Chris Isaak - Wicked Game(Official Video)

Ani Shqepa
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I'm in love with this song, hope you all enjoy it :)


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Aug 11, 2012




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rigdigwus Hour ago
Someone listening in December 2029?
Alisher Karimov
Someone from Jumanji 2?
Bonnie Davidson
Bonnie Davidson 5 hours ago
I think that's helena Christiansen the model beautiful eyes
Juanita Felix
Juanita Felix 13 hours ago
Favorite all time song ❤️❤️❤️
10 11
10 11 17 hours ago
Música de fazer menino... Rsrsrs
Cláudio Vitor
Cláudio Vitor 15 hours ago
Shorastes ?
Cláudio Vitor
Cláudio Vitor 15 hours ago
Música pra comer buceta com AIDS sem camisinha,
Cláudio Vitor
Cláudio Vitor 15 hours ago
Música pra cheira um 1kg de cocaína
Cláudio Vitor
Cláudio Vitor 15 hours ago
Música pra dar o cú pro kid bengala
Cláudio Vitor
Cláudio Vitor 15 hours ago
Música de fazer sexo
T Dog
T Dog 19 hours ago
Never realized this guy was in Friends until today 😂😂
Malina Damianova
Malina Damianova 21 hour ago
Ohh... Man.
Connor Freeman
Connor Freeman 22 hours ago
This song has punched me in the emotions.
rod Martin
rod Martin Day ago
Beto cuevas la canta en español.
Mike Mükkel
Mike Mükkel Day ago
Huere geili Chatz 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
toto bandini
toto bandini Day ago
ruvid.net/video/video-nIGNFeHzXrQ.html from ex yogoslavia Senidah
Fun Unlimited
Once I listen this song, then I listen it for 100times at least.
Denis Laferriere
Watch a cover from Diana Ankudinova... Amazing young Singer.
ChrissyNmartin E
Happily married and just listening to the song for the song😉
Jennifer Crespo
Cancion perfecta
Hi Aletsis
Hi Aletsis Day ago
Con esta canción me dan ganas de fumar un puro mientras estoy sentado bajo la luz de la luna en medio de una neblina afuera de mi cabaña
Patty Holtke
Patty Holtke Day ago
Sexiest song ever.
John Thomas Bot
YES....It's ..ALL about Mind Set...  
Chris Ali
Chris Ali 2 days ago
My God her eyes are so provocative and sexually intoxicating
Eddy Prince
Eddy Prince 2 days ago
like se anche tu nel 2019 continui a sborrare con questa canzone in sottofondo
Pascale Demarly
Pascale Demarly 2 days ago
Intemporel ...
Jason Manieri
Jason Manieri 2 days ago
Fabulous song
Али Зулкайнаров
Базар жокыр экен е
Али Зулкайнаров
Базар жокыр
Iasmin Lealsilva
Iasmin Lealsilva 2 days ago
Volto no passado
samojin janati
samojin janati 2 days ago
Yes we need all love
Amyrella Dfw
Amyrella Dfw 2 days ago
Matt, you were so sexy....and healed my heart! You made me a WOMAN. I hope your Mom still makes the bon bons....😎
Ganima Adams
Ganima Adams 2 days ago
Gwen and Blake's comment on the voice season 17 brought me here
faroffsuns 2 days ago
I have very long and adventurous dreams every night. Sometimes I have a girl there. This songs makes me think of her. I miss an imagined person
Rafael Matias
Rafael Matias 3 days ago
Friends Season 2 Episode 12 brought me here
Rafael Matias
Rafael Matias 3 days ago
Friends Season 2 Episode 12 brought me here
BURAK CAN 3 days ago
Tam sevişirken dinlenecek şarkı efsane
Joanna Z
Joanna Z 3 days ago
Dec 2019 🇵🇱 Beautiful song! 💜💙
cloudzinmyize 3 days ago
The longing in his voice is palpable.
stephane b
stephane b 3 days ago
Erection musicale 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💜💜💜💜🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Eddie Razo
Eddie Razo 3 days ago
Absolutely listening in 2019 what a great song brings back some great memories!!!
Еркебулан Есенбаев
Someone listening in January 2020?
Bola Bola
Bola Bola 3 days ago
Nurjigit Subankulov the voice Russia by cover!!!!
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