Chris Jericho - What Led To AEW Signing, Vince McMahon, WWE, Double Or Nothing

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From the 3/28/19 edition of Busted Open
Chris Jericho joined Dave and Bully in studio to discuss AEW, what led him to not re-sign with WWE, goals he has for AEW & more.
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May 16, 2019




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Comments 2 855
Johnny Johnstone
Johnny Johnstone 21 hour ago
Who's the talk host talkin to the goat?,knows his stuff,respect to you to bully one of the greats.
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith 22 hours ago
NXT is better. Sorry to everyone and I love Fozzy and chris, but NXT is more entertaining. The announcers do not suck balls. I like AEW but NXT is better. I want Omega prince so bad
Thomas Hounsome
Here's a guy with some serious balls. He probably could have kept going back to WWE for 3 months runs every year or two, and collect a nice paycheck or maybe even move into commentary. Instead he realizes he's gone as high as you can in the WWE, and has an opportunity to start something new and goes for it! F****** eh Chris good job!
Venom Miz
Venom Miz 2 days ago
wwe so stupid to let a legend like y2j leave wwe after all these years Y2J the best for ever
Rodshark75 3 days ago
He always looks bloated and drunk
King Rock
King Rock 3 days ago
Dont get jericho! Say your prayers and take your steroids..oops i mean jericho
cain velasquez
cain velasquez 3 days ago
He got a targaryen t-shirt
Manchester Guy
Manchester Guy 7 days ago
Wu tang are the best rap group ever!
SmashDashNCrash 7 days ago
Sechristian Bach
Alex Thorn
Alex Thorn 7 days ago
Lol I swear I never knew I would have Kiss and wrestling in common with Bully & Jericho
pdmftw1 8 days ago
jericho was one of the best heels ever and probably the best heel WCW had...
Magic Flyy
Magic Flyy 2 days ago
pdmftw1 nah...Nash was serious
tin man
tin man 8 days ago
Imagine home like with y2h.everytime u have a disagreement he cuts a promo on ur azz😂🤣
Jake Flannery
Jake Flannery 9 days ago
Bubba Ray is a wanker.
Akuma4u 10 days ago
Sounds like bret hart shouldve called taker before survivor series 97
Vinny Vasquez
Vinny Vasquez 11 days ago
Somewhere in another universe Fandango is a multi time champ because he went the “old school brother” route 😂😂
Sahir Sachdev
Sahir Sachdev 11 days ago
4 mins In and I realize Bubba is conducting the interview. Wow!
Janet Chambers
Janet Chambers 13 days ago
hey its bully ray best wrestler ever i love team 3d
Adi 16 days ago
3:30 Calm down Jr.... I started liking Vince now
Eduardo Sotelo
Eduardo Sotelo 16 days ago
Never knew Bubba Ray had a radio show
Rukh 16 days ago
Jericho is freaking awesome. One of my favorite people in the history of wrestling, in and out of the ring.
Brian DeCando
Brian DeCando 17 days ago
Jericho is truly an underrated wrestling genius.
Guillermo Lopez
Guillermo Lopez 18 days ago
I fucking Love how Jericho is so passionate about other wrestlers getting recognized .. As long as they deserve it.
kayfabe mark
kayfabe mark 19 days ago
PLEASE checkout my youtube channel ruvid.net/u-kayfabemark AWF,INDYS NWA wrestling, mcw,music city, nashville etc..
Ra N
Ra N 20 days ago
aew is Trash! A wwe want to be.
Ian Cap
Ian Cap 20 days ago
Damn, he's 48? I feel so damn old.
Vasu Jaganath
Vasu Jaganath 21 day ago
I can hear this man talk for days.
Bob Ray
Bob Ray 21 day ago
what do you mean he accomplished everything in WWE? he did not win in a mania main event..thats bullshit talk by Bubba guy dudley guy.. dont make up bs..he did not get it all pal.. he did beat Austin and Rock but dont act like he did it all pal..dont lie to us pal...
Bob Ray
Bob Ray 21 day ago
Jericho vs Owens was classic stuff pal..to say its horrible is lying stuff pal.. those guys are legends pal.. Owens is held down because he might leave to AEW pal..business pal..they dont trust Owens pal...
Bob Ray
Bob Ray 21 day ago
Jericho losing to Brandogo is worst then Andre or Bruno losing to Brooklyn Brawler guy..or Goldberg and Austin losing to Sonny Kiss..lets not destroy wrestling credability pal..
Bob Ray
Bob Ray 21 day ago
just do it? whatever pal...lets see Undertaker lose to Sonny Kiss then i will agree with taker pal...he took Vince's side to convince Jericho to lose to the fake Disco guy
Bob Ray
Bob Ray 21 day ago
Chris was drunk when he agreed to Fontago...that was very very drink and drive mentallity by Jericho..there is always a way out...google Warrior pal..google Hogan and HBK pal.. Jericho should have just said..no..its fandago.. sorry...and Undertaker sold out on the Vondago deal.. what do you mean whats the problem..would Undertaker lose to Sonny Kiss at a Wrestlemania? gimme Bob Ray a fucken break pal
Bob Ray
Bob Ray 21 day ago
VAndago guy and Cena guy did not deserve to beat Jericho guy....sorry pal...but those guys are not jericho level type guys pal
michael hortman
michael hortman 21 day ago
Chris Jericho is an egotistical asshole to be honest
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams 21 day ago
If I argue with my boss I don't think it would go that well.
Outtta Nowhere
Outtta Nowhere 21 day ago
Go ahead shoot your shot Alright stupid son of a bitch 2nd match at wrestlemania hold my bubbly
Chad Mulligan
Chad Mulligan 22 days ago
This dudes a obnoxious braggar, hare his voice. Stone colds actually fun to listen to his stories, this guys a douchy narcissist that loves his one stupid voice
Chad Mulligan
Chad Mulligan 16 days ago
@David Castillo I guess I dont really see the art in it, at least be a charismatic one, I've met his arrogant personality too many times already. Just my take on him tho
David Castillo
David Castillo 16 days ago
Chad Mulligan you don’t think he’s talking like a heel?. Wrestlers back in the days wouldn’t get out of character at all. He’s bringing it back
John Douglas Racing Video
You don't stay in this business for this long like Jericho has without being INCREDIBLY intelligent. His correlation of the rock world to wrestling is such a smart way to look at things because a rock band has to do a lot of reinvention. Every album has to stand on its own. Just like every match has to stand out on its own. The KISS make up is a perfect comparison to the reinvention of characters. I really appreciate the way his mind works for this business...
Rick Weiss
Rick Weiss 23 days ago
AEW: Unlocking potential since 2019
Jovani Cruz
Jovani Cruz 24 days ago
Chris Jericho is my all time favorite heel . Fukn genius ! I hope one day he can mentor the future stars of wrestling if he hasn’t already
Martin Dawson
Martin Dawson 25 days ago
So far, I am loving AEW. I haven’t really been a fan of wrestling in the last few years because it’s just radically changed, but this is a breath of fresh air. There’s more of a hunger in the air when you watch AEW.
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