Cleaning The Dirtiest Yeezy's Ever! $1200 2015 Pirate Black's Back To NEW!

John Manalo
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Sep 15, 2019




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Comments 100
Vishesh Koul
Vishesh Koul Hour ago
John, do people actually plant these shoes, and then ask you to do it as a treasure hunt and all? How do you know where to look these shoes up.
Isabella Sophia
Isabella Sophia 17 hours ago
Yoooooooo that’s a snakeeeeee bruvvvv helll nah take that shitttt out
Rinat Turan
Rinat Turan 17 hours ago
who else watching this cause they saw it on tiktok?😭
Francis anthony Rabulan
Sir manalo are you here now in the Philippines??? Pls notice me🙏🙏🙏🥺
funny toh
funny toh 22 hours ago
I think this man father was a filipino Just i think HE USE TABO
*Waffle Queen*
That shoe was yucky and how u found snake in shoe?
Fa Escobedo
Fa Escobedo Day ago
MAmeeeees mas falso que la lucha libre de tijuana mamon
Romina Anne Delos Reyes
Did I just heard "Susmariyosep"😂
Scott S81818181
Scott S81818181 2 days ago
Ugliest show out there 🤣
Autumn Bonnett
Autumn Bonnett 2 days ago
I use a sharpie to touch up my shoes...
Hippolyte Rogerat
Va te coucher
KimiKebab 3 days ago
"Sick yeezy's bro. Where'd you get em?" "The forest."
Heath Slots
Heath Slots 3 days ago
Problem is these trainers were never even worn before. You can tell by how mint the bottoms are. U walk once trainers and u will see the trainer worn down. These are not worn at all just thown brand new in to some mud. Not hard to do what has been done here tbh 👎
Lane Hoffman
Lane Hoffman 3 days ago
he does not just find these shoes he puts them there and comes back to them for the vid
Kristin Hackbarth
him:sees snake and gets scared Bleep thing Him: continues anyway Me: what- ._.
Alexander Chang
Alexander Chang 3 days ago
6:49 facts
Dana Shepherd
Dana Shepherd 4 days ago
is you gay
jakory johnson
jakory johnson 4 days ago
he put his pet roaches in the cements what what could he possibly put in these
kuromiiibby 4 days ago
The guy who lost his shoes: 👁️👄👁️
Owen Wade
Owen Wade 4 days ago
The slippery fat psychologically sigh because record problematically judge onto a boring elizabeth. calculating, hoc amount
Kayden Borton
Kayden Borton 6 days ago
the finding the yeezys was fake but its cool
ndukauba number 1 fan
a sa nke bruh is yors
Joel S
Joel S 6 days ago
your telling me he took thata shoe all across the world and brought it to his workshop and later realised there's a frkn snake inside whatttttttt
Joel S
Joel S 6 days ago
bro this vid sooo fake that probably his own shoes he just thrown it into some mud and act like he found some long lost treasure with hidden snakes wth
Aaron Norman
Aaron Norman 7 days ago
I’m not finna let no snake roam around my crib😂
Sire Walker
Sire Walker 7 days ago
You had to put them there I know you can’t 💯 🦶🏽
Tahir Dawood
Tahir Dawood 8 days ago
90% comments are about it being fake. 10 percent are just enjoying the restoration
JackofAllTrades 8 days ago
Me when I see the snake: Aight, I’m out.
TayStaxKs 8 days ago
Ay big boot
Nazrul Naz
Nazrul Naz 8 days ago
So easy to find shoes.. Snake on purpose
Gacha Lemon
Gacha Lemon 9 days ago
The snake tho
Brynn's Baby Alive Lovies
Plot twist: Those are shoes he already owed and just rolled them in the dirt and buried them lol P.S. no hate it is just a joke
ChiLe PlEase Calm down
Plot twist they are fake
Basilisk Bro
Basilisk Bro 10 days ago
ball python click bait
마루쉐유턴 10 days ago
oh shittt
Rio Barbado
Rio Barbado 11 days ago
Labash Izah Holistic Health Practitioner
You should name the snake slither
Beyondsweaty -_-
Beyondsweaty -_- 11 days ago
Yes I see a pair of yeezys with the corner of my eye in the forest that’s in the dirt😂😂😂
Dracc Jr
Dracc Jr 12 days ago
Lol he put his pet snake in the shoe lol he said the snake can stay but it has to pay rent
Samantha McGrath
Samantha McGrath 12 days ago
Bandzman 12 days ago
2:09 no snake so he must have placed it there ps.i know he did all this but fuck it it’s entertaining
Evan S
Evan S 12 days ago
This is so fake
Kylie T
Kylie T 12 days ago
Omg why is he so fun to watch??😂
William Kirk
William Kirk 12 days ago
Found some Yeezy in the woods, good stuff though bro I understand what your doing. I learn alot from you and when I become big I will make it known. You and a couple others like Vick and my connection and love for kicks inspire me.
Julie's World
Julie's World 12 days ago
Why is there always something in the shoe
peter dill
peter dill 12 days ago
Night Stalker
Carlo Q
Carlo Q 13 days ago
Ok how are Menehune‘s coming out of a shoe bruh
Andrew Plath
Andrew Plath 13 days ago
Aidi Yad
Aidi Yad 13 days ago
Cus i know I wasn’t the since before
Aidi Yad
Aidi Yad 13 days ago
Is the snake his or something
Big Don
Big Don 13 days ago
Bro dnt chat shit making out u found them just restore them building ur channel on lies
Henry Goerend
Henry Goerend 13 days ago
Anyone think its kinda sus that he says “Family Friendly” but on other vids he swears?
Aezurx 10 days ago
There's an imposter among us
Owen Dunning
Owen Dunning 13 days ago
I do
typ and jk
typ and jk 13 days ago
how in the world is he able to see those shoes does he have xray?
Carlos Garcete
Carlos Garcete 14 days ago
Es raro que siempre encuentre el par
Taylor Travels!!
Taylor Travels!! 14 days ago
👁👄👁 he let a copper head out wondering in his house if you don’t know what copper heads are look it up
Emanuel Chavez
Emanuel Chavez 14 days ago
very good editor to put animals in the slippers, but false that reaction a snake
Harley Tate
Harley Tate 14 days ago
That snake was scary
GTA 5 Videos
GTA 5 Videos 14 days ago
Snake 🐍😵
Gerardo D
Gerardo D 14 days ago
Its fake
no thing
no thing 15 days ago
God tried to turn us from our sins through many rules but it didn't help so he became a man lived a sinless life like a 'game programmer' enter his own powerful avatar to overcome all the bugs and to save the other avatars in the simulation(or exam for good place) by sacrificing his own avatar to help the other avatars to make through the exam, anyone can posses that power when he/she have fAith in Jesus HE'S coming SOON
King James
King James 15 days ago
I was scar when I saw the snak
Michael Henderson
Michael Henderson 16 days ago
Leave em ugly ...they're the ugliest shoes on the planet anyway ...
Keyon Money
Keyon Money 16 days ago
How tf u find a snake in yeezys🤔
Muslima Muslima
Muslima Muslima 16 days ago
Efrain ninham
Efrain ninham 16 days ago
My sneaker sences are tingling🤔
zue mama
zue mama 16 days ago
John:”Hey guys today I’m going to be cleaning a pair of frozen yellow yeezys that I found up my dogs ass, let’s go,”
Norma Dias
Norma Dias 16 days ago
You think we dumb.like you aint planned the shoes there AND THE SNAKE
Skittle Bag
Skittle Bag 17 days ago
That snake is the type I’m looking for
Kristina Andonian
Kristina Andonian 19 days ago
what size
The c and M family M
Funny man the snake got to pay rent
Angelique Saunders
Angelique Saunders 20 days ago
FIRST why the h*** is u just picking up stuff for in the jungle
FaZe Seoul
FaZe Seoul 21 day ago
“VNDS” 😂
Dijon Montrell Lodree
Alchemy Thieves
Alchemy Thieves 22 days ago
Adrien Michael
Adrien Michael 23 days ago
how the hell did you find those in the damn jungle..
Cas Johnson
Cas Johnson 24 days ago
That snake part was soooooo fake
Bikelife Nate
Bikelife Nate 26 days ago
I like the socks
Annika Schuurman
Annika Schuurman 27 days ago
Wat happened to the snake
David Pachuau
David Pachuau 28 days ago
dude that snake was totally edit
Kelly Bollenbacher
Kelly Bollenbacher 29 days ago
He put his hand in the shoe and the snake was in there
nyc now
nyc now Month ago
So you just buy fake yeezys for videos?
McGarrett Wharton Jr
My mom: glue will fix it
Devon Harrison
Devon Harrison Month ago
When you realize these videos are fake🤭
harrison carter
harrison carter Month ago
does he wear the shoes
Jennifer Howe
Jennifer Howe Month ago
That snake is a boy
Jackson Standley
Oi straight up where do you get these shoes
Bobbi Bentley
Bobbi Bentley Month ago
Is the snake his ?
That’s a bald python no way you found that shit in the jungle dog correct me if I’m mistaken not a snake expert
Jonathan Morales
What do you do with the shoes👟
Ollie S
Ollie S Month ago
This is so scripted
Bob Bill
Bob Bill Month ago
The beginning was obviously a meme
Peyton Chung
Peyton Chung Month ago
That snake is planted there’s no snakes here in hawaii
Ashley Nickell
Ashley Nickell Month ago
may i plz have thos
Dxst_n Y
Dxst_n Y Month ago
I mean in all honesty shoes are investments as well. If you plan on reselling, buy shoes. If you just wanna wear em, just buy them for the normal price instead of resale
Dope goat 1
Dope goat 1 Month ago
What you do when you done with the shoes? ONLY JOHN REPLY
Burg mills
Burg mills Month ago
We pronounce it like "adeedaz" here in New Zealand and I know nobody asked
B R E A D M A N Month ago
i know thats his pet and he just put it in there 🤦🏻‍♂️ bruh since when are there ball pythons hiding in yeezys in hawaii
Jadethic Month ago
Lmfao I love these
Philip Köhler
Philip Köhler Month ago
POV: That's a fake yeezy
Adam Sthilaire
Adam Sthilaire Month ago
To me a while to find out this was satire
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