CLIMBING 999,999,999,999 FEET To HEAVEN In Roblox!

Pat & Friends
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We are playing Heaven Simulator in Roblox!
Pat's Instagram: instagram.com/popularmmospat/
Crainer's Instagram: instagram.com/MrCrainer/
We are playing Heaven Simulator in Roblox. We must climb the stairs to heaven!
Roblox: Heaven Simulator: deleted
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Comments 80
Shadow Gacha
Shadow Gacha Day ago
U need to make a new Roblox vids
Shadow Gacha
Shadow Gacha Day ago
Oops. New intro for Roblox vids
L Bui
L Bui 5 days ago
I don’t think no anyone would get there without spending robux😢
Selena Woodgate-Beauregard
That was not worth it it wanted my battery percentage
Vincent Bissacco
Vincent Bissacco 5 days ago
Shit, it’s over 9,000
Billy Rabacius
Billy Rabacius 6 days ago
In the game I have 17000
celine gionet
celine gionet 13 days ago
Tell craner to do hero simulator plz your biggest fan
Xct Scorpion
Xct Scorpion 15 days ago
I'm being serious but I got to the 50th cloud with out buying anything
Erin Oman
Erin Oman 19 days ago
I would say to join playing with the word when Zoe and her daughter is in it and I love your videos Pat and what kind of videos in Zoe’s in sausage it is with them in I have a question so is Austin town if OU final if they send it out to the Y today shopping why don’t they play with quite a top anymore can you tell me why…
Tanner Pease
Tanner Pease Month ago
Inara Smith
Inara Smith 2 months ago
crainer is so FUNNY!!! HAHAHA
Vicente Moreno
Vicente Moreno 2 months ago
My tooth came out oh my gosh so cool it feels like it's so good my kid by the way I have my dad's old phone and my tooth came out
Carolynn Bakeberg
Carolynn Bakeberg 2 months ago
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
George Franklin
George Franklin 2 months ago
aveaya alison schaffer
Gokoo you wach dragon ball z too
aveaya alison schaffer
Pat:im craine Crainer:no im crainer Pat:fine hi guys im pat
Linda Johnston
Linda Johnston 3 months ago
gray may
gray may 3 months ago
Crainer: punch that subscribe button! Me: ok! *punches screen* Crainer: ;-;
Abirds104 3 months ago
Master Mooshroom
Master Mooshroom 3 months ago
I love heaven 😇
Justyne Jaenna Isidoro
pat pls find me jellypop310
Leo Lumahang
Leo Lumahang 4 months ago
wooooooooow love you pat and criangner
Jeannie Gregory
Jeannie Gregory 4 months ago
Good video📹
ashley moore
ashley moore 4 months ago
okay i will punch subscribe button and that bell then the like button
Chloie Gay
Chloie Gay 4 months ago
finally getting back on Friday
Kenzie Carpenter
Kenzie Carpenter 4 months ago
crainer cheated like if u knew that
Otto B
Otto B 4 months ago
Is anyone watching in 2019
themightybevan4 E
themightybevan4 E 4 months ago
I hit the little BELLLLLL
Rialt Bislimi
Rialt Bislimi 4 months ago
the red one must of ben hell
Rialt Bislimi
Rialt Bislimi 4 months ago
vip doesnt steal your money
Heather Veen
Heather Veen 4 months ago
Keep the intro!!!!!!
Darth Fox
Darth Fox 5 months ago
Jason Romano
Jason Romano 5 months ago
Nehemiah Brinkman
Nehemiah Brinkman 5 months ago
OMG I just cracked my screen
Ginganinja :p
Ginganinja :p 5 months ago
Kathy Severson
Kathy Severson 5 months ago
Can we see crainer say: IM FOREGHN! In the vidieo at random times.
Carson Taylor
Carson Taylor 5 months ago
pls stay im foren!
Cam Diddy
Cam Diddy 5 months ago
U should play with other RUvidrs in Roblox
OP CallMeGreen
OP CallMeGreen 5 months ago
Royal Gaming
Royal Gaming 5 months ago
It's myb
Meepgaming OFFICIALS
Think about this... So, they have to buy jump boosts to get in heaven so basically you have to buy our way into heaven!
Thu Ya Soe Moe
Thu Ya Soe Moe 5 months ago
What game name is that in Roblox
Ronna Magruder
Ronna Magruder 5 months ago
Plz do a eating simulator
Dynamite Ethan
Dynamite Ethan 5 months ago
hey they took that intro from the comments
Animals Channel
Animals Channel 5 months ago
What's the name of this game
Tina James
Tina James 5 months ago
pat i love you and you craine love you both im poor i only have a tablit i can live BIG HUGS AND LOVE!!!!
Kingjackson 335
Kingjackson 335 5 months ago
Can't you just put a knife in your chest and go to heaven anyway?
Helen Wang
Helen Wang 5 months ago
怕他is the best thing
Helen Wang
Helen Wang 5 months ago
pa t
SkeletonKid 360
SkeletonKid 360 5 months ago
me and pat think the same thing! so right when pat bought the cloud i was like its Nibus from DBZ and he thought that too lol
anthony adamson
anthony adamson 5 months ago
I beat it without robux
Celeste Pothuizen
Celeste Pothuizen 6 months ago
hel yes ccreener
Ajohn Bassink
Ajohn Bassink 6 months ago
Beacon cream can finish this game
MrRhino 6 months ago
Just imagine Pat + Jen + Crainer + Thea doing one video? Lol amazing!!!! "(I'm close reaching 7k subs!)"
Genie Animation
Genie Animation 6 months ago
How about crainer for his intro just interrupt pats
Morgan H414
Morgan H414 6 months ago
your my biggest fan!!!!!
LittleBuddy10101 6 months ago
Bee Belle
Bee Belle 6 months ago
Bee and Belle
Bruno Ponte
Bruno Ponte 6 months ago
Play one of tofuu's games in Roblox not tefuu the fornite player the Roblox player
alfred ayson
alfred ayson 6 months ago
Crainer:Ahh im falling up! Pat:Oh good
Bestkio 6 months ago
Sorry tofuu beat the game
jojo cat lover
jojo cat lover 6 months ago
You play bot game lol
Prachnga Piseth Veha
the pets do nothing
Lala Awesome
Lala Awesome 6 months ago
keep the intro!!!!!!!!
Pooi Wen Qian *
Pooi Wen Qian * 6 months ago
Pat and Crainer cheat
Shaelin Janae
Shaelin Janae 6 months ago
I believe I can fly...on a cloud
jsrabani chakraborty
How to get robux
jsrabani chakraborty
Taco Time
Taco Time 6 months ago
Do "and I'm foran"
Jo-Jo Rose
Jo-Jo Rose 6 months ago
I sent u, crainer, and Jen a friend request on roblox I was wondering if you could accept it I am captonobveuz
luckyaiden 6 months ago
ᅧ져Mochi 6 months ago
1: Sierry tu mano 2: Sopla 3: Pide un deseo 4: Dale like 5: Escribe esto en 3 videos 6: Abre tu mano
Enzo Gaming
Enzo Gaming 6 months ago
um that game is no where near complete did u even read the sign at the end yall are nowhere near complete im just saying that
Merari Mile Vlogs
Merari Mile Vlogs 6 months ago
Did I just hear Crainer say blood sweat and tears I am ARMY
alondra laguna
alondra laguna 7 months ago
3:30 - 3:40 😂
Sauropody 7 months ago
How about i poke the bell
PopularMMShane Zaragoza
Can you guys pls make a epic proportion series or continue the crafting dead plsss they are my most favorite series plsss
Fredny Jane
Fredny Jane 7 months ago
Can u add a new channels for u , crainer and ssundee
Did he not see the rebirth button
shorty marie
shorty marie 7 months ago
does crainer do minecraft now
shorty marie
shorty marie 7 months ago
also pat can you play bloxburg with jen
Creative mr gold Gamimg
I was smashing that like button that I couldn’t watch the vid
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