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Join Chris Morocco in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen to meal prep a week of lunches as part of the 2019 Heathyish Feel Good Food Plan! Using our recipe for what might be the best chickpeas ever, Chris makes chickpea salad with bitter greens and tahini-ranch dressing and a smashed chickpea sandwich.

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Chris Meal Preps Lunch For a Week | From the Test Kitchen & Healthyish | Bon Appétit




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Comments 80
Alexandra Baginski
Alexandra Baginski 10 days ago
volume is low fyi
Farrah Hendi
Farrah Hendi 12 days ago
Eggs aren’t vegan Chris lol. Totally vegetarian but not vegan
GY2 GY2 13 days ago
The salad was only #1? I can get 3 days' lunches out of that.
Mieke Kuppen
Mieke Kuppen 13 days ago
Why is this guy so cute and why am I only now discovering him???
Nicole Hicks
Nicole Hicks 13 days ago
I wish I had a dollar for every time Chris said the word "Like". Chris is a Valley Girl!
sarikatimmi 14 days ago
i 100% cook with both onion and garlic powders
Leanne Corey
Leanne Corey 15 days ago
Gosh I adore him...😍
Shannon Brown
Shannon Brown 16 days ago
Chris is my new favorite. hands down.
Sepehr Moghani
Sepehr Moghani 18 days ago
Just out of curiosity, what do you guys actually do? I know making videos aren’t your actual job. But what is test kitchen? What do you guys do? Who do you make foods for?
ariel 20 days ago
Neemat M
Neemat M 21 day ago
chickpeas , tahini, we do this all the time in middle eastern houses. they're a staple, but I wouldn't say I would seek them out for that reason, because I'm bored of that cuisine lol [love it but bored with it ]
K NMCW 21 day ago
The volume is so low
Joel Gonzalez
Joel Gonzalez 21 day ago
When I see Andy walking away, I hear in my head....chic-a-boom, chic-a-boom, chic-a-boom,boom,boom! GO ANDY!
TravelBean 22 days ago
That Paul Hollywood impression...I need more
Mike Canton
Mike Canton 22 days ago
Chris likes Andy. Chris just works with Brad.
Arianna Johnson
Arianna Johnson 23 days ago
Imagine having someone make you lunch in the morning 🥺
Veronica Esquivel
Veronica Esquivel 26 days ago
The audio is so low
darquenite 28 days ago
4:45 '...lunch for my wife...' *surprised white guy face*
Megan Gee
Megan Gee 28 days ago
Chris I love you and I am liking this video on principle but I will not come on this chickpea journey with you 🙏
OccyDotAndy Month ago
Chris gets it
Martine Month ago
Is Claire the boss? I got those vibes when she wandered over
non ey
non ey Month ago
Feels like he's overdoing it I just do chilli+rice/stir fry+noodles or rice /pasta/ schnitzel+potatoes for lunch usually with the odd sandwich :P
Sesita Month ago
"In the afternoon light of a Sunday night when you're feeling optimistic and positive about the world", Chris no one feels optimistic and positive on a Sunday night.
Kay Anna
Kay Anna Month ago
Why is the audio so quiet ??
Detskiy Kanal
Detskiy Kanal Month ago
What does he mean 'Nobody is washing lettuce'?? I wash lettuce whether it's Wednesday or Sunday, morning or midnight. If it's unwashed, I won't eat it.
Alexandra Colace
I too temper my ranch
Stephy Bear
Stephy Bear Month ago
Feeling very attacked because I use garlic powder and onion powder in almost everything I cook 😂
alena jascanka
alena jascanka Month ago
Chris is the beeest!
kyrk2112 Month ago
Eggs are not vegan
Catherine Jamie
Catherine Jamie Month ago
Portia Massey
Portia Massey Month ago
top gun is my fav movie too
qworty Month ago
I just want to say thank you Chris for making me smile.
Little Frog 🐸
This really inspires me to take better care of myself.
A. D. Gardenhire
Chris is the best
Kaitlin Baumgarten
He was so excited that it was vegan *right after* he finished explaining how to cook the eggs. Ah, well. I see you- I see the effort.
Eric D
Eric D 2 months ago
What kind of monsters are down voting Chris Morocco making food?
Alexander Bertallo
Alexander Bertallo 2 months ago
That is a fantastic new format... ... and Chris: as precise as always... One of my favourite episodes ever...
naz G
naz G 2 months ago
I feel attacked! I always use onion powder and garlic powder! They are always around more often than onions, but I do always have a jar of minced garlic in the fridge (garlic is the best)!
Dragonflywins 2 months ago
I like how he has a pen on his ear, it kinda makes everything seem more legit. Because, who needs a pen in a kitchen?, A guy that knows this sh*t that's who.
Lauren Ashmore
Lauren Ashmore 2 months ago
Where's your front light bro?
Grayson Yount
Grayson Yount 2 months ago
But Chris, how do I cook chickpeas???
Piper Foulon
Piper Foulon 2 months ago
More salad tutorials would be so great. I know a lot of it is kind of improvised with salads but I would love some guidance!
Amber Specter
Amber Specter 2 months ago
It's funny, Sundays, for me, are the least optimistic. Also, I can't believe Chris's favorite movie is Top Gun, I thought it'd be something like the English Patient or Citizen Kane
genelle .ge
genelle .ge 2 months ago
Ragheb Halaseh
Ragheb Halaseh 2 months ago
You can make amazing hummus with these chickpeas.
Emily Wong
Emily Wong 2 months ago
Or mustard would make mock/vegan egg salad!
Emily Wong
Emily Wong 2 months ago
If you added nori to the mashed chickpea sandwhich spread, it could be mock/vegan tuna salad.
Dead by Hitboxes
Dead by Hitboxes 2 months ago
Andy is what I want to be as an adult
Dead by Hitboxes
Dead by Hitboxes 2 months ago
Andy is what I want to be as an adult
John Tremblay
John Tremblay 2 months ago
That chickpea sandwich looks and sounds amazing. Can't wait to try it.
Charlie Dovlander
Charlie Dovlander 2 months ago
weird to think that where they stand thousands of people died on 9/11
Maiasatara 2 months ago
So I was curious about the tahini dressing quantities and headed over to the plan for the recipe. The whole collection looked so amazing I actually joined Scribd so I could download it. I don’t do things like that. I’m writing my own cookbook which is tough because I don’t measure; I add ingredients until it’s right. I don’t follow other people’s meal plans. But this meal plan looks THAT amazing. I’ve had chickpea flour in the pantry waiting to become socca for MONTHS. Now I can use this an an excuse to finally get to it. Thanks!
Savanna R
Savanna R 2 months ago
Real talk, this is the only series that i actually try out the recipes after watching. I know this is only the second video but I hope they make this a regular in the lineup!
Mayren Mayfair
Mayren Mayfair 2 months ago
i would say 70% of the US still uses powdered garlic and powdered onion as a STAPLE in our pantry.... just saying.....i love you Chris.. but bring it back down to a real income US level
joyjamiebrady 2 months ago
Love this! “Walk away bite” 😂😂😂 Thank you for the great ideas!!!
Uwe Schroeder
Uwe Schroeder 2 months ago
It's vegan, boom, it's vegan - camera zooms in on hard boiled eggs... LOL
Allan Kawakami
Allan Kawakami 2 months ago
That sandwich looked amazing 😋
b 2 months ago
what's up with the sound on this? it's so low! I have my volumes maxed out and still can barely hear him
Christian Renz Torres
Chris Morocco likes crispy-fried eggs and Top Gun. His soft-spokenness, his sharp sense of smell, and his palate make it seem otherwise.
Randall Sunderland
Randall Sunderland 2 months ago
Can everyone in the kitchen do there favorite salads as a video?
RAT 2 months ago
"its a walk away bite"
Pip Girl
Pip Girl 2 months ago
How tf is that salad vegan 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 cmon the kitchen full of chefs and no one realized?
runningfromtheherd 2 months ago
Married. Straight? Nope!!!!!! 🔥👑
Natalie Nicole
Natalie Nicole 2 months ago
chris morocco: "who even cooks with garlic and onion powder anymore" me: feels extremely sad and attacked *reads comments section* Me: feels validated
Marius Periwinkle
Marius Periwinkle 3 months ago
If you cook regularly, then you I don’t understand why you wouldn’t use fresh garlic or onion. Both are cheap and can be stored for weeks (months in the case of garlic). I use onion on almost a daily basis and garlic a couple times a week. The flavor is also much better. The same goes for fresh ginger, but as I very rarely use ginger I have made the compromise to have a ground up version. It is differently a different taste profile, but purchasing fresh ginger is overkill for me.
AshGurl2897 3 months ago
I love ya, Chris but I absolutely still use onion and garlic powder.
robb0995 3 months ago
Interested in this, but had to turn it off after turning the volume to 80 (normal is 30), and still barely being able to hear it. Let me know when you reupload this with proper levels.
Rouverius 3 months ago
So, these are kind of a twist on hummus? I have no problem with that.
JD Wilde
JD Wilde 3 months ago
How to they all stay so fit, I’d look like a bloated bear after a month of working at ba
Raphoufoune 3 months ago
Evilqueen1985 3 months ago
For months I have been trying to figure out who Chris reminds me of, now Ive got it... Ichabod Crane.
Lillian Stumbo
Lillian Stumbo 3 months ago
i love when chris makes stuff that's vegan or can easily be made vegan 🥰
Kimberly Ramirez
Kimberly Ramirez 3 months ago
“And then boom... that just happened” my favorite part of this whole video
mary mcdonough
mary mcdonough 3 months ago
I wish the links to all 4 recipes were provided. I am having difficulty finding them on the site.
T L 3 months ago
good to know that its not my speakers i thought there was something wrong because im blasting my speakers to hear this.
YT Burner
YT Burner 3 months ago
Why is nobody talking about Chris's haircut?
Beep Boop
Beep Boop 3 months ago
Liking right away for the spoon check at the beginning!
Nick Trudel
Nick Trudel 3 months ago
"To do as little as possible but get as much as possible out of whatever I do" is my life strategy.
Sazzorak Skills
Sazzorak Skills 3 months ago
It’d be really cool if you guys could get in a nutritionist to talk more specifically about meal planning. I’m struggling a lot with proper portion control and maintaining a decent diet, so having that kind of video would be super helpful!
yugandhar tikam
yugandhar tikam 3 months ago
Drink a shot of water everytime Chris says chickpeas
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