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City of Sin · The Game · Ed Sheeran
Born 2 Rap
℗ Entertainment One U.S., LP
Released on: 2019-11-29
Featured Artist: Ed Sheeran
Artist: The Game
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Nov 28, 2019




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Comments 133
Veronica M
Veronica M 2 days ago
The Game - City of Sin (Audio) ft. Ed Sheeran ruvid.net/video/video-vhn3I_sWBrw.html FULL VERSION Ed sings about Biggie and Tupac. Roadside, The Game mentions xxxtentacion's death
Silent-Assassin 20 days ago
This intro needs to be in full
Veronica M
Veronica M 2 days ago
The Game - City of Sin (Audio) ft. Ed Sheeran ruvid.net/video/video-vhn3I_sWBrw.html FULL VERSION Ed sings about Biggie and Tupac. Roadside, The Game mentions xxxtentacion's death
Silent-Assassin 20 days ago
This intro needs to be in full
Factz From AKT
Factz From AKT Month ago
Am I the only one who shed a tear while listening?
zef ❶
zef ❶ Month ago
Can Ed please fuck off from rap and go back to making the stuff he was good at please.
Veronica M
Veronica M 26 days ago
Ed has been doing rap music for years. Ed and The Game recorded an unreleased album in 2013, so The Game must have respected Ed enough to have him feature on 2 songs on this new album
Jeffery Young
Jeffery Young Month ago
The tone of this song is how i felt the day my granny (my queen) who raised me my whole life, died the morning of my birthday a few months back
Best track on album, u gotta live in LA to feel it! God bless....
Tolga Başoğlu
Tolga Başoğlu Month ago
what a shame 15 yr olds decide who is a hot artist these days
Paul Nutty Schmidt
@Tolga Başoğlu good point
Tolga Başoğlu
Tolga Başoğlu Month ago
Paul Nutty Schmidt yeah but with youtube, twitter etc. it all got worse man. No more radio or magazines. Just about youtube clicks now
Paul Nutty Schmidt
The youth has always been in that position
CAGE CAGE Month ago
Game is my favorite Cali Artist 💯%
King Vegeta
King Vegeta Month ago
Dope album...the game is underrated
Bryan Month ago
Yo! To all G who here 🔥 i juste wanted to know if a cd version gonna Be released ????? Because i really want one 🙏🏻🔥
Dani M
Dani M Month ago
Some chords sound like the melody of "lovely" by billie and khalid
Megan George
Megan George Month ago
Ed is everywhere these days!
Veronica M
Veronica M Month ago
Ed and The Game recorded their unreleased album in 2013, so not just these days, plus Ed recorded his vocals back then :)
I don't usually write long comments, but damn Game!..Hurricane, Doctor's Advocate, Westcoast Savior..Jayceon..dude picked up the Westcoast and carried it on his back for more than 15 years, went through a coma, a nasty breakup wit Gunit, killed em all by himself and made success without them and Dre when de dropped Docs Ad, got in and won tons of beef with other artist, went thru so many culture changes and industry changes in hip hop and has been steady and consistent in his music, dude NEVER put out a bad Album, been on so many songs and made so many songa with artists across from different Genres..thanks you for keeping Hip Hop alive Chuck!
morbenkz sly
morbenkz sly Month ago
Caution⚠️, smoking and driving why listening to this ablum might get you flying. Westside☣
Donnie Blanko
Donnie Blanko Month ago
Brandon Sims
Brandon Sims Month ago
Highway Ja
Highway Ja Month ago
Wish this was longer, & had like drake or tory or Ross on it , 🔥🔥💯 #GameLegend
Dayshawn Glynn
Dayshawn Glynn Month ago
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
k c
k c Month ago
Say what you want but game catalog is heavy. Multiple great album’s with quality
PEOPLEZ330 Month ago
I get compared to The Game and it’s an honor. He’s a real rap artist. And has gave so much to HipHop helping raise us. Forever grateful #PEOPLEZ330
Rhythmic Boyz TV
cant stop playing this
rashawn bolton
rashawn bolton Month ago
I wish the was a whole song.
Shannon Mariano
Shannon Mariano Month ago
This definitely should of been a whole song with Game dropping verses. I keep replaying this cuz it's just too short, it feels right for an LA song 💯🎵🏁
AshlyMonet Month ago
Culture definitely needed this 💪🏽🔥
Mike N
Mike N Month ago
No lie. Been waiting a minute for this album drop!
Blake Fowler
Blake Fowler Month ago
What the fuck is up with all the pregnant chicks?
Blake Fowler
Blake Fowler Month ago
@Veronica M okay. Thanks
Veronica M
Veronica M Month ago
born 2 rap, future rappers
hoodlegend27 Month ago
good lookin on this last one G 👐🏽
Ken Gutierrez
Ken Gutierrez Month ago
Game.... thank you for everything hard shit you gave us.
Adn sharpnblack
Adn sharpnblack Month ago
I love this intro
Elton Harrell
Elton Harrell Month ago
I Wish He Woulda Finished Freak Show with Ed Sheeran & DJ Mustard 😵😵
bone 4114
bone 4114 Month ago
Leetss goo!
Fred Wells
Fred Wells Month ago
Joe Budden Podcast brought me here
Thami Lolwane
Thami Lolwane Month ago
Damn, Can we take a moment to recognise Ed Sheeran's contribution... I'm in tears🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏
- Synergyy -
- Synergyy - Month ago
Uk the USA 🤷🏼‍♂️💥🙏🏼
Master Smoke
Master Smoke Month ago
This album was garbage i wasn’t feelin it this intro fire tho
Justin Shields
Justin Shields Month ago
@Master Smoke what you mean what's good about this album game is putting his heart into this shit this man making sure it's good
Justin Shields
Justin Shields Month ago
@Lamont Boucherville your smoking crack this album is fire it's better than documentary 2
Master Smoke
Master Smoke Month ago
Lamont Boucherville real shit
Lamont Boucherville
@Master Smoke 👌beg for mercy still better than all the shit released after 2011
Master Smoke
Master Smoke Month ago
roebigboi wth is good about this album smh i come from the gunit era when music was classic hits this new hip hop sounding bs is trash
陳靜瑤 Month ago
this intro really set the tone right ! love it
DopeWeech Month ago
Game solidified his place in rap a long time ago 🔥🙏🥶
Abu Nation
Abu Nation Month ago
I wish I can use this in my RUvid videos without Copyright lol amazing intro
Take-Flight_23 Month ago
Looks like the score of the first bad boys movie, classic joint right here congrats Game you tha truth !
Steven Kay
Steven Kay Month ago
Song started way too late
Veronica M
Veronica M Month ago
it's just an into to the album, not a full song
The Freaky Robber
Dem lame ass Ed Sheeran fans disliking like some pussies 😂😂😂 fucking dummies, this was fucking dope!!!
Veronica M
Veronica M Month ago
Ed Sheeran fans aren't the ones disliking lol it's people who don't think Ed, or a white pop star, should feature on 2 songs on The Game's new album
iiike Month ago
Hold up... all the women on the cover look pregnant... are they all Game's baby mommas?
Lamont Boucherville
The worst album cover off all time. Imagine explaining that to your mom
Veronica M
Veronica M Month ago
9 women, represent his 9 albums, plus they could be pregnant with Born 2 Rappers
cassio2034 Month ago
This needs to be longer
Kruega DiorVEVO
Kruega DiorVEVO Month ago
Fritz Crawford
Fritz Crawford Month ago
This song is so beautiful I swear it got so much swagg 🔥🎶💯🐐👌🏽
Crystal Maria
Crystal Maria Month ago
Fritz Crawford
Fritz Crawford Month ago
This album is the hardest album ever by far. Big win for big blood game 👌🏽💯keep killing it game n don't retire bro. We need you bro💯
Fritz Crawford
Fritz Crawford Month ago
Congratulations to The Game for the album Born 2 Rap. This album is the best album I heard since 2pac all eyez on me. Every song on this album is fire n all bangers. All classics 💯 Let's give The Game his props n recognition n credit for being the best rapper doing it still n killing the whole music industry. Game on some real lendary goat shit. #1 I swear this album gotta b the best album in history by far and that's an understatement. I love this album. Real shit. Real recognize real n if u got a ear for good music u gonna agree with me💯🎶 the game just set the bar at the highest level n no one is fucking with this album. Big Win bro. Don't retire n stay killing the game with the hits💯🎶👌🏽on bloods👌🏽
Jeffery Young
Jeffery Young Month ago
Everything sounded so cinematic, this shit almost brought me to tears. All the instruments playing sound like a good ass movie if it make sense
slappy happy
slappy happy Month ago
This is how music used to be brah
slappy happy
slappy happy Month ago
This Is basic for any music before 2000
SixStreetGangsta 3K9K11K
We get you bro
Bryan Brown
Bryan Brown Month ago
The intro speaks for the album!
Louis Giles
Louis Giles Month ago
It reminds me of the music from lethal weapon
versailles pimp
versailles pimp Month ago
Thank you for everything you did Game. 1 luv
Focus Bob
Focus Bob Month ago
its like the intro to roadside
Twan112785 Month ago
I love the intro
Ray Ray
Ray Ray Month ago
Album is a masterpiece 🔥 such quality sound
Plamen Dobrev
Plamen Dobrev Month ago
game must made a song of this,he will bang every chart !!!!
Pace Setter
Pace Setter Month ago
Great intro, but probably would’ve been a masterpiece if the beat had drop and if The Game would’ve just went in. How did that get missed? Man!
Billy Gunn
Billy Gunn Month ago
Listen to the transition on the 2nd song. That was the whole key to making this intro so great.
Kwame Mofokeng
Kwame Mofokeng Month ago
That's 2nd track
S Quo
S Quo Month ago
The guitar game is A1
Ryan Matson
Ryan Matson Month ago
Such a wack cover to his last album. Like seriously, Game? Beautiful intro though,... the cover though looks like a 15 yer old's mixtape cover. it looks very novice, man...
Jeffery Young
Jeffery Young Month ago
The pregnant women represent gis other 9 albums that are his babies prior to this one
Nicholas Lopez
Nicholas Lopez Month ago
Lol says the guys who are nnnoooooobbbbooodddddyyyyyy
E. Month ago
it represents his 9 studio albums
Ryan Matson
Ryan Matson Month ago
Rayshawn Howard I agree with YOU also. Not sure I understand the message of the cover either. I just don’t get it plus it just looks very amateur. But nope I didn’t delete ONE song. The album is fuckin solid.
Rayshawn Howard
Rayshawn Howard Month ago
I agree with you the cover album it's kind of a letdown it should have been him as a little kid oh a baby with a microphone in his hand and his mother is holding him in her arms I think that would have been better but so far I'm liking the album I've heard a couple of tracks so far especially the light track and hug the block track welcome home and roadside and no smoke still got a couple of more trucks to go but I'm liking the album so far not one track I don't like
More Than Just Music
The production on this album is perfect! Also Games Lyrics, content and features are on point. Usually an artist this far in the game there music is not as good as the first albums. This is right up with Documentary, advocate, LAX.. all in all this fits well in 2019! This is timeless album! if this is your last... job well done we most definitely appreciated the work you've done!
I Love Sandy Perkus
Well said sir!
eddil Montoya
eddil Montoya Month ago
That man stressing over all them pregnant females, Game you gotta wrap it up bro 😂😂
Veronica M
Veronica M Month ago
@cody uren I didn't know the ladies represented his 9 albums, did The Game say that? Plus aren't they are pregnant with future rappers, so that goes with the album title 'Born 2 Rap'?
cody uren
cody uren Month ago
Bro they represent 9 studio albums lol.
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