'Chrisley Knows Best' stars speak after being released on bond

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Reality television stars Todd and Julie Chrisley pleaded not guilty Wednesday. They spoke to the media after they were released on bond.

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Aug 14, 2019




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Bridgett Tubbs
Bridgett Tubbs Month ago
I do hope they win the fight. I hate this for them.
Pattie Taylor-Rose
Pattie Taylor-Rose 5 months ago
So happy for y'all but I still think the idiot that stole from y'all should be facing those charges not yall
Faith Girton
Faith Girton 5 months ago
I am so sorry that you had to go through that and God has given you strength and raise you above all of this bless you both
anon one
anon one 11 months ago
We stand in our faith 😂
Laura Mendoza
Laura Mendoza 11 months ago
R u kidding. Linsey talkingwith Dr. Phil wow
Just Joan
Just Joan Year ago
God will let the truth shine
Danielle Nesmith
As i walk through the valley of the shadow of death ,i fear no evil
Danielle Nesmith
God bless yall i dont much about yalls struggle with this. Ive been watching some clips on RUvid . Yall are differnt from from a lot of rich people. Yall seem to not let money high over your head. I really like this show . And learn things to .
Gregory Vierra
Guilty and time will tell.
Diane Nazario
Diane Nazario Year ago
Love you christley Family.
B4L Year ago
Keep your heads up💕
Erin Vaughn
Erin Vaughn Year ago
Huge fan !!!
Erin Vaughn
Erin Vaughn Year ago
Everyone wants to go after people with money 💪💪💝💝
Mountain Homesteading
Todd's all about matching clothes, even his boot matched his suit
Gladys Morgan
Gladys Morgan Year ago
I'm a faithful fan..still going 2 watch their show.
Khy Year ago
Keep ya money fuck them
Maral Emrikian
Wa wa wa
Iris Sorenson
Iris Sorenson Year ago
Love the Chrisleys and love their show!!
Buddy Wiser
Buddy Wiser Year ago
Who cares about them. Where's that fine, Savannah?
Rhonda Spencer
Love this family!
brickit26 Year ago
Jo Jackson
Jo Jackson Year ago
something seem shady in times like theses husband and wife walk hand in hand they did not because they are against each other they are now fighting the show is scripted but still fun to watch
Brooke Davis
Brooke Davis Year ago
Click Click
Angela Bischoff
Lavina Ait Ourasse
We love you, stay strong and yes God is with you through this little bump. I'll continue to watch your show.. love you all....
L Lofton
L Lofton Year ago
Know that you are loved by God. If you really love and believe God trust and know he will protect you. His word says he will not let you be put to shame because you trust him. NOW while the world watch give glory to God let them see our God is the one true God. The enemy is using your daughter like a Judas but she will be delivered and will repent. In the name of Jesus. Continue to pray and love her. That is your winning weapon love. This is the devil testing you! Do you really believe what you say about your God!!!!! Stand on his word. Remember WE WIN. Dont give up. I'm praying for you. In Jesus name......
Amanda Nicole Maynor
Prayin yalls my fav family
Nancy Simmons
Nancy Simmons Year ago
He's going to jail there's no way out it's just when and how long sorry the show will be over he should have thought of that before he did all this it's called greed has nothing to do with God
Nancy Simmons
Nancy Simmons Year ago
What's is have to do with god he didn't pay his taxes so all that money he lie about hid from the government so he's using that money to pay for the lawyer why didn't he just pay his damn taxes jail time now
Alot, he is throwing out Bible scripture and he doesn't even try to be a Christian. Maybe if he was trying to be one, but he is sneaky and perverted and much more im sure.
MsCece Miller
MsCece Miller Year ago
Well said, Todd! God bless your family. 🙏
_ Desii_
_ Desii_ Year ago
Hope all ends well with them I adore them. The government is the real thieves
Kane Cottie
Kane Cottie Year ago
Ok good y'all out good luck
Marky Mark
Marky Mark Year ago
The goverments are the biggest crooks on this planet !
Liz B
Liz B Year ago
Love the Chrisley's, wishing them all of the best!
GUILTY!!!!! He is nasty! Christian my behind!!! If he was such a Christian, he would be quoting Bible verses on his show. NEVER has he done that. Now that they are in HOT WATER, he is quoting verses. Oh, he knows he is in big trouble, both of them. What father tells his teenage daughter that his huge penis should be in the Smithsonian museum!!??? Yes, he told her that in one episode, i was disgusted... He is gay and she acts all innocent, but she is a good actress, can't fool me. On his show he is all mouthy and fast to criticize, his true personality should be showing now, but it can't because they both know they got caught. If they do have a sex tape of the daughter/ sister, u know they saw it.. Grossss!!! Perverts. Oh well, he will have fun in prison, he does like the same team....
Debra Williams
Todd, this time keep your mouth shut. Let your Lawyer do the talking. That's what you are paying home for. You can't micromanage this one
Kyle Long
Kyle Long Year ago
There only starting this because the family becomeing so famous
beverly a
beverly a Year ago
It seems Lindsie has been jealous of the rest of the family for some time. She failed in her marriage and no one was real interested in her when she was on the show. If she is lying about her Father I hope they put her in jail.
Shannon Year ago
God Bless these good people!
annette Parker
So sorry about all this stuff you two or going through,This is Annette from Kennett,
Joe Powell
Joe Powell Year ago
He sho will Todd! Y’all hang in there....
Chiqurita Macwell
Love the Chrisleys
Casey 0five
Casey 0five Year ago
Good video 👍 love you crisley's🙂 ur fan #1 fan🙃
Kristine Foote
I'm still a fan wish y'all a lot of luck love you guys praying for y'all god bless 🙏 🙏🙏 ❣️
Chandra Ramprashad
Hopefully if they are not taping at the present moment, they are reruns, I have to get my fix of the Crisley's. They are the best. And this too shall pass, hang in there Todd and Julie.
Roland Moreno
Roland Moreno Year ago
Pair of jail birds, bring more drama to the show. Love it can't wait to see your mom's reaction.
Kelly S
Kelly S Year ago
Oh shit I didn’t believe it
N Hill
N Hill Year ago
Love you guys🥰
Ebony Gorum
Ebony Gorum Year ago
So their long time "friend" gets caught stealing from them, even bugging their home. They fire him and take him to court. He turns them in to the IRS. Wow! Money really does change people
Diego Rivas
Diego Rivas Year ago
Todd with money you can do anything. Just to make sure in the future do things right. This wouldn't had happened if you do things the right way like you always said.
Iti Ii
Iti Ii Year ago
I think That daughter is a bit narcissist. I hope. Todd and Juliet r innocent.
Ben S.
Ben S. Year ago
I L❤️🧡💛💚💙💜VE Tod Cristley’s sense of humor and I L❤️🧡💛💚💙💜VE watching their show after having a long day!!! Y’all are going to get through this!!!
Richard Heikkila
You gotta love these reactions: "trust that God will let you get away with everything Scott free ", and "I believe you should be allowed to do anything you want.....so does God" and "God and Putin helped elect president pussy grabber, so this should be a cinch" and " you should be tried in court using your fans as credible witnesses... and nothing else. Why? Because God told me so" and my all time favorite hymn, "Chrisleys are innocent, this I know, cause the bible tells me so".
Mary Aldaco
Mary Aldaco Year ago
A note onAmerican government:::: Omar isn’t going anywhere- the Party of Turn Coats are up her back sitting on her shoulder in support, while the angel of Good is on the other shoulder being ignored.
Leslie Jones
Leslie Jones Year ago
Love this Family... Love Love Love... they will win... peace & blessings... stat strong...
Blanca Miranda
They look so stupid😂😂😂😂never watching that show again...now.we know how they get money!!!what did he have the nerve to say????(his faith in God keeps him going) THE BIBLE TALKS ABOUT PEOPLE LIKE HIM...USING GOD'S NAME TO HIDE YOUR DIRTY FACES..GOOD FATHER TEACHING YOUR KIDS TO CHEAT TO GET AHEAD...AT LEAST YOUR OLDEST SON KEEPS IT REAL,SO WHO'S THE REAL LOSER.⚡🇺🇸⚡⚡
Ernest Thomas
Ernest Thomas Year ago
I still love them and one of there biggest fans.
Renee Croasdale
Love them! 💕
Teela Tequila
Teela Tequila Year ago
Todd don't worry about the situation God's got your back remember he will hold your hand through this and your family it will make you stronger we all love you keep making those videos
Cheryl Masson
Cheryl Masson Year ago
Vengeance is mine say the lord I will repay..its bad when family turn on you for no reason..oh yeah money, and jealously, praying for them, love this family..
Alexandra Year ago
This family is disgusting I knew this was too good to be true They came off as the “perfect” family and now the truth is out
Jeannie Mathias
They are the best people I can't believe linsie would do that what is wrong with her
Eugene paolella
these religious people are so fame
Elaine P
Elaine P Year ago
Poor Julie! Stop trying to live in the high life. At least Nanny Faye is alright.
Sugar Kiss
Sugar Kiss Year ago
If the lower class and middle class can pay their taxes then so can a rich man like you Todd 🙄.
sue b
sue b Year ago
Yes I agree..love the show..
Beegee L
Beegee L Year ago
Don’t give a damn if he never pays . The president of the United States of America doesn’t pay !! Still love this family . Still gonna watch . Love you Julie & TODD . Pay these haters no mind . Just jealous .
Michelle Kalinowski
Love you guys....I love watching your show. Your show provides me a safe show that I know is wholesome. Tasteful & funny and just so darn cute....my heart and prayers go out to you and your family...and will always be a huge fan.
Tammy Downs
Tammy Downs Year ago
Where's GMA at ? Bet she dont have a problem telling the government to EAT ASS! We LOOOOVE YOU GUYS #WeSupportYou
DarTip2 DarTip2
God bless Todd,Julie,2 sons and younger daughter & grand daughter & Todd's mom. The gossips of other people, family members & so forth mean nothing to people like myself ( True people that don't pay no mind to all there gossip & I'm sorry you all have to deal with this. I see such a difference in Grayson, Savannah Chad, & your granddaughter in how well they treat you both as parents & each other. Keep the show coming we love it in Delaware beaches near Rehoboth we laugh & are so thankful for the laughter you bring into our homes. Xoxo p.s. The people that complain are the ones that want what you have instead of looking at sidguation's that your human and you all deal with life obstacles like everyone. WE LOVE YOUR SHOW!!!! KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO AS PARENTS IF MORE PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD PARENTED THE WAY YOU BOTH DO INSTEAD OF THROWING IN THE TOWEL THE WORLD WOULD BE A BETTER PLACE. DELAWARE BEACH LOVES YOU LOTS!!!
DarTip2 DarTip2
Keep your heads up. We love you all!!!!!!
DarTip2 DarTip2
Sorry for spelling mistakes was texting to fast.
GENESSI Year ago
BMD #1
BMD #1 Year ago
We stand in our faith and know what’s right......nuff said.
MissMommyTina Year ago
This makes me lololol
Bless them!!!!!
Bill Hackney
Bill Hackney Year ago
The dude in a closet might like it in jail. I am sure he will be very popular in jail.
Kerri Hinton
Kerri Hinton Year ago
These charges do not change how I feel about the chrisleys I love them and what they stand for the government are greedy crooks
Deb S
Deb S Year ago
You’re fans are praying for you, Chrisley’s. Keep the faith. This will all be over soon enough, and you’ll be back to your life as you know it soon. 🙏🏻💕
Robert Martin
Robert Martin Year ago
Say by by to daddy he is going to jail
Mary Dupureur
Mary Dupureur Year ago
i absolutely love this family will always be a fan of theres
Angelina Hollinger
I truly believe in both of you. Stay firm and D the truth will prevail. No one deserves this nonsense.
Renea Pelphrey
Julie looks amazing, Todd is always handsome
Bonnie Reich
Bonnie Reich Year ago
Still a fan here .love Chrisleys
Footlockmaster Leopard
Kristie Moe
Kristie Moe Year ago
He's a piece of shit. This isn't the first time he's been accused of mishandling funds What father, muchless a Christian father throws their child under the bus. I don't care if the rumors are true. It's no ones business. Shame on Todd and Chase
Leslie Boozer
Leslie Boozer Year ago
Julie is frazzled
The Mini Macho Man WWE Action Figure Show & Dad
What did they do 🤷‍♂️
Brittany Jerrell
Love y’all 💕♥️
Alexandria Year ago
I believe them when they say they did not do it.
Soulful Kisses80
I love the Chrisleys ..... This man makes me laugh on my worst day... Nanny Faye is a funny mess... I wish them the best.
Teresa Riley
Teresa Riley Year ago
I still love this family still going to watch your shows
Pea Porridge Hot
Todd and Julie we love you guys and we got your backs ...
Jane W
Jane W Year ago
Jill and Jane are with you. Bless you as you go forward.
Chasity Burgess
Just saying you people watch an obviously SCRIPTED show & think you know these people .. don’t put nothing past anyone . SATAN HIMSELF TRANSFORMED INTO AN ANGEL OF LIGHT
stacey Davis
stacey Davis Year ago
Still a Big Fan 😊
A Yates
A Yates Year ago
Where there's smoke, there's fire!
Pat Pat
Pat Pat Year ago
I love em
Ms. Vera Foster
Give them Strength and Faith in Jesus Name🙌
Jess Barnett
Jess Barnett Year ago
I thought this clip was for him coming out of the closet 🚪 Guess he’s still in it!
marie little
marie little Year ago
You watch your own closet and mind your business when it comes to that.....
darabanks2000 Year ago
He has low testosterone and he is metrosexual.
Luke Ware
Luke Ware Year ago
The Clinton's kill people but there trying not do to time for taxes. Yup...
H J Year ago
Lindsey and her mother are so damned jealous they cant see straight. Lindsey now has fame because of her father she deserves no benefits she’s s horrible daughter. She turned on her mom before too. Oh yeah bet she blames her dad for that. No worries Todd everyone knows they’re just jealous ex wife tools.
H J Year ago
Love the Chrisleys
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