Classic Arancini Di Riso (Risotto Rice Balls) | Gennaro Contaldo

Jamie Oliver
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Another beautiful Italian recipe direct from the grand master of Food Tube - Gennaro. These simple Arancini are a great way to use up left over Risotto Bianco and make a fantastic meal in themselves. Try them at your family parties this Thanksgiving weekend.
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Find the recipe here: goo.gl/LWYdka
We shot this on location in Italy at the beautiful Aquellero Risotto Rice Estate:
Their hospitality was incredible and produce divine.
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Comments 80
Andrew Oldfield
Andrew Oldfield 11 hours ago
Probably a dumb question but because everyone is stockpiling I can’t get risotto or paella rice can I use regular long grain?
M. H.
M. H. 2 days ago
When he tried his own dish at 1:28 that gave me life.
Fu Ziyan
Fu Ziyan 6 days ago
Like his energy Woa
Vineet Giri
Vineet Giri 18 days ago
Why an i watching this i am not even italian😅😅
veecee27 22 days ago
You forgot to slather them with Arrabbiata before you drove off.
Nes Jan
Nes Jan Month ago
The recipe certainly looked fantastic, but I could not take my eyes away from that car.
roger briggs
roger briggs Month ago
I didn't catch the first ingredient added to the rice, anyone ?.
Ryan Fink
Ryan Fink Month ago
3:50 it’s pizza time
danita powell
danita powell 2 months ago
" why why am I cooking so good" ❤👍🏾
Abe Israel
Abe Israel 2 months ago
who else go very hungry after watching this! love his reactions lol
Augustin T. Obrien Caceres
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Eshaal Life
Eshaal Life 2 months ago
wow.yummy.simply superb
giuseppe mostini
giuseppe mostini 3 months ago
piu' che arancine le chiamerei polpette di riso...per carita' buone ma non sono arancine
YasminMaroc 3 months ago
Nabeel lee
Nabeel lee 3 months ago
Zac A
Zac A 3 months ago
Good evening, ya'll! Is there anyone who can tell me what type of pot and the material of the pot he is using?
P. Wingert
P. Wingert 5 months ago
link to recipe is dead. please fix. I remember hving this with my first girlfriend at a small trattoria. it was the start of a beautiful relationship with Italian food
kathé La Pointe
kathé La Pointe 6 months ago
Omg I love him
M P 6 months ago
he is so funny hahahahahaha
Vincenzo's Plate
Vincenzo's Plate 7 months ago
Perfect arancini
Lizandra Marie
Lizandra Marie 7 months ago
4:10 I say this a lot 😂
Stanislaw II
Stanislaw II 8 months ago
Love from Poland! Poland Italia love!
Gabriele Plano
Gabriele Plano 8 months ago
Sono siciliano e mi sento offeso
Ashley and Micah English
I clicked the chili... it paused the video... :)
Caterina Zaffino
Caterina Zaffino 8 months ago
Mamma mia che si bello.
GAME SKEÇ 9 months ago
this guy need help...
Michael Reese
Michael Reese 9 months ago
If they aren't Sicilian arancini then they ain't arancini
Anastasiya Zlyhastseva
whyy whyyy you ar cooking so good????? Gennaro) ♥ all that what hes cooking ist simple) and delicios) and soooo gooood♥
Mez_merise_me 9 months ago
Forgot to mention the cute car! Lol what a classic!
Mez_merise_me 9 months ago
Big fan here ! You are a great inspiration and all the recipes you post are perfecto 👌😊👍
Richa Sharma
Richa Sharma 9 months ago
So sweet!!!!
Lauren McGrath
Lauren McGrath 9 months ago
Your amazing your found u and now subscribed 😂😍🤗
Lauren McGrath
Lauren McGrath 9 months ago
I just found you****I meant to say
Amol Kalyanpur
Amol Kalyanpur 10 months ago
Loveeeee MR. Genarro! You are the best Italian chef everrr! So much fun to watch!
Lena Chandra
Lena Chandra 10 months ago
So Italian, specially with the Fiat in the background 😁
Muhammad Haikal Ramani
You gotta love italians when they are cooking.
beatriz ribeiro
beatriz ribeiro 10 months ago
Is it possible to not like gennaro? He's so incredible hahahah
Mango Maima
Mango Maima 10 months ago
This man is gold 😍😆
Jose Di Franco
Jose Di Franco 11 months ago
Love this guy
mandy meow
mandy meow 11 months ago
Eric Halim
Eric Halim 11 months ago
Why why why i click but nothing happened
Fillipos Chat
Fillipos Chat 11 months ago
1:25 *when salmonella attacks*
Michael Qua
Michael Qua 11 months ago
Love your style paisano ❤️
Rulos Year ago
The little car is just as adorable as he is. Love this man
Maricarmen Ferreira
How wonderful 😃👍🏼 I’m ready to make them. Thank you so much for sharing 😋
What.... a freak....
Maciej Bieliński
50 grams of what ?
Cecilia Licata
JAMIE! How could you?!?!? ARANCINA is female, so it's "ARANCINE", not "arancini"!!!! (Btw, the chef is not Sicilian 😂 but it should know that!)
Chris Turner
Chris Turner Year ago
This confused me when in Italy, it was written different ways depending on where you went. Still good food though!
Eusunt Dac
Eusunt Dac Year ago
I'm makingthis today! Thank You for the teachings. : )
gabriella delfina di blasio
Shame on you, that is NOT how you make them, and you know it 😡
Rohan Papaly
Rohan Papaly Year ago
So did he just use Risotto rice, or was that an actual Risotto that he used to make the Arancini Di Riso?
Bayu Kristanti
God... I came across google to find authentic Arancini recipe and found this. AMAZING! Best arancini tutorial on youtubeeeeeeeeee.... THANK YOU and yes.. you really noit only for cooking but for teaching and promoting too lol
Kianza A.S.
Kianza A.S. Year ago
He cooks with love and he is so lovely! Thank you, Sir!
Jacob Makavelian
"Ohh my..my" 😁😄
Andy McLafferty
What is the music at the end of the video? I need to know
Rkkd Noor
Rkkd Noor Year ago
cat came to eat behind you
jamie Loulou
jamie Loulou Year ago
taste raw egg???
Rob C
Rob C Year ago
Love these they come out perfect
I love his balls!
Juan Ledesma
Juan Ledesma Year ago
That's why this was the first option to click on in the scrolling bar, cooking make with love! 🇮🇹
Dodgeviper Year ago
ya gotta love Gennaro you know his food must taste great coz of all the passion he puts in, he love's what he does
Pritta Ira
Pritta Ira Year ago
Owh my my....😀😍💜
Alexandru Bogdan
This is not original...Arancine its maked in oven, and have more vegetables...
forza palermo
forza palermo Year ago
sto qua dovrebbe venire a Palermo a mangiare le arancine a parte che non si chiamano arancini di riso ma arancine e poi lo origano le uova la salsa piccante non c'entra un cazzo con le arancine si fanno con lo zafferano ragù fatto bene no sta salsa americana che ai usato tu ma poi come mai ti chiami gennaro😂😂
joe williams-nelson
How many different accents did I detect? Definitely more than 2. #LoveIt
oh my, my!
WildWoomy Year ago
Risotto is the rice of kings
Egg Master
Egg Master Year ago
Best video on youtube..
Gandalf606 Year ago
"its a so simple!!" Genarro's favourite sentence! Fantastico!
Anthropos Anthropos
All I can think of is how he ate raw egg, then used his dirty salmonella hands to break off mozzarella cheese to stuff the arancini with. Blech.
Abigail LaFey
Abigail LaFey Year ago
I can’t. Hahhaha! Love this dude
Rafael Krisn Aditya
wait..he put raw egg right? why did he taste it?
Pure Ironn
Pure Ironn Year ago
I love this man
Uzma Year ago
This guy is so funny 😂 I can’t wait to try this ❤️😊
mattia 01
mattia 01 Year ago
Arancine si dice
Lars van Zanten
The link to the recipe doesn't work :-( Where can I find it?
JestemLucyna Year ago
I just made these and they turned out perfectly!! So delicious. Don’t change anything in the recipe. They really are very easy if you already have the risotto prepared. Thanks, Gennaro!
savvy silvia
savvy silvia Year ago
Love you Gennaro!!! :D
Ruby Ali
Ruby Ali Year ago
3:13 hi cat
Johnathn Forcht
What a genuine guy
James P.
James P. Year ago
How come the risotto he made here looks a lot less runny than the Risotto in Bianco vid?
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