Choked Out by Chuck Liddell! - Steve-O

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Choked Out by Chuck Liddell! - Steve-O


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Jan 24, 2018




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Comments 80
redlizerad 7 days ago
Remember when Ryan dropped him on his head when he choked him out
Jatt's Opinion
Jatt's Opinion 7 days ago
What a nob
Hoodie2103 10 days ago
You got your butt cheeks spread by Chuck
Gage Walser
Gage Walser 11 days ago
Is that Nikki from Pranksters in love
UNIQUE PLAY 14 days ago
Don’t believe he chocked him out was just a act as if we that stupid to believe 😂
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 14 days ago
You can feel the tension when Steve-o goes down, then feel the relief when he gets up
ok 237
ok 237 19 days ago
Lorenz Salta
Lorenz Salta 23 days ago
Yooo i saw this on Sssniperwolfs vid! I meant saw him....
SX CX 24 days ago
I felt a bit bad watching that 😂
Josh Peters
Josh Peters 24 days ago
Dunn used to choke out Steve O back in the day. I wonder if he somehow got Steve O hooked to it LOL😂😂
sophiewilson1984 28 days ago
How did that happen so fast I thought it would take longer then that
Bran Rosato
Bran Rosato Month ago
He was so nice about it. Chuck is the man.
Norcal Mtnjunkie
Should have just bitch slapped his chin. MOFO would’ve went night night. 😂
DARKLAND Month ago
2:53 cringy af
Urban Pictures
Urban Pictures Month ago
Chuck me daddy
Furn333 Month ago
Chuck carrying a pistol with a bellyband?
Super E 22T
Super E 22T Month ago
2:02 Insert pufferfish eating a carrot here
Cyberbird Month ago
I broke out in a 6minutes hysterical laughing fit whrn he said hold on
Crocodile Crunch
I want to say it is fake but I believe it still. But here is my reason why I might think it is fake usually when you choke someone out you dont go limp your muscles tense and you actually start to shake how do I know? Being stupid in 9th costed me almost being expelled playing "the choking game" let's just say when I did it to my friend he shook up and started to tense up when it happened to me they said I tensed too and no it wasn't a seizure because we was fine few minutes later just had headache like hell and sore the next morning, so why do you shake you ask? Well your blood has oxygen and if your oxygen is being took a way or going to your head your body cant make oxygen for itself right when you are out they usually let go of your neck and the second they let go your body is trying to fix itself to get that blood pumping and get oxygen flowing through your body. Btw I got a friend who can knock a grown man out in 5 seconds and kill ya in 10 also about the chocking game my friend had to go to the hospital but I talked them out not letting me remember it is still dangerous
Ricky Burton
Ricky Burton Month ago
Chuck is the best! 👍👍😃👏👏🇺🇸
Maddie Reiter
Maddie Reiter Month ago
Who is the blonde?! I know her from somewhere?!
Antonio Bird
Antonio Bird Month ago
Leonardo o
Leonardo o Month ago
Don't call Chuck that Stevo.
Dead Star
Dead Star Month ago
2:56 she choking herself
Henk de Vries
Henk de Vries Month ago
Chris Month ago
Is it weird that I wanna get choked out now
Zin Kruziic
Zin Kruziic Month ago
I love how steve-o said. "Wait" chuck. Keeps going. Hahahahahahaha
Ivan O
Ivan O Month ago
2:01 Steve-o was tryna say hold on... Too late.
Starson Kurbah
Starson Kurbah Month ago
mak koi
mak koi Month ago
Steadfast The Renowned
Steve-o, I'm telling you man. This case of hot sauce for your butthole I bought off you with no taste test, better be fucken good man.
Joel Olivas
Joel Olivas Month ago
Does steve-o still smoke weed?
James Onderdonk
James Onderdonk 4 days ago
steveo yo you responded 🤣🤣
steveo Month ago
shark snake
shark snake Month ago
that was anti climatic
Ken Worth
Ken Worth Month ago
SoulLexiol Month ago
Wait. Did Stevo just say he was scared?! Thats a first.
JasonVladimir Month ago
Things to do while camping with Chuck and Steve!
gyagV80 Month ago
Choke Liddell
Sicarri Zelot !
Sicarri Zelot ! Month ago
Steve o came out far better than Knoxville did with Butterbean!!
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman Month ago
Why are they at the base camp to Mount Everest?
Marcamilious Month ago
The first time I got choked out I reacted the same way... but the guy was mad and cross faded.
Pro Street
Pro Street Month ago
The Ice Man - Massive KO power this guy have! Seen all his fights! LEGEND!
Matt Anon
Matt Anon Month ago
Mad bastard.
gestucv olonor
gestucv olonor Month ago
That was the weirdest way to plug your social. I choked out this guy, follow me on this.
DonnyDrama 361
DonnyDrama 361 Month ago
His brain was like yo you gonna die somethings wrong thats why he said hold on
Deni Pallas
Deni Pallas Month ago
Steve O will forever look in his 20s. Wtf.
CerealBowl Month ago
I'm weak😭🤣😭🤣😭🤣
Pierrot L'asticot
Can I get choked out by the singed of Sabaton too please?
Isaiah Tupou
Isaiah Tupou Month ago
*When Steve-O gets robbed* "Yo those gun shots were bad ass! Look at these bullet holes in my chest! :D"
Stuart Cole
Stuart Cole Month ago
He shouldn't have released
nota mortum
nota mortum Month ago
"Am I likely to pee myself when I'm out" 🤣
Clay Roper
Clay Roper Month ago
If your ass wasn't sore when you woke up then it wasn't done right
David E
David E Month ago
Steve-O: What we're about to do is safe, yeah? Chuck: Yeah, it's safe. l'm not gonna hurt ya... Steve-O: Exactly. I love that. Chuck: too much.
minimale100 Month ago
Choke Liddell !
Electrical Austin
Fake and gay
Miguel Casper
Miguel Casper Month ago
2:55 happy endings
Matthew B
Matthew B Month ago
Wait, was that one dude with the beard at the end that guy from the MTV show “The Hills”?
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith Month ago
What a psycho!
Brian Nielsen
Brian Nielsen Month ago
My name is SteveO and I'm a chokaine user
brendan michel
brendan michel Month ago
Did Steve-o just do the jackass version of faking orgasm?
ToNy MoNtAnA
ToNy MoNtAnA Month ago
Its gotta feel great, getting checked by your hero!
Chapter 444
Chapter 444 Month ago
Terrible technique on that choke
Nate Trujillo
Nate Trujillo Month ago
Steve-o is your dog German Shepard pit mix my dog Simba looks exactly the same
tuna huna
tuna huna Month ago
Now!......That is Trust if ive ever seen it!.....👍
Notachance Month ago
Chuck was always my favorite fighter in the day. He also had a great book if anyone likes reading about fighters and their life growing up. It’s unfortunate that Stevo could have accidentally bumped his chin and chuck would have been out.
Peter Biddi
Peter Biddi Month ago
Dude your getting a little old to be this stupid.
John Alexander Quintero
rodney flores
rodney flores Month ago
Honest Fellow
Honest Fellow Month ago
Keith Month ago
That's shot is weird. I remember pine trees and the theme song to sesame Street when I went through combatives 1. By 3 I was either murdering faces or getting murdered. Choke submissions hardly became a thought.
stupid universe 731C
Closest I've ever seen steveo high in over 10 years
Dandy Lion
Dandy Lion Month ago
Thanks ever so much for choking me out.... ahhhh your my idol.... love the way u could have killed me u badass .... ahhhh such a boss I coulda died..... ohhhhh u legend yaaaaaaa
Robert Garcia
Robert Garcia Month ago
Steve O wakes up, brain counting up to 512K. C:\>
Colin Kaczor
Colin Kaczor Month ago
“THAT WAS A GOOD ONE” Ban to Meliodas
Colin Kaczor
Colin Kaczor Month ago
2:55 that girl LMFAO
TheJordynPlayz Month ago
He went from being broke to being choked by Chuck Liddell
Dyarx Month ago
2:02 *ÆUGH*
daGGmus Newt
daGGmus Newt Month ago
Hold on, hahahaha!
Mitchell Sanborn
Gets choked out. Ok now we are ready to summit Everest.
Hristo YanaKiev
Hristo YanaKiev Month ago
we did this on the street when we were 12 years old. It was fun
Nino Pacino
Nino Pacino Month ago
So pro hey - Lateral pressure restricts blood flow - Then he gently puts him in the recovery position... 💪🤢😴
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