a non all star Marcus Morris and the freak out and talking about LeBron and AD leaving 😂 what a joke. 2020 is designed for LeBron and the lakers to win it, STOPPPP it media
Jose S Rodriguez
Morris a C+ bench player and clippers all excited...
Da'Ghost Hicks
Da'Ghost Hicks Month ago
HooD TalK podcast on RUvid subscribe and hit the notification please.... but I will be talking about this right here Saturday at nine I think that the Lakers are going for the season the clippers just keep upping them and upping them and up-and-down they got a team full of bulldogs the Lakers are to finesse which I hope they can overcome I’m just being Honest because I’m such a Kobe fan to I still kind of root for the Lakers but the clippers are strong I know we supposed to be working out JR Smith and possibly getting LeBron oh teammate Dion waiters but I don’t know how that’s gonna work out because they couldn’t get along in Cleveland if y’all forgot but I won’t touch on it too much more I’ll save the rest for Saturday
Chris Coleman
Chris Coleman Month ago
so Morris is a make or break player now?? man GTFOH! LAKERS THE MOST HATED TEAM SINCE 80S NO DOUBT.
tarisai shoniwa
tarisai shoniwa Month ago
All speculations. Boys have to play
Michael Izumi
Michael Izumi Month ago
Patrick Lee
Patrick Lee Month ago
Marcus Morris is just going to energize an already great Clippers team.
Jayden Month ago
Jesus Christ it’s not like Kevin love or kyrie Irving been to the playoffs before lebron came back to Houston and they made it to finals.
Michael Densing
Michael Densing Month ago
If in terms of salary but talent sure Lakers have plenty and yet keep on whining.
Robert Parks
Robert Parks Month ago
Lakers will win
Jedi Knight
Jedi Knight Month ago
Lebron force his way out ? And go WHERE ?
Bobby DeNezza
Bobby DeNezza Month ago
The clippers already had the edge over the lakers before Morris was added on. Clippers didn't need him. They only got him because they didn't want the lakers to get him and since the Knicks and Morris are so stupid to fall for the Clippers game's they wanna play is handwriting on the wall that everybody doesn't wanna help LeBron win another championship. The man doesn't deserve to go out like this. LeBron has had enough flaws in the NBA finals in his career. It's time for him to be a champion again and he deserves it before he's done playing. Also the Lakers don't deserve this punishment either from other teams. The lakers have been down for 6 years and everyone in the NBA wants to keep them down. They apparently don't realize that with the lakers being down, the NBA is not exciting anymore. It's never exciting when the Celtics and lakers aren't in the championship conversation. Nobody cares about the clippers winning an NBA championship. It's not the same as the lakers winning a championship.
Random Reviews
Random Reviews Month ago
Bruh what are y’all gonna say if lakers go to the finals
Darryl Hayes Hayes
Absolutely now the CLIPPERS have Won the Championship 4 sure..the LAKERS r going 2 b 2nd best n the west wit Marcus trade from the KNICKS 🏀⭐️🏀⭐️🏀⭐️📺✔️
Lawrence Borner
Lawrence Borner Month ago
Sigh... So Kyle Kuzma the scapegoat if the Lakers lose. Got it.
HeyZeus M
HeyZeus M Month ago
Bucher is stupid he not comes around when it’s time to doubt the lakers, Morris is a nobody and this is just a story to create drama. Bunch of divas
Supreme Being
Supreme Being Month ago
While Whitlock feelin sorry for lebron...I feel sorry for that lopsided lineup he rockin on National tv
Jamar Pitts
Jamar Pitts Month ago
Forget the clippers and lakers news...why is Jason Whitlock still on tv?
Treeman M.A.
Treeman M.A. Month ago
The name of the game is called gambling... it's all about matching the cards.
Wasabi Sushi
Wasabi Sushi Month ago
I remember Marcus Morris said he's the Lebron stopper but letting Lebron average 40points a game in the celtics cavs eastern finals 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mariano Adame
Mariano Adame Month ago
jerry west is mvp this year
Chris Morgan
Chris Morgan Month ago
To honor Kobe, EVERY team that steps on the lakers floor should play with that Mamba mentality. "We're coming", Celtic til the End!
Clean Earth Project
How many years did the Pacers and Toronto beat them Cleveland teams in the regular season and get swept in the playoffs? Regular seaons series means nothing... literally.. I'm not a Lakers fan but I do know that much
Trevon Sykes
Trevon Sykes Month ago
Ric Bucher is an obvious LeBron hater, don’t know why they keep putting this dude with terrible sources on TV
JR Ruiz
JR Ruiz Month ago
This show is terrible. I can’t stand Jason Whitlock
Damon Jones
Damon Jones Month ago
Wrong well wrong
Harrison Williams
Clippers have best 6th year player in kawhi, they didn't need this guy !! What's he gonna do any how ? He's a scrub compared to kawhi
DaGuy X
DaGuy X Month ago
Are they dumb? Last year Kuz was the ONLY one hooping when they was in trade talk, he don’t care bout none of that they all sound dumb
Steven Lopez
Steven Lopez Month ago
Larry Shamet
Alex Malave
Alex Malave Month ago
Hes in there with dogs all the clippers are dogs even kawhi
xlilace14x Month ago
RIC Bucher shouldn’t even be on tv didn’t he predict wrong wrist than the weather man
Tom Ross TV
Tom Ross TV Month ago
Clippers were already better than the Lakers.. Kawhi is just better than Lebron when it matters most
Michael Reyes
Michael Reyes Month ago
All these dudes got fired from ESPN 😂
basscv Month ago
F this show
Rockets 2020 champions👀🏆🏆👀😈👌🏿
Jermaine Blalock
Don’t feel sorry for Lebron. You got rid of Lopez, Randle, Ingram, Ball,And Zubac
Bobby Williams
Bobby Williams Month ago
The stage is set for Lebron to show his greatness especially as a Laker! If he beat this Clippers team in the playoffs that will speak even more volumes to his legacy!
Chris Green
Chris Green Month ago
Lebron is the one who chose to go to a dysfunctional franchise lol so his problems he created himself
Julio Dinsmore
Julio Dinsmore Month ago
Feel sorry for what lebron have more to much help if you ask me and if he cant get it done then that show he not the player the world think he is and its time to give it up
mrrrmickey007 Month ago
This show sucks
Chris NZ
Chris NZ Month ago
Healthy Clippers > Healthy Lakers, pre Morris.
Jo Vanne Trivilegio
Mr. KnowBuddy
Mr. KnowBuddy Month ago
Cant wait for Pat Beverly vs. Alex Caruso in the WCF dun dun dun....
DC Que
DC Que Month ago
They wanted Danny Green he’s not on his level ...don’t play no defense...and wanna shot all the time...
DC Que
DC Que Month ago
I really Respect all 200 of the Clippers fans out here 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 please make it to the Western Conference Finals .....right now y’all have nothing up in the air ...even if they win one ring who cares ....
King Tshilobo
King Tshilobo Month ago
Who hired this guy? 😂😂
Izell 94
Izell 94 Month ago
What clear edge lol laker can’t beat them lol
Justin Dminic
Justin Dminic Month ago
Yea just crown the clippers now. Lmao even golden state last year and 2016 proved anything can happen and you can lose
Dats a paddlin
Dats a paddlin Month ago
Justin Dminic Yup no such thing as a guarantee
DroidSage Month ago
Let's hope Marcus Morris completely ruined the team chemistry and take down Clippers with him. *Fingers crossed*
Air Future
Air Future Month ago
It's funny watching and listening to the Lebron groupies in the media. Act like the Marcus Morris trade to the Clippers is no big deal. If he landed with the Lakers these same media members would be doing the " Birdman Hand Rub."
Brandon Thomas
Brandon Thomas Month ago
Since when did everyone start loving Marcus Morris???🤨
Jaykray Month ago
People are looking at Morris in the context of playing with the Clippers, who were already loaded to begin with. Now they're even more so. They've got another player who can space the floor and help defend bigs. Plus, he's a dog, so he fits in with the rest of the Clips.
Dats a paddlin
Dats a paddlin Month ago
Brandon Thomas Lmao right...he’s Ight but they acting like he a super star 😂. He will be a solid role player but they need to chill.
JVinCC Month ago
If Marcus Morris is the difference the Lakers were never going to win. But nahhhh the Lakers still take this over the Bucks in 6.
Fadarius Woods
Fadarius Woods Month ago
Tha Lakers will be fine......
Roosevelt Green
Roosevelt Green Month ago
lebron is hiding his hole card,,they will be fine
radja dino
radja dino Month ago
Bucher must change his Insider Lol....
Timoti Batac
Timoti Batac Month ago
If you dont have theLogo on your side....other negotiators has no match in winning the player they want. Clippers gotten stronger! Woot, woot.
Timoti Batac
Timoti Batac Month ago
Morris has video compilation showing he can stop LeBron. I believe its gonna be rainin' 3s coming from Clippers.
Let's do better!
3rd best chemistry...at best. The Bucks and Raptors have better chemistry.
Samson Manase
Samson Manase Month ago
What nobody is talking about is no clippers is stoping AD...
brian d
brian d Month ago
They grimy for that stillshot of Marcus Morris. Lol.
Carl Burton
Carl Burton Month ago
logic, randle and morris was forming a ellite team one more unique player would have made a big three. Now leon rose is the manager when it time to recuit most player are thinking you had marcus morris and traded him for a unproven draft pic.
Jbtherapper Month ago
Bron lose chips all the time b.
Gian Pangilinan
Gian Pangilinan Month ago
Ric with a skip bayless straight fAce, man just wait for Woj's tweet
AAron Month ago
No excuses when the clippers lose since there the favorites now apparently
Darren Jacklin
Darren Jacklin Month ago
The Clips have beaten the Lakers twice already. They already had the upper hand and proved themselves better. Stop the narrative all the time
Chris Wheeler
Chris Wheeler Month ago
Who is Marcus Morris again? What has Marcus Morris done in the league? This is the first time ESPN has ever talked about him except for him having a brother in the league
Jake Mackay
Jake Mackay Month ago
People acting like Marcus Morris is Giannis
In2DaRabbitHole Month ago
When did the Clippers have so many fans? Funny that you couldn't find one last year and now they are everywhere. Hold on to your bandwagon folks, you are about to learn why Clippers never wins big. At least you'll get to see Pat Bev tell you once again. "We really tried." 😂
Bo Stephens
Bo Stephens Month ago
I feel sorry for the lakers fans who thought when LeBron came it this wasn't going to happen. You look at your roster and have no building stones. Kuzma is it, but he has been treated like a non factor. LeBron has one more year of elite play, AD is going to sign 1+1 contract. In two years the Lakers will have no championships and no young building blocks. And no draft picks. And nobody is going to help them. And this is all because they picked LeBron instead of Kawhi, George, and their young drafted guys. It will be the biggest mistake in Lakers history. And I knew it 2 years ago. Next year all the other elite teams will be that much better and also 2 teams that will be right in the mix that took a break this year is Golden St and Brooklyn. LeBron is not winning another championship.... Short cutting do not prosper.
ampecsu Month ago
I hate when muhfuccas be like "I-I-I-I think that...."
Matt Rose
Matt Rose Month ago
what apparently no one realizes is that the knicks wanted Kuzma AND Green for Morris...Clippers just had to send Harkless who had no value
Brandon Cooper
Brandon Cooper Month ago
When Rich Bucher went on undisputed and smiled before saying "Marcus Morris was going to the Lakers" I knew right then they weren't getting Morris. Rich Bucher is always wrong with his trades. I remember he went on undisputed and said it was 96+% Kawhi was goin to the Lakers.
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