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Chris Broussard reacts to the Philadelphia 76ers topping the Los Angeles Clippers and thinks all the criticism of the team in recent weeks has caused the Sixers to start playing with a chip on their shoulder.
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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Chris Broussard: Sixers being doubted was 'just what the doctor ordered' | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


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Feb 12, 2020




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Comments 80
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Does this win over the Clippers prove the 76ers can contend in the East?
Pat4Clippers 3 months ago
*Clipper* *Nation* *needs* *to* *listen* *to* *this.* *ruvid.net/video/video-Jd-YumQdvBg.html* Play with more *urgency* every game. Cultivate consistency.
Pat4Clippers 3 months ago
"I mean, we're both physical guys," Marcus Morris told reporters. "It was cool, man. Just like wrapping arms and stuff like that. I ain't gonna say nothing 'cause they like to fine me, so I'm gonna keep my mouth shut."
Pat4Clippers 3 months ago
Whatever Nick Wright says, believe him. 🤣 *www.thebiglead.com/posts/nick-wright-clippers-don-t-have-personnel-to-win-nba-championship-01e0wwwat4bw* NBA exec said Lakers have no chance vs us. *bleacherreport.com/articles/2875968-rival-executives-see-obvious-flaws-in-lakers-roster-but-help-is-available* I'll go believe Nick Wright because he knows more than NBA execs. Nick is definitely far more brilliant than Jerry West. All NBA franchises should try to hire Nick. There's already another one like him in James Jones in Phoenix.
Cashflo Digital Sports Network - CDSN
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED they always had the ability to contend its the will and know how that’s question
VT 24
VT 24 3 months ago
Have dis 👎 for putting on that clown moderator. I changed the channel to LeFirst Take today for the first time in a year and i may do that again if McInTrashCan returns to "moderate"
Goldo Bey
Goldo Bey 3 months ago
Embiid and Simmons average 51 wins a year together. Whats Wiggins and Towns, Tatum and Brown, or Ball and Ingram records together? Both are all stars and yall saying they cant play together? Who can?
Goldo Bey
Goldo Bey 3 months ago
But keep that energy
David Mpr
David Mpr 3 months ago
hard knocklife
hard knocklife 3 months ago
No team can be considered elite when they are losing games on the road at this rate whether it's good or bad teams. They have way too much talent and experience to be that bad on the road. They are frauds as far as I'm concerned
Peter Smart
Peter Smart 3 months ago
Sixers probably only need to win one game on the road in a finals series...
Plastic Life
Plastic Life 3 months ago
Theyve beaten every top team in the NBA convincingly as of this week.. The solution is to trade one of them? Because of road game troubles???? are you crazy???
BigIvan 30
BigIvan 30 3 months ago
Ben Simmons and embiid Both overrated
RaginAsianGaming 3 months ago
The Sixers are of course capable of contending in the East. But then, so were the Celtics last year. There's a big difference between being capable of contending and actually contending. When this season began, I was intrigued by the Sixers big roster. I also thought that it would require careful coaching and management, as well as a dedication to high level development from their young stars. So far, I just haven't seen that and that's why I'm not as high on them. I think the Sixers are a good team right now. I think they would be a better team if they had traded Simmons for someone like Bradley Beal. Someone who can still make plays, but who can also drain jumpers, which will force opposing teams to guard the perimeter more honestly and leave Embiid with a man-on-man matchup in the paint.
jambzero 3 months ago
I like them both individually but I think they don't really pair up well together. Simmons takes away Embiid's strengths in the inside coz he doesn't even try to shoot midrange or threes. It clogs up the inside and it makes it harder for Joel inside that's why he's forced to go outside when Ben becomes agressive inside. He's unable to alleviate the pressure on Joel inside coz he doesn't even try to take midrange shots or threes on a consistent basis to make the defense think twice about him shooting it. They can't utilize their strengths to the fullest.
Jonjo Jr
Jonjo Jr 3 months ago
I would low key sit one of them at mid 1st quarter based on which one of them is playing well and running the game ATM, then keep that pace until defense adjust and then bring the other one in and change the pace of the game and let him get on in rhythm. It can work, Keep each one of them running their own part of the offense during the game. They dont have to play together all the time. 1st 3rd and late 4th thats it.
Jonjo Jr
Jonjo Jr 3 months ago
4:10 Embiid is too slow for Phila team.
TRGswag 3 months ago
Go Follow SixRingSports, promise to be the best Sports News Page on Instagram, weekly prizes to random followers, events, giveaways and much more!!
Aust0n Matthews
Aust0n Matthews 3 months ago
Clowns talking the Sixers up, Ben Simmons can’t shoot a 3 to save his life, Embiid for some reason plays on the exterior and doesn’t have that motor. Raptors have been dealing with injuries all season and don’t have Kawhi or Green but still 2nd in east. Raps love playing the Sixers. Siakam dropping 30s 2peat weep
Beede Bawng
Beede Bawng 3 months ago
Chris Broussard is a clown.
Saad Elnafe
Saad Elnafe 3 months ago
Thank you Greg for saying what all Philly fans are feeling
Much Love Gambine
Much Love Gambine 3 months ago
I still don’t believe in them until Ben Simmons shoots
Lasha Rekhviashvili
Lasha Rekhviashvili 3 months ago
Embiid paired with Tray Young would be a real problem for any team.
Jon Davis
Jon Davis 3 months ago
I think this philly lineup is good anywhere. Not a home road thing. Looking forward to that bucks game whenever it is lol
KING BUBBY 3 months ago
The way they feed off eachother when this set of analysts is on the show is very refreshing compared to skip & shannon most days.
Eric Watts
Eric Watts 3 months ago
Rob park sucks so bad pls find another replacement or just bring back the stars of the show
Mahmood A.rahim
Mahmood A.rahim 3 months ago
Rob Parker is the real deal I’ve always said it n I’m sticking by it
Xraided 559
Xraided 559 3 months ago
Whos the guy with the lil kid voice
TMM 19145
TMM 19145 3 months ago
When has jojo and ben not been winning? They won 50 plus wins in their 1st 2 seasons lol
MadMax MMA
MadMax MMA 3 months ago
When's last time have they played more than 50 games together in a year lol. (Joke)
Javier Delgado
Javier Delgado 3 months ago
Get rid of Lebron James Troll Shannon Sharpe and keep Chris Broussard please!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get rid Troll Skip Bayless while you're at it as well.
Justin Gabriel
Justin Gabriel 3 months ago
“Simmons had a triple double last night mostly guarded by Paul George” and your point? Luka dropping trip dubs on damn near everyone in the league, so is Russ, that don’t mean the dude doesn’t hurt Embid by no even attempting jumpers outside the dang paint, im an avid supporter of the 6ers and what they are trying to do but Simmons needs to wake up and realize that dude you gotta shoot the ball and do it efficiently, at least Embid takes em
Justin Gabriel
Justin Gabriel 3 months ago
Almond Milk I’m not basing my opinion off ESPN, it’s literal fact that embids at his best when he’s in the post, and it’s fact Ben doesn’t shoot anything outside the paint consistently, so if you move Embid out to the 3 point line for Ben to drive now you’ve got 2 players who can never be at their best at the same time, which means your team cannot be at their best as a whole, that’s hurting in my book
Almond Milk
Almond Milk 3 months ago
Justin Gabriel he doesnt hurt embiid at all you just watch espn and base your opinion on whatever they say. HORFORD embiid and simmons was hurting the spacing, but those two have been to the playoffs every year theyve won 50 games every year theyve played together. you cant do that if your two best players cant play together.
millsjerel 3 months ago
Where's Skip and Shannon
Matthew Wheeler
Matthew Wheeler 3 months ago
I could be an analyst
Venosa Veillard
Venosa Veillard 3 months ago
clippers fans would turn on khawi so quick when they end up losing the playoff
Stephen Wade
Stephen Wade 3 months ago
Theyve only played together 3 years and have been in the playoffs every year..... MY GAWD THIS IS STUPID!
Big White
Big White 3 months ago
Simmons averages a 25pt triple double without Embiid.
Marco SnZ
Marco SnZ 3 months ago
They change the narrative every couple nights. I know y’all have to talk about something but it’s just ridiculous.
kathy Johson
kathy Johson 3 months ago
Great game
Jon Davis
Jon Davis 3 months ago
Parker is the only annoying one with the backup crew but it’s ok cuz at least we have Broussard
Hakuna Matata
Hakuna Matata 3 months ago
I don't think Simmons is a Top 15 player... just sayin
The CEO 3 months ago
Producer: Rob Parker will be on all week Everyone: I'll like to take me sick days now please
nothing there
nothing there 3 months ago
If ben had a jumper this wouldn't be a problem.....tell him to step his game up.....period....#jumpshot
Squeaky Clean
Squeaky Clean 3 months ago
Keep Al Hortford out the starting lineup to help clear space for Ben
Salvador Ramírez
Salvador Ramírez 3 months ago
Jason McIdiot is not a moderator is an idiot
Shawty P
Shawty P 3 months ago
Ernest Muric
Ernest Muric 3 months ago
They both had a good game. So what. Watch their next game.
Patrick Hoey
Patrick Hoey 3 months ago
Patrick Hoey
Patrick Hoey 3 months ago
Rob Parker is loony to get the pipe, and everyone knows it. God Bless heart
Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson 3 months ago
Chris your "just win" argument is just bad. Trae young, Damian Lillard and Brandon Ingram all have losing records and are in the All-star game. Bradley Beal and Devin Booker simply got snubbed.
Pat4Clippers 3 months ago
Whatever Nick Wright says, believe him. 🤣 *www.thebiglead.com/posts/nick-wright-clippers-don-t-have-personnel-to-win-nba-championship-01e0wwwat4bw* NBA exec said Lakers have no chance vs us. *bleacherreport.com/articles/2875968-rival-executives-see-obvious-flaws-in-lakers-roster-but-help-is-available* I'll go believe Nick Wright because he knows more than NBA execs. Nick is definitely far more brilliant than Jerry West. All NBA franchises should try to hire Nick. There's already another one like him in James Jones in Phoenix.
Korrey Courts
Korrey Courts 3 months ago
I’m so over this topic. No one cares
Smart Money Bro
Smart Money Bro 3 months ago
I think its shameful when your job is to spread rumors and start trouble among other Black men for views and ratings.
The Unpopular Opinionated Tennessean
People need to stop telling lies about Ben. He is extremely mature, and works hard. Is committed to winning basketball games. His problem is that Stephen Curry and the Warriors ruined the NBA by making it a soft jump shooting league and Elton Brand has built the roster poorly for Embiid and Simmons. Thus things beyond Ben 's control. If Ben played prior to 2015, or with shooters he would dominate. Sadly that is the case.
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 3 months ago
Philadelphia's problem is not Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons playing together but the roster construction around them. General manager Elton Brand practically has let all of the shooting leave via trade (Robert Covington, Dario Saric) or free agency (J.J. Redick, Ersan Ilyasova) and replaced them with more big men. The 76ers were starting essentially two centers (Embiid and Al Horford), two power forward types (Simmons and Tobias Harris) and a small forward (Josh Richardson). They have poor spacing on offense and are too oversized to deal with midsize, athletic swingmen (see Jaylen Brown, Jimmy Butler) who can destroy them with backdoor cuts. Plus the bench struggles with scoring (Mike Scott is the 76ers' top option off the bench). The 76ers need to trade Harris for a shooting guard who can handle the ball (see Portland's C.J. McCollum; Denver's Jamal Murray would be ideal but teammate Gary Harris and a draft pick also works). The 76ers should keep Horford coming off the bench to spell Embiid but I also would trade him to a quality team that wants his post play for shooters (Golden State for Andrew Wiggins?).
Court Ben
Court Ben 3 months ago
These guys really needed a moderator. They were just shy of being the British house of commons.
LOOP nuncio
LOOP nuncio 3 months ago
Shut up India MODGET
Baron Bolanos
Baron Bolanos 3 months ago
Richardson is an important piece
tmathis481 3 months ago
Jason the male moderator version of Molly Querim Rose lololol
shellysdopevids 3 months ago
Jason McIntyre is almost as annoying and bad at debating sports as molly qerim. He defends dak prescott so I’ll give him that but just shut up dude
Barnzee24 3 months ago
Those little brush screens Embiid was setting last night for Simmons in the past to get him open we’re so big last night. These guys actually wanna work with each other. Just because their play styles don’t gel doesn’t mean they won’t.
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez 3 months ago
where skip and shannon?
Zero Fuks
Zero Fuks 3 months ago
Alex Lopez vacation this week
Jj The 13th
Jj The 13th 3 months ago
In my opinion, players don't fit together on a team if one has to overly compromise their playstyle. Embiid has to compromise for it to work
Jj The 13th
Jj The 13th 3 months ago
@MadMax MMA Yes I agree Simmons needs to develop SOME FORM of a jumper and the confidence to use it in games. He'll need it in the playoffs when things are more based on the half court setting, which he's not so good at. Not even a 3 point, a decent midrange in my opinion can do it. I also agree with the move to trade Embiid Aand while he still has value, because Simmons, based on the eye test, seems to still be putting up solid numbers, on both ends of the floor in fact. To an extent, I can somewhat see y he's not considering the need for a jumper So y not just build on his strengths, rather than focus on his weaknesses? Build around the strengths, build around to cover the weaknesses Speaking of winning without the other, have u seen how well they do without Simmons but with Embiid? Granted, Simmons is on the floor far more often than Embiid, but have u come across those stats?
MadMax MMA
MadMax MMA 3 months ago
Or Simmons could man up and develop an outside game to help the spacing a bit, but otherwise I do agree their games dont Mesh. If Embid had a shot like KAT they would be unstoppable together. But Embiid best when he is in the Low Post, and him plus Embiid and Simmons at the same time is clogging up the paint. Most people will say trade Horford, and that would be my immediate reaction if I was a PHI fan too but from a basketball view, I would personally trade Embiid while he has any kind of value. 76ers beat the Lakers w/o Embiid and Richardson last month and they looked really smooth w/o Embiid. I didnt know there was an article that broke it down too until I did some research today, but it basically agreed with what my eyes have been telling me. That the 76ers do play statistically better when Embiid is off the floor, and post a better OFF rating than the MAVS this year! That's with Simmons and Horford and NO Embiid. Small sample size or not (and not that small when u think about it) , I think it's something to it. Another thing to consider is Embiid health. I know he's a favorite for the 76ers fans, but if he's not on the court very much and the 76ers play a lot better w/o him and w Horford and Simmons instead, I think it would be smart to try to trade Embiid this off season while he may have some tremendous value around the league and may be able to get someone like Bam from the Heat maybe ( though idk if Riley will do this because of said healthy issues)
KP 3 months ago
Ben Simmons would be a good center for the Rockets lmao.
Samuel Morse
Samuel Morse 3 months ago
Has Broussard ever made an accurate prediction in the NBA?
Dannyツ 3 months ago
Sixers should trade Ben for Ja. Ja = the next A.I
dewwius xDD
dewwius xDD 3 months ago
I can tolerate rob Parker because he is sometimes on Par of what he’s saying but this Young lookin guy is just trying way too hard to be like others and he just blows
Jonathan Montoya
Jonathan Montoya 3 months ago
DREAM TEAM!!!??? 😂🤣😂
Ben Toney
Ben Toney 3 months ago
I wonder do NBA executives really value their opinions
Hs 4a08
Hs 4a08 3 months ago
Sixers will be first round exit against the raptors
Fly_Slo _
Fly_Slo _ 3 months ago
7:14 So you're telling me Simmons is better than oladipo and siakam? Get this guy out of here
Chris Dreamer
Chris Dreamer 3 months ago
way better facts
Erick Dayz
Erick Dayz 3 months ago
It’s literally one game. Y’all pundits gonna be asking to break them up again after the next loss
Bbouy 3 months ago
There won't be another loss
Mr. Moogle
Mr. Moogle 3 months ago
Yo Skip & Shannon, y'all gotta get back on here. These guys aren't fun to watch and god damn is it hard to listen to them when they're all just trying to shout over eachother
Yellow Flash
Yellow Flash 3 months ago
*Dude I said it before, but salty d-bags wanted to yell at me for speakin the truth:* *Embiid does not care about winning, despite him crying in game 7 last yr. He only wants to talk trash & act like a diva.* 6:47
Dennis Rice
Dennis Rice 3 months ago
Media stay trying break and destroy everything! Yes keep entertaining these weak minded and short attention span of these sheep we call human beings
Oscar Tejada
Oscar Tejada 3 months ago
I’m just here for the comments 🤣🤣
C Mac
C Mac 3 months ago
Sixers: Have an incredible 25-2 record at home this season. Talking Heads: “iS It TiMe tO SpLiT uP ThE tEaM????”
Liban 23 Ali
Liban 23 Ali 3 months ago
C Mac what’s their record on the road
Malik Williams
Malik Williams 3 months ago
Does Jason think before he speak?
Morris Burns
Morris Burns 3 months ago
So when LA wins by 25, they are frauds, but when the clippers lose at full strength its just another game...GTFOH
Kinglion 23
Kinglion 23 3 months ago
It's called the LeBron effect 😂
Morris Burns
Morris Burns 3 months ago
Skip always MIA when the Clippers lose. Just saying.
Sirro 3 months ago
@Silas Hart old man out here averaging 27, 7, and 7 tho sooooo
Kinglion 23
Kinglion 23 3 months ago
I was just saying that Skip would never talk about this. Only the Lakers lose games in LA
Silas Hart
Silas Hart 3 months ago
Shannon Sharp is always absent when the Lakers lose, old man Bron lose chips all the time B.
The Notorious Michael Jackson Shakur Prime Infinite
Shannon & Skip load managing😐i wanted Skip & Shannon on dis topic. Not these bums (Minus Chris B. obviously)
Kinglion 23
Kinglion 23 3 months ago
They would never talk about a Clippers lose. Only the Lakers lose in LA
snapcracklepop 3 months ago
So 1 game and now 76ers are favs? Get outta here. Embiid is trash
Kanguesso Kang
Kanguesso Kang 3 months ago
I love how these Monday morning quarterbacks just sit there and run their mouths about woulda, coulda, shoulda as if they know what it actually takes to run an NBA franchise and always make perfect decisions about player personnel. Love to see them coach or be a GM for half a season just to see what kind of results they turn in. 🙄
Kanguesso Kang
Kanguesso Kang 3 months ago
Brian 23 Lmfao, actually they wouldn’t and that’s the whole point
Brian 23
Brian 23 3 months ago
Kanguesso Kang they would produce better results than you
VT 24
VT 24 3 months ago
Have dis 👎 for putting on that clown moderator. I changed the channel to LeFirst Take today for the first time in a year and i may do that again if McInTrashCan returns to "moderate"
Eric S
Eric S 3 months ago
War eagle
agentnick55 3 months ago
Jesus Christ, Jason needs to leave. Get this bum off.
Max 117
Max 117 3 months ago
Say what you will about Philly, nobody wants to face that team in the playoffs. They've got too much talent. If they end up dropping to a 7 or 8 seed, that's a damn nightmare waiting to happen for the top seeds.
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