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Join Click as we go head to head in a paintball Battle Royale!
Who's going to win?
Shout out to FRESH for joining us: ruvid.net/u-mrfreshasian
Special thanks to Delta Force Paintball:

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Apr 13, 2019

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Comments 6 390
Milez1 Brigham
Milez1 Brigham 14 hours ago
12:08 most saddest deaths In paint ball history 🤣
core7030 core7030
core7030 core7030 19 hours ago
Nooo lazar how could you die don’t die on me
Im_c21 21 hour ago
I see a theme among all the videos that include anything physical, Marcus wins
lukib 3349
lukib 3349 Day ago
I love how lannnan is wearing sidemen merch 😂😂
CurgurBG Day ago
Why is fresh a pickle
Fizza Haider
Fizza Haider Day ago
danial is dumb
Joe Troy
Joe Troy Day ago
Lannan is a shit duo in Fortnite and irl
Xavier MartinezGaming
Lazar beam was wereing sidemen mechanized just look at his pants
TeeConn Zdanowski
12:23 laser beam wearing Sdmn merch
Enchanted Crystal
Lazarbeam carried fresh for once
Tayten Long
Tayten Long Day ago
When Fresh left without Lazerbeam l was like at that moment he knew he fucked up
debbie hagan
debbie hagan Day ago
I wonder where I’ve seen this before
Qunic Blur
Qunic Blur Day ago
Everyone: (Fighting for their lives) Lazarbeam: Pickaxe only challenge?
Random Gamer37
12:11 nice sidemen merch
royal ghost
royal ghost Day ago
Is Lachlan in click
doge destroyer
I haven’t watched and I’m just gonna be happy as long as cray doesn’t win
Air Strike1
Air Strike1 Day ago
Anyone else realise Lannon was wearing sidemen merch?
Samuel Jebaraj
Does anyone else notice Lannon wearing sidemen pants. Just saying.
Eric Swenson
Eric Swenson 2 days ago
GOOD job
Exactly 22 Gaming
Try airsoft
ExoticGaming 810
ExoticGaming 810 2 days ago
Elliot's good at that
Ericson Ipan
Ericson Ipan 2 days ago
Irann Higgins
Irann Higgins 2 days ago
jediuab 2 days ago
who else noticed an editing glitch at 6:25?
Beck Parsons
Beck Parsons 2 days ago
Yoinked that idea straight from dude perfect
Jamie Haynes
Jamie Haynes 2 days ago
Marcus cheeted he short cray at point blank not 5 meters so cray won
DeadlyOrcx X
DeadlyOrcx X 2 days ago
Tell Lachlan and fresh to join click u would get more views
Seratul mustakim
Seratul mustakim 3 days ago
Why is lannan wearing sidemen
Mihkel Auväärt
Mihkel Auväärt 3 days ago
Anyone noticed that lannan had sidemen merch?
Ka Chuen Lam
Ka Chuen Lam 3 days ago
I saw the overwatch thingy :)
Stephanie Freas
Stephanie Freas 3 days ago
fresh looks sad at the end
Gordon Sleen
Gordon Sleen 3 days ago
were is ninja?
JAck Behan
JAck Behan 3 days ago
Why is lannen wearing sidemen bottoms 😂😂😂
Tarun Venkat
Tarun Venkat 3 days ago
Lazarbeam with the sidemen sweats
mason lymus
mason lymus 3 days ago
lazar and fresh should have won dumb shit science always win
Zach Westerfield
Zach Westerfield 4 days ago
love fresh's icon
Aaron Semmens
Aaron Semmens 4 days ago
Let fresh join Click pleeeeeaasse fresh is so fun and cool
Call_me_karma -
Call_me_karma - 4 days ago
I watched ever add can I get 2 like
It would be great if they did it again in teams and the tanks will have a more powerful you can shoot with only from the tank.
KingM0ose master
KingM0ose master 4 days ago
Elliot u need to get the wheat before u get the breaf
KingM0ose master
KingM0ose master 4 days ago
PawPatrolLover 4 days ago
Mr. beast did it better and firat
Chetan Jain
Chetan Jain 4 days ago
i lowkey wanted elliot to win
Nateontheguitar 5 days ago
Lannan’s wearing sidemen pants lol
Rosa Rodriguez
Rosa Rodriguez 5 days ago
Again please
Zsombor Pápai
Zsombor Pápai 5 days ago
Nobody talks about how good elliot actually did
Andrianna Jones
Andrianna Jones 5 days ago
Fresh was in a pickle🥁🥁
Jacob Boyer
Jacob Boyer 5 days ago
Muselk:No fresh to close Shoots fresh🤦🏻‍♂️
FSOD 01 5 days ago
nubble the gnome
nubble the gnome 5 days ago
Marcus shot him within 5 meters
Sally Charles
Sally Charles 6 days ago
My names Marcus
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