Chris Cuomo on life with Covid-19: The beast comes out at night

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CNN's Chris Cuomo describes what his experience has been like with the Covid-19 coronavirus.
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Apr 2, 2020




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Comments 80
Jean Jones
Jean Jones Day ago
The Cuomo brothers, Andrew and Chris, Dumb and Dumber. Dumb is also known as Chris. His job is to misinform the American public every day on fake news CNN . Dumber, Andrew. Better known as Criminal Cuomo. His intent is to destroy the state of NY. Highest taxes in the country, no guns, no fracking, no jobs, and if he had is way, no prisons and we would have illegals living in our homes. According to him and I quote this idiot... “America was never that great anyway.”
willy wonka
willy wonka 2 days ago
Chris Como you're a pussy
RogerWilco Shirley
the stats are abundantly clear : if you are not 70 or greater in a nursing home or hospice with dementia , heart and kidney failure or end stage cancer you have little to fear except fear itself. Despite the media hysterics and very misleading misrepresentations for the vast majority its no bigger threat than the seasonal flu. All this lockdown BS is completely unverified pulled out the ass BS to appease the ignorant and cowardly .
BRADMASTER 8 days ago
I wonder if that's why Fredo felt good enough to go look at his house during the daytime and yell at a biker.
JeffeyFF 9 days ago
Has this clown addressed how he got busted outside looking at a house with a crowd of people while NOT WEARING A MASK????
Light It And Run
Light It And Run 12 days ago
Hey, forgedda about it. CNN drew straws and he lost? No he won? A symptomatic fake!
Triumphus Here
Triumphus Here 13 days ago
Ed Kelly
Ed Kelly 14 days ago
Cuomo's Covid-19 infection was about as real as his 100 pound dumbbells. Everything about Fredo here is fake.
Arbi Sardari
Arbi Sardari 14 days ago
Well let me be honest and straightforward to you and your brother. Both are a joke. your brothers decision about the covid with how he handled the situation was so bad killed so many people and i know all about it. the president helps New York so much out and you trash him. Shame on you .... grow up don’t sell your sol. all you do is trolling Trump we got it you’re not on his side. you work for CNN we all know it’s a fake news it’s a bought out news fake you guys are not real people you’re not the man that wears the pants at your house because your fake. Real man real father they won’t lie and be fake like both of you. Sick and tired of you. Take the red pill 🌹 jerk Look at the mirror every morning and say it to yourself I sold my sol and i am a fake person. It’s a freedom of speech right the way you do That is the way i do. Take it or leave it 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Luc D
Luc D 15 days ago
He’s such a fuck boy
Napolion Dynmomite
Napolion Dynmomite 15 days ago
show the video of him lifting the fake weights
Jeff Davis
Jeff Davis 15 days ago
Cuomo Bothers; one a Steroid Raging Psychopath Alcoholic and one a Nursing Home Killer!
Beatrice Norman
Beatrice Norman 18 days ago
Is anyone else baffled that CNN doesn't close down their comment sections? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they don't-- they would experience massive backlash ala STREISAND EFFECT if they tried. But it seems like a bitch move they would attempt, lol. Especially when everyone is calling Cuomo out for faking his illness. "The beast comes at night" oh please.
B H 18 days ago
The Three Stooges
jake canebrake
jake canebrake 19 days ago
CCN is a propaganda/ lie mill.
Aloha Snackbar
Aloha Snackbar 21 day ago
Damn he’s still alive
Mr dontgiveadunk
Mr dontgiveadunk 21 day ago
Lol CNN aka Certainly Not News, fredo was out with his Mrs but CNN says he's been in a basement........ which I agree with he should be in a basement and preferably locked in there so his viewers can gain try to gain some IQ and I'm from Africa so no political dog I this fight. Just calling bullshit when I see it, be offended if you want....... we all know how much you love being offended 😂😂😂
Elijah Scragg
Elijah Scragg 21 day ago
This piece of shit!!! Lmao 😂 just can’t quit lying about everything. Out checking on his big house being built. No mask with his kids! FAKE NEWS NETWORK
Marco Ramirez
Marco Ramirez 22 days ago
What do we need now to do surrender all the USA the Cuomos, Clintons, Bushes, Pelosis and who else. Now he is an expert on medicine. What a lie.
Marco Ramirez
Marco Ramirez 22 days ago
Lies lies only super cuomo a DEMOCRAT survive covi. Learn to really love the USA.
Darren MacDougall
Darren MacDougall 22 days ago
I'm a Canadian and already know that this guy is full of shit.
DIDASKALIA 23 days ago
are we supposed to believe one of the major CNN goon FAKE NEWS MORON FREDO? He is all show. No truth is found in him for he is nothing but a continuous liar. Yes he had the virus and yet there he was on a bike ride on New York park enjoying life and telling everyone else to stay home. Hypocrite from Hell itself. Fredo you are a disgusting fragment of demon vomit!
David Smith
David Smith 23 days ago
Fredo is eating instead of drinking water typical Fredo
sarcasmostheGreat slayeroffools
He looks real real sick huh
Bobby Dools
Bobby Dools 21 day ago
Lol yeah he seems like he's doing really good!
sarcasmostheGreat slayeroffools
He looks real sick huh Dont sounds too sick to me
John Ostlund
John Ostlund 24 days ago
3 frauds
Greencloud8 25 days ago
No crying wolf Chris
Tony Davila
Tony Davila 25 days ago
This was probably the biggest lie of the year! Cuomo in a basement 😀 He even admitted to being out on radio and there's a police report of him on another property without a mask and with his family! How stupid his followers must feel!!! LMAO 😀
Narciso de Almeida
Narciso de Almeida 27 days ago
Chris should get the virus again,maybe his brain will start working. idiot he is still.
easyscore 27 days ago
Self absorbed tool like his Bro
Silent Storm
Silent Storm 27 days ago
Well, here we have Cuomo's brother breaking the rules while other citizens are being reprimanded or arrested. Is this a case of "do what I say, not what I do?"
Ed Kelly
Ed Kelly 14 days ago
No rules to break, Cuomo wasn't sick. Fake, fucking bullshit artist. The 100 pound fake dumbbells tall the whole story about this cocksucker. He's doing full range 100 pound, single arm, behind the head triceps extensions?? Yeah!!!! OK. 9 out of 10 pro bodybuilders at a bodyweight of 250 or more can't do that!!! Hey, Fredo. LEARN something about what you're faking. Use fake 50s. They make them. They're called "motivation dumbbells", like your 100s, 5 companies make them now and the 50s will still be impressive to many while being a little more believable than the fake 100s, you chickenshit bullshitter, you. .
Silent Storm
Silent Storm 27 days ago
Read a lot of senior people widowed and living alone with no family around. Think they need our prayers.
Jack Ntulsa
Jack Ntulsa 25 days ago
No, they need folks who will DO things for them. Get them food, go the the store, for them. Prayers don't do a thing except make the person praying feel better about doing nothing. Mental masturbation to make one feel good and righteous about oneself without actually doing a damn thing.
jajaja 29 days ago
My GODDDD me and my brothers are at our worst stress level ever. My mom is going through this and its been over 2 SUPER STRESSFUL WEEKS FOR HER. And when my brother notices progress she then feels terrible again in moments. I TRUELY BELIEVE MY LORD will get her out of this,my dad having depression is making it worse. I just did not want to see any of this videos because my hart is already in pain for the last 3 or 4 days i feel like im choking of stress. But i really need some info from someone who has had severe synthoms and find some comfort...but instead i hear he says after you think you made progress you can emd up with the oxigen mask. 😭😭😢😢😢 please ,pleaseeeee someone.
Tom 300zxtt
Tom 300zxtt Month ago
Please watch this ruvid.net/video/video-8yK3uXjp_hQ.html
Tom 300zxtt
Tom 300zxtt Month ago
Please watch this people. Do not buy the lies these social media medical actors are pedaling. Please watch this ruvid.net/video/video-8yK3uXjp_hQ.html
Sonofnun777 Month ago
I thought this was interesting ruvid.net/video/video-Cqgus2R55XA.html
He looks more like his brother, Andrew Cuomo now.
Dave Mardulier
Dave Mardulier Month ago
fredo don't look sick to me .... sick in the head yes, but not sick of corona......you sir are a real fredo
James James
James James Month ago
How was the visit to the gym? Liars and hypocrites! I hope you are all exposed for your CHARADE.
Richard Torz
Richard Torz Month ago
Chris is supposed to be a responsible journalist, and he told everyone to stay home and protect others. But even after being diagnosed with covid, he takes a trip across town to the house he is building, all while not wearing a mask or gloves putting everyone around him at risk. He is a hypocrit for saying telling us to social distance, but he goes out in public while having covid.
cobramanphil Month ago
It's easy for him to do that. He never had (neither has his wife) been infected with Covid19. It was all fake news to benefit and get ratings from the suffering/fears of people. Total slime bag for doing that for sure...
Rohan Forbes
Rohan Forbes Month ago
Cuomo So I hear that you’re gallivanting to your beach house and not complying to the social distancing rules. Is that fake news?
007davida1 Month ago
Lying fucker
Liz Byrd
Liz Byrd Month ago
What a big lie!!!!
Sharon H
Sharon H Month ago
I had pneumonia shot 2018 and flu shot 2019 so I thought I was protected
Sharon H
Sharon H Month ago
Please stay be save every one doesn't come through yet some do.
Sharon H
Sharon H Month ago
Thank Yahweh in Yahshua name for Governor Cuomo for caring for people I get angry when I see people crowding up together because I know the danger.
Sharon H
Sharon H Month ago
I was on Oxygen but It is serious
Sharon H
Sharon H Month ago
You don't want to get this because. I could walk and talk at the same time.
Sharon H
Sharon H Month ago
Well, I had the virus as well I couldn't walk, talk breathe my lungs double pneumonia. The great Almighty Creator Yahweh was with me and I was in the hospital.
Josh Daniels
Josh Daniels Month ago
Lilu Koyen
Lilu Koyen Month ago
Anderson Cooper ages backwards😩🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌✨✨✨✨✨
Jeff Rock
Jeff Rock Month ago
Fake as fuck... That whole family needs to go fuck themselves
Rick Moreno
Rick Moreno Month ago
What a liar
Robert Orzechowski
This liar is not wheezing, sneezing or coughing....he never had it. He should be apologizing.
Nicht sehr kreativ
Nicht sehr kreativ
Santos Valerio
Santos Valerio Month ago
Luis Chacon
Luis Chacon Month ago
Just shut up . Please. That's a normal cold like I've been getting since 1968.
James Sheridan
James Sheridan Month ago
God help him if he gets sick for real. What's he gonna say then? "Relapse?"
Album Việt
Album Việt Month ago
😚 😘 03:58 Dr.Gatell 😍😍❤ 🍌 I'm grateful to know you.
Michael Y
Michael Y Month ago
This CNN women is a racist bitch .... everytime I see her talking anything about CHINA is negative.. Shame on her and why Virus dont find people like her ...
Johanna Barnard
Johanna Barnard Month ago
Yes! He's right, HOME MADE chicken soup though. It really does work. Made with mostly with garlic, celery, fresh basil, and lots of onions. (I boil the skins of garlic n onions and use that water as well)
Ilana K
Ilana K Month ago
Chris is such a light, always keeping it real and telling it how it is
Voy2378 Month ago
Is the title refering to him breaking the quarantine?
Janie Cano
Janie Cano Month ago
Omg !! I felt all he is saying ..I saw my dead grandmother at 109 fever ..my left eye felt like it was going to explode. It is a very painful sickness. I was in pain from head to toe. I'm impressed by his energy. I was extremely sleepy and tired.
Faye Taito
Faye Taito Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-P-rKGk8AhA0.html Cuomo caught ! #Hypocrite
John Kennedy
John Kennedy Month ago
Chris Cuomo is bull sh.ting everyone. He does not have Covid-19 virus. He lies every day.
MR JONES 26 days ago
Staged. What a bullshitter.
China Joe Biden
China Joe Biden Month ago
He's a political activist. That's his job - to lie
Brennan Mielke
Brennan Mielke Month ago
You can believe that, just go chill in your Fox News bubble
j m j
j m j Month ago
j m j
j m j Month ago
F??? ,!!!!
Tyler Micha
Tyler Micha Month ago
Liar 🤥
Terry Bonnell
Terry Bonnell Month ago
Chris you are a lying little bitch, just like Juicy Smollett. You were caught in the Hamptons with your wife and kids, no masks or precautions. The gig is up you PATHETIC loser.
Asa Black
Asa Black Month ago
He never had the virus. What a staged political stunt. It’s just sad.
lil leezy
lil leezy Month ago
Just like a seasonal flu ediot
Chris long
Chris long Month ago
Chris is a big hypocrite
sinory w
sinory w Month ago
Mama’s second favorite son
StefanUrkel Month ago
Chris Cuomo and CNN think we're stupid. He was caught violating self-quarantining protocol by thinking he was above other people and that it was okay for him to go check on some undeveloped land he purchased as a rich privileged 1%er. Look at the video. The kids and wife aren't thrilled about this video. They know it's fake. He's a faker and a hothead. He cursed out and threatened and older gentleman biker who caught Cuomo out and about 1 week before he was supposed to be cleared to do so... and he basically threatened the old man. He has ZERO credibility and is in no position to point fingers at others or cover COVID-19! HEY CNN, PEOPLE ARE NOT STUPID. YOUR CHANNEL IS DISPICABLE!
Beatrice Norman
Beatrice Norman 18 days ago
well said.
sheriann houtrouw
Me too, always at night!
pgroove163 Month ago
he rode his Schwinn to the clinic
ruby red
ruby red Month ago
Look at his fucking face I can see the lie right through him
ruby red
ruby red Month ago
Hey Cuomo do me a favor don't mention God the name God is to big for your mouth
Junior Andrade
Junior Andrade Month ago
Am I the only one that clicked on this video just to see the negative comments?
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