[CHOREOGRAPHY] BTS (방탄소년단) ‘ON’ Dance Practice

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Feb 25, 2020




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Comments 80
Sarah BENFIFI 31 minute ago
the backup are realy insane the way he all hype bts during the break dance waw we stan
DANI Sembada
DANI Sembada 33 minutes ago
Sarah BENFIFI 44 minutes ago
tks to all the backup dancer ♥
Brittany Adelayda Hudgens
21.775.720 🎧💃🏻💕🔥
Putri Aina Nabilah __
Putri Aina Nabilah __ 50 minutes ago
I just noticed that they have their logo plastered on their dance floor, damn naming their territory 😍
Sum 1
Sum 1 50 minutes ago
I guess being a band kid isn't so bad.
Md Nadim
Md Nadim 55 minutes ago
Wow superb 😘😘😘😮😮
Shay B.
Shay B. Hour ago
this song gives me goosebumps especially the dance break I love this song so much
이나영 Hour ago
Silver Bullet
Silver Bullet 3 hours ago
Jin has progressed so much as a dancer. He was more stiff when they debuted, but now you can definitely see he is putting in more emotion and he is really feeling himself when he dances. I am so impressed, Jin is certainly a talented dancer, and he deserves more recognition for his dancing, especially with how far he's come.
fouzia chanel
fouzia chanel 3 hours ago
هل حقا تعرفون التكلم بالغة العربية اتمنى جوابا ملاحظة انتم افضل فرقة واجملها واحسنها واشهرها شيماء من المغرب😚😚😚😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😙😙😙
Kelly Oliveira
Kelly Oliveira 3 hours ago
mono. iTunes Queen
mono. iTunes Queen 3 hours ago
Can we talk about Namjoon’s dancing skills? Awesome DANCE Monster ;)
mono. iTunes Queen
mono. iTunes Queen 3 hours ago
The more amazing things about this awesome dance practice are that Ari cursed it and BTS were learning it and practicing even during Grmmys where they didn’t even need any choreo
Bylal Mahmad
Bylal Mahmad 4 hours ago
Shabana Jamal
Shabana Jamal 4 hours ago
BTS is just another thing 💜
sn dm
sn dm 4 hours ago
the lab is on the moovee
Bts & Blackpink Forever
Yeah I finally memorized half of this dance 💜
ies ejle
ies ejle 5 hours ago
Such a great thing to watch!
aisha qalanjo
aisha qalanjo 5 hours ago
Bts are the best in the world
Keidi Lopez
Keidi Lopez 5 hours ago
Hola Armys yo soy concower , y les quería proponer algo , yo se que es difícil de sanar todas las eridas y todos los daños que nos emos provocado unas a otras pero , les quería pedir en nombre de todas las Concowers que nos perdonaran por tanto daño Armys , el proposito de todo esto es llebarnos bien porque cada grupo es único tanto CNCO como BTS , y armys queremos parar esta guerra ¡YA! , por el bien de ambos grupos , bueno eso seria todo de mi parte espero y nos puedan perdonar y nosotras a ustedes para parar esta guerra , porque si tenemos consiencia esta guerra daña tanto a BTS como a CNCO , armys agan conciencia y perdonenos , espero y recapaciten Si estas de acuerdo con migo , !COMENTA TU OPINION! ESO ES TODO DE MI PARTE
Lottie K-kim
Lottie K-kim 5 hours ago
Did jimin and jungkook lose their shoes orrr 😂
Idek What to say
Idek What to say 5 hours ago
These people are so in unison it scares me
Moto Kanda
Moto Kanda 5 hours ago
I'm sad Jin didn't get a dance solo
caitlin p.
caitlin p. 5 hours ago
so you’re telling me that’s even the drumsticks at the end fell down in sync? wtf
Caro 5 hours ago
Será que alguien se aprendió esta coreo sin romperse ninguna parte del cuerpo? Y bailar como estos dioses?
Selene Reynoso
Selene Reynoso 6 hours ago
bts are never going to be the same as one direction they are 1000 times better so don't try to match or beat them because you will never make it
Maria Del Rosario Jimenez Diaz
Me gustó muchísimo el video oficial de ON, pero me encantó éste performance, porque aprecias más a detalle del enorme talento de cada uno de ellos 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Andre Costa
Andre Costa 6 hours ago
ÐØMIᑢS 6 hours ago
The dancers should go with them on Tours, their energy is amazing.
raghad jimin.
raghad jimin. 6 hours ago
I love you,bts we hope to meet one day my friends and I love Jehoub so much and want to see him once and please reply to messages to us I love you Jimin I love you bts
SUGA tungue tecnology .A
Its like MIC DROP in the end.
Rosshafinaz 7 hours ago
Did you know that Jimin dance with no shoes on ? 👁👄👁
케이팝 팬ღвlιикɑrmyღ
E o povo gritando no fundo kakakaka não julgo,faria o mesmo!💜 BTS é BTS né mores? Povo sortudo!
케이팝 팬ღвlιикɑrmyღ
Taehyung do céu 😮😦😯 Que cabelo mais PERFEITO é esse?!💜
Min Yuli Yoongi
Min Yuli Yoongi 7 hours ago
Borbély Virág
Borbély Virág 8 hours ago
I already wached like 39 time but its stil perfect😍💜
SyamdArmy BTS
SyamdArmy BTS 8 hours ago
Daebak....segalanya yang terbaik hanya ada di BTS
Rooski 8 hours ago
The only reason I became a fan (not big fan or a toxic one) is because of their dancing skills. If I was a legit critic I'd rate this a 9.2/10 or 10/10.
진짜..석진님 ..옛날엔 군무다 보니 다른사람들 기준으로 똑같이 추려고 애쓰는모습이 많이 보였었는데, 지금은 혼자만의 색이 뚜렷하게 생겨난것같애보여요ㅋ 다른멤버들은 예전에 형형색색 각자의 느낌을 가지고있었고, 석진님볼때 개인느낌없는게 귀여운 매력으로만 봤었는데 ㅋ이젠 느낌충만 되었네요!ㅜ ㅜ멋있어요ㅜㅜ
Sdh Jjsjs
Sdh Jjsjs 9 hours ago
Helena Minelli
Helena Minelli 9 hours ago
BTS te amoooooooooo😽💖❤💖💝💖💙💓♥♥❤❤❤💖❤💓💓❤💘💙😻♥❤💕💕😽💕💕❤♥❤😻💙💯❤💕😽💕😽😻♥💕
canal Sr. meliodas
canal Sr. meliodas 10 hours ago
Luisa Louza
Luisa Louza 10 hours ago
BTS vai acabar em 2026 e verdade ? Por favor não faça isso acontecer por favor
Hayatin Nufus
Hayatin Nufus 10 hours ago
part 2:47 favorit parts
Minute street
Minute street 10 hours ago
What this is so spectacular 😮😮😮😮
it's fine
it's fine 10 hours ago
No matter how many times I watch this, it's still so endearing and cute when they started hyping up the boys during the dance break
it's fine
it's fine 11 hours ago
Lol Jin's clothes are so cute
Alice Vitoria
Alice Vitoria 11 hours ago
BTS eu amo e vocês a mais linda e canta uma música muito legal e muito lindo 😍😍😍😍
Kim Taeri
Kim Taeri 11 hours ago
I need support energy and come here 🥺🔥
Rose Lacroix
Rose Lacroix 11 hours ago
I just love them so much
Asso._. BTS
Asso._. BTS 11 hours ago
Army Arabe
uskrai 11 hours ago
2020 was jin appreciation year
Leah The Gaming Donut
I cried
Rayan Darwich
Rayan Darwich 12 hours ago
xxllyfsundae .
xxllyfsundae . 13 hours ago
Sicimun, udah paling pendek, nyeker pulak dia wkwkwk
Heilelani Toleafoa
Heilelani Toleafoa 13 hours ago
BTS didn't lose grammy.....Grammy LOST BTS
Dian Anjheli Septiana Wulandari
Sprint of BTS
Dian Anjheli Septiana Wulandari
Hello everyone my name is dian I am from indonesian,l'm 13 years old I like Park Jimin and Jeon Jungkook Because they have very beautiful voices And also they are very handsome.
carootaa taa
carootaa taa 13 hours ago
2:28 the end of taehyung ponytail
LILI CHANNEL 13 hours ago
I miss you bts
LILI CHANNEL 13 hours ago
I love you bts
Eden Angeles
Eden Angeles 15 hours ago
lm so in love with this song
Keke Reny
Keke Reny 15 hours ago
I love you:v (moga di bales:v)
jins dead birb
jins dead birb 16 hours ago
Imagine this at the next bbmas
Mahda Sitio
Mahda Sitio 17 hours ago
BTS is the best ever
Unmesha MishX
Unmesha MishX 18 hours ago
And V with headband
Unmesha MishX
Unmesha MishX 18 hours ago
V and jimin in ponytails 💜💜💜💜💜
Lucky Singh
Lucky Singh 18 hours ago
And I am the biggest fan of jungkook ,tae and v🤩
방탄소년단ARMY 18 hours ago
احبكمممم وربييييي 😭😭😭😭😭😭💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
`Flowersakura` tuta
`Flowersakura` tuta 18 hours ago
Basic people do not know yourself army on stress because you hug a girl
Falesha Yen
Falesha Yen 18 hours ago
yaya hula itriyya arfila
당신은 매우 잘 생기고 귀엽다
치연이 19 hours ago
정국이 잘한당
Taehyung Jimin KimPark
grabe pa din talaga!!!
Nikki Sharma
Nikki Sharma 20 hours ago
plzzz taehyung and jkook talk to me i can't live without uh my moring starts when i saw ur face first i need ur hug i don't know why i cry when i see uhh i cannot control my tears i luvvvv uhhh sooo much
SuGaR CoOkIeS 21 hour ago
Omg it's hard the main part 😅😅
Oh Snap Cider Is Fizzy
2:12 *kicks stick*
Yvette Kayongo
Yvette Kayongo 22 hours ago
Yall see RM go hard after the people hyped them up?........no just me okay
Skan Yt
Skan Yt 22 hours ago
Ew cringe so bad get the heck outtta here u losers
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