Clash of Clans: Clockwork Warden (April Season Challenges | Clashy Constructs #1)

Clash of Clans
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Say hello to the first skin of the Clashy Constructs set: the Clockwork Warden! Available in the Gold Pass of the April Season Challenges.
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From rage-­filled Barbarians with glorious mustaches to pyromaniac wizards, raise your own army and lead your clan to victory! Build your village to fend off raiders, battle against millions of players worldwide, and forge a powerful clan with others to destroy enemy clans.
PLEASE NOTE! Clash of Clans is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money
Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Clash of Clans.
A network connection is also required.
- Build your village into an unbeatable fortress
- Raise your own army of Barbarians, Archers, Hog Riders, Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters
- Battle with players worldwide and take their Trophies
- Join together with other players to form the ultimate Clan
- Fight against rival Clans in epic Clan Wars
- Build 18 unique units with multiple levels of upgrades
- Discover your favorite attacking army from countless combinations of troops, spells, Heroes and Clan reinforcements
- Defend your village with a multitude of Cannons, Towers, Mortars, Bombs, Traps and Walls
- Fight against the Goblin King in a campaign through the realm
Chief, are you having problems? Visit supercell.helpshift.com/a/clas...
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Apr 1, 2020




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Comments 80
Y B 19 hours ago
Spoiler Number 3 is probably Clock Work Queen.
Mohammed Ayaz
Mohammed Ayaz 3 days ago
No global chat, no more fun 😒
BaD BoYss
BaD BoYss 7 days ago
Clash Of Clan Plzzzzzz come back Global chat...Our world Clanmates misss a lot
SHOUQ DAMAS 10 days ago
نرغب باللعب و الحصول على الابطال ولكن لا نستطيع الشحن في بلدنا 💔💔💔💔💔
İki Dost
İki Dost 11 days ago
goo clash a rama
Igor Witczak
Igor Witczak 12 days ago
Bruh they copied minecraft
Zaid Alowdi
Zaid Alowdi 12 days ago
Global chat back please anyone with me
NOOB BOY 12 days ago
rain rain
rain rain 13 days ago
who busted coward donkey attacker using electro drag here..?😀
Divyashree N
Divyashree N 13 days ago
Worst game
Bottle FN
Bottle FN 14 days ago
This game is amazing
Anishaa khandakar
Anishaa khandakar 14 days ago
Nemanja Cosić
Nemanja Cosić 15 days ago
زعيبط ابوعلباه
MOLTO X 17 days ago
We want global chat
Super Gaming
Super Gaming 17 days ago
free clockwork Warden Dekhte Raho Mere channel per
مازن العربي
نتمنى فقط ان تعيدوا المراسله العالميه ارجوكم
INKYZ COC 19 days ago
I'm waiting for everyone to the channel, chefs
INKYZ COC 19 days ago
I produce supercell contents, I'm waiting for your support brothers
Kalim Khan
Kalim Khan 19 days ago
Lock laga hua hai, please batao.
Kalim Khan
Kalim Khan 19 days ago
Mera game chal Nahin raha hai kaise chalu karo
Matheus FF
Matheus FF 19 days ago
back with global chat
AS. Koushik
AS. Koushik 20 days ago
plz back the global chat
MAGA Aaron
MAGA Aaron 20 days ago
I am one of the clash of clans players who doesn't care global chat is gone.
penonton santuy
penonton santuy 21 day ago
I wonder why clan war is not fair TH small TH should be a big TH opponent should be able to be adjusted in the war between the clan between small TH and big TH many are disappointed over the injustice in the clan war game
TheWorldHi 22 days ago
Roy Jason Montecillo
Yeah ever days
Roy Jason Montecillo
l play clash of clans every day
Isaias Nova
Isaias Nova 24 days ago
Did someone think the new characters are better than olds one
Ali Rezaei
Ali Rezaei 24 days ago
Why dont have electric attack on defence position plz plz please solve this bug ...
memo baba
memo baba 24 days ago
رجل عراقي] Iraqi man
Ismot ara lovely
Ismot ara lovely 25 days ago
Please making clockwork champion!!
Nirnaya Tamang
Nirnaya Tamang 25 days ago
I am un subscribing supercell today ... it is no more exciting
Nirnaya Tamang
Nirnaya Tamang 25 days ago
This clockwork warden and barbarian skin sucks so bad... looks so dumb ... supercell is wasting time designing such skin ....it is so bad that when i saw them i went😯🤔🤨😡🤬🤯😈
MaRiXyAnA 25 days ago
dear developers, make it possible to improve fences for a black elixir ... thanks !!!
Md ederra
Md ederra 25 days ago
Very bad
Nubin Binu
Nubin Binu 25 days ago
We need global chat back
breet terok
breet terok 25 days ago
Give us the global chat pleeaaaaassseeee
علي العامري
رائع جدا
Greencheese 25 days ago
You really have to spend your money to get good stuffs huh.
《Løne Wølf》
《Løne Wølf》 23 days ago
That's life for u pal
Prem Tawande
Prem Tawande 25 days ago
Please make a update of third village and update of a many villages
Gacha Jack
Gacha Jack 25 days ago
Anyone else get there old account back from there old phone and they got banned for account phising am I the only person who that happend to and will forever hate this game
MonatanaBlack InstaStorie
One of the Best
mocha 6227
mocha 6227 25 days ago
جديد في اللعبه ونعمه لو احد يظايقني لخرج 😅😁
Bryan Slone
Bryan Slone 25 days ago
give troops more levels
Mohamed Nabil
Mohamed Nabil 25 days ago
lil_dex2x god
lil_dex2x god 25 days ago
Who else th6 working on getting to th 7
Slava Ze
Slava Ze 25 days ago
You show here 30 percent training boost, all I can see is 20 on my base
Iceable 25 days ago
Can u guy implement a way where when u need resources, u can ask ur fellow people in ur clan an they could give u some resources, hit the 👍🏼 if u guys agree or hit the 👎🏼 if u guys don’t agree
Dragonul Legendar
Dragonul Legendar 25 days ago
Hello can my game by saved with only Facebook?
Nafri Permadi
Nafri Permadi 25 days ago
Good game
Yung Messiahs
Yung Messiahs 25 days ago
sanaol channel
sanaol channel 25 days ago
NoobHode DxD
NoobHode DxD 25 days ago
Please give royal champion a skin 🤧😭.. I love that hero
pricolist 25 days ago
Join in clan "Inetball Barbar" Вступайте в наш клан, всем рады
ÇAĞRI BABUŞKA 25 days ago
Press f to respect a dead game Ffffffffdf
Владислав Ильницкий
Супер сел как палуцити ета улуцения
Robert RamirezYT
Robert RamirezYT 26 days ago
Yes bring global back
Freddie on drugs
Freddie on drugs 26 days ago
Aurea Balagtas
Aurea Balagtas 26 days ago
Add a builder war
Phantom X
Phantom X 26 days ago
Do you think will get more Clash Arama episode?🧐
Hk Jha
Hk Jha 26 days ago
Sir Please return global chat we want
Bella Navera
Bella Navera 26 days ago
We have a new skin in clash of clan in skin clock
Ponsie&Roee Dimaapi
Ponsie&Roee Dimaapi
Bring back clash a rama
Ponsie&Roee Dimaapi
Bring back clash a rama
Ponsie&Roee Dimaapi
Bring back clash a rama
Ponsie&Roee Dimaapi
Bring back clash a rama
Ponsie&Roee Dimaapi
Bring back clash a rama
Ponsie&Roee Dimaapi
Bring back clash a rama
Agustin LD
Agustin LD 26 days ago
Plese chat global i net a clan
SM- series songs
SM- series songs 26 days ago
I like to play this game but i don't know why there are not available Bangladeshi flag. Please made Bangladeshi flag for Bangladeshi players. quickly do something
Ferhat Ersek
Ferhat Ersek 26 days ago
UNITED GAMING 26 days ago
Discord server for coc
Daylight Assassin25
Also Supercell pls do hear us out. Us who request the global chat back. Coz ur new recruitment is useless we cant make our clans grow. Without the global chat COC is too boring. We all want the global chat back. Hear us pls. We need it than the useless recruitment system nor the useless waterfall brought back to life in game. Sunsetting the global chat is the worst decision uve ever made. And it is the decision u made that ruined the game.
Fabricio David
Fabricio David 26 days ago
Skin for Royal Champion please
Daylight Assassin25
We can make COC popular again by making it a social game again. Like in our region I felt a massive decline of interest in COC due to being a group game only game. Unlike back that you can recruit in the global chat and make friends with those people. Now COC become too boring coz of the sunsetting global chat. The game become quiet and sounded like a new game. They brought back a design that doesnt do anything but they didint do that with an old feature which is more useful than that water fall on the rightside of the village!!! The new recruitment system is a discrimination for low lvl players being left out of the recruitment. Unlike back then when global chat exist we can talk and interact with them. Without the global chat we feel like we are in a new game that is too quiet and boring. Plus a useless feature brought back plus a recruitment system that is too mixed up and annoying for some reasons. Dont tell us that u sunset global chat coz only 1% use it. Remember that is a feature long existed before clan wars. And u just remove it like bug in a system. Bring back the global chat. BRING BACK THE OLD SYSTEM!!! BRING BACK THE GLOBAL CHAT!!! This thread was deleted and ruled out in the forum so I ll gonna post it here and hope Supercell will notice us those who want global chat back
Andrew Player
Andrew Player 26 days ago
Please supercell bring back the global chat! 😭😭😭
M3tro Gaming
M3tro Gaming 26 days ago
Global chat or I walk
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