Chris Hedges - The American Empire Will Collapse Within a Decade, Two at Most (11-19-18)

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Here, Chris speaks with CBC Radio about his new book and predicts that the US empire will collapse within the next 20 years, probably within the next 10.

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Nov 21, 2018

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Comments 5 136
Monica Chelagat
❤❤❤ Love you Chris Hedges!
clay bomb
clay bomb 2 days ago
Wow. He tells it like it is. This is the end....
Tom White
Tom White 2 days ago
Greed will destroy America.
Dawn S
Dawn S 2 days ago
The Boomers will go down in history as the worst generation.
Charles Lee Ray
Charles Lee Ray 6 days ago
The juice isn’t worth the squeeze anymore to average people we have been getting fucked for generations as a child I was expected to work like a “man “ and destroy my body by 40 I rebelled at 25 and refused to work for someone else and I haven’t filled my sons head with meaningless bullshit I told him if they don’t tilt the broom neither do you... Americans just don’t care any more about status
James Billy
James Billy 6 days ago
America is finished.
J.SeKour Cage
J.SeKour Cage 7 days ago
This must be shared! This was a brilliant, blatant and honest exegesis. PLEASE SHARE!
J.SeKour Cage
J.SeKour Cage 7 days ago
Nonya Buz
Nonya Buz 7 days ago
⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳ THIS IS REMINISCENT OF THE BEAUTIFUL TITANIC SINKING. Ismay : [incredulously] But this ship can't sink! Thomas Andrews : She's made of iron, sir! I assure you, she can... and she will. It is a mathematical certainty. Smith : How much time? Thomas Andrews : An hour... two at most. Smith : And how many aboard, Mr. Murdoch? 1st Officer William Murdoch : 2,200 souls on board, sir. Smith : [turning to Ismay] Well, I believe you may get your headlines, Mr. Ismay.
Bobby Breaker
Bobby Breaker 9 days ago
Another Closet Communist
rupert williams
rupert williams 9 days ago
America a perfect example of, "the little shop of horrors" IAMME UHURU. 🇯🇲.
rupert williams
rupert williams 9 days ago
America and all W. A. S. P. European countries are built on science not morals and spirituality. Feed the greed, kill the spirits. IAMME UHURU. 🇯🇲.
Graysonshelbyryan Conroy
collapse because you cover up 99 born 1122
Sau Chan
Sau Chan 10 days ago
Wow, this sounded so sad, "you locked up the man and evicted the woman and children"
Paul nmn
Paul nmn 10 days ago
Untenable assertions.
Tristan Wolfe
Tristan Wolfe 11 days ago
Figures like Hedges are popular because they tell us what some of us want to hear. Pinker is right, predictions about the end of the world go back to prehistory and the one thing they have in common is that they're almost always wrong. But they're always popular.
riloh58 11 days ago
This is really thought provoking. Thank you for posting.
Ash-Shakir Whitaker
All that the U.S.A (or any Nation for that matter) has to do is to make a SINCERE turn towards God (that's it).
Ken Bar
Ken Bar 12 days ago
This man speaks so much sense, his books and talks should be pushed to as many people as possible, and people like Pinker should be exposed as spouting rubish about the state of the world. Pinker is a very dangerous individual, because whether he is being disingenuous or he is simply misinformed, people listen to him and believe that the world is getting better, so they can sleep well at night and turn a blind eye to the enormous problems on this planet.
Phil Boast
Phil Boast 12 days ago
Wow, some actual sanity in a sea of madness.
Mark ODay
Mark ODay 12 days ago
I suggest anyone concerned about global warming through human activity explore grand solar minimum. If you do not educate yourself about history you cant feel betrayed by the future. I say this because Hedges mentions climate change and does not sound informed only indoctrinated. Otherwise I found him fairly on point regarding his views
Reto Torriani
Reto Torriani 12 days ago
I am glad I immigrated to the US in the 80ties, I am glad I am already 60 years old. I feel bad for the young people, this President and this prediction are closely intertwined. I pray for America and it's wonderful people.
J. D. Schultz, Sr.
J. D. Schultz, Sr. 12 days ago
Why these people are idolized beats the ever-loving crap out of me. I cannot recall ANY of the "Rich and Famous" ever bought me a beer, so why should I give two craps whether they live or die.
Stephen Curtiss Rose
peirce-and-us.forumotion.com/t27-hedges-and-pinker-a-new-binary#36 My response. We determine behavior. This is retro.
Chimp Anzee
Chimp Anzee 12 days ago
Saved Capitalism, not Democracy! The two tend to be viewed as one and the same but they are actually incompatible on some pretty fundamental levels.
bible4truth 13 days ago
Climate control is a scam
Ryan Pearsall
Ryan Pearsall 13 days ago
I wish politicians like Bernie and AOC didn't respond to labels like capitalism and socialism. The reality is we are both and but we are more socialist with major corporations and not a true capitalist when you can only choose from one internet provider often and only a few cellular providers. True capitalism would allow you to grow and sell your own "chemical free" tobacco and distill/sell to adults your own alcohol for example. It's a very easy argument for progressive left politicians like Tulsi, to argue that Trump on the right is more socialist to corporations.
Dan Fonze
Dan Fonze 13 days ago
Jeremiah 10:23
Томислав Црногорац
You know nothing about Yugoslavia. You were here but blind folded.
Tommy Rex
Tommy Rex 14 days ago
He's spot on with pretty much EVERYTHING. Wow, stuff I've felt and thought about for a long time, being validated everyday and supported by people like him.
BarkusMuhl 14 days ago
Buy gold.
BarkusMuhl 5 days ago
@pillmuncher67 Buy gold, ammo, and food stores.
pillmuncher67 5 days ago
Yeah! You can eat it when the food runs out.
Janie Miller
Janie Miller 14 days ago
Lies , lies , lies- it’s gotten way worse for average society citizens. Job loses, lower wages, less raises, higher inflation, food & gas & products all more expensive now. Cars , college higher now also. Rent increases are way higher. We truly need more affordable housing options . **Only the wealthy would claim things are better. We that are living it- know it’s gotten worse. Hence the sky high suicide rates, the high anti anxiety & depression prescriptions, etc, etc It’s the smaller percentage - at the top - who are greedy & hoarders of mass majority of the money 💰 How much money 💰 do these at the top need? It’s pure greed!! Geeze- you can’t take the 💰 with you when you die. 🙄
Janie Miller
Janie Miller 14 days ago
True- society has become narcissistic & self serving, selfish, non empathetic, phony reality shows which serve as an example that it’s ok 👌 to live superficially & be highly rewarded. Greed is common ground. Majority of CEO 👨‍💼 in major companies are narcissistic- sociopathic. Porn & exploiting humans as mere objects is common. Online dating ( superficial & instant gratification- addiction type dating scene ). The list goes on & on. Eventually this will doom society- humanity in general. Not pleasant 😤 Add in tax breaks & write offs for the rich & using the average middle class workers as the highest paying tax wise which In- slaves middle class citizens. It’s not equal or fair ( should be wealthy paying more taxes honestly ). How much longer can this crap go on? House of cards gotta collapse eventually. Geeze 😳
Robert Charles
Robert Charles 14 days ago
At 14:13 this guy shows his complete and total ignorance of economics in this guy's REALITY every lie told is real this guy is a whining punk oh and by the way he's wrong 🤗🤗🤗😃😃😃🤔🤔🤔😎😎😎
Mike C
Mike C 15 days ago
The interviewer is very smart and did a great job.
Ree B
Ree B 15 days ago
Ridiculous. What country was founded without a fight? Put this guy back in the past and he'd get his arse handed to him. It's idiocy to talk about how horrible people were 2-300 years ago. Like college kids or any lefty speaking on soldiers actions in a war zone. High and mighty when life is cush.
Anurag Chakraborti
Anurag Chakraborti 6 hours ago
China, India for instance....why u americans are so brain dead and determined to be brain dead? Its almost entertaining to watch you people babbling the worst uneducated delusions.
kayesissle mczeal
kayesissle mczeal 15 days ago
Yes! Obama turned his back on Victims. People are suffering and we are paying taxes for insurance to the illegals. We the people don't get insurance free. Big gap between the haves and have not . Love Chris Hedges show. Social inequality is truly a disgrace. American people are not optimistic.
Julie Purpleskater
Julie Purpleskater 16 days ago
Drive thru any city in America and see the acres upon acres of homeless encampments, and it's easy to see that the US has been in decline for quite some time.
David Bryant
David Bryant 16 days ago
Morningstar Ministries. Founded on American exceptionalism. Worships Saturn (the fallen sun)... not god. Morningstar Trading. Morningstar Multilevel Marketing...
Jordan Service
Jordan Service 16 days ago
Man-- I'd love to slap Steven Pinker in the face-- what a dumb view point. "completely unplugged from reality."
Jordan Service
Jordan Service 5 days ago
@pillmuncher67 Forgot I said this! He IS annoying!
pillmuncher67 5 days ago
google "The World's Most Annoying Man".
Donald Bingham
Donald Bingham 17 days ago
I sure looks like we are in the final days of the US. I think global warming will mean the end of human life before too much longer.
barry Amato
barry Amato 17 days ago
Anybody that has lived for 40, 50 years or more can plainly see that the U.S.A. is failing. The main reason is the greed and pathology of a few.
pillmuncher67 5 days ago
Even I can see it from across the pond in Germany.
marisa benson
marisa benson 17 days ago
You encouraged a huge disparity in wealth you did not set in law a decent minimum wage you did nit support learning and subsidized education you are not providing health care for your citizens annd you have not acknowledged the huge lossof jobs from automation
marisa benson
marisa benson 17 days ago
Not a decade you will extinguish yourselves sooner than that.
Jerry Sedlacek
Jerry Sedlacek 17 days ago
Chris would be more credible if he wasn't an RT puppet
pillmuncher67 5 days ago
Yeah! I wonder why he doesn't have a show on Fox News?
BenjaminFranklin99 17 days ago
"For nearly four years you have had an Administration which instead of twirling its thumbs has rolled up its sleeves. We will keep our sleeves rolled up. We had to struggle with the old enemies of peace--business and financial monopoly, speculation, reckless banking, class antagonism, sectionalism, war profiteering. They had begun to consider the Government of the United States as a mere appendage to their own affairs. We know now that Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob. Never before in all our history have these forces been so united against one candidate as they stand today. They are unanimous in their hate for me--and I welcome their hatred. I should like to have it said of my first Administration that in it the forces of selfishness and of lust for power met their match. I should like to have it said of my second Administration that in it these forces met their master." - FDR, 1936. Elizabeth Warren is our FDR. Vote Warren, 2020!
Ellen Anderson
Ellen Anderson 17 days ago
BenjaminFranklin99 17 days ago
What American empire? America does not rule any other country, nor tax any other country, nor impose trade policies on any other country. Having foreign bases does not an empire make.
Shakti Chit
Shakti Chit 18 days ago
Talk about self indulgence: Alfred Kinsey probably to blame for the pornified society that we have now. Watch the history in this video: ruvid.net/video/video-UVC-1d5ib50.html
Steve Terry
Steve Terry 18 days ago
He is so full of himself, and his stats on Americans are skewed so far left, he cannot see any truth at all.
The truth hurts doesn't it?
You're the retard that cannot see the truth at all
Some One
Some One 18 days ago
*The great **-crash-** cash of "2020"*
Johnny 18 days ago
Will collapse in a decade ? It has collapsed. The USA has no international allies, and everyone laughs at Trump. What a disgrace.
BenjaminFranklin99 17 days ago
Putin has also taken a wrecking ball to Europe very successfully. Brexit is a Putin operation.
pierre cansse
pierre cansse 18 days ago
still to long
Ilan Leibowitz
Ilan Leibowitz 18 days ago
Did the assination of JFK play any part of this? If so How?
JJ 17 days ago
JFK wanted to cut 50% of military bases, in order to strengthen America first. He was enraged with Allen Dulles and his brother John Foster Dulles using the State Department to conduct assassinations in Latin America in order to enrich United Fruit Company, and others. JFK fired Allen Dulles as director of CIA. The generals of the military wanted war, including the annihilation of Cuba. JFK disagreed. He wanted cooperation with Russia and China. The CIA wanted war in Vietnam, under Eisenhower the agency was already infiltrated into Vietnam, and was selling cocaine and hiding the money offshore away from Congressional oversight. This was done with airlines and military. Interestingly, Roosevelt and Stalin agreed to cooperation as the war was apparently won, but Roosevelt died, and Truman reversed the agreement when Churchill gave a speech in Missouri (Truman's Whe home state) to create the "Iron Curtain," and the lackey Truman then started the Cold War by agreeing with The Crown. Of course, this gave the Congress and military excuse to build rapidly again because at war's end, there were already massive downsizing of armament factories. Kennedy signed an Executive Order to remove 1,000 advisors by December 1963; and the remainder in two years; the conspirators killed Kennedy November 1963. If you piece the information together, many wanted JFK dead: military, CIA, Dulles, Texas businessmen (TX is full of military contracts like Bell Helicopter, Grumman at the time in Ft Worth, many Army and Air Force bases), Italian and Cuban mobs (Cuban because the Bay of Pigs was not fully supported with air support, Italian because Robert Kennedy prosecuted the mob, hated their criminal ways), etc etc etc. but do NOT forget that The Crown of England wanted him dead also, as he wanted cooperation with Russia, not war. And do NOT forget that JFK great great grandfather fought against The Crown; he was a member of Senn Finn in Ireland. There are other reasons for his death, but that is enough for you to verify.
Bochanable 18 days ago
Sobering, heartbreaking and unfortunately so valid
J. D. Schultz, Sr.
J. D. Schultz, Sr. 18 days ago
THIS IS FAR-AND-AWAY THE BEST COMMENTARY ON 21sT CENTURY SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY AND THE UBIQUITOUS, INTELLECTUALLY BANKRUPT "KNOW-IT-ALLS" WHO LURK ON THE INTERNET: tomcat8662, (3 days ago): "Some of his points are correct. But other points are far from accurate. The problem isn’t corporations. The problem is ourselves. We have become lazy because of the conveniences of the modern era. We live on social media and complain about the price of healthcare. Knowledge is the greatest asset anyone can have. Yet our libraries are largely unvisited. Thomas Jefferson who put himself into deep debt buying books would have been shocked to know that today we have free depositories of books that anyone can use for free and yet very few visit. We put ourselves into slavery by choosing to take on huge debts for things we don’t need. Steven Pinker is correct. We live in a very cushy era. Yet people fail to turn the mirror on themselves. The past two presidents won because they promised free stuff or to go after countries like China in order to prop up American industry. But the reason why we’ve lost our competitiveness is because so many of us simply aren’t pushing ourselves to seek knowledge throughout our lifetime. We believe once we are adults and get into a job, we know everything we need to know and there is nothing else to learn. We sit back in our chairs like Archie Bunker and turn on the television or play around on Facebook after we’ve gotten home from a 9-5 job and then crack open a beer. It’s a waste of a lifetime. But it’s the choice that so many people make from both sides of the political spectrum. Politicians won’t tell them these truths because they want to tell them what they want to hear in order to get their vote. But somebody needs to tell them." I am soon to be 73 years old; old enough to remember President Truman, 15-minute newscasts, walking to school and playing outside every day until the streetlights came on. X-gens and Millenials can easily write me off as just another old fart, who harkens to the "Good Old Days" before the internet, but tomcat8662 does an excellent job of reminding me of the pathetic degradation of my beloved country.
Barney Potter
Barney Potter 18 days ago
You can make paranoid stupid statements like that when you're not going to live another decade guess it's easy to risk being wrong when the likelihood of being alive is zero
randy swier
randy swier 18 days ago
This Marxist Moron has no choice but to hate and defame this great nation. He knows that until the US has collapsed and turns it's sovereignty over to the UN his beloved "NWO" will NEVER happen. No wonder he hates TRUMP as he has set the "NWO" run by our great elites back 20 years. What a LIAR alway pointing at Capitalist while examining the Socialist systems that his Dimm leaders have put in place. Typical ao your Marxist mind set blame your enemies and never say the truth. HIM AND O BUMMER SOUND THE SAME.
Lenin Lives
Lenin Lives 18 days ago
"The American Empire will collapse within a decade." We can only hope!
jeff kot
jeff kot 16 days ago
Who is we Diggbie? You and Putin ? Go fuck yourself ! Lenin lives , that wax bastard looks pretty dead to me. What an ass wipe ! lol
Jraymiami 18 days ago
stonesforlife 19 days ago
What IS the ""american empire"?? No none outside of the USA seems to have even heard of it.
wearenotamused atall
yes, we have. read up on history and US domestic and foreign policies.
Nj Osborne
Nj Osborne 19 days ago
More Western 🐃💩 slavery thinking. How about bringing up Standing Rock⁉️ Even a liberal like him won’t bring this up. I don’t believe him anymore either. Under Obama and I’ll never vote for Biden It’s only been 2 years and we’ve already forgotten about THE WORST Civil Rights since the race riots of the 1960’s. The only reason that Aboriginal Peoples weren’t murdered is because, the Guard was arresting them for petitioning the Government. That is a Guaranteed right by the Constitution. This was met with gassing AMERICANS! Biden is only a figure head And will not bring back Democracy. And they contrast him and use him as a Weapon Against his Most Supreme Pettiness 🍠🤡🎉
pillmuncher67 5 days ago
@Nj Osborne Oh, I see. All the best for you. Biden is a Douche.
Nj Osborne
Nj Osborne 5 days ago
pillmuncher67 Sorry, for the confusion but I’m speaking of Joe Biden and Not Hedges. I was just coming off chemo So, I was not able to join the Protectors either.
pillmuncher67 5 days ago
@Nj Osborne 1) He's a reporter foremost. His activism is in the form of reporting and writing books. We need this, otherwise nobody would know about front line activism like at Standing Rock. And no, I wasn't there, because I live in Germany. But I know about Standing Rock because of people like Chris Hedges. 2) Work on your google fu: ruvid.net/video/video-nRO7arI1KNo.html ruvid.net/video/video-6w-DVGWVhIw.html
Nj Osborne
Nj Osborne 5 days ago
pillmuncher67 I’m sorry, maybe you can help. I searched through all of his records 2 years. During the time of the Water Protectors. I do remember the beatings and gassing And that stuff but Once again and couldn’t find any Reference to them during his Watch. Did he say something lately About broken treaties and reparations? What about Extermination? Through inadequate healthcare. FASD Children on booze and OxyContin To silence the pain in their heads that will not go away. How about “The Disappeared” Women and Girls? Dog gone, missed that one too. Sorry, I’m not seeing any Recommendations Only platitudes. I must have missed that part about “Gee, sorry I failed you.” So you can understand my Confusion. So, thanks for your insight 🤫
pillmuncher67 5 days ago
He brought Standing Rock up many times, just not this time. He reported from there. You should try googling stuff before you make such assertions.
waltsmailbox26 19 days ago
rant404 19 days ago
So the former UAW workers voted for Trump? A silver spoon con man who ran Trump University? Yep, he's just the guy you want.
Goys in The Hood George
Who runs the banks? The media? The porn industry?
pillmuncher67 5 days ago
Mostly White Men™.
Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
Derrick Bentham
Derrick Bentham 19 days ago
Great interview of an incredibly important mind. Thanks
oops 20 days ago
The guy is a moron, but by sheer luck, I suppose, his predictions seem dead on prophetic.
Charles Cullen
Charles Cullen 20 days ago
Truth with a capital T
David Chou
David Chou 20 days ago
Vote Andrew Yang in 2020 -- he's the last set of brakes we have before the cliff!! 108 policy proposals on his site, including his implementation of Universal Basic Income, the Freedom Dividend; Democracy Dollars to immediately neutralize Big Money in politics forever; personal data as personal -- and personally profitable -- property...and more! Donate just a buck to help ensure his presence at the September Democratic debate!!
codyjones109 20 days ago
really incredible horrors before 2020!! Watch it happen.
Stuart Hipkins
Stuart Hipkins 20 days ago
The republican org. Is out to destroy the human race ..prove me wrong..says noam chomsky
Mark Marola
Mark Marola 20 days ago
When the state sanctifies the Christian religion and enforces worship.......then Americas protection shall be withdrawn and she will fall from national greatness.
Mark Marola
Mark Marola 20 days ago
When violence receives justification through church and state. The religious right.
Lord Dingus
Lord Dingus 20 days ago
The funniest part is, we’ve only been around for 250 years. Not even a footnote in history...
Oroborus 20 days ago
Late capitalism is Mafia capitalism. It cannot stand. Not economically, not politically, and least of all morally.
Jimbissle 20 days ago
Wish I had run into this earlier. Thanks for Posting!
Ahmad Qureshi
Ahmad Qureshi 20 days ago
America will fall but it will morph into something better
pillmuncher67 5 days ago
Yes. There'll be a beautiful crater.
randy swier
randy swier 18 days ago
Milla Heska
Milla Heska 21 day ago
hope it's a promise
Albert Moore
Albert Moore 21 day ago
Ya never can tell. Neither can Hedges.
OLA. ODUS 21 day ago
The country was built on lies and genocide, the white land robbers/lynchers from Europe think this will last forever???Nah, nothing does, only nature/GOD does, karma will eventually rear its head.
Al Loomis
Al Loomis 21 day ago
there was a 'golden age' in the 50's, the result of temporary factors. but the default state of the usa is the 'gilded age.' the rich have re-asserted their control of the nation. it wasn't difficult, the national constitution was written to achieve and maintain plutocracy. will the usa collapse? perhaps. but the defining activity of the next 50 years is how h. sap. meets the climate crisis. it might be more apposite to say, will humanity collapse?
Handsome James
Handsome James 21 day ago
GREAT VIDEO OF TODAY! Exactly what we were taught in basic Civic class 1980. Like Rome, American is being destroyed from within.
Terri Civility
Terri Civility 17 days ago
Sad humans don't really tend to learn from history.
3ee Dee
3ee Dee 21 day ago
A walking brain..why is he not the leader...of the world...
Alarmist. Sure there are problems but things have been worst in past at times and things kept moving.
tomcat8662 21 day ago
Some of his points are correct. But other points are far from accurate. The problem isn’t corporations. The problem is ourselves. We have become lazy because of the conveniences of the modern era. We live on social media and complain about the price of healthcare. Knowledge is the greatest asset anyone can have. Yet our libraries are largely unvisited. Thomas Jefferson who put himself into deep debt buying books would have been shocked to know that today we have free depositories of books that anyone can use for free and yet very few visit. We put ourselves into slavery by choosing to take on huge debts for things we don’t need. Steven Pinker is correct. We live in a very cushy era. Yet people fail to turn the mirror on themselves. The past two presidents won because they promised free stuff or to go after countries like China in order to prop up American industry. But the reason why we’ve lost our competitiveness is because so many of us simply aren’t pushing ourselves to seek knowledge throughout our lifetime. We believe once we are adults and get into a job, we know everything we need to know and there is nothing else to learn. We sit back in our chairs like Archie Bunker and turn on the television or play around on Facebook after we’ve gotten home from a 9-5 job and then crack open a beer. It’s a waste of a lifetime. But it’s the choice that so many people make from both sides of the political spectrum. Politicians won’t tell them these truths because they want to tell them what they want to hear in order to get their vote. But somebody needs to tell them.
Private Justice
Private Justice 21 day ago
Chris Hedges is a brilliant writer and thinker and a fearless writer and thinker... I admire this man like I can't explain in short
Private Justice
Private Justice 21 day ago
Wish Chris and I could take a long camping trip together so I could pick his brain. I'd pay for everything Chris, all you'd have to do is fish and talk. What a hero you are bro.
willow bell
willow bell 21 day ago
Every country is a democracy for a few and something else for the majority. Its just under more socialist principles, there is less of a gap between the wealth of the powerful and the people. Its interesting, but your country has been so censored for so long no-one from the outside had had the chance to critique you. I've met a few people recently who were gob-smacked by the poverty in America, but it's not due to President Trump, too soon, he's someone to blame for your county's arrogance and closed eyes. Even in the early 1970s some friends of mine observed the amount of consumer goods America's poor had, as opposed to good sanitation. Now you are all arrogant about President Trump, total denial to my mind, a monopoly game was always gonna be the end result of a free market economy, and the erosion of borders, to enhance the flow of capital. Exactly what the Yugoslav war was about, though lots of people regret the separation now. I'm a Marxist by the way and have seen my small mining community hitting rock bottom. Karl Marx was a philosopher so of course he didn't grasp human nature, but human nature is manipulated by the exponents of a monopoly game that benefits a few. America contributed to it all really well, with the mantras, the land of opportunity, you can be what you want etc. In the 1960s and 1970s people were prepared to pay some taxes for the poor, but now they give money to the most cynical form of corporatism, charities and people have no capacity for guaging what is needed or who needs it, this what is known as patronage by the way, not people power. I'm not saying everyone in America is daft, I saw a series of videos made by ordinary people, about the economy after the 2008 crash and was impressed. You might have done so too, but I reached my conclusion on the monopoly game in the early 1980s, why did Americans take so long? President Trump's policies are a natural build up of what has gone before, Mr Obama was spineless and hated poor black people as much as any white president. I hope its not true that you are all more literate than you were, pity help us. Iraq was the practice ground for the complete privatisation programme not Afghanistan, which has no infrastructure, unlike Iraq which was thriving and under the Baath Party. Of course Britain considered Iraq was putting two fingers up, so it had to go, you do not annoy the motherland ever. I cannot believe you just said President Trump invented double think, and there I was under the impression that it was Britain. Methinks you are pillorying President Trump to sell your book. I liked you at first but now you are mixing your metaphors too much, like so many alternatives on RUvid. I expect you'll sell well but you are way too late with it all. ID politics took off in the 1980s, it's not new. There are loads of rich black people in Britain and America. I'd imagine the majority of poor black Americans hate Mr Obama, I would, if he'd instructed the police to open fire on me cos I was poor.
anthony gauntt
anthony gauntt 22 days ago
What country will take the United states place?
Peter Cann
Peter Cann 8 days ago
Xxxaaaccbb 22 days ago
This video is dumb, young people in this country are strong, Chris Hedges has a moral dilemma himself and is depressed and afraid of change, 20 years end of America, what an idiot
Dennis Hastings
Dennis Hastings 22 days ago
The problem, as I see it, is that America is bound and determined to take the rest of the world down with it.
randy swier
randy swier 17 days ago
@Dennis Hastings For all who will hustle and learn there is untold opportunity in the installation, service and repair of Automated systems. My people need Electrical, electronics, and hydraulic instal and repair skills. We are hiring Young helpers that know nothing for 20 plus an hour if we think they will hustle and be able to learn. We are in California and Texas. My sales people are upset because we can't keep up with the jobs they sell. I have been doing this for 40 years and have never seen it better.
Dennis Hastings
Dennis Hastings 18 days ago
@randy swier - making what, doing what, and where? It's entirely possible that you are doing well, but this isn't reflected across the nation. Most of the current jobs being created are low level jobs. People also work two jobs, which skews the unemployment data. I'm glad someone is doing well, but it doesn't really mean that our jobs environment is saturated with opportunity.
randy swier
randy swier 18 days ago
What an Idiot this guy is, EVERYONE i know is doing so well it is unbelievable. I just sold my engineering business for top dollar to my kids and they are expanding like crazy paying young guys more than they ever dreamed of and selling jobs so fast they can't begin to keep up with it. The warehouse building is just crazy and they all need automation. Anyone that wants to work will have a great job unless you are a drug addict or lazy.
Mahari Mengistu
Mahari Mengistu 22 days ago
Excellent discussion. So much truth.
Tom Tapp
Tom Tapp 22 days ago
Those myopic elite are the Zionist jews running the USA
Fred Cory
Fred Cory 22 days ago
Trump and Jordan Peterson will save Western civilization!🤗 Btw, I have read several of Chris Hedges books over the years, some more than once. I'd love to hear Chris and Jordan have a discussion, even several. I think they would be far more interesting and fruitful than what Sam Harris was able contribute. Chris has so much more depth than Harris who is a typical secular materialist or a "Ditchkins" as the great Terry Eagleton put it.
Nugget of Truth - Eric King
This was interesting. You might check out the "Babylon Whirlwind Prophecy". It talks about such issues.
Jenn Elder
Jenn Elder 22 days ago
You also cannot have a discussion with flag waving capitalists who refuse to take responsibility for the oppression they enact with lowering wages and benefits and undermining through predatory financial mechanisms.
randy swier
randy swier 18 days ago
You moron If you had a skill that was in demand you could name your price, 100k minimum to start. If you learned underwater basket weaving in college, WELL you are out of luck. My good techs are making 100k plus. Qualified new hires 125K
Lee McDonald
Lee McDonald 23 days ago
Y is this news us is trillions of dollars in debt
Darren Kvernum
Darren Kvernum 23 days ago
Ron Polaco
Ron Polaco 23 days ago
This a a white man who fears a diverse nation. We are not divided this is fringe thought. Attempting to create a notion that the end is here. He presents as progressive but he a a propaganda agent of fear!
saburius 23 days ago
You're an idiot
Ron Polaco
Ron Polaco 23 days ago
This man is on the Russian payroll!!!!!
rustbeltrefugee 20 days ago
Why don't you go back to the 50s, looking at microfilm from hollowed out pumpkins, like your commie-fighting hero Tricky Dicky?
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