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Join Click as we go head to head in a paintball Battle Royale!
Who's going to win?
Shout out to FRESH for joining us: ruvid.net/u-mrfreshasian
Special thanks to Delta Force Paintball:

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BazzaGazza | ruvid.net/u-BazzaGazza
Marcus | instagram.com/marcus_/
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Production Team:
Producer | Grace Watkins
Producer | Nicole Constantine
Video Editor | Bryce Holloway
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Apr 13, 2019




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Comments 80
SAMARTH SAINI 5 hours ago
Sandy Sherman
Sandy Sherman 15 hours ago
Freshs` back must hurt from carrying lannan all day
Lazarbeam carried fresh
spiral- bongodrum
Y is lannan wearing sidemen merch
Eddy Grigoryan
Did i see that Lazar had sidemen trousers
Callum Pepper
Who's watching in 2020!?
Alfie Henderson
You guys can fuck off I wanted fresh to win
Ramy Tesfay
Ramy Tesfay Day ago
I love how Lazerbeam is wearing side men trousers
Andre Felipe Caamal
Only if fresh or lazer won they would be proud of each other
M Sen
M Sen 2 days ago
Just like mrbeast thing
Tristan Holt
Tristan Holt 2 days ago
12:15 he fought well
JoogieJay Gaming
JoogieJay Gaming 2 days ago
Cray was just camping
Sam buster
Sam buster 2 days ago
Lazar died :(
Matthew Grove
Matthew Grove 2 days ago
Why balloons its paintball
Karla cruz
Karla cruz 3 days ago
Horsey 3 days ago
0:28 “ how to win a victory royale “ 🤣
Rodrigo Chan
Rodrigo Chan 3 days ago
Larsarbeam noooooooo
Meme Meme
Meme Meme 3 days ago
anyone notice lannon sidemen tracksuit bottoms
Owen Gaming01
Owen Gaming01 3 days ago
Muselk is a banana
iiclapZ_you 3 days ago
Actually cray won cause you cant shoot within 5 meters
Yu Syuan the Dragon
I was thinking that I knew where this was but the paintball canister that said Delta force just proved that I played there before and it makes me feel good. Thought I recognised the bus and the sheriff's castle. Oh and the helicopter. Sad that I couldn't get to play in the chopper.
It's Johnny Boy
It's Johnny Boy 3 days ago
Why was fresh not cranking 90s
JoHs JoHs
JoHs JoHs 3 days ago
Marcus had heavy advantages whit the ghille suit snd the black bloons
quiet games 3649
quiet games 3649 3 days ago
no go sub to me
Cole Gibilisco
Cole Gibilisco 3 days ago
I was like wth if Lazzar then I saw the front and I was like omg it’s gingy
Uncle Bob
Uncle Bob 4 days ago
I littarly just broke my pc when Lannan died
Dectective Baconman
I think the wood pop lazar balloons
Ae K
Ae K 4 days ago
Here Lannans got sidemen clothing on
Laurynas Palsauskas
Fuck cray mate he teamd with like 3 to 4 playres
VG Toxic
VG Toxic 4 days ago
Did anyone notice Lannan wearing Sidemen merch
Dwight .K. Schrute
Nobody: Me when I see Fresh: It’s Pickle Rick
PuRp T4FEヅ
PuRp T4FEヅ 4 days ago
8:02 father and son moment
Podcast Central
Podcast Central 4 days ago
Gotta respect lannan wearing the sidemen merch
Switch Bradders
Switch Bradders 5 days ago
Lannan with the sidemen merch 😂
BatDuck 5 days ago
At least Bazza didn’t win
Daniel Irwin
Daniel Irwin 5 days ago
Muselk: I almost popped it! I am a GOD!!!
Temp Gaming
Temp Gaming 5 days ago
Help click get to 3 mil pls
iba 5 days ago
[Adult Swim]
Shaemill 5 days ago
Saman Ravanparvar
Hudson Ellis
Hudson Ellis 5 days ago
Team pickle
Llama Boy
Llama Boy 5 days ago
Ngtl fresh looks like a pro
Darkbulb1 6 days ago
I actually love the way this is edited and produced its like real paintball mixed with red vs blue comedy
Muhammed Ihsan Choonara
Anyone see Lazarbeam wearing sidemen merch😂👏🏽🙌🏽🔥
Jackson Berlin
Jackson Berlin 6 days ago
Good job taking ideas for dude perfect
PIT VIPPERZ 6 days ago
12:26 did anyone else notice Lazar beam wearing sidemen merch and click are a direct copy of sidemen😂😂
niyaz shaikh
niyaz shaikh 6 days ago
this is awsome . I want to try this please
Mixed Films
Mixed Films 6 days ago
Let’s be honest, we were all voting for lazar even though we knew he was gonna lose 😂😂
Jennifer Strickland
Rip lazar
Noah Witherow
Noah Witherow 6 days ago
Who else is bored watching these during quarrintin
Benjamin Kuppler
Benjamin Kuppler 7 days ago
Muselk ruins the videos
Kenneth Baggett
Kenneth Baggett 7 days ago
Nobody: Cray: I HAVE ATHSMA
Jake Tarry-Roots
Jake Tarry-Roots 7 days ago
First fresh is carrying lazar in fortnight now hez carrying him in paintball
Ace VybeZ
Ace VybeZ 7 days ago
I wanted lazerbeam to win
Noop Noop
Noop Noop 7 days ago
12:48 that’s what she said!!!
Poasa Iona
Poasa Iona 7 days ago
Elliot is annoying
Mark Bos
Mark Bos 7 days ago
🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒 i love 🐈🐈🐱🐱🐈🐱🐱🐱🐈🐈🐱🐱🐈🐈
Rafa monte
Rafa monte 7 days ago
lazar and sidemen
Henry Walter
Henry Walter 7 days ago
Awe I was really hoping for the pickle suit
Nathan Parker
Nathan Parker 7 days ago
Where them bush camping defaults
Gabby Hay
Gabby Hay 7 days ago
i swear Marcus wins everything
Hunter Thelen
Hunter Thelen 7 days ago
Love the Gingy outfit Lazarbeam
Shari Richmond
Shari Richmond 7 days ago
Not far Lannan should have won
NinjaTF27 Ok
NinjaTF27 Ok 8 days ago
Lennon died bye streamer btw
N0t_Ging3r 8 days ago
lannan was wearing sidemen merch
lama gama
lama gama 8 days ago
I noticed lannan is wearing sidemen joggies
MineCraft Noobs
MineCraft Noobs 8 days ago
What cray say at 0:50 is exactly what I say every time I’m in P.E class
Matthias Wong
Matthias Wong 8 days ago
Honestly the only team I respect I fresh and Lannan at least they weren't as rebellious as muselk and Cray and Marcus
Hifivemaster 2169
Juan Almanza
Juan Almanza 9 days ago
MN Productions
MN Productions 10 days ago
Lannan should have posted the shield on the slit that cray was getting him through, and focused on Marcus, he easily woulda won.
Aniruddh77 10 days ago
Love your vids
Sawyer Zuk
Sawyer Zuk 10 days ago
Why does it kinda feel like the movies fury when Lannan is in the tank
George Engelbrecht
George Engelbrecht 11 days ago
12:15 he’s wearing sidemen clothing
Gøt_Alexator Α.
Gøt_Alexator Α. 11 days ago
Lazar with the sidemen pants let's gooo
Conor O'Brien
Conor O'Brien 11 days ago
Did anyone see lazarbeam wearing sidemen merch
Baba _ tunde
Baba _ tunde 11 days ago
Lannon was wearing sidemen pants
Pava Papas
Pava Papas 11 days ago
F for Lannan 😭😭😭
Riley Arkwright
Riley Arkwright 12 days ago
12:26 lannan is waering sidemen trackies, never new he was a sidemen fan
Mist Bacon
Mist Bacon 12 days ago
Metres or meters
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