CHOOSE The SECRET SPIRAL LUCKY BLOCK DOOR In Minecraft! - Lucky Block Doors Mini-Game

Pat & Crainer
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We are playing Spiral Lucky Block Doors in Minecraft!
Pat's Instagram: instagram.com/popularmmospat/
Crainer's Instagram: instagram.com/MrCrainer/
Delta Lucky Block Mod: www.curseforge.com/minecraft/customization/the-real-lucky-block-delta
We are playing Spiral Lucky Block Doors in Minecraft. We must choose a lucky door and gather blocks from them. But will we choose a lucky or unlucky door in this challenge? Then we make trades and battle in the arena!
Kehaan's Channel: ruvid.net/u-Kehaan
Minecraft Rainbow Lucky Block Mod: www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/minecraft-mods/2355041-rainbow-lucky-block-mod
Thumbnail Art By: twitter.com/Lazy_Slav


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Aug 15, 2019




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Comments 2 226
IcyAdam Gacha
IcyAdam Gacha 4 days ago
Steel scrotum -pat 2019
Sabrina Anthi Howells
You are awesome 😎
Fluffy crab videos Sub to sylsamvie s
Who else noticed that the fortune 100 pickaxe never actually gives Pat 100 emeralds
Scorpion Enhs15
Scorpion Enhs15 9 days ago
See annoying viliger 25
BriKitty !
BriKitty ! 9 days ago
BriKitty !
BriKitty ! 9 days ago
Bolton Crossing Elementary School is better than blairwood Elementary School
BriKitty !
BriKitty ! 9 days ago
I landed on green that means ready to learn and my teacher is Mrs Ewalt from Bolton Crossing Elementary School
BriKitty !
BriKitty ! 9 days ago
aliece is my friend from Bolton Crossing Elementary!
BriKitty !
BriKitty ! 9 days ago
Is me brian!
BriKitty !
BriKitty ! 9 days ago
3:46 pm
Jaryl Selga
Jaryl Selga 11 days ago
When u choose something dont trust it
CoolCookie 123
CoolCookie 123 11 days ago
10:02 10:08 was crainer humping the TV
Moriac 342018
Moriac 342018 13 days ago
Mack I’m foreign Murch
Cactus King
Cactus King 13 days ago
Miso ku
Miso ku 13 days ago
Finally you guys hv ur own channel But im late :v
Oliver Ekolin
Oliver Ekolin 13 days ago
When you play rock papper scissors. Use stone papper and shears
FishtyPlayz YT
FishtyPlayz YT 13 days ago
Make a merch that shows you and pat are fighting in arena and pat and crainer at top
Razorsharp Swords
Razorsharp Swords 14 days ago
Travis Zheng Yi LIM
Pat they were your wolves....
emmerich Anderson
emmerich Anderson 16 days ago
Crainer said temmie that's from undertale and I love temmie
emmerich Anderson
emmerich Anderson 16 days ago
All the Wolves except for one of them work Reiner's and then you killed all of your wolves sadly
Kayleigh Evans
Kayleigh Evans 17 days ago
My Two favourite people in the same place I’m living it xxx
Lisa Goad
Lisa Goad 19 days ago
There was a saddle
Jiaxing li
Jiaxing li 20 days ago
Kraner is playing with ssdyy
Afianuha 20 days ago
becouse of the noshes i am getting dissy ahhh
Razorsharp Swords
Wen r u playing with jen again i miss ur vids
don't subscribe
don't subscribe 22 days ago
Scutum shield is the shield Roman legionaries used
Dragon Prodigy
Dragon Prodigy 24 days ago
Would it work if pat made a emerald block then broke it with the 100 efficiency pickaxe
pastelFlufff 25 days ago
s t e e l s c r o t u m s h i e l d
MysticMylese TheMercifulMinecart
I love how it was the wolf that killed him in the end 😅😅😅
MysticMylese TheMercifulMinecart
38:34 cue action moive shot: walking away from explosions
MysticMylese TheMercifulMinecart
20:08 good bye sweet neather star.
N Green
N Green 25 days ago
Yay crainer won the last round byt i still really dont care
Dunia Susu2011
Dunia Susu2011 25 days ago
Pat killed his wolf look at the chat at the second battle
Rozanne Evans
Rozanne Evans 25 days ago
Who is watching and just skipped the beginning where they explain everything 😬
Clifford Sasela
Clifford Sasela 26 days ago
crainers voice changed
Gxb A.
Gxb A. 26 days ago
This video: Crainer being salty for 40 minutes straight😂😂 34:35: Crainer: OHH MOTHER- Me: HaHa I kNeW wHaT yOu wErE gOnNa SaY..*insert lenny face here, xD)
Gaming Theo
Gaming Theo 26 days ago
I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road
Spongey Nightmare 64 AdrianZCyndaquil
Crainer won? no he did'nt pat won it's 7-1not 6-2 i've beed lied too also you relly need to shorten these episodes quil
cutebut deadly
cutebut deadly 27 days ago
pat got unlucky blocks this much times. ↓
مزاجيه وبكيفي
When u think it will be alot of likes for the vid pat and crainer spiral u got one like me yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Kellie Parkison
Kellie Parkison 28 days ago
Pat: (digs hole to trap enemies) Crainer: (Jumps in hole) Me: 😂😂😂😄😄
Liam Hueffmeier
Liam Hueffmeier 28 days ago
New tactic always get unlucky
Fidel Cervantes
Fidel Cervantes 29 days ago
pat mist sum
Robert Moore
Robert Moore 29 days ago
can you start to use face cam
Ssteven Playz
Ssteven Playz Month ago
6:22 isint your fanbase like 6 im alot older than i look btw
Clku saga
Clku saga Month ago
crainer said pes jaja instead of pest control
tbg Snipez
tbg Snipez Month ago
Can we we crainers point of view to
Peccavi Reboot
Peccavi Reboot Month ago
Crainer: *Kills someone* Police: Why did you do it? Crainer: I'M FOREIGN!!!!!!!
Epic Gamer250556
I love the picture at the beginning it’s litterally Pat yeeting a piece of TNT
Clku saga
Clku saga Month ago
he butchered probably
Logan Werve
Logan Werve Month ago
Crainer: Murders someone because their not foreign. Pat: IM PAT
nitchtian gole
nitchtian gole Month ago
nice vid
Ddog Gamer
Ddog Gamer Month ago
They honestly should make merch where crainer says "IM FOREIGN"
D_ Haw_k
D_ Haw_k Month ago
Yo trainers voice is way higher than Pat's
Emily Williams
Emily Williams Month ago
the sweet strawberry milkshake is an i ballistic squid reference awww
Shellay Reid
Shellay Reid Month ago
U should make a channel with all ur friends Jen,Pat,thea,crainer
Potatoes Yay
Potatoes Yay Month ago
The pink room reminded me of Jen :( I miss her strange humor
J R Month ago
Joshua Sauer
Joshua Sauer Month ago
omg pat you are my faviret u tuber ive been wathing your vids sense 5 years ago
YAM YAM Month ago
if ssundee can join it would be epic skycraft with pat ssundee and crainer
Derek Heim
Derek Heim Month ago
Rendy Indo
Rendy Indo Month ago
What do you guys think that will be more painful? A.Get smacked by a baseball bat B.Get smacked by a basketball C.Fall 1000 Meters of the mountain Or D.Get smacked At your balls
inferior night
inferior night Month ago
Those were your dogs
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