[CHOREOGRAPHY] BTS (방탄소년단) ‘ON’ Dance Practice

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Comments 80
Naim Elias
Naim Elias 9 hours ago
Acabo de darme cuenta de que al final, las personas que tienen los palillos los tiran como YoonGi en MIC Drop. Es hermoso ysi
Axiri Monsivais
Axiri Monsivais 9 hours ago
I think about this endlessly. Imagine if they would’ve left BigHit & gone with a company that was bigger and well recognized. I think about maybe they could’ve chosen to give up but they didn’t. I know people always say “we started from the bottom” but they literally started from the bottom. They have absolutely nothing, yet they chose to stay. Thank you BTS for staying & not giving up. Massive thank you to Bang PD for believing in them, and for not making a bunch of groups just for the sake of it. Just thank you.
또또이 9 hours ago
백댄서들 진짜 연습많이햇겟다 ㅠㅠ 대박 ㅠㅠ
Noreen Mahmoud Yassein
I have the bts murch
GreaterGood510 10 hours ago
3:38 look close as J Hope is rolling with the punches V and Jimin throw.
Ss Hh
Ss Hh 10 hours ago
الله كيوت ابي جنكوك وكل بتس الله 😅🦋🦋🦋🇰🇷😭
Mary Ann Bucha
Mary Ann Bucha 10 hours ago
너무 좋아서 우상으로
Oswaldo Suarez
Oswaldo Suarez 10 hours ago
Happy birthday jimin i love you so munch i from Colombia🇦🇲🎊🎊🎊🎊🎉😘😍
zaskia meyla putri Putri
Wih semangat bangettr
w 10 hours ago
Lets make it 100-200Million Views before April ends... lez go army fighting
xoxo bvbyhaley
xoxo bvbyhaley 11 hours ago
this is such a good dancing environment omggg just like with all of them hyping you up!! i know they have amazing relationships with their backup dancers
Erick Garcia
Erick Garcia 11 hours ago
We better make the hey , hey, hey during the dancebreak part of the chant for o.n.
ᄋᄉᄌ 11 hours ago
싫어요 다 취소하고 좋아요 눌러 ^^ No, cancel it all Press Like 안누르면 거미같이생겨짐 If not pressed, it will look like a spider. 누르면 멋지고 예뻐짐 ㅇㅅㅇ
Victor Moreno
Victor Moreno 11 hours ago
Bts 💔💔💔 mi mamá no medega escucharlos 😭😭
으악 11 hours ago
옛날에는 한국어댓이 조금 보이긴했는데 이젠 너무 유명해졌는지 보이지가않아,,,ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 방탄 진짜 많이 컸구나,,,
Dana Hugel
Dana Hugel 12 hours ago
VERY iconic of the backup dancers
Ana Andriana
Ana Andriana 13 hours ago
Jiminaah love you
Yasmin Portela
Yasmin Portela 13 hours ago
Susana Sosa
Susana Sosa 13 hours ago
Graben mas serca la proximaaaaaaa xd
Isabelle Song
Isabelle Song 13 hours ago
4:01 Lol did Hobi hit the woah?
Sireesha 13 hours ago
Omg! Why didn't I do this before. Keep it at 1.5x speed and watch guys. Omg, I died! 3:51 The turn made by Jungkook is like he is flying 😱
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 13 hours ago
my favorite part of the song is the dance break i love how the dancers were hyping bts up it was a such a powerful part of the song
Tamires Moreira
Tamires Moreira 13 hours ago
Tamires Moreira
Tamires Moreira 13 hours ago
Tamires Moreira
Tamires Moreira 13 hours ago
mohamad mode
mohamad mode 14 hours ago
Omg bts my love
Veda Madugula
Veda Madugula 14 hours ago
indians usually dance wit their shoes off so its nice seeing them dance with their shoes off even when its not required.
Veda Madugula
Veda Madugula 14 hours ago
i didnt know someone could look HAWT wearing OVERALLS like wtf?!
vina Bts
vina Bts 14 hours ago
Kurdish armyyy
wulsuf 14 hours ago
just one word: massive
Skye 15 hours ago
Can 3:45 be part of the fanchant👀👀
Meg Loubser
Meg Loubser 15 hours ago
This dance must have been so physically painful and they kept pushing just to make it perfect for Army and themselves. We should be so thankful for the hard work
Мурад Казанбиев
Это просто великолепнно, вы молодцы, мне очень понравилось
Варвара Сидорова
ААААААААА Этот хвостик Чимина😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Príncipe Edward
Príncipe Edward 15 hours ago
La propagación del coronavirus en forma musical!
ARMY _______BTS25
ARMY _______BTS25 15 hours ago
나는 당신을 너무 사랑 해요
yui star
yui star 15 hours ago
Oloco meuuu queria ta ai nesse monte de negada
JeonJungoo_97 15 hours ago
Lets all wear shoes and not tell jikook
Jovanna Loewen
Jovanna Loewen 15 hours ago
What’s w Tae and jimin w the pointy tails during dance practice?!!!😂😂 I’m NOT complaining tho
Ann Yi
Ann Yi 16 hours ago
they're so in sync its so cool
اميرة بحيائها
이라크로 오다. 벨리즈. 벨리즈.
‘지민 16 hours ago
윤기오빠 센터에서 춤췄어 ㅠㅠㅠ
Isabel Quintana
Isabel Quintana 16 hours ago
Those backup dancers are really something else. The way they hyped the boys when they were all dancing in the middle made this video so much more powerful and intense. Lets appreciate them👏
Асет Исраилова
Taekhyun, please show your smiles to the army, we all know that you have the right to do what you want, but to see how sad you are and hiding your smile breaks the hearts of the army (though not to everyone) We all love you (bts) and wait for you again start ulvbatsya😊 We love you very very much !!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Will you come to Russia when the quarantine is over? ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Viviana Carta
Viviana Carta 16 hours ago
Bts wowwwww jungkook perfect
Johana Yucra Huamani
Nadie: Absolutamente nadie: El staff gritando cuando toca el baile
pig_rabbit 16 hours ago
People who do dance covers: *silent tear falls*
arlene soto
arlene soto 17 hours ago
This shit is fireeeeeee🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Saffron McNamara
Saffron McNamara 17 hours ago
Jungkook is literally insane
Zainab Harfoush
Zainab Harfoush 17 hours ago
Bts never Fails to mesmerize me
فادي كنعان
فادي كنعان 17 hours ago
Celeste Angelina Mendez
Quee tiernos 😍
일루미 18 hours ago
숨막히네 ㅋㅋ
To Ha
To Ha 18 hours ago
my sexuality is jimins hair in this video
C Schoeman
C Schoeman 18 hours ago
honestly I can't wait for them to perform this at an american awar show to show all the other artists how it's really done
김우영 18 hours ago
2:10 역시 백댄서들도 센스가 다 있네 봉 떨군 거 발로 치우는 센스 저런 게 정말 멋있는 거 같아 개인적으로
Zen Zheng
Zen Zheng 18 hours ago
03:48 big shout out for Jin. He synced Hobi's move. Damnnnnnnn.
「 AizaPlayz 」
「 AizaPlayz 」 18 hours ago
this is litterally a whole army of dancers
Kezia Wina
Kezia Wina 18 hours ago
Eleanor Macdonald
Eleanor Macdonald 19 hours ago
Mic Drop who? More like Stick Drop (ok im sorry that was bad)
Lori Nova
Lori Nova 19 hours ago
Jin,you were sent to the army?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
tiffany martínez
tiffany martínez 19 hours ago
Obviamente esta coreografía no funcionaría sin el increíble trabajo de los bailarines de apoyo
Lorraine Frondozo
Lorraine Frondozo 19 hours ago
Wow amazing! 👏🥰😍
kirsten kelsey
kirsten kelsey 19 hours ago
min yoongi: i dont wanna dance also min yoongi: *dances the hardest and most complicated choreography i have seen my entire life*
강노을 19 hours ago
와 맨발인가..? 워우..
Nevzat Saçıkara
Nevzat Saçıkara 19 hours ago
Jikook burada mı jungkooku yazıp söyleyemiyen
Gayatri Madiger
Gayatri Madiger 20 hours ago
Gayatri Madiger
Gayatri Madiger 20 hours ago
jin really ate up the whole chore......
Kristine Youtube
Kristine Youtube 20 hours ago
Bts:lets wear a shoes dont tell jimin and jungkook
Laura Neguinha
Laura Neguinha 20 hours ago
BTS:amo vcs sou uma army Quem e curte Bjss bts
Gissela Contreras
Gissela Contreras 20 hours ago
3:45 i love the hype the backup dancers are giving them
Abby Kathleen D. Boja
Everyone lets do Monochrome Jhope comes in with his green shirt and brown pants. Cant stop laughing hahahha
batsyeba saecaria
batsyeba saecaria 21 hour ago
Wanwisa Tongpo
Wanwisa Tongpo 21 hour ago
Yunchul Nam
Yunchul Nam 22 hours ago
방탄소년단의 연습은 한 무대인 것 같다...
Thị My Phạm
Thị My Phạm 23 hours ago
Chội ôi jimin oppa buộc tóc kìa
Joy Minimi
Joy Minimi 23 hours ago
김태형 헤어밴드 찬양하라.
Pretty Rein Vlogs
Pretty Rein Vlogs 23 hours ago
i played this in 2x speed
Azer Abbasov
Azer Abbasov Day ago
Bana yazın nolur BTS❤️
Azer Abbasov
Azer Abbasov Day ago
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