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Join Chris Morocco in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as he makes healthy breakfast sandwiches. You may not mistake these jammy-crisp, slow-cooked onions for bacon, but they are truly exceptional as a stand-in, giving a huge blast of umami to create a truly satisfying breakfast sandwich.
Check out the recipe here: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/breakfast-sandwiches-onion-bacon

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Chris Makes Breakfast Sandwiches | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit




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Comments 80
abslol1 4 hours ago
*goes to store to buy onions *but also has bacon on the side
abslol1 4 hours ago
Panera sells sprouted grain flats by the dozen and they would be so good for this sandwich
Michael Olson
Michael Olson 20 hours ago
Anyone else get the into the woods reference?
greg jacklin
greg jacklin 23 hours ago
the sauce was the only take i got.
Kayla Bodine
Kayla Bodine Day ago
Chris might be my favorite
Baribrooks 2 days ago
Chris, you just get me. Thanks for being you, man!
Shireen Khan
Shireen Khan 2 days ago
no one: Chris: The Equator of The Onion
Davis Jugroop
Davis Jugroop 2 days ago
Caramelized Yellow onion would tast better
Tyney Ukulele
Tyney Ukulele 2 days ago
Take a shot every time Chris says Umami 😂
TheJollyMage 3 days ago
Okay I hear you but where is the actual bacon?
J. W.
J. W. 3 days ago
A breakfast sandwich is a half can of tomato sauce with what you think is pasta...
Ashlee Moore
Ashlee Moore 3 days ago
Who the f* knew onions had latitude and longitude?!
Megan Georgiane
Megan Georgiane 3 days ago
*When you realize you have the ingredients to make this 🤩🤩*
Joana Vanessa Garcia
Chris this green sauce on the eggs sounds amazing!!! I have never thought about "pesto" in eggs ....why not...THANK YOU
Ann J.
Ann J. 4 days ago
the number of times hes said umami lol
Guh uh Huh
Guh uh Huh 4 days ago
0:29 "I milly rock"
MelodyBurst 4 days ago
Jacob Dubois
Jacob Dubois 4 days ago
Quarantine drinking game! Every time Chris says “umami”, take a drink. 🍻
Hama Ill
Hama Ill 4 days ago
every time he says "kinda" take a shot
Dingbat Supreme
Dingbat Supreme 5 days ago
Say “like” or “umami” one more time Chris and i’ll have a nervous breakdown
Kayla Bodine
Kayla Bodine Day ago
Dingbat Supreme 😂😂😂😂
Sergio Vasconcelos
Chris: "Go out. Live your life. Party like there's no tomorrow..." Ms. Corona: well...
John Morrison
John Morrison 5 days ago
*finger guns* “...you know, come on.”
Josie Joyner
Josie Joyner 5 days ago
i see cholula and i already like the recipe
DoxyLady 5 days ago
Please stop saying umami. 🙄
Suchit Vontary
Suchit Vontary 3 days ago
eternal fire13
eternal fire13 5 days ago
If you live in Britain you can get low fat bacon medallions with less salt too which taste great oven baked .
Nicolly Viana
Nicolly Viana 5 days ago
I love these videos, but I think he talks too much sometimes
Captain Ron
Captain Ron 6 days ago
I like the recipe. I like things that taste good. But that muffin? Even though it tastes "cardboardy" it makes you feel like you are eating healthy? No thanks. I'll use a more tasty muffin - I don't wanna feel like I'm eating healthy. Cheers
Alice Berger
Alice Berger 6 days ago
How many times can Chris Morocco say "umami ?" I really feel like there was a missed opportunity for an umami counter ala Allen Iverson's "practice"
Jack McInnes
Jack McInnes 7 days ago
R K 7 days ago
Delaneeeeeeeeeyyyyyy ❤️
K Fallon
K Fallon 8 days ago
I bet Chris could make a 30 minute video about making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
K Fallon
K Fallon 8 days ago
Take a shot every time Chris says umami. And Chris dear, we know what garlic powder does. 🤣😘
N M 8 days ago
Corona- 0:00 - 0:11
Elle Stevens
Elle Stevens 9 days ago
Take a shot every time Chris says "Umami"
Ramon Garibaldo
Ramon Garibaldo 9 days ago
Find yourself someone who loves you as much as Chris loves red onion.
Yesenia Vizcarra
Yesenia Vizcarra 9 days ago
Looks bomb af and vegetarian!!! LOVE THAT!!
HrHrHr 9 days ago
Americans making healthy decisions be like: 6:02
Chase Myles
Chase Myles 9 days ago
Opening line: "So listen, go out, live your life... But CORONAVIRUS IS OUT THERE
uu uu
uu uu 9 days ago
BOY. if you Umami one more time....
gloveak47 9 days ago
Tried the onions this morning w/ Spike™️ seasoning and Worcestershire. Delish!
Person 10 days ago
take a shot whenever chris says "kind of"
MoreVolumeNOW 11 days ago
That’s healthy? 🤔 I’m not sure about that.... but what do I know?
Valentine Music
Valentine Music 11 days ago
take a shot every time Chris says Umami
Chelsea Frattura
Chelsea Frattura 11 days ago
ok fine im just gonna say it... wtf is umami
haemi97 11 days ago
I tried this, took me 45 minutes but it was worth it. Love this recipe ❤🙆‍♀️ Thanks Chris!!
Shelby Brown
Shelby Brown 12 days ago
I’m completely obsessed with BA, been watching it everyday for two months now. But Im still trying, for the the life of me, to figure out wtf umami taste like!? I think since subscribing to BA I hear it like 12 times in each video...but they are like oh this has a cheesy umami flavor, or this onion has an umami flavor or this mixture of seasonings has a umami feel to it... I’m really missing it cause they describe 597 different things as having an umami flavor I don’t get it???
Shelby Brown
Shelby Brown 12 days ago
Ok so I took 5 seconds out of my day to google it.... Umami is one of the five basic tastes, alongside sweet, bitter, salty, and sour. It was discovered over a century ago and is best described as a savory or “meaty” flavor. The word “umami” is Japanese and means “a pleasant savory taste.” Your welcome to the people who want to know!😂
vitor fogaço
vitor fogaço 12 days ago
i respect that he said ''healthy-ish'' instead of healthy
Jessica Garcia
Jessica Garcia 12 days ago
Heeeeeeeee TAAAAALKS toooo muuuch! Bro it’s just bread, eegs and onion 🤦🏻‍♀️
Oonagh O' Malley
Oonagh O' Malley 13 days ago
i love how much chris loves red onions i want someone to talk about me like that
alexandria Oliver
alexandria Oliver 13 days ago
Jacob 13 days ago
13:45 That perfect freeze frame of Chris looking at the screen with a boyish smile like "omg guys did i not just tell you about the bodega .6 seconds ago? *eeeeeee!*"
ConnieP 13 days ago
Those first two lines didn't age well 00:00 😂
Eduardo Miguel Herrera
I used to be able to break eggs with one hand when I used to cook a lot. What happens is when you crack the egg at the edge of the bowl, your thumb and pointer finger pull the top part of the egg back, your ring finger pulls the bottom part of the egg back, and the palm-side joint of your pointer finger pushes the egg forward. This should be done in one quick motion. Not enough force, and the egg won't open. Too much, and the egg will be mush in your hand.
allthatjazzspaz95 14 days ago
oooooooo mahhhhhhhh meeeeeeeeeee
Anthony Prather
Anthony Prather 14 days ago
So inspired. I love how great food is created. Another great post team:)
Onion Tears
Onion Tears 14 days ago
EWWW you touch your phone then the food?
Edward Dylin
Edward Dylin 14 days ago
Deep, rich umami.
Leah Nosnhoj
Leah Nosnhoj 15 days ago
*red onions covered in soy sauce* Chris: omg RiCh
Bhavani Subramoney
Bhavani Subramoney 16 days ago
I love this recipe cos I don't eat bacon but I love onion
Hunter Holley
Hunter Holley 16 days ago
I thought this Mf was gonna avoid saying cholula
John Sanders
John Sanders 16 days ago
Can we get an Umami counter for these videos, I think itd be fun to compare how often everyone uses the word
Adriano DePuta
Adriano DePuta 16 days ago
Is he saying quality so often cause the content have no quality?
eujin lee
eujin lee 17 days ago
ok so no one’s gonna talk about chris’ sandwich wrapping skills???
Ambar Inestroza
Ambar Inestroza 17 days ago
not the onions🤢😭
Ambar Inestroza
Ambar Inestroza 17 days ago
no one: absolutely nobody: ba chefs: “it has that great umami flavor”
X 18 days ago
your cheese was looking like it was cut rather thick, have you ever thought of using a vegetable peeler to get really thin slices? thinner slices melt better than thicker ones.
bina 19 days ago
i thought the onions in the thumbnail were raw beef
WhyMommyLeftU 19 days ago
i KINNA like dis
Ben Holter
Ben Holter 19 days ago
Avacado is Green
Anna Dziekonska
Anna Dziekonska 19 days ago
i am late into commenting this BUT to answer chris's question on how to break an egg with one hand; tbh it's sort of a second nature to me? if that makes sense, i tried it out randomly one time because i saw some people do it on tv or youtube and thought "why not?" and surprisingly i can do it? someitmes do get some tiny egg shell pieces but i feel like that's common with egg in general. now i do it every time because i find it cool (also am tbe only one in my family to do it hehe) as for how to do it, it was hard for me to watch how he broke the egg but what i do is take my egg and try to break it right in the center (be gentle of course! you don't want a smashed egg xD). a nice one break should do the trick. if not, do gentle 2-3 taps if the first time doesn't give you a nice crack in the center. it does help if you do it on the edge of the counter top and placing paper towel on that edge i noticed last time. then you gently try to break it with the help of your thumb so to speak. your thumb is your helper with breaking the egg at least that's something i kinda noticed when i break eggs with one hand. i am blah with explaining things so i hoped that made sense(?) i say try it out because you may never know! it's a fun way to be able to do one thing with one hand while the other is breaking an egg ^.^ if not good the first time, you can practice it away, never say never as they say and just have fun.
mhmood alrajhi
mhmood alrajhi 20 days ago
Don’t do like all other cocking shows do (changing ingredients med video) 😔😔
neverarrivinggodot 20 days ago
Chris: "Go out, live your life" Coronavirus: "Hold my apron"
anolki 20 days ago
oh to be the timer clipped to chris's apron
MrCatalanis 20 days ago
dude, a 15 minute video for this sandwich? get off your high horse
Rich 22 days ago
Healthy apparently just means "no bacon"
Thu Ngoc Nguyen
Thu Ngoc Nguyen 22 days ago
I am living for this onion bacon
Ashton Martin
Ashton Martin 22 days ago
Chris is my Favvvvv
J J 22 days ago
Trangy 23 days ago
I think you should rename this to onion sandwich lol
V. Hef
V. Hef 23 days ago
Love this Chris!! PS - I think Delany MUST set a timer when he sees people are recording a show, he knows something will be ready to eat about 45 minutes in... he also seems like a guy that spends half his salary eating out and depends on the test kitchen for most lunches 👍😂💜
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