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Sep 18, 2019




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Comments 1 377
Chloe P
Chloe P 7 days ago
I love the fake cake idea, cost effective and weather proof so it can sit out for hours without becoming a mess. If it was my wedding though I’d have cupcakes of several different flavours just to appeal to more people and I feel like cupcakes are easier to eat.
stacey rhoades
stacey rhoades 8 days ago
I LOVE YOUR MAKEUP LIKE THIS!!! Do this for the wedding!!
Rachel Dawe
Rachel Dawe 9 days ago
Me and Matt has the same favorite ice cream omg life made 🥺
Jessica Johnson
Jessica Johnson 11 days ago
I love how involved Matt gets. Such a great friend. Gets so invested hahah.
Jazmin Navarro
Jazmin Navarro 27 days ago
Matt is so cute 😭💕💕💕💕
Amalia Pereira
Amalia Pereira Month ago
Ok I know Carly and Matt are not a thing and they said they will never. But they’re so cute together and they bounce back so good of each other. I just love shipping them together 😍😍😍 Also, I want Zane to find love like the bubbas did. I just want him to be happy 😊
magic eraser
magic eraser Month ago
that thumbnail is ACTUALLY the cutest thing ever 😭
Paris Styles
Paris Styles Month ago
Does anyone else want Matt to help plan their wedding
Athina Lewis
Athina Lewis Month ago
Yasss I love birthday cake flavor too. Ice cream ... Birthday right on Matt 🎂
Taylor Miller
Taylor Miller Month ago
Ew I hate buttercream
Yaz Yaz
Yaz Yaz Month ago
Everyone: carrot Zane: left the chat
Ruby White
Ruby White Month ago
How can you not like carrot cake 😱
Alexandra Holtham
I thought icebox cakes had mostly fresh fruits 🤦🏽‍♀️
Alexandra Holtham
Carrot cake with cream cheese from Whole Foods is a blessing
Xxx Gdtate
Xxx Gdtate Month ago
Honestly I spend my life re watching your wedding vids make mooooreeee xxx
Itz KAY Month ago
Charlie should be your flower girl ❤️❤️❤️
Corene Worthen
Corene Worthen Month ago
who doesnt like cream cheese icing?!
Regan Miller
Regan Miller Month ago
Matt is giving me Connor from the Bachelorette/BiP vibes aaallllllllll dayyyy
Alexis Whitted
Alexis Whitted Month ago
who is she marring?
Dance Rockers
Dance Rockers Month ago
Who is erin getting married to??
Dalia Month ago
Me: says I never want a nose ring *sees Erin* Me: OkaY, wHy you gotta mess with my MiND! () She's so pretty...
Kaylen Marlow
Kaylen Marlow 2 months ago
where is her future husband in all of this?
Ayah Saeed
Ayah Saeed 2 months ago
Death by thousand cut 😍🔥
HeyyItsSam !
HeyyItsSam ! 2 months ago
I’d get a 3 leches cake 😌 literally my fav since I was little
Bethany Toler
Bethany Toler 2 months ago
i will never get tired of the wedding videos!!♥️
Ernie Aguirre
Ernie Aguirre 2 months ago
You shouldve gotten a cat with Whitey's face wrapped around it.
Kendra Kailey
Kendra Kailey 2 months ago
Matt: “I wanna get married just to have cake.” Me: “I VOLUNTEER!!!!”
Jacki Hill
Jacki Hill 2 months ago
dont do carot cake because some people HATE carot cake do the ice box
Burd 2 months ago
I was big in to cheesecake in like 2009
Lou Carvalho
Lou Carvalho 3 months ago
Cream cheese frosting is my favorite. I personally prefer a spice cake or red velvet, but I agree with Matt. If carrot cake is what the bride loves, carrot cake is what the bride should have.
Veronica Mireles
Veronica Mireles 3 months ago
awkward because stark is a waxing studio hehehe
Anna Marie
Anna Marie 3 months ago
My favourite group dynamic
Katelyn Bonino
Katelyn Bonino 3 months ago
Johan Perez Lemus
Johan Perez Lemus 3 months ago
when is she getting married
Kelsie Carraway
Kelsie Carraway 3 months ago
Can Matt come and plan mine and his wedding?
Gretchen 3 months ago
was almost in tears before I watched this being super stressed about school, thanks for making me laugh !!!!!! u guys rock
Torie :
Torie : 3 months ago
I’m at the point where I can’t watch videos with Matt in them without falling more and more in love ugh 😑 send help
Kailynn Bradford
Kailynn Bradford 3 months ago
Make all guys dress up like vsco girls and girls dress up like fuck boys
Jessie Hawkins
Jessie Hawkins 4 months ago
YAS London boy playing in the background in the car. I stan them stanning Taylor bc I also stan Taylor ya know
Kelsey Femi
Kelsey Femi 4 months ago
I agree with Zane. Fuck cream cheese frosting
Lily Garcia
Lily Garcia 4 months ago
I love seeing Matt in videos. I hope he starts his own RUvid
D. Alexa
D. Alexa 4 months ago
After watching this video, I literally made plans to go out and buy carrot cake
jjjourney 4 months ago
12:14 wait- that was so cute.
Lesly 4 months ago
I was just wondering why isn’t erins fiancé helping with the wedding decisions? Isn’t it an important part?
Karime Diego
Karime Diego 4 months ago
ok but when matt gets married he will literally plan it LOL
Allie Vidanes
Allie Vidanes 4 months ago
Matt is the perfect person to bring to a tasting.
Alli Perry
Alli Perry 4 months ago
Who is Erin marrying
Ronja Koch
Ronja Koch 4 months ago
Matt i will marry you just so we could eat cake 🎂🥰❤️
Shorooq Karim
Shorooq Karim 4 months ago
Matt doesn't have his own channel, I always wonder what he does for a living??? Does anyone know lmfao I'm curious
April Mckinney
April Mckinney 4 months ago
I love u zane lol
Tattered Loved
Tattered Loved 4 months ago
does a video with a doctor who tells you not to take the vitamins because youre body produces enough that you need and its bad to take extra. still does brand deals with a vitamin company
Morgan Beesley
Morgan Beesley 4 months ago
AgH they said napa thats my home town
Alyssia Foust
Alyssia Foust 4 months ago
Matt looked so disappointed when Carly told him that he smelled like skin just like Erin told Zane.
moushin sikder
moushin sikder 4 months ago
I need a Matt in my life. I swear if I had someone like Matt I would have no anxiety
Layla A.
Layla A. 4 months ago
is carly still with Bruce ?
Hailey Moore
Hailey Moore 4 months ago
Does Erin fiancé help decide stuff too ?
Ashleyyy 4 months ago
wait why is your fiance not wedding planning with you?
Georgie D
Georgie D 4 months ago
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claudia bonilla
claudia bonilla 4 months ago
Carly is so beautiful
Xavier Yazzie
Xavier Yazzie 4 months ago
Look at matt on 8:18 looking all serious LOL.
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