Ciara Gives Fan Lapdance at Jackie Tour Chicago

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May 4, 2015




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Comments 49
Jackie Holmes
Jackie Holmes 12 days ago
oof i want that grind. which one of u felt the "tingles" while watching this video??
Akshi Ashok
Akshi Ashok 7 months ago
Someone can tell the name of song
Carol Green
Carol Green 8 months ago
Copying off of Janet Jackson.
Mutant Kafası
Mutant Kafası 10 months ago
Amk izlerken fıtığım azdı
dora gonzalez .
dora gonzalez . 10 months ago
Kassandra Nkembo
Kassandra Nkembo 10 months ago
Pyssland o😊😊ch Han hade ju Isabellas 😊☺😊😊😊🤣🤣och Luras 😁😊
Markela Banks
Markela Banks 10 months ago
Fuck yes 😍😍 I'd take a lap dance with Ciara over Janet and Beyonce Lol
Jermaine Walker
Jermaine Walker 11 months ago
Letting that he she grind all on him lmao.
Robert The 3rd
Robert The 3rd 11 months ago
I'm a gay man and I would fucking die if Ciara gave a lap dance.
playaflyJOE27 11 months ago
If my wife to be did some shit like this, she wouldn't be my wife to be anymore
Ocean Mist
Ocean Mist 11 months ago
I wish I was that dude frfr... Cici know she the baddest.
Jenni giro
Jenni giro 11 months ago
Why they holding his hands tho? So he can't touch her🤔
Jenni giro
Jenni giro 11 months ago
@No Shit Oh really wow...lmbo
Jay Johnson
Jay Johnson 11 months ago
You ate the man Russ!!
NPC Hova
NPC Hova 11 months ago
He probably gay anyway
Chris Bowman
Chris Bowman 11 months ago
Wishing Sunshine
Wishing Sunshine 11 months ago
If i was the gf of that dude I wouldn't be mad
The Gamer Bros Vlogs
I’m very sorry gob!
I'm a barbie girl
Im a gurl and i wanna have lap dance by her goah
King CJB
King CJB 3 years ago
Clara's real boo
King CJB
King CJB 3 years ago
how cute!! lol
Shay -T
Shay -T 4 years ago
what's this song called ?
Cierra Miller
Cierra Miller 2 months ago
lashay taylor I run it
AREONE27 4 years ago
Ain't no Bey
Cali Jones
Cali Jones 5 years ago
Anyone know this song?!!
Spidaaa Flowers
Spidaaa Flowers 4 years ago
Cali Jones
Cali Jones 4 years ago
@Antonio Flowers okay! Thanks
Spidaaa Flowers
Spidaaa Flowers 4 years ago
I run it
Marinerdiva1 5 years ago
Ciara is one bad female you better work girl!
Noah Schwartz
Noah Schwartz 11 months ago
She's hot I wish I could have been there I've had a crush on her since
Alaiin100 5 years ago
The song is ?
Stephen Shabazz
Stephen Shabazz 5 years ago
only thing betta than ciara givin a lapdance is a nekkid one
Tara G
Tara G 5 years ago
I call Ciara, "Janet Jackson 2.0". Yes, Ciara!!! I love it, her sex appeal especially when she dances is awesome. Thank you for posting. :)
Christina Matangos
Christina Matangos 5 years ago
WERK! Wonder how Russell Wilson feels hahahah
Auchie Thomas
Auchie Thomas 5 years ago
Damn cici got moves thoughhh yall SAW THAT SHEEET??? DANNNG LUCKY MAN
Tomu Araiwa
Tomu Araiwa 5 years ago
*-* heart attack..
Rayane Melo
Rayane Melo 5 years ago
Até que em fim um cantora de muito sucesso fez o LapDance como todos esperavam. Parabéns Cyara manda muito.
donta hawkins
donta hawkins 5 years ago
I'm going to be waiting at the door three hours early just for this. Lol
Invincible Speaker
Invincible Speaker 5 years ago
As soon as those lights went off I would've snatched loose and grabbed her...
Abigail Rankine
Abigail Rankine 5 years ago
I heard this song a few days ago n I wondered what it would look like seeing ciara lap dance to it but now I know lool.
Julio Hernandez
Julio Hernandez 5 years ago
why those 2 other dancers hold him is not agaisnt his willl .lol
Justin Otjens
Justin Otjens 10 months ago
No touching
Jasmine Bardere
Jasmine Bardere 5 years ago
Lol that lucky guy probably passed out so many times for like two seconds because he didn't want to miss the action. Ciara did her thing though
I Love Chicago
I Love Chicago 5 years ago
Sorry can't nobody touch Janet when it comes to lap dances
DJ Brother O
DJ Brother O 5 years ago
That was Hot!
Audrey Thomas
Audrey Thomas 5 years ago
I was there and the show was off the chain ole boy couldn't do nothing but enjoy I also recorded it too great show Ciara Chi-Town Love you.
leo summer
leo summer 5 years ago
I see Men Jaw dropping and dripping LOL. The one and only CiCi. Go home with a Boner and girlfriend left and he won't take a shower for days.
leo summer
leo summer 5 years ago
Oh My Oh My CiCi DAMN!!! He about to get a Heart Attack or a Seizure whatever come first. That upside down flip CiCi did it all LAwdy Lawdy. CiCi you gonna make women breaking their necks in the bedroom.
Fate 6 months ago
leo summer ratchet af
Djgreen 5 years ago
I promise i woulda snatch my arms away from her dancers and grind on her as well.
NJFUChemical 5 months ago
Djgreen 5 years ago
@Ashley Golliday Thats' ciara! i was gone get kicked out that night, if that was me.
Ashley Golliday
Ashley Golliday 5 years ago
lmao man u crazy
Joshua McDowell
Joshua McDowell 5 years ago
Giving me Janet Jackson during the Velvet Rope Tour.
Joshua McDowell
Joshua McDowell 4 years ago
@iluvhotgirlsman All for You Tour
iluvhotgirlsman 5 years ago
The best was would you mind tour
Dwayne Martinez
Dwayne Martinez 5 years ago
This is too much Like Janet Jackson lol Ahhh Ciara but you did good
Marcus James
Marcus James 5 years ago
Same thing I was thinking I think that what kicked off all the celebs doing it for the fans
On'Tario Corley
On'Tario Corley 5 years ago
Lawd! I hope I'm next May 20th
QueenJayJackson 5 years ago
Rashad Heyward
Rashad Heyward 5 years ago
I would have die! Lordddd lol
Joshua McDowell
Joshua McDowell 5 years ago
@Rashad Heyward I would have a hard time controlling myself.
whitney jones
whitney jones 5 years ago
May 30 I'm there 😃😃😃
Angela Nance
Angela Nance 5 years ago
Omg. Um, ma'am... Ciara what do you think you are doing? Need 2 sit your fast booty down somewhere! LOL.
Angela Nance
Angela Nance 5 years ago
@Joshua McDowell I know that already.
Joshua McDowell
Joshua McDowell 5 years ago
@Angela Nance Ciara is just comfortable with her sexuality. Her zodiac sign is scorpio and scorpios are known for being freaky.
Angela Nance
Angela Nance 5 years ago
@Tasha Harris Yes honey, she's gonna give her all when it comes to dance moves. ☺
Tasha Harris
Tasha Harris 5 years ago
@Angela Nance that's Ciara for you lol
Angela Nance
Angela Nance 5 years ago
@Tasha Harris 😂😂, I'm just saying. All them aerobics could've been saved for the bedroom. LMBO! I luv her
sunset 5 years ago
Go ahead Ciara!
That's goofi
That's goofi 5 years ago
What song is this?
whitney jones
whitney jones 5 years ago
Its call 📱 I Run It
AmbiBambi 5 years ago
"Run it" its on her basic instinct album
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