Cleetus drives my 900hp Trackhawk (I think he liked it!)

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Kelsey707 Graham
Kelsey707 Graham 20 days ago
I just want 700 at the wheels
Clint Murphy
Clint Murphy 24 days ago
LOL, anyone notice they did the 10.60 while going down hill on the launch??
harperjmichael Month ago
Anyone else making test hits on 58 coming out of P Hill? LOL
TB1 Month ago
I miss my '08 supercharged SRT Jeep 😥
D Australia
D Australia Month ago
Stock, it's a dirty word.
William K
William K Month ago
Sweet! Santa, if your listening - I want what they are driving! Sounds bloody amazing
Danny V
Danny V Month ago
Was he holding his breath the whole time lol
Danny V
Danny V Month ago
Look at the guy in the back as he gets on it at 8:57
don't stop me
don't stop me Month ago
You was in kansas city and didn't tell me
Ryan Hogan
Ryan Hogan Month ago
Piston skirt? And bearing?
Juice Box
Juice Box Month ago
Are they all brothers? They seem to have the same twisted lip
xmrrushx Month ago
Any Friend of Cleetus is a subscribed channel of mine
GT’s Hub
GT’s Hub 2 months ago
Hey guys, im kinda new to this car thing and i was wondering if one of you could explain what "bolt ons" are
clyde shelton
clyde shelton 2 months ago
Sickest jeep ive ever seen. Jeep stands for Just Empty Every Pocket! 😂😂😂
ConArtist 2 months ago
Nobody cares about cooper
DOSKIIE 2 months ago
Am I the only one who loves being behind the wheel with a lot HP, but hates being in the car while anyone else is in control?
Billy Banks
Billy Banks 2 months ago
You still brought a jeep 🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♂️
Chris Neubauer
Chris Neubauer 2 months ago
Funny I remember mister merica used to swear up and down his subie was where its at...
Thomas 2 months ago
Did Coop poop his pants?
Jack Jones
Jack Jones 2 months ago
0-60mph in 2.9secs? Fuck me, that's faster than a lot of the supercars out there!
Ricky Bailey
Ricky Bailey 2 months ago
Bad ass I didnt know but now I do thanks for the ride along!!!
Daniel Roth
Daniel Roth 2 months ago
Who’s watching this now that Cletus has chose to get this as a daily?
TheMacLife 1
TheMacLife 1 2 months ago
Cletus what app are u using??
Ben Kress
Ben Kress 2 months ago
Lets see how it does off road... :)
Fordman8011 2 months ago
Coopers like holy shittt holding on for his life
Fordman8011 2 months ago
New motor already? That 5.0 is guaranteed garbage bro why even fu k with a mustang get a dodge hemi bro.
Greg Spohn
Greg Spohn 2 months ago
Says the Ford guy.......
Nassty Snaxx
Nassty Snaxx 2 months ago
i feel like i know those roads you were on. I live in KC as well
Joey Jitzel
Joey Jitzel 2 months ago
At 2:03, I knew it was the thrust bearing.
Dj Dose
Dj Dose 2 months ago
the look on Cleetus face is priceless when he floors it.
levi prewett
levi prewett 2 months ago
Cleetus definitely should get the trackhawk as his daily
Jesse Mora
Jesse Mora 2 months ago
I guess he really really liked it cause he’s considering buying one haha
soldier paige
soldier paige 2 months ago
intro song?
Q. FL 2 months ago
Two drops of pee came out while watching that last pull...
Juan Castillo
Juan Castillo 2 months ago
Cooper did a Pooper in the back lol
MarizWorld 3 months ago
Looks like junction city ks
Michael Perez
Michael Perez 3 months ago
That bearing! 😧😧
Tony Wade
Tony Wade 3 months ago
Shits beast
Waugy 370z
Waugy 370z 3 months ago
Ohhhhhh MYLANTA! 😆😆😆 Cleetus's reactions are hilarious! 👍
Jacob Denton
Jacob Denton 3 months ago
It bogs fr means the engine bogs down and Won’t go full power 🤣🤣
Gjorret 3 months ago
Cool vid! Whats the app for measuring the 1/4?
kritter801 801
kritter801 801 3 months ago
steve i
steve i 3 months ago
insaneeee. i want a track hawk so bad. yours is so sick 🔥🔥🔥🏁
Luis Pulido
Luis Pulido 3 months ago
What app is that lol
Desmadrosos Racing
Desmadrosos Racing 3 months ago
Just intalled corsa exhaust on the zl1 1le sounds bad ass
Cedric Moore
Cedric Moore 3 months ago
What’s the song on the outtro
namine080210 3 months ago
I mean, I'm a Mopar fan, but it's still just a _Jeep..._
Stangkilr Productions
Go ride in one
Eddie Putnam
Eddie Putnam 3 months ago
2 months I will own one, damn can't wait.
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 3 months ago
8:57 Cooper in backseat... Pure Definition of the moment you realize you fucked up!
Aguilera FB6
Aguilera FB6 3 months ago
Vengeance racing goat
Darth PuffMaN
Darth PuffMaN 3 months ago
Oh please do us all a favor, and go troll some Teslas in this thing. I'd love to see the face of some model x owner that just got humiliated by a combustion powered jeep! 😁
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