Cleetus & I Ripping A Never Driven Before Sema “Slingray"!

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Dec 4, 2018




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Comments 100
Swordz Man
Swordz Man 6 days ago
The yellow Monaro!! Even if its badged GTO, I want it! It's a Monaro though. Made by Holden.
Liten Fara
Liten Fara 3 months ago
I really like those big wheels. Theoretically they make more square contact to the road. And the proportions are so gorgeous.
Jonathan T
Jonathan T 3 months ago
Kurt Sumthinorother
Kurt Sumthinorother 4 months ago
That thing would make an insane track car. Has to be under 2000 pounds. Needs a Kevlar vette body.
Asets ISR
Asets ISR 6 months ago
Great success 😁👍
Brandon Thomas
Brandon Thomas 6 months ago
Totally needs to be the new Leroy 2.0
Chevy Racer
Chevy Racer 6 months ago
Yeah yeah behind my ear says the dog.
Chuck Fowler
Chuck Fowler 6 months ago
Boy that scraping sounds awful hope nothing is messed up.
Skeeter McSwagger
Skeeter McSwagger 6 months ago
Pro-line RC should make a lexon body for this car!!!@
BryDuhBikeGuy 7 months ago
See;those guys built the Drag into their race car.(that is an awesome skeleton frame,and rear drive set-up.Wow)
joshs199 7 months ago
I would have dogged the shit out of that thing..! Jeremy is way more conservative than I would have expected. Don't be a pussy Jeremy..! If the owner says you can rip it....then rip it son..!!!
Don Hart
Don Hart 7 months ago
That is awesome....
Hygenic option
Hygenic option 7 months ago
Will get a bit of heat there bus few rocks too z?
Winston Pratt
Winston Pratt 7 months ago
Cleeter for real looked like a giraffe when he did the mouth thing 💯
BryDuhBikeGuy 7 months ago
Yes.We'll stick with that.
Bob Jones
Bob Jones 7 months ago
Hey Jeremy your awesome enjoy u and cletus y’all work good together
Wesley Lara
Wesley Lara 8 months ago
Loving Cooper more and more he is on the camera he is funny af
H3R3T1C 8 months ago
God damn.... That thing sounds downright musical when she's revving up. As soon as the noise of that Blower kicks in under power, it sounds like an orchestra from hell is belting into a crescendo lol. Some people like how Turbos sound, but I'm more of a Supercharger kind of guy.
Zach 10 months ago
Ohhh, but that constant and random belly scrape! They gotta raise that wild cat another two inches. Give it room to bog.
jeebah jeebz
jeebah jeebz Year ago
That thing is so stupid looking great skill building it but why
Pieter de Wit
Pieter de Wit Year ago
I'm impressed. :-)
watahyahknow Year ago
you know wat would be funny , to make a clear plastic one piece body for it and mount it to the chassis using splitpins through its roof and bonnet , like one of those radio controlled racecars , maibe even mount a large antenna to it you would need a HUGE oven and vacuumformer to do it though
Anthony Van Patten
Trying to figure out a cheap engine swap to do myself on my 86 k10 suburban but not sure what is best for torque and decent fuel economy any ideas?
Gregory Carter
Dog knocked you down.
Rick B
Rick B Year ago
Very practical car, a good winter beater.😳
Jimmy Tweedale
Dude in the red hat forrrrsure needs to lighten up lol
Stephen Mitchell
Ha Ha Ha! This old guy don't know that instant gram think! When I was kid did a Western Union Wire. Yep old and kids around here not into builting their cars! Bet the know instant gram thingie!! Your great and a gentleman! Thanks from Georgia!!!
Shane Feeney
Shane Feeney Year ago
Chevy sucks
aMind New
aMind New Year ago
your SAVING tons of UNSPRUNG wieght via INBOARD SHOCKS AND BRAKES!!!!, those skimpy wheels and lo pro tires are not THAT heavy, too big and hoopty fo SHOW but c'mon geez
Danny a
Danny a Year ago
roll up the windows so we can hear you!!!!!
Gino Johnson
Gino Johnson Year ago
Very nice Jeramy
Brad A
Brad A Year ago
Hopefully they adjusted that suspension up a bit, so it doesn't drag everywhere. Very fun 🤙
Romes Garage & Auto Sales
Ok y'all driving is getting very annoying..just drive the damn thing shit...and he only floors the pedal for a second open the bitch up damn
Kitarya Kysubae
C7 corvette Z06 stingray, but it's a tube frame and body. Nice.
Phat_And_Fast Year ago
With the way the rear brakes are setup, I can imagine if you manage to break a rear drive shaft, you’ll lose braking on that corner of the car, probably not a good idea but still cool nonetheless 🤷🏻‍♂️ I’m sure the front brakes would be plenty sufficient enough to slow it down but you still don’t want to lose braking on a corner of the car 😂
ayoub mounsif
ayoub mounsif Year ago
hello it's me hh
mhfuXmonsta Year ago
are we just going to ignore the corvette cage?
Arctct Year ago
I vote for a TRON paint on the tubing.
Johnny5 Is Alive
@8:33 Chris Pratts cousin appeared
loving coops cleetus impersonationXD
joe johns
joe johns Year ago
I love your work i always loved working on and tuning engines
LowGear Year ago
What are the lights you used on the front? They look like a great little work light.
Killswitch Year ago
That cage looks weak just like the power.. just messin around car is sick!
George Smith
George Smith Year ago
That's sik
Floordford Year ago
I'd like to see Corvette headlights and taillights in it.
Peter Muller
Peter Muller Year ago
I'm getting toy fever
Lamp Year ago
Jeremy kinda looks like keemstar
Loud Mike Media
Loud Mike Media 2 years ago
i like cars
The Hippie Club
The Hippie Club 2 years ago
Literally looks like a toy, I hate it
Steve Rolfe
Steve Rolfe 2 years ago
Only at SEMA...
Rory Finneren
Rory Finneren 2 years ago
Do it for Dale!
Blotted 2 years ago
the external cage looks terrible
Tuff Harland
Tuff Harland 2 years ago
To the 155 people that dislike this video, you're obviously jealous.
Robert Lunsford
Robert Lunsford 2 years ago
It's all fun and games till you take a cicada to the face.
SpocksBro 2 years ago
One semi major crash and that thing is going to fold like paper.
Austin Miller
Austin Miller 2 years ago
everytime i hear that exhaust i cringe
Kipp Gilbertson
Kipp Gilbertson 2 years ago
This isn't fair,my phone is broke,I can't download Instagram,so there for I can't enter any of your contests.Could you please change the rules so everyone that follows you daily can enter ur contest. I am truly a big fan of your, but beings my phone WON'T DOWNLOAD ANYTHING, therefore I CAN'T ENTER ANY CONTEST W/ANY RULE OTHER THAN SEEING YOU ON RUvid IS PUT FORTH. Thank you for all the hard work and tons of FUN an Extreme Entertainment you provide for me daily. please consider this when having a contest. Blessings Kipp
Josh Ribeiro
Josh Ribeiro 2 years ago
How is it possible for something with absolutely no body pannels and a giant ass radiator to run so hot
filip karlsson
filip karlsson 2 years ago
that yellow holden monaro you got there is nice!
James Duffy
James Duffy 2 years ago
I think it is BS that you got to be a Instagram followers because most of the people that watch don't have Instagram. And watch every video and keep up with both you and cleet. And we don't even get a chance to win anything because we don't have Instagram. But watch every video and keep up with everything you guys are doing.. probably more then the people that are winning your gifts...
Elizabeth Malin
Elizabeth Malin 2 years ago
What does fasterproms stand for or mean ??
soulless one
soulless one 2 years ago
why does everyone cheap out on the motor
Shuey vs Cancer Now what
A buddy of mine owns a dealership so I have driven a Slingshot many times...They are just fun to drive....now this beast has to be absolutely crazy fun!
Jan Hendrik Franke
Jan Hendrik Franke 2 years ago
I do'nt get, what americans do wrong, but your engines are so inefficient. Here in Germany you see way less volume with way more power.
rayn man
rayn man 2 years ago
Less stress, more torque. Americans know how to build and engine they just choose big V8s just like japan choose 4s and 6s
RL Agito
RL Agito 2 years ago
put clear plastic for the body or smthn. lol cell phone under balls. thats exactly what THEY want you to do so youre sterile.
thatoneguynumber2 2 years ago
What size were those rear tires?????
Emory Corbin
Emory Corbin 2 years ago
Giveaway comment
Slaughter Z
Slaughter Z 2 years ago
Can I be Frank
Can I be Frank 2 years ago
It's automatic. Lost interest
5_6brownbear 2 years ago
Wish i knew how to tune like he does
Spagetts 2 years ago
bob’s Lil Big Truck
Damn I am automatically disqualified from the giveaways because I don’t do Instagram.........I hate social media, Facebook, Twitter and instacrap all suck and I deleted all m accounts years ago.
GLACIAL 2 years ago
That weird moment when Cleetus is talking about a pistachio eating contest
Victor Ozuna
Victor Ozuna 2 years ago
Entry level ______ pick me!!!
Dustin Shook
Dustin Shook 2 years ago
They should’ve coyote swapped it
Matthew Dillman
Matthew Dillman 2 years ago
Anyone else think he looks baked in the beginning of this video
Shane James McCann
Shane James McCann 2 years ago
Nipples.....theyre called nipples.
Steve L
Steve L 2 years ago
Henry Gaughan
Henry Gaughan 2 years ago
Very cool car bro.
Henry Gaughan
Henry Gaughan 2 years ago
Call me by my nickname it’s henbro.
dale leibfried
dale leibfried 2 years ago
Cool but needs a windshield imo
Squishy Wednesday
Squishy Wednesday 2 years ago
I have the exact same light at work 😂👌
DredLordFred 2 years ago
I love the fact that everything is still questionable, the exhaust is banging, wondering if it's gonna overheat.. And the answer: It's good, SEND IT!
Doc Watsonn
Doc Watsonn 2 years ago
Love the channel guys keep it up
Grand Theft Ashley
Grand Theft Ashley 2 years ago
Looks like a video game where the graphics didn't load
Lucky Charms
Lucky Charms 2 years ago
Looks so relaxing on that porch
Eric Ford
Eric Ford 2 years ago
Tune my Yukon! ;)
Darkknight _704
Darkknight _704 2 years ago
I think this is a nice build!
BlkiceMike 2 years ago
GUADAM!! that thing gonna be S C W E E T !!!! I WANT ONE!! cAN I HAV THAT ONE ;) Nice design,..
slashv2 2 years ago
The best thing about this channel is the Doggo Outros
Christopher Jefferson
Lol! "Comin' forth to carry me home...."
Jacob Flury
Jacob Flury 2 years ago
Where do I go to buy one of those
Denny 2 years ago
I bet this car with the proper body panels removable most likely aluminum would sell for over 250,000 easy make Nsx look stupid every which way with some wicked interior work and stereo what bad man ting :)
wog008 2 years ago
MORE on the car !!! and less from the dude talking 2 much ..........
Genaro Molina Jr
Genaro Molina Jr 2 years ago
I never won a giveaway
Genaro Molina Jr
Genaro Molina Jr 2 years ago
Pick me
TheRex150 2 years ago
best sound in the world 17:09
Basil Le Roux
Basil Le Roux 2 years ago
That thing is so wicked cool! Add lights and you will have a monster loose on the streets...
Lord Baccus
Lord Baccus 2 years ago
:( I do not Instagram shit = I own a REAL camera
BlizzardHockey4432 2 years ago
What wheels are those i need to know😍
Ryan Gorges
Ryan Gorges 2 years ago
I love Florida😂😂😂
steele hill
steele hill 2 years ago
Who else sees a corvette
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