CHOOSE The SECRET SPIRAL LUCKY BLOCK DOOR In Minecraft! - Lucky Block Doors Mini-Game

Pat & Crainer
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We are playing Spiral Lucky Block Doors in Minecraft!
Pat's Instagram: instagram.com/popularmmospat/
Crainer's Instagram: instagram.com/MrCrainer/
Delta Lucky Block Mod: www.curseforge.com/minecraft/customization/the-real-lucky-block-delta
We are playing Spiral Lucky Block Doors in Minecraft. We must choose a lucky door and gather blocks from them. But will we choose a lucky or unlucky door in this challenge? Then we make trades and battle in the arena!
Kehaan's Channel: ruvid.net/u-Kehaan
Minecraft Rainbow Lucky Block Mod: www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/minecraft-mods/2355041-rainbow-lucky-block-mod
Thumbnail Art By: twitter.com/Lazy_Slav


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Aug 15, 2019




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Comments 2 217
Owekeo 44
Owekeo 44 Day ago
Would have done rock on second pat big dum dum.
ken kaneki
ken kaneki 8 days ago
Go pat win pat
ken kaneki
ken kaneki 8 days ago
Go pat win pat
wesley haubert
wesley haubert 11 days ago
gg pat
Naven Mercado
Naven Mercado 12 days ago
You guys never get a dragon egg in the challenge games
gustas alm
gustas alm 14 days ago
gustas alm
gustas alm 14 days ago
queeneux 14 days ago
I am confusion.
Destroyer Gorilla
Destroyer Gorilla 17 days ago
Immmmmmmmm fffffffffffooooooooorrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeennnnnn
Unday Operaraio
Unday Operaraio 22 days ago
I did not know that while trade review we also learn science hahahahahalol
GoldenButton Gaming
10:30 "oh look its hey guys"
Corey Lochan
Corey Lochan 22 days ago
steel scrotum shield
xXelementafoXx 27 days ago
I was gonna say steel scrotum shield -pat 2019
Jerome x Gaming
Jerome x Gaming Month ago
2:05 ignore me
Jody Charles
Jody Charles Month ago
What is Jne
Sabrina Anthi Howells
You are awesome 😎
Fluffy crab videos Sub if your new!
Who else noticed that the fortune 100 pickaxe never actually gives Pat 100 emeralds
Scorpion Enhs15
Scorpion Enhs15 2 months ago
See annoying viliger 25
BriKitty !
BriKitty ! 2 months ago
BriKitty !
BriKitty ! 2 months ago
Bolton Crossing Elementary School is better than blairwood Elementary School
BriKitty !
BriKitty ! 2 months ago
I landed on green that means ready to learn and my teacher is Mrs Ewalt from Bolton Crossing Elementary School
BriKitty !
BriKitty ! 2 months ago
aliece is my friend from Bolton Crossing Elementary!
BriKitty !
BriKitty ! 2 months ago
Is me brian!
BriKitty !
BriKitty ! 2 months ago
3:46 pm
Jaryl Selga
Jaryl Selga 2 months ago
When u choose something dont trust it
CoolCookie 123
CoolCookie 123 2 months ago
10:02 10:08 was crainer humping the TV
Moriac 342018
Moriac 342018 2 months ago
Mack I’m foreign Murch
Egg with 1000 Subscribers with 1 video challenge
Miso ku
Miso ku 2 months ago
Finally you guys hv ur own channel But im late :v
Oliver Ekolin
Oliver Ekolin 2 months ago
When you play rock papper scissors. Use stone papper and shears
FishtyPlayz YT
FishtyPlayz YT 2 months ago
Make a merch that shows you and pat are fighting in arena and pat and crainer at top
Razorsharp Swords
Razorsharp Swords 2 months ago
Travis Zheng Yi LIM
Travis Zheng Yi LIM 2 months ago
Pat they were your wolves....
emmerich Anderson
emmerich Anderson 2 months ago
Crainer said temmie that's from undertale and I love temmie
emmerich Anderson
emmerich Anderson 2 months ago
All the Wolves except for one of them work Reiner's and then you killed all of your wolves sadly
Kayleigh Evans
Kayleigh Evans 2 months ago
My Two favourite people in the same place I’m living it xxx
Lisa Goad
Lisa Goad 2 months ago
There was a saddle
Jiaxing li
Jiaxing li 2 months ago
Kraner is playing with ssdyy
Afianuha 2 months ago
becouse of the noshes i am getting dissy ahhh
Razorsharp Swords
Razorsharp Swords 2 months ago
ShannonWolfieChan 2 months ago
Wen r u playing with jen again i miss ur vids
don't subscribe
don't subscribe 2 months ago
Scutum shield is the shield Roman legionaries used
Dragon Prodigy
Dragon Prodigy 2 months ago
Would it work if pat made a emerald block then broke it with the 100 efficiency pickaxe
pastelFlufff 2 months ago
s t e e l s c r o t u m s h i e l d
MysticMylese TheMercifulMinecart
I love how it was the wolf that killed him in the end 😅😅😅
MysticMylese TheMercifulMinecart
38:34 cue action moive shot: walking away from explosions
MysticMylese TheMercifulMinecart
20:08 good bye sweet neather star.
N Green
N Green 2 months ago
Yay crainer won the last round byt i still really dont care
Dunia Susu2011
Dunia Susu2011 2 months ago
Pat killed his wolf look at the chat at the second battle
Rozanne Evans
Rozanne Evans 2 months ago
Who is watching and just skipped the beginning where they explain everything 😬
Clifford Sasela
Clifford Sasela 2 months ago
crainers voice changed
gab_ adia_vlogs
gab_ adia_vlogs 2 months ago
This video: Crainer being salty for 40 minutes straight😂😂 34:35: Crainer: OHH MOTHER- Me: HaHa I kNeW wHaT yOu wErE gOnNa SaY..*insert lenny face here, xD)
Gaming Theo
Gaming Theo 2 months ago
I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road
Spongey Nightmare 64 AdrianZCyndaquil
Crainer won? no he did'nt pat won it's 7-1not 6-2 i've beed lied too also you relly need to shorten these episodes quil
cutebut deadly
cutebut deadly 2 months ago
pat got unlucky blocks this much times. ↓
مزاجيه وبكيفي
When u think it will be alot of likes for the vid pat and crainer spiral u got one like me yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Kellie Parkison
Kellie Parkison 2 months ago
Pat: (digs hole to trap enemies) Crainer: (Jumps in hole) Me: 😂😂😂😄😄
Liam Hueffmeier
Liam Hueffmeier 2 months ago
New tactic always get unlucky
Fidel Cervantes
Fidel Cervantes 2 months ago
pat mist sum
Robert Moore
Robert Moore 2 months ago
can you start to use face cam
Ssteven Playz
Ssteven Playz 2 months ago
6:22 isint your fanbase like 6 im alot older than i look btw
Clku saga
Clku saga 2 months ago
crainer said pes jaja instead of pest control
tbg Snipez
tbg Snipez 2 months ago
Can we we crainers point of view to
Peccavi Reboot
Peccavi Reboot 2 months ago
Crainer: *Kills someone* Police: Why did you do it? Crainer: I'M FOREIGN!!!!!!!
Epic Gamer250556
Epic Gamer250556 2 months ago
I love the picture at the beginning it’s litterally Pat yeeting a piece of TNT
Clku saga
Clku saga 2 months ago
he butchered probably
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