Christina Aguilera Tells Kelly They Are 'Twins Separated At Birth' | The Kelly Clarkson Show

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Christina Aguilera looks back on the last 20 years since releasing her debut album and reflects on how intense the music business can be for young women. Plus, she dishes on her upcoming single for "The Addams Family" animated film.
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Sep 16, 2019




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Comments 1 931
Thomas Perez
Thomas Perez 12 hours ago
She gotta chill with the plastic surgery
R N Day ago
Christina really likes Kelly. You don't always see her this way.
Omgeeeeez. Kelly and Christina need a podcast, show, movie. Love y'all's vibe
Troy Turner
Troy Turner 2 days ago
Kelly wouldnt be the only one throwing ppl to the left and right trying to GTHO there. I'd be helping her. I absolutely HATE being spooked!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ryan Tan
Ryan Tan 2 days ago
I love you but let your guests talk
Roy Moreno
Roy Moreno 3 days ago
So energetic...FUN, FUN, FUN...;)
vma862 4 days ago
I liked the interview but not the eye makeup or her lips.
PIE 4 days ago
Why do people use "literally" when it's not necessary? It makes them look ignorant by using it incorrectly
karen barro
karen barro 5 days ago
Her talking voice is different from her singing voice😅cmon. Unique
jose ap santos
jose ap santos 6 days ago
Boa noite, essa Christina é uma excelente cantora com grandes sucessos.Adorei o vídeo.
Funny Moppy
Funny Moppy 7 days ago
Kelly whispers: "I scrapbook." LOL
Alexander Baladad
Kelly is team Britney 🤣🤫
rita rabaa
rita rabaa 8 days ago
Trima Frank
Trima Frank 8 days ago
Jlo left the chat
xoPanchitaxo 9 days ago
Why hasn't their been a song with Christina and Kelly?? THEY WOULD SMASH IT
Dibin Shahi
Dibin Shahi 9 days ago
Always did get confused between these two
OREO FOR YOU 9 days ago
She's so pretty 🥺
PinkJinx 89
PinkJinx 89 9 days ago
Y’all need to do a song together pretty please💕
Ansh A
Ansh A 13 days ago
I can’t imagine kelly having drama/issues with anybody lol
SammySingally 13 days ago
Somewhere out there Ellen started mischievously smiling at 3:59 (start listening from 3:55).
MK Luna
MK Luna 16 days ago
Wait Kelly has a show?
Love Always
Love Always 16 days ago
I'm loving listening to Christina talk!
princess conseula
princess conseula 16 days ago
Her head is large
Izwan Mohd. Isa
Izwan Mohd. Isa 17 days ago
Miss Independent wrote by Xtina ❤️
Anisa Sharif
Anisa Sharif 17 days ago
Xtina is so pretty, her beauty doesn't fades...
rickma235 18 days ago
Duet please!!!!!
Katalia j
Katalia j 19 days ago
I love them both ,and I think whoever in Kelly's show ,become humble and honest in the show
Lila Montoya
Lila Montoya 19 days ago
Whats wrong with her lips.....
Nazeeme 20 days ago
I love Christina but that ponytail siiiis
deny_boyoh@yahoo.com Deny
Twin Queens..!!!
Jeffrey J
Jeffrey J 22 days ago
How much plastic surgery and injectables did Christina have done to her face???? smdh
North Land
North Land 22 days ago
kelly, ugghhnnoying. tone it down.... Plz allow the guest being interviewed to have their "moments / responses after u ask them a question". < without, u constantly > interrupting...making the interviews become annoying. I can only stand watching you for like 20 seconds at a time then I must retreat from the blabby nonsense
Neil Rivera
Neil Rivera 24 days ago
Christina gave Kelly her song "Miss Independent" Kelly owes Christina BIG TIME! 😂
Alt Prince
Alt Prince 26 days ago
Pls have Demi on the show 🙏🏻🙏🏻😭
fizayzachary 28 days ago
Omg this suddenly reminds me of that time "Hurt" and "Because of You" topping the charts in about the same year. Sweet sweet time!
M. H.
M. H. 29 days ago
Kelly, ilu, but you got be quiet for one sweet second😂❤️
Benika Jimo
Benika Jimo 29 days ago
Christina looks like a pretty Bratz doll 😍
Neilton Farias Filho
Christina was jealous Sabrina Parlatore in Brazil 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jordan Gibbs
Jordan Gibbs Month ago
They both talk really fast and don't let each other talk, they are twins
Yajie Liu
Yajie Liu Month ago
What happened to Christina, she looks sooo much like Cher now (in comparison when they did the movie together?)
WomackFanFile Month ago
I love them, but they talk over each other too much 😀
LBloggie Awakened
Xtinct and this plastic face she looks like everyone else now
Irene Felix
Irene Felix Month ago
Christina has the best voice ever!
Juan Carlo Arias
Hello Kelly! How are you? I'm David from Nicaragua!!
M Maples
M Maples Month ago
whispers "I'm a scrapbooker" 🤣😂🤣😂
Single Mom Reality
Shes the white version of Lil Kim Oh my bad nevermind Lil Kim is white now..
Cheri Cherry
Cheri Cherry Month ago
I wish Christina could have gotten a few more words in.
Andrew Alvarado
Andrew Alvarado Month ago
I love Christina SO much! Just don’t like those lip injections they were already perfect 😍
tomgallowitz Month ago
If Christina was a mentor on Kelly’s team on the voice they be unstoppable
Beatriz Ferreira
J M Month ago
Christina Aguilera she’s an amazing vocalist but if you take a look at her hair it’s yellow in certain parts and platinum in some parts but fuck she’s that chick
GuigoMasca Month ago
twin fake B's
Top Notch Talk
Top Notch Talk Month ago
Such a nice interview.
Noah Smith
Noah Smith Month ago
Yass, queens. Two legends! ❤️
PJ Allen
PJ Allen Month ago
"I'm a scrapbooker" 😂😂😂 I love her
Billy & Louie
Billy & Louie Month ago
as a twin my self I can definitely say these two are twins
Pedro Carrazana
Pedro Carrazana Month ago
They needed to blend that ponytail
Xtina Mess
Xtina Mess Month ago
She's such a cutie ♡
Mar S.
Mar S. Month ago
I love Kelly Clarkson, but dam girl let your Guest talk. Remember, why Tyra Banks show got canceled.
John Patrick Olayvar
Please have Meryl Streep as guest 😍😍 I think that would be crazy af.
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