Cleaning The Dirtiest Yeezy's Ever! $1200 2015 Pirate Black's Back To NEW!

John Manalo
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Sep 15, 2019




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Comments 80
- MarcoStyle
- MarcoStyle 3 hours ago
Full Throttled
yo this is click bait
MylesAnimates 2 days ago
bruh this is soo fake
Natasha Lindstrom
SO we’re not gonna talk about how the snake just slithers away
Yeet Man
Yeet Man 3 days ago
I mean no hate but there’s no way you find all these expensive shoes and stuff outside lmao
Iggy Isaac
Iggy Isaac 4 days ago
That is the worst lie I have ever heard
SneakerFix 4 days ago
Can u guys watch my yeezy restoration vid RUvid won’t recommend my videos to anyone ruvid.net/video/video-ThhVg7TE24E.html
akash majeed
akash majeed 5 days ago
Char Cole
Char Cole 5 days ago
Is he from Hawaii?
That Guy is here
That Guy is here 5 days ago
AIGHT HOLL UP. So if he's in Hawaii the only poisonous there is the yellow bellied sea snake. But theres the The brown tree snake, Brahminy blind snake (don't search up). None of them look like that snake. Judgeing by the looks of the snake that's a very small Boa constrictor or a dekay's brown snake. (Jesus I wrote that)
this yeezy is a fake
Frederick Francis
Prove how its fake
No no Square
No no Square 6 days ago
Yes compound interest thanks for the advice 👏👏👏
AZDYL Q 7 days ago
If you want free shoes just go to Hawaii
T 9 days ago
these are like 3 am videos
Eye Green Those
Eye Green Those 9 days ago
You were able to tell it’s fake cause that snake wasn’t there in the beginning buts it’s too entertaining
Joelito PR
Joelito PR 10 days ago
How much you charge for makeup custom sneakers o bay balensiaga triple swhite use one and I want to painted
Indra Katwaroo
Indra Katwaroo 10 days ago
He must have 2020 vision xD
A BIG Problem
A BIG Problem 10 days ago
It took him 30 seconds to hike up that mountain and find the spot were he saw shoes out of the corner of his eye
Arsenal GameplayRoblox
Oh your Filipino?
Davis Hardy
Davis Hardy 11 days ago
Bro how is he so calm with that snake in that shoe out of nowhere it was big too. If I saw that inside a shoe trying to clean them I would scream so loud.
Royz Gavin
Royz Gavin 12 days ago
you sound like one haole when you tryna talk pidgin 😂 no hate🤙
L1LY FRAS3R Fortnite
Omg a snake 🐍 I think snake love hidden shoes lol 😆 😂 😝
Roger Romero
Roger Romero 13 days ago
Man I’m not Filipino, but I get tons of real Filipinos that swear I look Filipino to them 😅
awsome kids
awsome kids 13 days ago
That’s a big snake for a little shoe
Reaper 7 Actual
Reaper 7 Actual 14 days ago
Damn the government needs to shut down youtubers, corny ass set up scenarios.
Aidan 14 days ago
What kinds vision u got 40/40 TF how u see shoes
Packleader 303
Packleader 303 14 days ago
I like the videos but I have how scripted they are. You put the shoes there and then out the animal in the shoe, ifs a cool channel but that aspect I think could be removed, I understand the putting the shoe there but maybe try to act a little better
Infinite J
Infinite J 15 days ago
Sid 16 days ago
Fun fact: That water fall he was pointing at was a Jurassic Park water fall in the movie they used helicopter to capture all the footage and use the video/pictures of that waterfall in the Jurassic Park movies!
Eman KK
Eman KK 16 days ago
Please tell me the snake was added
No you Gay
No you Gay 17 days ago
Wars is the snack at
reddiro 18 days ago
Did you no it was a small snake and what did you do with the snake
Justin Johnson
Justin Johnson 19 days ago
How expensive is the stuff you clean your shows with
Ionfuckncare 19 days ago
And people wont even buy my pair without a box for 400 🙃
Magnetic Sparkz
Magnetic Sparkz 19 days ago
i bet he put those shoes other there
DeeUp Next
DeeUp Next 20 days ago
Out the corner of my eye, I see some yeezys, a 5 thousand feet down below trees and buried in mud
Rxsel's Gaming Studio
FILO FOOD FOR LIFE PS ▪ im Filo and Aussie! >:)
Max Schechterman
Max Schechterman 20 days ago
That’s a ball python. Those are very common pet snakes. No hate, I know it’s for content, but be a little more truthful with your viewers
Max Schechterman
Max Schechterman 20 days ago
John Manalo I know no hate
John Manalo
John Manalo 20 days ago
There’s also no snakes in Hawaii. It’s a skit my guy. Don’t take it too seriously
DAVION COLEMAN 20 days ago
fake yeezys
The random AVS fan
No show socks are gay
TheClawingCyclone 22 days ago
Everybody gangsta till John spots Yeezys from across the horizon
Umar Ali
Umar Ali 22 days ago
Him:the snake is cute Me:it's a freaking snake it could be poisonous
spebbolol 22 days ago
can i have yalla
Danilo Dizon Jr.
Danilo Dizon Jr. 24 days ago
Eka mandilu..ahaha
Danilo Dizon Jr.
Danilo Dizon Jr. 24 days ago
Proud to be kapampangan bro! Filipino
Robin the slave Wr [BŐŐB]
Could you imagine pulling up to Burger King and the snakes the like your total is 12.42 🤣☠ I'd lose my mind
Jayden Pierce
Jayden Pierce 25 days ago
How do you see some freaking shoes when your in a helicopter
NoelÄrSämst 25 days ago
Bruh why
Loy 25 days ago
You making us idiot try to believe how you find this hype shoes. FUCK YOU. Hahahhaha
Addisons Adventurous Vlogs
Honestly I don't care if it's staged or not I love these videos and they are a great way of teaching how to clean shoes
Tylia sylvester
Tylia sylvester 26 days ago
The helicopter remind me of tony lopez the tiktoker ifykyk 🚁🚁🚁🚁
Landrum Braddy
Landrum Braddy 27 days ago
This is cap
Sean Sinclair
Sean Sinclair 27 days ago
A snake why a snake
Sara Chara’s kawaii little sister
“A closer look.. OH-“
Go CPNG 29 days ago
The Origin
Abul Kashem
Abul Kashem 29 days ago
Imagine there were my yeezys
Naej Villapaña
Naej Villapaña Month ago
Kapampangan ka pla HAHAHA. Nokarin ka pampanga?
lamamma gaming
lamamma gaming Month ago
Connor Kominski
Connor Kominski Month ago
Alycia !
Alycia ! Month ago
how could he see the shoes from so far
Tyler Musgrove
Tyler Musgrove Month ago
Man you have good eye site bc i didn’t see crap
Rainasdailylife Month ago
Did he put the snake 🐍 there or no
Axel Cush
Axel Cush Month ago
Haha sus maryosep! Filipino yo
Chun_ Li
Chun_ Li Month ago
Eww and u will gonna wear themm? 🤢
jonardpogi policarpio
ayyyyy putek Tagalog ka pala
Paula Barnes
Paula Barnes Month ago
Hey I was just like to know where you live at cuz maybe you could do something with my Converses?
Davis strike Official
Your telling me you didn’t feel or see the snake lol keep up the good work
Aden Brooins
Aden Brooins Month ago
Out of all the animals it is a snake 🐍 why?????
Mxchel On Ytb
Mxchel On Ytb Month ago
Bro now i'm scared to put my shoes on even if it's fake i'm still scared
Santos Vega
Santos Vega Month ago
Can u pls get me a pair of shoes 😭
Tasi Month ago
You can't have snakes in Hawaii it is illegal
John Manalo
John Manalo Month ago
Did the dinosaur noises in the beginning make you believe the intro was real? LMAO
Luke Burgard
Luke Burgard Month ago
Wonder if he were then a lot
Ranfley Ramon
Ranfley Ramon Month ago
Your is fake broh Ha Ha Ha
RexxyBlack Month ago
How’d you just find em like I’m blind as hell
Stina Qubti
Stina Qubti Month ago
Parth patel
Parth patel Month ago
hope bear grylls is not around
Ar Nas
Ar Nas Month ago
Mc kylie Apelila
How can see the shoes strat away from the top of the sky
A Sh.
A Sh. Month ago
Ty Parks
Ty Parks Month ago
I know it was Yeezys in my eye
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