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Associate Food Editor Claire Saffitz shows us how to make soup dumplings.

Soup dumplings fall in the category of "delicious things we love to order when we're out, but would never even dream of making at home." Until now, that is. This dim sum staple may seem complicated, but it's really just made from three separate components: the dough, the filling, and the soup. Where things get tricky is in the process of sealing the dumpling with a series of intricate folds. Don't worry: We've got step-by-step video instructions and a tutorial on how to do it.
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Claire Makes Soup Dumplings | Bon Appetit




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Comments 80
KkSsVv 6 hours ago
Claire before the stress of Gormet Makes
Parker Davis
Parker Davis 8 hours ago
Omg this is crazy
Forest Ro
Forest Ro 9 hours ago
They should make a react video using this vid!
East Kidd
East Kidd 10 hours ago
oh my god she's wearing makeup
Donny K
Donny K Day ago
Jesus what happened to her?! She looks hot AF right here.
Roblox Theatric's Developer
I feel like a panda.
Sarai Guevara Moreno
i believe the thing that made ba improve a lot is the editing, like it's the thing that makes the videos more funny and "human" i guess it adds a lot more comedy to it to see gourmet chefs making dad jokes and having existential crisis in the middle of their cooking process lol
JokerToro Day ago
they're more lay down now
April O'Neill
April O'Neill 3 days ago
I miss the hair..
Swantje 3 days ago
She looks so young here wow!
todd stumpo
todd stumpo 3 days ago
Omg she's smoking
Sabrina Phu
Sabrina Phu 4 days ago
Who else is here during covid-19 lockdown?
PinkSparkle 4 days ago
I physically know this is Claire, I can see her, hear her and all that. But she doesn't have that... Claire "feeling" that she's got in later videos. Really glad they let them show their real personalities later on. So much more personable in my opinion
Ka Kei Yeung
Ka Kei Yeung 5 days ago
thumbs up for effort but yeah...not really the real deal
Patrick Wells
Patrick Wells 5 days ago
I guess they were testing a Claire android, around this time
William Su
William Su 5 days ago
Jeez in 2015 BA did not have a proper color grader, clair looks like a vampire
Brittany Ott
Brittany Ott 6 days ago
She is making this recipe on her instagram stories currently. Cooking in quarantine! Love it!
01000010 01100101
Claire used to care about looking good, now she's all frumpy & relaxed being she's got a man/moved in with him.
Lauren 5 days ago
01000010 01100101 this comment smells
F San Jose
F San Jose 8 days ago
I have seen this video before not knowing I was already a Claire fan! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
Yll Ostergllava
Yll Ostergllava 8 days ago
All good but that pig foot 🤢🤢🤢
When I saw this thumbnail, my very first thought was, “Oh, was this a Halloween episode? Claire is dressed like an Addams family member.” Then I saw this was released four years ago, and realized that things used to be very different on this channel.
Zenon Pyro
Zenon Pyro 9 days ago
Anna Doll
Anna Doll 9 days ago
Before I realized BA posted this, I thought "PFFFTTT Who is this trying to sell me a generic NON-BA Claire?!!!!"
Kody Jackson
Kody Jackson 10 days ago
ba used to be so calm and family friendly...then they put Delaney infront of the camera and nothing was the same
Samuel Becker
Samuel Becker 10 days ago
Oh my god youger claire! Before the horrors of day 3
Angeli Mari Gecolea
Cant believe I'm just funding about this now.
Angeli Mari Gecolea
Yes Claire making the best dish I've ever tasted is just... ugh!!!
pasal king
pasal king 11 days ago
So this is Claire before Gourmet makes
Untitled Item
Untitled Item 13 days ago
I like Claire before she didn't want to take care of herself anymore.
Daftmachine 13 days ago
Oh this is like a young, goth Claire.
Sherri 14 days ago
Pig’s feet belong on their bodies. 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖
Ruben Quezada
Ruben Quezada 14 days ago
She looks beautiful in here
Dexter Wallingsford
I’m so glad she decided to embrace her rogue streaks
The_Doctors_Tardis 15 days ago
Who is here while social distancing?
♆ Satan ♆
♆ Satan ♆ 15 days ago
Claire looks like the emo girl I dated in high school here and like the girl I became in her newer ones
Ray Leaf
Ray Leaf 16 days ago
Baby Claire
Faith Marianne Lawas
snappy 17 days ago
I watched this when it came out!! I never realised it was Claire!
Sam S.
Sam S. 18 days ago
Absolute peak Claire hotness.
Alex Veela
Alex Veela 18 days ago
The beta version of claire
მე ვარ
მე ვარ 19 days ago
Thats not Soup Dumplings it is called " xinkali " and it is form Georgian cuisine
Myriam 19 days ago
Hot water denature proteins, so it does not help gluten development but instead makes the dough softer and more workable
Khalborg 19 days ago
Recommended @circa 2020
Cameron Battle
Cameron Battle 20 days ago
God she's so capable
Jacki Q
Jacki Q 21 day ago
I knew she was a lefty as soon as she said “non-dominant hand” instead of assuming everyone is like her
Courtnay Power
Courtnay Power 21 day ago
Claire makes the best recipes, not that it is a competition cause it isn't
Steven Specht
Steven Specht 25 days ago
Like I know this is Claire, but like it doesn't feel like it's her.
idall10 28 days ago
you did say not complicated? I guess everyone has pig feet and steamer baskets lying around
Frank Feliz
Frank Feliz Month ago
I’m in love.
Yasmin Nehme
Yasmin Nehme Month ago
No, I refuse to accept this
Dario Carafa
Dario Carafa Month ago
Claire looks super HOT here
Sooyoung Jung
Sooyoung Jung Month ago
I got so excited when I saw this video oooo my two favorite thingsgsgsss
Simone The Digger
Her voice sounds so different. Idk what it is, but I think this might be evil clone Claire.
bloop Month ago
Monica Lewinsky
valramos2003 Month ago
Right before Gourmet Makes started eating away her spirit.
Shaziane Codrington
I like this. It was so simple. I'l, be substituting all of the pork items though. Thank you!
maria farage
maria farage Month ago
At first I didn't even recognized her, until I saw Claire's name in the title, she has changed soooooooo much😍😍
Taylor Weatherford
Claire.... please go back to this look! You’re so young and beautiful. I know you earned your silver stripes so keep them and tone them then just color the rest dark to uniform it all. I bet the hair dye with a touch of that stunning red lip would help you temper chocolate with confidence! Lol
Quezlark Month ago
Claire looks so much better with natural hair and light make up.
Lexi Frame
Lexi Frame Month ago
wow vintage claire
maura tiara
maura tiara Month ago
this was the first BA video i saw a few years back and it just makes me so happy knowing how much claire and everyone at bon appetit has grown since then i feel like a proud mom
axelskull Month ago
this claire is very cursed
Sean Ocansey
Sean Ocansey Month ago
Great video, but would you *_die_* for this Claire.... 🤔
IisAnother Month ago
If only it wasn’t pork
vaibhav warrier
vaibhav warrier Month ago
Little does she know, she will become a celebrity in 2 years.
0dDbalL 1138
0dDbalL 1138 Month ago
Well a couple tips for ya... 1. The pigs foot (trotter) makes better stock if you have it cut lengthwise... 2. When eating the dumplings, you bite the TOP first and slurp out some of the soup, THEN use your little spoon to add some vinegar sauce into the dumpling...
Marco Mite
Marco Mite Month ago
Any measurements or special things to do? I'd like the recipe alot more if it actually told us anything.
Cassandra Alcantara
I love Claire but it feels weird to watch a dumpling tutorial by a white person
Melinda Tan
Melinda Tan Month ago
I just had these yesterday and this showed up on my recommendations.. I'm spooked
Caitin Pendley
Caitin Pendley Month ago
Goth portlandia vs hipster portlandia.
46狼 Month ago
Who is this black-haired lady? Why would I die for her?
bigbowlowrong Month ago
Uh. Why didn’t you temper the dough?
REAPER Month ago
Clair change alot
Here There
Here There Month ago
Claire, where are you????
Jason Finch
Jason Finch Month ago
Wow their channel has grown with so much personality. This isn't a bad video, just not all of the chemistry everyone has now.
Ethan Grazier
Ethan Grazier Month ago
Shes left handed??
Jiraiya The Pergian
I came to think video thinking yeah I’m bout to cook me some of these. Nope.
A Ruiz
A Ruiz Month ago
Claire is adorable no matter what way she wears her hair but I gotta say that she looks very much like Snow White in this.
Sofia Jan Manlapaz
this is so weird
Elias Geißler
Elias Geißler Month ago
So basically it is super easy except that you need like 5 hours and most of the steps are quite technical and hard to nail....
Taylor Higginbotham
Omg its baby claire
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