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Join Click as we go head to head in a paintball Battle Royale!
Who's going to win?
Shout out to FRESH for joining us: ruvid.net/u-mrfreshasian
Special thanks to Delta Force Paintball:

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Loserfruit | ruvid.net/u-TheLoserfruit
Crayator | ruvid.net/u-Crayator
BazzaGazza | ruvid.net/u-BazzaGazza
Marcus | instagram.com/marcus_/
LazarBeam | ruvid.net/u-LazarBeam
Production Team:
Producer | Grace Watkins
Producer | Nicole Constantine
Video Editor | Bryce Holloway
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Comments 100
Yousuf Khan
Yousuf Khan 44 minutes ago
They should hide balloons as a shield potion who finds it can blow it and use like so they can see
I love Charlie Yo mama so rich
Fresh heated Elliot
Angel Paredes
Angel Paredes 15 hours ago
Glossy Boi
Glossy Boi 17 hours ago
0:50 "I Have Asthma!' Made me crack up!🤣🤣🤣🤣
Zorux 17 hours ago
Try airsodt lmao
Daniel Yeromenko
Daniel Yeromenko 21 hour ago
Bssu Xujxjx
Bssu Xujxjx 21 hour ago
Laser beam is wearing sideman merch
im a reject
im a reject 23 hours ago
I thought you couldn't shoot within 5 meters of each other??? someone, please explain how they were not within 5 meters at the end
P0W3R_ HelloMe
12:15 is that sidemen pants?!
Jackson'svlogz TV
Lazarbeam was wearing sidemen merch!!!
Jonileo Johan
Pubg logic If ur teammate almost died just hold ur hand in the air Save Fornite logic eating whit a button pickaxe can break exerything Minecraft logic Nobody know gravity Ur the criminal You kill and mine thats it
azuzu blabla
azuzu blabla Day ago
Press F for lazerbeam
xXwolfman 4343Xx
Why does Cray remind my of doctor robotnik from the new sonic movie?????
Melz B
Melz B Day ago
Imagine if lannan clutch it like if you aggree
Karis Brown
Karis Brown Day ago
Lannan wore sdmn merch 😣
Bob Full
Bob Full Day ago
Why is it when click does any game with balloons lannan ends up in a 2v1 situation
Noemi Alvarez
1 like equals 1 R.I.P for Lannan
LongBow823 -_-
If Loserfruit was fighting, she would have won
Lego Land
Lego Land Day ago
Bro it’s paintball just Don’t use the balloons And shoot each other
Michael Motola
I like how lazarbeam has a gingerbread shirt
game pro
game pro Day ago
Bazza in albanian mean base
Mitch Trewin
Mitch Trewin Day ago
Bit of a boring video if im honest ☹️
Mr. Purple Shadow
Oh well, fresh is in a pickle Sweating can’t save him now
Ihar 1
Ihar 1 2 days ago
They have been advertising this place down in Melbourne for years and now I find out its not even in Victoria
Eli Walls
Eli Walls 2 days ago
Am I the only one that laughs at Lannan when he runs
Hugo Pieterse
Hugo Pieterse 2 days ago
The only way to kill Muselk is teaming
NinjaShadow 123
NinjaShadow 123 2 days ago
Lazarbeam was wearing sidemen merch
Justin Tomson
Justin Tomson 2 days ago
Marcus was in meters
Jon Vulaj
Jon Vulaj 2 days ago
He’s great with nerf guns but not paint ball guns
GamerTris 2 days ago
Rj Turnbull
Rj Turnbull 2 days ago
michael rod
michael rod 2 days ago
whn muselk talk my sound stoped
Cryspycrisp Gacha
12:19 NOOOOOOOO LAZARRR 1 like for lazar's proud fighting 😭 R.I.P LAZAR
Omar Sheikh
Omar Sheikh 3 days ago
This is like MRBEAST battle royal
the gaming moustache
When you whistled my puppy woke up
cdh775 3 days ago
the yellow jacket looks like banana skin from fortnite loll
Lincoln Orlowski
Lincoln Orlowski 3 days ago
Lannan placed 3rd
KoyKo -Fortnite
KoyKo -Fortnite 3 days ago
Lazar is sooo funny
chad hinkle
chad hinkle 4 days ago
Lazer and fressh
Luke Aschbrenner
Luke Aschbrenner 4 days ago
Noooo gingie
EpicSnip3r21 4 days ago
RIP Lannan
Kola Gaming
Kola Gaming 4 days ago
Why do i get more mad when lazar loses then lazar himself
Rhianna Mckie
Rhianna Mckie 4 days ago
Isn’t dis what mrbeast did
Nasser Lakraidi
Nasser Lakraidi 4 days ago
I want lannan( Lazer beam) to win lol like always
Ayysa01 23 hours ago
Just Stuff
Just Stuff 4 days ago
It's a shame lazarbeam didn't get to top 2 because knowing him he would find a way to do a heal off or some other meme strat.
Gregory Kwapis
Gregory Kwapis 5 days ago
eneyone notic lazerbeam is wearing sidemen pants
adi gaming
adi gaming 5 days ago
Lazar wearing sidemen clothing
Kazuto Sempai
Kazuto Sempai 5 days ago
*shit, fresh got face revealed*
Ethan Kenworthy
Ethan Kenworthy 5 days ago
Not laserbeam
Ethan Kenworthy
Ethan Kenworthy 5 days ago
Noooo musulck
Melbourne Bongcaron
Is Elliot Rambo?
Preston Levesque
Preston Levesque 5 days ago
Gingy no!
Flare Gaming
Flare Gaming 5 days ago
12:19 is that sidemen merch
CJA 5 days ago
I think everyone watching this wanted lazarbeam to win AM I RIGHT
Benn Robb
Benn Robb 2 days ago
Yup I did
Jezzer Merrel
Jezzer Merrel 5 days ago
Awww i was counting on Lannan awww
mr raccoon
mr raccoon 5 days ago
1: 54 my uncle
Evan Greenawalt
Evan Greenawalt 5 days ago
Dennisddt 5 days ago
lannan repping sidemen merch.
Megatgm Da gsmer
Megatgm Da gsmer 5 days ago
I saw lazer beam was wearing sidemen trousers
Copper 5 days ago
Like=LazarBeam Comment=Muselk Comment 2 times=bazaar Comment3 times= Marcus Comment 4 times=cray Comment 5 times=fresh You don’t get one lufu ur not fighting in a pickle or a guily or a gingerbread suit
Kenneth Olsson
Kenneth Olsson 5 days ago
i sov fresh fase
JAkak DUsiosj
JAkak DUsiosj 6 days ago
How the f&*% did Lazar not win this.
Dark Steel
Dark Steel 6 days ago
1225 lannan is wearing sideman merch
Adam De Haas
Adam De Haas 6 days ago
Muselk looks like elon musk
Loxzer 6 days ago
Im here for muselk and fresh and lazarbeam
Marcus Davies
Marcus Davies 6 days ago
My name is Marcus
Musa Rana
Musa Rana 6 days ago
I love Cary’s mentality, I don’t wanna kill him, I feel so bad for him
Dominic Hill
Dominic Hill 6 days ago
We jack from titanic died😑 we lannan died😭😔
PlushieFoxy 6 days ago
Hi click
Luke Cardin
Luke Cardin 6 days ago
The real winner is loser fruit because she didn’t get shot
Saunce 6 days ago
like bullet flies by behind back, ELIMANATED!
Owen Peel
Owen Peel 6 days ago
lazar beam eacsaly try
Paul Lancaster
Paul Lancaster 6 days ago
The delta force things are the onee my pauntball place uses (delra paint ball) and I am in UK
ImaGamer _
ImaGamer _ 6 days ago
So pretty much mrbeasts battle royals but it’s solo
Gameplay Power
Gameplay Power 6 days ago
Fresh needs to join click
SS_ zilo
SS_ zilo 6 days ago
This so borinf
SILENT X 6 days ago
Y don't they add lachlan 🤔
Michael The-Beast
yay fresh is the best ;p
olga rivera
olga rivera 7 days ago
ConsiderYourSelf Dumb
I’m gonna die really fast,probably -LazarBeam
Abdul Rehman Ghumman
Ronan Moldenhauer
Nooooooooooooo muselk why
usk BlestLanden
usk BlestLanden 7 days ago
Watch mrbeast be there
Virgilitron 7 days ago
Lazerbeam go
NicoSpectro 3
NicoSpectro 3 7 days ago
Lannan is wearing sidemen pants
Elvis Medina
Elvis Medina 7 days ago
Want to see fresh's face 😒
Cheo rios
Cheo rios 7 days ago
This was great! Fresh carrying lazarbeam and then the ending was great
Kaden Chambers
Kaden Chambers 7 days ago
Ginge is dead
Josiah Hicks
Josiah Hicks 7 days ago
Cray should of won
Josiah Hicks
Josiah Hicks 7 days ago
Didn’t you say you can’t shoot balloons 5 meters or closer
D-D-D_Dani 7 days ago
Team pickles
Duke the Newfie
Duke the Newfie 7 days ago
I love battle Royale vids plz do more
The Hacker101
The Hacker101 7 days ago
Awwwww I wanted fresh to win😕
IUSTI 1 7 days ago
Dude perfect btw
THEGAMERBOYYY 26 7 days ago
To close
Jax B
Jax B 8 days ago
wizardlylime 637
wizardlylime 637 8 days ago
Sidemen merch i see on lanan
Tommydodger 8 days ago
It’s pickle fresh!
LP TNT 8 days ago
Larsarbum still win
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