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This is the biggest deal to ever go down on this channel! RUvid Superheroes Cleetus McFarland Cooper made the haul from Florida to Georgia to race his Ford Galaxie against the OG Roadkill Ramp Truck. Both have turbocharged Cummins 6BT 5.9L Diesel engines. Both have speed parts from Powerdriven Diesel and they both roll coal.
The Galaxy has the edge in the weight department because the Ramp Truck is a 9,500 lb Chevy R30 Crew Cab with a ramp bed on the back. But the Ramp Truck has twin turbskies, larger fuel delivery valves, better valve springs and a few other tricks that may even the playing field. Who will win this battle Royale of homebuilt hot rods?
Meanwhile, Mike Cotten and David Newbern have been thrashing to get Newbern's Attempted Murder Nova back together with it's new 550ci Big-Block Chevy. In Episode 73 we nearly got it running before a messed up flywheel stopped the starter motor from cranking the big block. This time the engine is rumbling thanks to a new billet flywheel and twin-disc racing clutch from Mantic and Newbern finally gets a chance to run the car down the dragstrip.
Want more info on the parts? Visit manticclutchusa.com to get your hands on the same clutch we used.
and visit Summit Racing for the 0.200-inch longer Moroso fuel pump pushrod:

Want any of the swag you see in the vid? Visit www.fsmgarage.com
and cleetusmcfarland.com

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Jul 3, 2019




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Comments 100
Ben Nicol
Ben Nicol 26 days ago
We need vette cart vs vette cart
John O'brien
John O'brien Month ago
Hahaha, "just put it on kill!!" F'n made my shitty day MUCH better!!! Thanks guy's!!
Lynerd Skynerd
Lynerd Skynerd Month ago
Cords aren’t showing, you’re good!
Lynerd Skynerd
Lynerd Skynerd Month ago
Where is all our money going? Shipping parts next day air?
Lynerd Skynerd
Lynerd Skynerd Month ago
These guys don’t care what they’re driving or how fast they’re going, they just love to race! # having fun
SLAM BOY 2 months ago
Should of wired a steak to that stove pipe .
SLAM BOY 2 months ago
I was so focused on the mask I thought the nova was a UPS truck tailgating .
SLAM BOY 2 months ago
It wasn't really longer it was just capped on the ends .
Rust 4 Car
Rust 4 Car 2 months ago
hi bro look in Russia they are building Gasser ruvid.net/show-UCbhPUT9bs_6OEGGtoc6Fhqg ruvid.net/video/video-XUBMmMfYLtc.html ruvid.net/video/video-v916iWKLkfE.html ruvid.net/video/video-uf7mcbevMZY.html
Gary Will
Gary Will 2 months ago
I've driven through Atlanta twice and that was plenty for me. I'm not sure how they get that much traffic having that many lanes
Gamecock Mike
Gamecock Mike 2 months ago
Cleetus's diesel looks like it has a skip. When he was going back by Finnegan, you could see it like peak and then drop off, peak and then drop off. Maybe that's just a diesel. I don't know.
Darren Farrell
Darren Farrell 2 months ago
what year is the nova
Milo Wolf
Milo Wolf 2 months ago
You never appreciate how tall Cleetus is until he's standing next to a Lilliputian like Finnegan ( sorry mate! ). The race was epic, I love the OG Roadkill ramp truck and that Galaxy. I wish I had an opportunity to relearn and work on cars like this ( diesel or gas ).
Mr. C
Mr. C 3 months ago
Cooper looks like Bud from Father knows best
Adam Childers
Adam Childers 3 months ago
Oh God! Its cleeter before freedom really took hold and grew a mullet. 👍🇺🇸
Milo Wolf
Milo Wolf 3 months ago
I've been following Finnegan since roadkill and Cleetus since Ruby the junk auction Corvette. They stand as my two favorite RUvidrs so far. A definite inspiration to chalk up my design for what I hope to one day call "Ol' Decker". Either a hemi or LS powered Buick Park Avenue. One day to hopefully race at least one of them.
Bryan Wayne
Bryan Wayne 3 months ago
Tell Beaker we all said Hello!
Bass 'n Kitties
Bass 'n Kitties 3 months ago
I want some nitrous on the truck! 100mph is a sketchy af /achievable goal in the quarter!
Bud D
Bud D 3 months ago
The cloud in the sky at 18:47 looks like a chick with a rather large nose.
M. Nichols
M. Nichols 3 months ago
That's actually Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth with some hair...
AussieZ X
AussieZ X 3 months ago
cleetus need get his tilt tray truck he has at race track race you so truck vs truck then it be fair, he better get off bum fix there truck next race they drive there as well like you did with car on back. did cleetus cheat by using nitrous vs fin had none i bet u cleetus my lost it if had no nitrous.
Bill Bayless
Bill Bayless 4 months ago
Andrew Bush
Andrew Bush 4 months ago
I just realized that it's almost as fast hot rod garage's foxbody mustard
matthew majcher
matthew majcher 5 months ago
How tall is Cleetus? He towers over Mike and Mike isn't exactly short...
Matthew Califana
Matthew Califana 6 months ago
I had a nove with a Hugh Fuel leak ( dump ) Smokey was after my ass / All he had 2 do was light a match ,Fixed it with a maverick gas tank . lol
Cody Campbell
Cody Campbell 6 months ago
this one never gets old.. bold cotten.. electron microscope unchle bobby!!! What else can one want? BOLD BALD EAGLES!!!!
Ezra begin
Ezra begin 6 months ago
when gas poured out I was dead laughing
shaun milnes
shaun milnes 6 months ago
Smear some grease or anti seize on your gaskets and they'll stay in place when you're putting things together
The spirit Of 76
The spirit Of 76 7 months ago
I love the look of roached lacquer paint on a car
ICUSteal 7 months ago
VERY cool video! Thanks!
Jakethecat57x28 7 months ago
The fact that the big ass truck can still pull 15 second quarter miles is nuts.
Ron Wade
Ron Wade 7 months ago
Screw a long bolt in that open hole in the front of the block and the pushrod will stay up whilst puting in the pump.
old man river rimington
Freakin Newburg
old man river rimington
Good luck Cleetus, your in the pits with the big boys. Hell yeah Brother! 🤘🤘
old man river rimington
I was a Finnegan fan before there was a like button. Cleetus doesn't have a chance.
Jacob Stewart
Jacob Stewart 7 months ago
Building a 73 hearse. Twin turbo lq4/4l80e. It’s on my channel. I wanna race with y’all one day lol
Glockspecific 7 months ago
I would drive that thing around and beat the hell out of it, NOS also!!
My2 Cents
My2 Cents 7 months ago
All that time and money in the ramp truck and its slow lol..... cool but slow...
Chicago Vasko
Chicago Vasko 7 months ago
A rolling burnout is way more decent than a sitting 1.
RADB 02 7 months ago
Cleetus needs to build his flat bed truck to compete with the ramp truck 😎
Michael Benoit
Michael Benoit 7 months ago
Man diesel drag races are slow but boy it shire is fun cuz you can feel the torque in them.
Gary Arbogast
Gary Arbogast 7 months ago
Propane is the other nitrous for Diesel engines, not sure how it compares to nitrous performance wise, but makes them run real good.
vance warner
vance warner 7 months ago
Preston Cook
Preston Cook 8 months ago
I like the click bait
Tzorb 8 months ago
Dave was hauling ass to only get a 12.
RenoF250 8 months ago
That Galaxy needs a big skull on the exhaust so it blows out the mouth and little holes in the head.
J.J. Clingman
J.J. Clingman 8 months ago
Newborn who in the heck dumps 5 gallons of fuel on the race track?? For real bud that was good!!
J.J. Clingman
J.J. Clingman 8 months ago
Hey Finnegan I have a SBC Dart 400 block that I am building a 421 stroker!!! Does the SBC Dart blocks also take a longer fuel pump rod like the big blocks do?? Thanks in advance buddy!!
Matthew Baquero
Matthew Baquero 8 months ago
Someone jumped the start :D
Frank Mindel
Frank Mindel 8 months ago
What ya running for wheels and tires on the OG Ramp Truck ?
ExploreCR 506
ExploreCR 506 8 months ago
Weeell since Cletus got a new ramp truck at the freedom factory I think this video should be re done
Kristoffer Ek
Kristoffer Ek 8 months ago
seriusly I wanna see a road kill and or Cleetus mcFarland car pack for forza horizon or Forza motorsports so bad. please please please see what you guy's can do about it.
Josh of the Findley Tribe
Cleetus driving the truck at the end........grinning. It made me feel like a kid with him. lol
Dflo Dflow
Dflo Dflow 8 months ago
Stupid cleatus what ah jerk ahhahahaha
tyler bonser
tyler bonser 8 months ago
Must not be a very strict track.
Scrapsteen Life In The Forks
That flywheel looks like the starter needed some shims.
Carol Thomas
Carol Thomas 8 months ago
You need to bypass Atlanta.. there are some outer roads that can save you a lot of time.
FUN VINES 8 months ago
Well, Obviously I dont know wtf im talking about.. Wasnt even the car. lol. But I miss the mullet Cleetus. Whats the deal Bruh?
FUN VINES 8 months ago
I cant help but think ... if you guys are willing to use a carb like that what other cheap internet special parts are on that thing? now that I look closer the entire engine looks like a stock 2 bolt internet special. Not Good Ya'll. But, Im only 3 minutes into the clip. I could be talking out my ass but looks to me like ol' Cleetus is gonna smoke that cheap ass p.o.s.
WillardCrafto 8 months ago
When did you paint the hood
Dylan Peterson
Dylan Peterson 8 months ago
That 60 is a lot better than what i expected. Held him off for a while, too!
doesitmatter 9 months ago
Hell yeah brother
fupenasty 10 months ago
Spec clutches are junk
Jeff Leblanc
Jeff Leblanc 10 months ago
Speed kill buy a ford
Jeff Leblanc
Jeff Leblanc 10 months ago
Go. Come on finnegan kick some cleetus ass ramp truck will smoke ford my prediction it’s gonna run a 1390
Jeff Leblanc
Jeff Leblanc 10 months ago
Oh well smoked him off the line get some nitrous finnegan I gotta admit you could have not got beat buy a nicer guy
Nate C
Nate C 11 months ago
I hate Cleetus for the personality he portays on his channel but he seems like such a cool and down to earth guy in other peoples videos. Either way this was awesome Mike!
Xavier Payne
Xavier Payne 11 months ago
fisty mopar
fisty mopar Year ago
I love it $700 worth of ignition box and a 7 PSI mechanical fuel pump. That's why I watch. \M/
Finnegan's Garage
Thanks for watching!
morphman21 Year ago
If anyone wants to skip to the dragstrip action it's at 9:00
Bobbydog66 Year ago
Any idea the name of the music around 13:00 when they show off the galaxie?
Marcos Garcia
Marcos Garcia Year ago
You should get the vet-cart an Leroy together an have some roadkill fun 🦅🏎
The action is awesome and fun, but the music selection for your videos is even better; Quinton Tarrantino would be proud!!!
24.12 wooohooo bahaha slowmo its funny asf hahahaha
M DC Year ago
Good stuff as always.
David Parker
David Parker Year ago
is newbern related to frank fritz?
a tribute to Yeah, Sure
Fetus McFartman.
Mike deAngelo
Mike deAngelo Year ago
i aint a car man but this is so kewl
CambridgeMart Year ago
Curious to know why you're using a mechanical fuel pump instead of an electric one.
EnfieldJoe Year ago
Looks like alot of fun. Love this channel.... When will you post some drag boat video?
Shayne Dumas
Shayne Dumas Year ago
HELL YEAH!!! Loved it Mike
Alex Year ago
Uncle Preston
Uncle Preston Year ago
I think ruby and blastphemi would be a better match
jfv65 Year ago
Cool vidjeo but why is that Galaxy burning half of it's fuel in the friggin exhaust?
Fordworth 75
Fordworth 75 Year ago
Lose the Dodge rocker cover cover on the OG.
Sam Lopez
Sam Lopez Year ago
Bawggin deep!
Sam Lopez
Sam Lopez Year ago
@ cleater you did it for merica and was awsome......
Chris Booboo
Chris Booboo Year ago
Glad to see you have a couple of buddies helping out.
Dustin Fake
Dustin Fake Year ago
i'm learning that Finnegan is the better auto tech.
shugga leaf
shugga leaf Year ago
Best colab ever!
John Z
John Z Year ago
LOL,, you guys have entirely too much fun,, we LUV IT,, Haell Yeah!
Reeble Snarfle
Doogie H
Doogie H Year ago
Anodized makes ze nipples hard
Joseph Kutta
Joseph Kutta Year ago
Bet the Ramp Truck could still run a hi 15 with the Nova still strapped down on the back.
Chris Delagarza
The Gee-tah Guy
These problems seem to occur because these automotive technology companies produce high quality parts, but they don't interface well in real applications. You have to check EVERYTHING physically for compatibility before and after the install, and then find all the things you still missed BEFORE they destroy your build.
otm646 Year ago
In the Dart technical documentation It's specifically states you need a fuel pump pushrod that's 0.200" longer. He did not read the damn manual, it's that easy.
Nile9063 Year ago
That Galaxie looks mental...
Darrell Henson
I would love to daily the Galaxy if I knew anything about diesels! Lol
Dave MacFarland
18:40 dude wait for the light
Dennis Snell
Dennis Snell Year ago
Hey I guessed between 15.8 to 16.3 for the first run with the ramp truck.. nice run for sure. That's actually pretty quick for that massive truck.. good job mang..
kondrup diving
Duncan Lamph
Duncan Lamph Year ago
I like how they're having fun with it and come out of this laughing and smiling instead of pissed and at each others throats.
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