Chris Evans & Scarlett Johansson - Actors on Actors - Full Conversation

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Marvel stars Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson talked about "Avengers: Endgame" becoming the highest-grossing movie of all time and Martin Scorsese saying Marvel films aren't cinema in their Actors on Actors conversation.
Read the full story here: bit.ly/36XoFNh
Will Chris Evans return as Captain America? bit.ly/36SAMv6




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Comments 80
Rhaenyas Phoenix
Rhaenyas Phoenix 13 hours ago
I do not ship them. I think their friendship is more endearing than what it'd be if they were a couple.
minh do
minh do 13 hours ago
These 2 amazing ppl r at the top of their game n in time they'll becomes legends of their generation
Danna Ayelén 1D
Danna Ayelén 1D 15 hours ago
10:41 Scarlett: You are so so good Chris: You are so sweet Bro I really feel that, I love them so much the chemistry between them is magic
Alpacalypse Day ago
I think that the Captain America character should keep his ending, but as i would like to see Chris Evans in Marvel again i think it would work great if he'd played Caps and Peggys Grandson
Kings Man
Kings Man Day ago
Nice conversations u both are awesome and cool I loved u both a lot
Stevo Canuck
Stevo Canuck Day ago
I really appreciate this video. However does it have to be on video? I'm wondering if they would even have a 40 min convo if there was no camera rolling
bosgotnojams 2 days ago
Didn't expect to watch the entire 40 minutes but I did. The power of brilliant actors who actually have a genuine friendship.
Amar Mulani
Amar Mulani 2 days ago
Amar Mulani
Amar Mulani 2 days ago
Marci R Wilcox
Marci R Wilcox 3 days ago
I heart them both. Chris is just so freaking adorable!
Shing Geul
Shing Geul 3 days ago
Wait, why is everyone talking about wanting these people together when they haven't done a movie with just them two in it? I'm confused, fill me in!
Paula Peroutka
Shing Geul The Nanny Diaries
atiqur rahman
atiqur rahman 4 days ago
I told myself I'll only watch 5 mins of it. That it's too long. Watched all 40:32 minutes of it. Love them ♥️
Grace Lee
Grace Lee 4 days ago
"You eat shit, you eat shit, and you eat shit."
Megilol777 4 days ago
They were in 8 movies together😮 4 avengers 2 capitain Amerika The perfect score The Nanny diaries
Sofia Aprilianti
Sofia Aprilianti 6 days ago
omg #romanogers
Ryan Conner
Ryan Conner 6 days ago
I love them both with my whole heart
보통이다 7 days ago
Two annoyingly perfect human beings.. Love them both😘😘
Ali Steele
Ali Steele 7 days ago
They're both such great listeners. Scarlett takes longer to express her self, yet Chris doesn't interrupt her like a lot of guys would. I love that. He also seems comfortable expressing his intellectual side with her because she clearly gives him space to do so. It's nice to see them out of character, just being themselves and enjoying each other's company.
Aninha Rodrigues
Aninha Rodrigues 8 days ago
Love them!They're so amazing!
Ansley S
Ansley S 8 days ago
0:00 - 0:25 literally the cutest (I mean the whole interview is but the first 25 seconds I mean c'mon)🥺
Lucious le Masculiniste
Chris Evan is such elegant, there's none like him.
Sherry Muthiga
Sherry Muthiga 10 days ago
What is up with everyone in these comments and Keanu + Sandra and Leo+Kate ?😂 I’ve never heard of these couples (plus for the longest time I thought Keanu and Winona Ryder were married) But I guess I should get to learn about them cuz they are getting HIGH PRAISE lol 😄💕
Nicholas Bevan
Nicholas Bevan 11 days ago
Nice beard regardless
Nicholas Bevan
Nicholas Bevan 11 days ago
No greater grace than /-patience No longer love /-than mother...
Nicholas Bevan
Nicholas Bevan 11 days ago
A Lady listens to a boy,,,,
Terrance Rainey
Terrance Rainey 11 days ago
OOHH they on the love boat
Terrance Rainey
Terrance Rainey 11 days ago
Is he saying you boooobb
Nicholas Bevan
Nicholas Bevan 11 days ago
The guy needs a hug
Nicholas Bevan
Nicholas Bevan 11 days ago
Så smuk... /- ;)
Rangsey Ry
Rangsey Ry 11 days ago
Can we have like an episode 2 of their conversation?
Luke Stoltzfoos
Luke Stoltzfoos 11 days ago
Evans should do a Marvel in peacetime movie - Cap during his second life just living at home and dealing with being a normal human again.
Nicole Jereza
Nicole Jereza 11 days ago
Annie the Nanny and The Harvard Hottie!!! shippp!!!
Eileen flores
Eileen flores 11 days ago
Why can’t they just try it out 😏😂💜
lyllas 12 days ago
Power couple in the making
Sofija Glisic
Sofija Glisic 12 days ago
I just can't help myself not to ship these two.I love them so much as actors and as a people.
Aashil Vyas
Aashil Vyas 12 days ago
0:22 Besties do these kind of stuff...🙃
Diana 12 days ago
They're matching
Gessian M. A. Martinez
"It was not on paper... at all... It was just a concept"🍏👠☕🐩
Claudio D'Ambrosio
Claudio D'Ambrosio 12 days ago
I really loved 28.48 minutes! Scarlett just got stuck speaking about some likeness between them!! They are so cute
Tazeen Khan
Tazeen Khan 12 days ago
It's sad that Marvel has ended the character of black widow we wanted something of her..😭
Ashley Swift
Ashley Swift 13 days ago
Ohhh! They are so cute together How your daughter? She is fine😀 And act like him😁😁😁🤷‍♀
Daniyal A
Daniyal A 13 days ago
Scarlett complimenting Chris: *A pleasure to watch you perform* Chris complimenting Scarlett: *you’re a legend, literally one of the greats* Chris Evans is just the sweetest, kindest actor out there.
bossdog bossdog
bossdog bossdog 14 days ago
Chris Evans opinion is paid for by Kevin Feige. As long as you work for Marvel Studios now,you have to project a liberal,SJW,politically correct and democrat façade. Apparently actors get paid a lot these days for giving those big ol Hollywood blowjobs.Huh,Chris?
its jeeennny
its jeeennny 14 days ago
I don't understand why Chris is single?? Like girl, I volunteer
Vivek Pandey
Vivek Pandey 14 days ago
She is beautiful eyes. Nose
DS -Share Your Pet's Stories
0:29 if I was ever put to sit in front of Chris Cute Evans looking at me and chatting like that, *I would literally die from happiness* 🥰😍
jphonevids 14 days ago
i think this reveals Chris Evans is far more intelligent then he plays the cool chad, he is a brilliant actor
GenZ Prodigy
GenZ Prodigy 14 days ago
Can they make a podcast together please?
notgraceful 15 days ago
Oof I love their friendship so much. this video is lovely
Jimmy Still
Jimmy Still 15 days ago
So lame , both are kind of mediocre
Sean Immanuel
Sean Immanuel 16 days ago
STEVE & NATASHA should have a child🤣
Python Mindstorm
Python Mindstorm 18 days ago
I really love the friendship of these two, too bad the world can't handle the cuteness if these 2 would be a couple.
Inès Castellano
Inès Castellano 19 days ago
Scarlett is such a sweet woman. She doesn't deserve the hate she has received on social media.
Hermione Stranger
Yeah it's such a shame when an actress like Scarlett or Margot Robbie or whoever gets hate simply for being a hot, witty and well-articulated woman! They deserve way more respect for their hard work and dedication, especially those actresses who also have to balance family life with their jobs like Scarlett, who is basically a single working mother!
Naturally Quilo
Naturally Quilo 20 days ago
I actually sat here and watched this for 40 1/2 minutes and loved every bit of it. They are both GORGEOUS! 😍😍
Bernardo Saya
Bernardo Saya 20 days ago
Sorry community,I got a question... What he said in time 21:24 /25 ? Thank you!
Nice to meet u
Nice to meet u 19 days ago
Hey English is not my first language but from what I understand : « No one’s favorite movie and then everyone lukewarm movie and maybe that’s why people are turning away » hope that helped you !
Abyss Shriek
Abyss Shriek 20 days ago
Not the type of 'actor on actor' I was hoping to see but ah well
thewinterizzy 20 days ago
I could easily listen to another five hours of this. What a delight. 💛
TEX 20 days ago
Chris Evans is a communist !
swuave29 21 day ago
so this is crazy I've drawn Chris so many times for people not only have I followed his career but have gotten a lot of love being involved him being topic of discussion...good dude...now Scarlett, I absolutely loooove this woman...she and Jessica Beal have some beautiful lips and facial structure...Scarlett's acting is so radiant... so talented and deep she is....
fredrick carling
fredrick carling 22 days ago
I'm so glad they went back to perfect score! I remember they stood out, Chris I already liked from Not Another Teen Movie, but Scarlett I was like "she's one to watch". It's nice to see them continue to work.
Tony Sirius
Tony Sirius 22 days ago
Didn't think I'd hear chris Evan's say Michael Ceras name since scott pilgrim
Rena Smith
Rena Smith 23 days ago
Don’t apologize, Chris and Scarlett. At this point if they haven’t seen the movie, that’s really a ‘too bad’ moment.
🔥 Love this movie. LOVE THIS MOVIE. 0:45 ❤🎬 👇 👇🔥
Abhishek Patel
Abhishek Patel 24 days ago
Interview Like They Are Strenger.
Diego Nieto
Diego Nieto 24 days ago
Romanogers 😃
micah fuller
micah fuller 25 days ago
Chris and Scarlett: There's not a bad apple in the bunch, we get along so well **Anthony Mackie and Don Cheadle laughing** "You guys must've blocked Brie Larson from your minds too and don't even remember her being in the movie"
greenteapeachtea 5 days ago
Haha i think they are just talking about the OGs and Brie is not even considered 😂
David Ash
David Ash 25 days ago
The point of going to see a movie because of who is staring in it, isn't what draws me in. First off it has to be a story line I would be interested in. After watching that movie it becomes on whether or not I felt the character was brought to life. In short I didn't want to see Chris play Captain America. I wanted to see Captain America brought to life. I didn't want to see Scarlett play Black Widow, I wanted to see Black Widow brought to life. Why it worked is because I saw who my mind had always seen either character. When I saw The Hulk in the previous portrayals I didn't see The Hulk. I saw actors portraying a character, they didn't work. Mark as Hulk was how my mind had seen Hulk. I don't care how great an actor is. If they cannot breath life into the character and make me believe in that character it fails for me. These actors did breath the life needed into the characters and of that I am glad.
wctrqn 26 days ago
Chris Evans is the sexiest man alive since The Perfect Score & Cellular (2004).
chow sinaka
chow sinaka 26 days ago
Fifty shades real cast😅
Dede Supriatna
Dede Supriatna 26 days ago
i see you flirting scarlett
Mona V
Mona V 26 days ago
"Marriage Story" was one of THE BEST MOVIES that I've ever seen! Scarlett Johansson made you feel every emotion that her character went through, she brought her character to life in such a way that you felt every sadness, heartbreak and joy and all of the tragic and tender moments that couples go through being married and then divorced. She is, without a doubt, one of THE BEST actresses in Hollywood today! At the end of the movie, you just felt and knew in your heart that these two people still loved each other and you kind of hoped that they would someday remarry. And, people really do that! I've seen where two people were married when they were young and then they divorce, but years later they find each other again and remarry! Marriage Story is one movie that you don't want to miss! It is such an excellent and well executed love story! Scarlett Johansson is definitely one of the true classic Golden-Era style actresses that made Hollywood famous back in the day! Don't miss seeing "Marriage Story"!
Mahgor Stark
Mahgor Stark 27 days ago
I was all invested into the convo....and then they went to the shot where i can see how sexy she looks in those heels.....jeez
Jerr Dnn
Jerr Dnn 28 days ago
I'm watching all of these now , but this is my favorite right now. I think we all, as people, should try to think like most actors do when they meet other actors like " I see the way you are living life and I think you are awesome. "
Jerr Dnn
Jerr Dnn 28 days ago
Ive I've spent my life learning how to understand beyond just words and actions, but I see so much in these actor vs actor interviews like 6:19 ...aaaaand THERE IT IS "often tedious days..." Chris' expression and "Sure", immediate understanding conveyed showing not only that he knows exactly what she is talking about, but that they have talked about this before. They arent just friends, there is real trust there. It must have been a tough time for her
Studly Bob
Studly Bob 28 days ago
One of the few celebrity interviews where I feel like this is a conversation they could be having in real life, outside of some of the obviously pre-written questions. To have Chris Evans be so open about his experience being the villain in a play is so cool of him. I appreciate both of them as performer so much more now.
Ahmed Alhabash
Ahmed Alhabash 28 days ago
Lose lot haiz made Nice love Lose leave haizy treat such Read Rise how made face Levells love Talk Lose wrote to tent if chance Maps drama Fan celp .... Night warm
x0xtran9x0x 29 days ago
They adore each other. Good seeing a man and a woman share a mutual respectful friendship
Louisa Schönfeld
Their chemistry and friendship is so fucking awe inspiring
Maria Cham
Maria Cham Month ago
I can listen to them speak for hours
caramel coffee
caramel coffee Month ago
the way scarlett looks at someone she's listening to with such intent focus is so... idk how anyone holds a conversation with her tbh hahahaha
greenteapeachtea 5 days ago
Yeah she does this to everyone lols
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