Chris Lane Says He’s ‘Happiest He's Ever Been’ with Lauren Bushnell

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Weeks before he popped the question to Lauren Bushnell, country singer Chris Lane opened up on their life together at the 2019 CMT Music Awards.

Lane told “Extra” Special Correspondent Alecia Davis, “I found the best girl in the world, I'm the happiest I've ever been. Life is good."


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Jun 19, 2019




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Son Bayani
Son Bayani 5 months ago
Wish you both happiness.Hope and pray you found both true love and happiness. God bless you. I am excited to see your wedding soon.
EVANGELINE Nosike 5 months ago
Fame whore. I don’t want to see you again
Hana 5 months ago
he is so handsome and she is so pretty and together they make the cutest couple ever!!! he did amazing in washington
Tameka D-B
Tameka D-B 5 months ago
She seems happy with him at least, but after seeing the whole thing with Ben unfold it portrayed her negatively. It's pretty unfortunate. I'm hoping this relationship will last for her
Tameka D-B
Tameka D-B 5 months ago
@Al Wa I'm not sure if you know the background but Lauren was on Ben's season of the Bachelor that she won. She was engaged to him and they had their own TV show. Chris, the host of the bachelor pitched the idea of maybe having the wedding televised. It caused issues because Ben was hesitant and Lauren didn't know why. They really weren't on the same page and I think Ben knee that he wasn't ready for marriage then, I think he wanted to date her for awhile. They ended up breaking up on the show but their friends reminded them on why they were together and they got back together, I don't think they ever got over it though. It's a shame because I thought that they were cute, but on the show they portrayed Lauren much differently than she was on the Bachelor. I guess it's true that when one door closes another one opens, she seems really happy with Chris and you can see how much he loves her.
Al Wa
Al Wa 5 months ago
Wait what?
Tameka D-B
Tameka D-B 5 months ago
@Jane Ryan yeah he wasn't ready but at the same time I think she kind of knew and kept getting upset. She was really pushing to have the wedding televised and that whole thing was a mess that should have never happened.
Jane Ryan
Jane Ryan 5 months ago
It's unfortunate that they portrayed her as the villain when it was Ben that wasn't ready...
Everythingwillbeok EWBOK
Wow, he seems really into her. Glad they're happy.
M J 5 months ago
Literally they are so cute
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