Chopin - Nocturne Full length - Stefan Askenase 1954 (쇼팽-야상곡 전곡 - 스테판 아스케나세 1954)

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00:00:00 Nocturne No.01
00:05:02 Nocturne No.02
00:09:12 Nocturne No.03
00:15:47 Nocturne No.04
00:20:47 Nocturne No.05
00:24:17 Nocturne No.06
00:28:24 Nocturne No.07
00:33:26 Nocturne No.08
00:38:19 Nocturne No.09
00:42:36 Nocturne No.10
00:47:47 Nocturne No.11
00:53:25 Nocturne No.12
00:58:27 Nocturne No.13
01:04:07 Nocturne No.14
01:11:17 Nocturne No.15
01:15:08 Nocturne No.16
01:21:15 Nocturne No.17
01:27:52 Nocturne No.18
01:33:18 Nocturne No.19
01:37:44 Nocturne No.20
Chopin - Nocturne Full length - Stefan Askenase 1954
(쇼팽-야상곡 전곡 - 스테판 아스케나세 1954)


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Sep 14, 2018




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Comments 80
Stan Gilmour
Stan Gilmour 8 hours ago
Lovely piece
Amelia Zhang
Amelia Zhang 15 hours ago
Ahh... Back in Chopin's day no one pulled out a phone. Ahh... The good old days!
Sema Pehlivan
Kyle Monk
Kyle Monk Day ago
I died at panasonic by black poison..the Black Death of air. They fed me to the dryers and blew my bones into the air..calling me death stroke. My bones would play Chopin as they connected my bones to electronic key strokes...victims would be captured, and fed my bones. The songs I made were stolen from me and played back to victims. Forcing my bones to live within the victims hearts and explode their hearts if they have away the truth. The truth secret killer clan is led by Janna monk, Liz Warkentin, Paul warkentin, Troy ankin, Erik monk, JJ
Rosaly Vera Cueva
I love frederic chopin 💓💓💓
Lisa Weaver
Lisa Weaver 2 days ago
Music was in its early days way back. Forget yourselves not.
Ingl Kernee
Ingl Kernee 2 days ago
Maravilhoso insubstituível
Arman Gökalp
Arman Gökalp 3 days ago
no.1 middle section is too fast
Grand Troll
Grand Troll 2 days ago
Ok dude, retake it for us if you got some time.
Eirini Vorri
Eirini Vorri 3 days ago
I didnt like this music but now is my favorite
Eirini Vorri
Eirini Vorri 3 days ago
Ilike very this melody
Monica B.
Monica B. 4 days ago
Instead of Nocturne no.15, there is Nocturne no. 05🙃
Herr Rabe
Herr Rabe 5 days ago
Die erste Liebe, sagt man mit Recht, sei die einzige, denn in der zweiten und durch die zweite geht schon der höchste Sinn der bedingungslosen Liebe verloren. Wenn man Liebe nicht bedingungslos geben und nehmen kann, ist es keine Liebe, sondern ein Handel aus dem viele Kinder entstehen. Die Äpfel fallen selten weit vom Stamm. Viele trennen Sex und Liebe, dabei ist Geschlechtsverkehr die höchste körperliche Geste seiner Frau oder seinem Mann zu zeigen das man sie oder ihn liebt. Und daraus sollten Kinder entstehen. Sie haben von jedem Mann behauptet das er ihre Nummer 1 ist. Warum haben sie wohl mit ihnen geschlafen. Aus Ehe & Familie werden immer mehr temporäre Gemeinschaften! Bei vielen gehört Geschlechtsverkehr zum Kennenlernen dazu, manche bekommen noch ein Kind vom zukünftigen kennenlern Wochenendpapa. Ich liebe dich sind nur Worte, und es sagen sich alle am Anfang, liebe ist eine Tat, und sie findet auch aber nicht nur im Bett statt. ABER :) Vom Korsett der Kirche, die in den prüden 50er Jahren die Moralvorstellungen prägte, haben uns unsere Mütter zwar befreit. Aber wir haben uns ein neues Korsett anlegen lassen - das der Sex- und Schönheitsindustrie. Manche Frauen sind wie Toiletten, manchmal ist das Loch besetzt, und manchmal frei für die nächste Lebensabschnittsklobürste.
Lisa Weaver
Lisa Weaver 2 days ago
delmaengde 5 days ago
What exquisite playing, so natural and yet refined.
Lisa Weaver
Lisa Weaver 2 days ago
He was this of the 17th century as well as so many others to their discoveries.
Dark Seid
Dark Seid 5 days ago
I am 187 years old, I was there in the live concert. But everything changed when fire nation attacked.
Gabriella Schmidt
Por la noche me siento en el jardín y escucho el estrellas de la música
JAMA 1911
JAMA 1911 6 days ago
Hermosa melodia y exelente interpretacion.
Oleg Steb
Oleg Steb 7 days ago
невероятное, ангельское исполнение.
Martha Juarez
Martha Juarez 7 days ago
Excelente música.
Graciela Dacker
Graciela Dacker 7 days ago
Just spiritual and calming .Thank you.
Joel Tourenne
Joel Tourenne 8 days ago
Rengin Özget
Rengin Özget 10 days ago
Huzur 🌿
Verito Daie
Verito Daie 11 days ago
Larry Sicgro
Larry Sicgro 11 days ago
Chopin.....what else needs to be said when speaking of the piano and Polish ptide..
Rosa Angela
Rosa Angela 12 days ago
Fascinating! Thank you for sharing this exquisite post.
uncle crabs
uncle crabs 12 days ago
it's like being suspended into a non-stopping revolving ball and you can't do anything but sit and watch. Ponder upon the moment and just slowly drift away and sleep.
dianaspost 13 days ago
I love this music !
Dancing In The Dark
The dislikes are from other classical music composers being all jealous.
Dancing In The Dark
@Grand Troll How much times did you have to confuse me with the word ''Disliking''
Grand Troll
Grand Troll Day ago
@Dancing In The Dark I understand, not a lot of people are really sensitive to it. But tempered music is just ear grinding to me most of the time. It's really unnatural and constantly tension based. It kinda bugs me out that a lot of times people focus on the couple of dislikes instead of on the likes. Disliking dislikes is the equivalent of disliking. So in that sense I shouldn't even be bugged out. Because now I'm disliking people who are disliking disliking. See what I mean? We shouldn't worry about that type of stuff, just focus on the positive.
Dancing In The Dark
@Grand Troll I didn't realise it was out of tune.
Grand Troll
Grand Troll 2 days ago
Or from people that don't like out of tune music.
Norma Sainz
Norma Sainz 13 days ago
Me eleva el alma
Luca Rossi
Luca Rossi 14 days ago
Ciaoooooo,alll i love all
Jeannette Cabral
Jeannette Cabral 14 days ago
Acalma o coração !
Jeannette Cabral
Jeannette Cabral 15 days ago
Simplesmente lindas ! Amo!
Rebeca Meléndez
Rebeca Meléndez 15 days ago
oye es cierto
Drawing Circles llc
so beautiful
AdaaStar 17 days ago
what is the exact name of Nocturne No.02 ?
Pils Colmer
Pils Colmer 17 days ago
Charmy Pappitson
Charmy Pappitson 17 days ago
this kind of music can actually cure cancer
uncle crabs
uncle crabs 12 days ago
@ThePeaceweapon hmmmm if you figure out the right frequency, possibility of eliminating the cancer orrrrr making it far worse. but then again thats crazy talk
ThePeaceweapon 15 days ago
what proof do you have of chopins music reducing or removing tumours?
Ara piano kid
Ara piano kid 17 days ago
And when I say Askenase, I do not mean Ashkenazy! (My teacher) 😎
Mariel Miroslava
Mariel Miroslava 18 days ago
Alguien me puede decir cuál es el primero??? No es el de Sol menor, es otro 😪
Beautiful Relaxing Music
very peaceful... Thank you 🙏
Vartan Ikiman
Vartan Ikiman 18 days ago
what a beautiful listening.
Elaine Robinson
Elaine Robinson 18 days ago
I love this piece.
pat larson
pat larson 19 days ago
Beautiful. Please make available all the time. I just love it. Pat Larson What are terms and conditions ?
Svetlanka M
Svetlanka M 19 days ago
20 is unexplainable pure magic, healing the soul. And 19 as well. ... and all of them :)))). BTW, they are not all the noctures that Chopin`s written.
Thomas Slone
Thomas Slone 19 days ago
i don't really play this to listen to it just brings class to a messy web dev office full of what i suspect to be mostly incels, they seem to like it
Ala Pérola da Serra
Aprenda a tocar piano muito fácil! go.hotmart.com/J36703012Y
Assap Service
Assap Service 19 days ago
Escuchar sus composiciones leyendo su biografía ayuda a entender que la música fue el refugio su alma a veces cansada, a veces emocionada y siempre nostálgica.
Ingl Kernee
Ingl Kernee 2 days ago
Concordo plenamente com vc.Um apaixonado maravilhoso
Speaking of Oscar
Speaking of Oscar 20 days ago
Wonderful interpretation...
Lloyd Rhodes-Brandon
Ok great music but, why does the text look like the Spongebob font
Lloyd Rhodes-Brandon
@Alicia Beem [CBC/CTS Student] loool
Alicia Beem [CBC/CTS Student]
"two hours later"
si7yft6 da8f7
si7yft6 da8f7 20 days ago
Esto es mucho mejor que el reggaeton ^_^
gigimontero 21 day ago
Victoria Silkina
Victoria Silkina 21 day ago
The best music ever. When I listen to it it makes me feel so happy. Thank you! This music brings some colour and happiness into everyday life :).
S Kg
S Kg 21 day ago
Nocturne No. 15 sounds like evil morty song...
@Arthur H wow! I didn't know that...
Arthur H
Arthur H 8 days ago
you have a very good ear! yes, the evil morty theme (aka "For the Damaged Coda" by Blonde Redhead) has sampled this classical tune (you can verify on the WhoSampled website)
Marje Ketchum
Marje Ketchum 22 days ago
Chopin understood grace and peaceful reflection in music. A master of this genre.
Bíblia Lida
Bíblia Lida 22 days ago
Muito linda as músicas
Elisa Lipkau
Elisa Lipkau 23 days ago
What a beutifull music, I could say its the most beautiful piece of music of all times, but many would kill me... Anyway, for me its one of the most beautiful compositions of all times and what a strong and mesmerizing interpretation. Thank you for sharing
GEORGE E. Schaub
GEORGE E. Schaub 23 days ago
"You know Frédéric Fucking Chopin" :-) ~ Doc
Christian Favre
Christian Favre 23 days ago
Artiste sublime, touchant et toujours poétique. Par sa mère, élève de Mikuli ( célèbre disciple de Chopin) il est par sa sonorité et son legato un des plus dignes heritiers de l'art de Chopin.
Luz Caballero
Luz Caballero 24 days ago
Lo maximo. Gracias gracias gracias
Roto Phil
Roto Phil 24 days ago
"Bach est comme un astronome qui, à l'aide de chiffreurs, trouve les étoiles les plus merveilleuses... Beethoven a embrassé l'univers avec la puissance de son esprit... Je ne monte pas si haut. Il y a longtemps, j'ai décidé que mon univers serait l'âme et le coeur de l'homme." from Chopin
Rosa Angela
Rosa Angela 12 days ago
Di Smith
Di Smith 12 days ago
"Bach is like an astronomer who, using encryptors, finds the most marvelous stars ... Beethoven has embraced the universe with the power of his mind ... I do not go so high. A long time ago, I decided that my universe would be the soul and the heart of man."
Mu Xaxi’
Mu Xaxi’ 21 day ago
Roto Phil .- Qué hermoso!
WarDaddy 1945
WarDaddy 1945 24 days ago
Canton: say, is that old dog tray? It sounds like old dog tray to me. Doc: pardon? Clanton: You knowStephen Foster! Oh Susanna? Kemp Town Races? You know, Steven sticking Foster! Doc: yes we’ll this happens to be a Nocturnes Calnton: a what? Doc: You know, Fredrick *BLEP*ing Chopin…
Sebastien Bacquet
Sebastien Bacquet 25 days ago
Ça me rend paisible 🖒💖
kuraun 25 days ago
Nocturne number 16 says number 5???
ani badzagua
ani badzagua 25 days ago
Lo mejor de lo mejor exelente gusto gracias
Josué GOMEZ CCORA 26 days ago
I really love this music, it brings me nostalgia.
Lisa Weaver
Lisa Weaver 2 days ago
More like bearings to a grounded.
Sugako Frantz
Sugako Frantz 7 days ago
It is no coincidence that you are reading this. Have you read the short book "The Present" yet? It's available free here. Just go to the website: globaltruthproject.com- click on the entry called “The Present.” What it says will turn this world around. You will see what I mean when you read the first page. No coincidences here hey.
Verito Daie
Verito Daie 11 days ago
lo mismo siento yo......somos hernmanos de espiritu!!!! abrazos
Dilara Sadullahoğlu
1:38:44 gece.
E K 26 days ago
So beautiful...
le baguette
le baguette 26 days ago
(゚3゚)~♪ _Thank you_
Semra Selvi
Semra Selvi 27 days ago
Nadia Karp
Nadia Karp 27 days ago
beautiful 🎹
Pergentino nesse da silva Nesse
Um dos maiores gênios! Da música de qualidade ouvir e sonhar
Anna 27 days ago
Within the first few notes, I had saved this video. I’ve never heard the first piece before but it’s beautiful. Absolutely beautiful
Zh K
Zh K 28 days ago
I was born the same day as Chopin did (1 of March). This makes me feel connected somehow. Even before knowing that I really really enjoyed his musical pieces. They are so calm, deep, thoughtful, and gentle.
1rocknroy 25 days ago
I understand.
Gisele Guerrasio Sanders
I feel the same sharing a birthday with Bob Dylan
elena gabriela udrea
I love Chopin music❤️
Francesca De Moro
Francesca De Moro 28 days ago
Mi fa sognare le vacanze a marlengo www.lamaiena.it
Zbigniew Ściubak
Excelent performance and genius compositions. Just pure human emotions craved into the sound. Absolutely awesome. One may find something deep deep in himself by listening to this music.
Haydee Carrero
Haydee Carrero Month ago
ZKing Woodring
ZKing Woodring Month ago
01:11:40 01:04:45 04:27
Thai Va
Thai Va Month ago
Hermosas composiciones. Gracias.
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