CHOOSE The SECRET SPIRAL LUCKY BLOCK DOOR In Minecraft! - Lucky Block Doors Mini-Game

Pat & Eleni
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We are playing Spiral Lucky Block Doors in Minecraft!
Pat's Instagram: instagram.com/popularmmospat/
Crainer's Instagram: instagram.com/MrCrainer/
Delta Lucky Block Mod: www.curseforge.com/minecraft/customization/the-real-lucky-block-delta
We are playing Spiral Lucky Block Doors in Minecraft. We must choose a lucky door and gather blocks from them. But will we choose a lucky or unlucky door in this challenge? Then we make trades and battle in the arena!
Kehaan's Channel: ruvid.net/u-Kehaan
Minecraft Rainbow Lucky Block Mod: www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/minecraft-mods/2355041-rainbow-lucky-block-mod
Thumbnail Art By: twitter.com/Lazy_Slav


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Aug 15, 2019




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Comments 100
Lilia Balili
Lilia Balili 25 days ago
Jonny Smith
Jonny Smith Month ago
It makes no sense with the new name
Jordyn Tremblay
Jordyn Tremblay Month ago
in round 3 crainer didnt even die from pat he died from his wolf
Rochelle Silvain
Crainer loses 400 times in a row "IM FORIEGN
TheHeero18 2 months ago
Crainer said bell 6 seconds
Cheryl Cheryl
Cheryl Cheryl 2 months ago
Hit that little bell ding
dragon Calubaquib
dragon Calubaquib 2 months ago
Pat goes to the dungeonwith low hp all the time
dragon Calubaquib
dragon Calubaquib 2 months ago
Pat got a multi tool Me:its a wepon
jennylyn cabello
jennylyn cabello 2 months ago
Next lucky block the jelly lucky block
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 2 months ago
Have you noticed that every time they do this pats first one is Unlucky
Jupiter Zdrosky
Jupiter Zdrosky 2 months ago
10:45 STACY!!
Dalton Maki
Dalton Maki 3 months ago
go pat
Me and Maya
Me and Maya 3 months ago
U think like crainer
MR. MECH 3000
MR. MECH 3000 3 months ago
Pat is one with the lucky block
Brad Henen
Brad Henen 3 months ago
Dad I'm gonna be making my blood Block lucky Me hello you have the fortune 100 pickaxe
Brad Henen
Brad Henen 3 months ago
It's LOL Which means laugh out loud
James Abdou
James Abdou 3 months ago
Scutum is Latin for Armor
Berzerker Series
Berzerker Series 3 months ago
Crainer only won last time because of luck
fastsxrgaming 3 months ago
I am rly exited for that lol
fastsxrgaming 3 months ago
Merch coming out bro
fastsxrgaming 3 months ago
When is the uhh iiiiimmmmmmm fffoooooorrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeiiiiiiiiigggggggggggnnnnnnnn
Joseph Shin
Joseph Shin 3 months ago
he did not get the coll in the chest
Johnny Chiang
Johnny Chiang 3 months ago
18:07 crainer: whats HIS name jennifer
Rose Sinclair
Rose Sinclair 3 months ago
Hit that littil ball
Kiler Smith
Kiler Smith 3 months ago
crainers salty
Kiler Smith
Kiler Smith 3 months ago
my midle name is patrick and i'm not kidding
Sombra, King of Darkness
1:12 This part sounded like Crainer straight up rapped, lol
Takari Moon
Takari Moon 3 months ago
crainer waited for pat in rock paper scizors
Gavinwtf 4 months ago
We need this back
Deluxray99 4 months ago
*i m* *f o r e i g n*
Lightningshark 12
Lightningshark 12 4 months ago
Why did you kill your own wolfs
Sheryl Wood
Sheryl Wood 4 months ago
Sheryl Wood
Sheryl Wood 4 months ago
Leo Colbourn
Leo Colbourn 4 months ago
AChannelOFMinecraft. 214
So Jen wasn’t lying in the spiral lucky block bed wars because Pat thought she was lying
Apollo Mingo-williams
Pat why you no take iron from well first
SuperLoLoPuff 4 months ago
My moms name is Jennifer
Warren Auck
Warren Auck 4 months ago
When Crainer says I'm foreign I think he's saying I'm Warren because that's my name
Blaktyga18 4 months ago
Make I'm foriegn merch
Jacob Crenshaw
Jacob Crenshaw 4 months ago
You smell so bad crainer
AspectDeity 1234
AspectDeity 1234 4 months ago
What if Thea and Jen played together
Warriors101 4 months ago
i hit my brother in the head with a golf club
teresa ong
teresa ong 4 months ago
Add jen in the chanel pls
Sergio Roca
Sergio Roca 4 months ago
You should pick rock first
Dabbin Gaming
Dabbin Gaming 5 months ago
Miss_Queen208 Roblox
Armforfeit :p
Armforfeit :p 5 months ago
Round 3 crainer was killed by pats temporary wolf at 41:51
Karma The wired
Karma The wired 5 months ago
*Crainer wining about what he got* Me: out of all the flavors you chose to be salty
E4EHCO 5 months ago
Step 1 repair make it count with diamonds Step 2 mine ore Step 3 ??? Step 4 profit
Jun Tabz
Jun Tabz 5 months ago
When will you make anoyher vid with make crainer again.
Abraham Lopez
Abraham Lopez 5 months ago
If your in 2020 and you play sword and shield you just heard crainer say he eats flapple rip
Grant Teodosio
Grant Teodosio 5 months ago
6:55 they pick rooms Cost one like to use
vinzky butron
vinzky butron 5 months ago
Pat!!! Those wolves that you killed during your battle against crainer were your wolves you are one of the dumest person that i know.
HAYDEN HUFFMAN 6 months ago
The wells have beakens
Cora Plaisted
Cora Plaisted 7 months ago
Étienne is a Cat Lover Gallant
Pat u roasted Criner
Ani Rose
Ani Rose 7 months ago
Skip to 6:55 when they start
Jaques van even Heerden
Hi if u want a fanfic map here is a app name for some fnaf maps
thunderbolt aviation
My middle name is Patrick
spider virus
spider virus 7 months ago
1st dore
Jim McMurphy
Jim McMurphy 7 months ago
Who else got hit with a golf club other than me
jelly bean :3
jelly bean :3 8 months ago
Cranor is jeyne jen
Shantel Jones
Shantel Jones 8 months ago
In lucky block bed wars Jen was telling the truth when she was attacked by living flames one luck equals pat saying sorry to Jen
ChloeAudrey Manabat
ChloeAudrey Manabat 8 months ago
Pat what your real name?????????? 🙏😋
Jóna Holm
Jóna Holm 8 months ago
If you get hit by a golf klub you deay
arthur st.louis
arthur st.louis 8 months ago
i was wondering what happened to jen?
The Trash Trio
The Trash Trio 8 months ago
It starts
The Trash Trio
The Trash Trio 8 months ago
Nathan Reyes
Nathan Reyes 8 months ago
Pat killed his own wolves
Natalie Wing
Natalie Wing 8 months ago
who noticed pat could have made an anvil and fixed the fortune 100 pickaxe
Leeann Loveday
Leeann Loveday 8 months ago
Y'all should do lucky block bedwars like what you and Jen do
calvin josh peralta
calvin josh peralta 8 months ago
Aug 15 is my b day love you content
Gamer Kid Jr
Gamer Kid Jr 8 months ago
Pat tell crainer IM FOREIGN
GamerWolfFang 8 months ago
I liked when Pat & Crainer where arguing about being forien
ak67a 9 months ago
Jen is jennifer... Pat is patrick... I never knew.
mr duck 2019
mr duck 2019 9 months ago
R.I.P pat's temporary wolfs
KING CAKE 9 months ago
Why u bully crainer meany
IggyBlade 9 months ago
rock is always a winner so do rock also its not totally true but crainer mainly god scissors and he aint that dumb if u say ur gonna go rock he aint dumb to go paper so you cant trick him that easy just start with rock trust me
Titan Scope
Titan Scope 9 months ago
Would have done rock on second pat big dum dum.
ken kaneki
ken kaneki 9 months ago
Go pat win pat
ken kaneki
ken kaneki 9 months ago
Go pat win pat
wesley haubert
wesley haubert 9 months ago
gg pat
Naven Mercado
Naven Mercado 9 months ago
You guys never get a dragon egg in the challenge games
gustas alm
gustas alm 9 months ago
gustas alm
gustas alm 9 months ago
Aesthetilicious 9 months ago
I am confusion.
Destroyer Gorilla
Destroyer Gorilla 9 months ago
Immmmmmmmm fffffffffffooooooooorrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeennnnnn
Unday Operaraio
Unday Operaraio 9 months ago
I did not know that while trade review we also learn science hahahahahalol
Dracula Fan
Dracula Fan 9 months ago
10:30 "oh look its hey guys"
Corey Lochan
Corey Lochan 9 months ago
steel scrotum shield
xXelementafoXx 10 months ago
I was gonna say steel scrotum shield -pat 2019
Jerome x Gaming
Jerome x Gaming 10 months ago
2:05 ignore me
Jody Charles
Jody Charles 10 months ago
What is Jne
Sabrina Anthi Howells
Sabrina Anthi Howells 11 months ago
You are awesome 😎
Fluffy crab videos Sub if your new!
Who else noticed that the fortune 100 pickaxe never actually gives Pat 100 emeralds
Scorpion Enhs15
Scorpion Enhs15 11 months ago
See annoying viliger 25
BriKitty !
BriKitty ! 11 months ago
BriKitty !
BriKitty ! 11 months ago
Bolton Crossing Elementary School is better than blairwood Elementary School
BriKitty !
BriKitty ! 11 months ago
I landed on green that means ready to learn and my teacher is Mrs Ewalt from Bolton Crossing Elementary School
BriKitty !
BriKitty ! 11 months ago
aliece is my friend from Bolton Crossing Elementary!
BriKitty !
BriKitty ! 11 months ago
Is me brian!
BriKitty !
BriKitty ! 11 months ago
3:46 pm
Jaryl Selga
Jaryl Selga 11 months ago
When u choose something dont trust it
CoolCookie 123
CoolCookie 123 11 months ago
10:02 10:08 was crainer humping the TV
Moriac Primary school
Moriac Primary school 11 months ago
Mack I’m foreign Murch
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