Clinched Widebody Mustang vs BMW M4 | CLINCHED Mustang Widebody

Clinched Flares
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Abandoned and Lonely Kelsy stubbles across two amazing Widebody Mustangs carving their way through the desert canyons. Where she get the chance to choose between the two and her decision is a surprising one, as they go onto show her a great time hitting the apecs of every turn in the canyons. What happens next is the real story.
Yellow Mustang with full carbon fiber Clinched widebody
Widebody kits, fender flares, ducktails and more at clinchedflares.com
Wheels: WWW.FERRADAWHEELS.COM | IG: @FerradaWheels
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Feb 7, 2018




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Comments 98
Sidcley Aguiar
Sidcley Aguiar 9 hours ago
qual é a musica que inicia aos 4:29 ?
Heloani Rebeca
Heloani Rebeca 2 days ago
Bosta de BMW a FORD mustang ganha
Skull 2 days ago
First u saw me girls instead of cars, then u quit Ennio Morricone :(
chicken salad
chicken salad 4 days ago
Film name please
Kriger X.
Kriger X. 7 days ago
I think we found Markiplier's luck Flannel
korkor odoi-agyarko
Am i the only one that thinks this is a video game glitch between two cars Don t get me wrong I like it
1 000 views video challenge
Anyone listening in October 2020? Only me?
Plate Productions
Plate Productions 11 days ago
where is the race what is this clickbait
Abhinn Seth
Abhinn Seth 12 days ago
The both bmw and mustang are cool but the wide body on mustang. 🔥🔥🔥
Omar Barakat
Omar Barakat 12 days ago
Amit Horo
Amit Horo 13 days ago
You know what...I figured out the interesting part of this video 1:46 😜😜
الاسد الاسعد
عيني ربك محلاكي 😍😍😍😍
Aðalbjörn Guðbrandsson
I wont let her in in my car fearing robbery. Since she doesnt look like shes lost in the desert. she looks like shes just chilling in her backyard
ϟVorqen 15 days ago
ϟVorqen 14 days ago
@Clinched Flares :D
Clinched Flares
Clinched Flares 15 days ago
Ewelina Izykowska
Ewelina Izykowska 15 days ago
Mustang 👍
Ali Saidi
Ali Saidi 18 days ago
ich bin Afgana kann ich mit Deise Auto Als fahren hatte ich keine Angst schreib wenn dir intrssiert
Home of Everything Calistutotials
What kind of a bitch she is
Zambee GameR
Zambee GameR 19 days ago
How the gold digger got at last LoL
Zyhro 20 days ago
What year is the grey stang 😍
Capetinha Posto
Capetinha Posto 20 days ago
Capetinha Posto
Capetinha Posto 20 days ago
Capetinha Posto
Capetinha Posto 20 days ago
Desdoblamiento Astral
Navibalin gurpreet 109
Ok ji O hlo
William Rosas
William Rosas Month ago
Mustang not BMW
# Rehman Aisco
# Rehman Aisco Month ago
إذا عربي اشترك بقناتي وشكرا
Omer Khalid
Omer Khalid Month ago
Kevin Dejeu
Kevin Dejeu Month ago
/T /I / |/ | .-~/ T\ Y I |/ / _ /T | \I | I Y.-~/ I l /I T\ | | l | T / __ | \l \l \I l __l l \ ` _. | \ ~-l `\ `\ \ \\ ~\ \ `. .-~ | \ ~-. "-. ` \ ^._ ^. "-. / \ | .--~-._ ~- ` _ ~-_.-"-." ._ /._ ." ./ >--. ~-. ._ ~>-" "\\ 7 7 ] ^.___~"--._ ~-{ .-~ . `\ Y . / |
Polaroid TXX
Polaroid TXX Month ago
I love the yellow widebody Mustang
derp TDM
derp TDM Month ago
We didnt get to see who was driving the Grey mustang
fenixa21AND Month ago
I was expecting some hardcore drifting. Yet it's just some sunday driving video. Very disappointed
Abhishek Sookun
Abhishek Sookun Month ago
anyone knows the second song as from 4:30 Please
ili speed
ili speed Month ago
its ferrada wheels ads ...f8
Black Dragon
Black Dragon Month ago
Три корыта которые,ломаються как жигули(или целка),а ремонт стоит,как полет на луну!А так,клип прикольный))
Привет брат.Заходи на мой каннал пажалустаи падписвайся па братски😔
be case
be case Month ago
BMW is an Quality Car😎 Mustang is a Plastik Car🦄
Juan jose Santillan
Xd you girl yes may
Gleb Goryatnin
Gleb Goryatnin Month ago
Что за песня на 5:50?
Gleb Goryatnin
Gleb Goryatnin Month ago
What the song on 5:50?
Iqbal Khan
Iqbal Khan Month ago
So cool case 🔥🔥🔥
Alex Figueroa Manríquez
El amarillo está mejor
Three likes
Three likes 2 months ago
Что за параша? В чём идея? Просто показать в конце палец, и какого хрена они по этой пустыни взад вперёд катаются,Без дела
Anonymous Youtuber
Anonymous Youtuber 2 months ago
Rule 34 amirite
Tymofii Zubko
Tymofii Zubko 2 months ago
Fabian Marco Schau
Fabian Marco Schau 2 months ago
So it's an ad. Wasted time
90% of me is fake
90% of me is fake 2 months ago
the gray one, the v6 yuck
Denis Manea
Denis Manea 2 months ago
Bmw the king
Siddharth Bobby
Siddharth Bobby 2 months ago
whts the name of 3rd music?
Dont fuck with mustang drivers
Haron93 Samadi
Haron93 Samadi 2 months ago
I don’t know if she was a gold digger or not but there was so many options 🤪
mahlil channel
mahlil channel 2 months ago
hy guys mari mampir donk ..
Zavarkinas 2 months ago
that happens when you swap bmw for Mustang.
Bedri Atmaca
Bedri Atmaca 2 months ago
MUSTANG ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎
SHELZI shelziff
SHELZI shelziff 2 months ago
Abel 2 months ago
Cars and girls 2 things that do not go together
ericsson900 2 months ago
Reason she got dumped because dandruff itching from begining of the video
Andrew Pugh
Andrew Pugh 2 months ago
The second song is called ( Evil ways - by Blue Saraceno )
المهرج القاتل
Анастасия Баринова
what kind of music was playing starting at 4 minutes ?
James Dent
James Dent 2 months ago
For everybody in germany (like me) don´t try this in your country :-D
blazing sniper
blazing sniper 2 months ago
that's one hell of a choice, get in a Mustang or get in a Mustang, considering they're both Mustangs
Morongoe Masipa
Morongoe Masipa 2 months ago
Your right it is really Osam
LP750-4 Supervelooe
LP750-4 Supervelooe 2 months ago
Mguelangel Sancho
Mguelangel Sancho 2 months ago
2014 widebody
Erik Babóš
Erik Babóš 2 months ago
Bad sound master but great collrs
Roman R
Roman R 2 months ago
Че за херня ? Она типо посмотрена на телку и она ей понравилась и она поэтому села . Пиз*ец
Manuel Véliz
Manuel Véliz 2 months ago
Jugando CRAZY SPEED: ruvid.net/video/video-8MRCcrhZ1T0.html
Michael P
Michael P 2 months ago
Unrealistic...... neither the Mustang or BMW driver tried to drift only to end up in a ditch 😂
yunus kaya
yunus kaya 2 months ago
Wolf's flogs
Wolf's flogs 2 months ago
This is not a BMW m4
Robert Perzyna
Robert Perzyna 2 months ago
Better mustang or BMW M4? 😄
Rocket Scientist
Rocket Scientist 3 months ago
YAIMV (Yet another idiot made video). Wasted 6min and 22 sec of my life. Stupid kidding on beautiful girl and just some random cars from street.
Elshan Efendiyev
Elshan Efendiyev 3 months ago
4:28 i liked cars in second!
mohamed Alie
mohamed Alie 3 months ago
Bmw love
Perfect Gaming
Perfect Gaming 3 months ago
When you want to explore something new . . . . .. . ... . .... . ..... . ...... . ....... . ........ . ......... . .......... Have you seen how Dodge Challenger wins separate battles? ruvid.net/video/video-8wbG34ZWUIE.html
MR X. ح 2008
MR X. ح 2008 3 months ago
MICROSOFT HQ 3 months ago
Does anyone think the story a little to lame for the cars why can they just be driving fuck the lame story
boeing777airplane8 3 months ago
The bmw m4 is better than ford mustang widebody
Zaki Rahim
Zaki Rahim 3 months ago
ههههه القحبة تبعت البيام دخل فيها فوك يو جزائري مرا من هنا لي تلقا بيا يخبط جام او كومنتار
260 captain tiger
260 captain tiger 3 months ago
Es hat kein Sinn ergeben 🤦🏾‍♂️
Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez 3 months ago
NEW Inventions
NEW Inventions 3 months ago
on big questions : What she did in the desert with that make up and sexy dress without any car our any thing ?
Thangminlen Kuki
Thangminlen Kuki 3 months ago
On a date with ur cheating dad I think
Renaud Villacis
Renaud Villacis 3 months ago
More gay propaganda
King Sheller 17
King Sheller 17 3 months ago
Arjun Sabu
Arjun Sabu 3 months ago
Myr poli sanam.🤩
Biburjom Ismailov
Biburjom Ismailov 3 months ago
Biburjom Ismailov
Biburjom Ismailov 3 months ago
Оазк пъедкх пзьп азаое азвокзньпзплпэплоэ ? ?бпьадпла
Biburjom Ismailov
Biburjom Ismailov 3 months ago
Оазабзпъкбаха жадашнклаха ахаmорзылпжаоа аоелай6еъпюпхпжаб ахдадахадаъпбухкюаъкёпжадаюе адабкаоаэл
Maurice Dufait
Maurice Dufait 3 months ago
المهند النعماني
⭕️⭕️\_______/⭕️⭕️ \Oo_____🇷🇺_____oO
zuriko chumburidze
zuriko chumburidze 3 months ago
like mustang!!
zuriko chumburidze
zuriko chumburidze 3 months ago
I lakje a mustang
Mascarado M
Mascarado M 3 months ago
Mustang grey mt foda
TONHO Shelby
TONHO Shelby 18 days ago
Né mustang é mustang
VEBA 3 months ago
Mustang oooo
Standartenführer 3 months ago
How did those fine Bavarian vehicles end up in the middle of nowhere?
Lietta Isotton
Lietta Isotton 3 months ago
Dls car custom
Dls car custom 3 months ago
Olá Clinched Flares tudo bem? Sou o Danilo do Canal Dls Car Custom, postamos diversas dicas sobre Customização Automotiva, Iluminação, restauração de veículos entre outras. Da uma olhadinha :ruvid.net/u-dlssom Abraços 🤩
LoRd aRmY
LoRd aRmY 3 months ago
Boths are mustang🙄🙄🙄
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