Chinese officials push U.S. firms to bring business to China

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As Chinese officials prepare to sign phase one of the U.S.-China trade deal, the communist country is appealing to American firms to bring their money back to China. FOX Business’ Edward Lawrence with more.
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Jan 14, 2020




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Comments 98
Honey Badger
Honey Badger 26 days ago
China won't let any money leave the country! China: "You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave!" We've been robbed enough by unfair trade practices. Boycott any company moving to China
Patriot Outpost
Patriot Outpost Month ago
America First! The Chinese Faux Economy has RUINED them. You can't screw over the rest of the world for Decades and get away with it. Thank you President Trump!
Guyin Cognito
Guyin Cognito Month ago
If you don't like this start checking for Made In The USA on your products!
JD Powers
JD Powers Month ago
American made workboots available. Midwestern boots. I love em.
Adam is me
Adam is me Month ago
What tha??
DonRua Month ago
Old saying "the day CCP is reliable the day a pig can crawl up a tree"
Peter Byrne
Peter Byrne Month ago
No matter which way you look at it, it's wrong. Poison will always be poison. The CCP was once proud of being referred to as "the scoundrel proletariat" until they realized it didn't sound so good. These firms seem to think only of profit and wish to utilize the CCP's slave labor which also allows the CCP monster to grow stronger.
Kern Huerta
Kern Huerta Month ago
Fuk China. Can't trust those commi bastards
Dense Love
Dense Love Month ago
Political right be smart
Are See
Are See Month ago
Don't. You'll never get your money out. Read Robert Spalding's STEALTH WAR. It's a trap.
Destiny tran
Destiny tran Month ago
Bring business to China? What about in the US? Chinese wants to steal more from US companies? 😅😅😅😅
Daniel Hay
Daniel Hay Month ago
Stuff those American businesses pandering to the Chinese.
personal cooking
trade deal with monster
tino v
tino v Month ago
Where did fox news get the news "Chinese officials push US firms to bring business to China" ? Goebbels reporting by fox news as always !!
Darwin Penning
Darwin Penning Month ago
I'd rather buy things made in the USA so my neighbor can have a job ... and we stay number 1 in know how and technology ... and better quality.
ZZ UP Month ago
Just say no to.... China
A., Miles C.
A., Miles C. Month ago
No! Chinese Communist Business bad! Bad like Zip .22! Glowing Pork, for God's sake!!!!
Whitegirlasianpenis. com
good work china, make more trading partners with other countries and ignore america. ignore america even when they beg for cheap toxic goods to replace the things when hurricanes and wildfires smashes them every year. haha
Virginia Campodonico
Some Random Anon
Remember folks, it's China first and America second. Make China Great Again. - My Leftist Chinese Nieghbor.
Mercapto 13
Mercapto 13 Month ago
The reason trump increased agricultural exports( mainly soybeans) to China, is to turn Chinese men into soy boys.
Professor Thascales
Dan Smith
Dan Smith Month ago
Find out what those businesses are and boycott them. No, really. No, REALLY. 100% serious.
R D Month ago
China demands what? This is what a world looks like when AMERICA is open for business!
I Am Troll
I Am Troll Month ago
Chinese embargo! The Chinese are brainwashing and conquering the world. Regardless of your politics, we all know Republicans will sell them America.
Ronnie Aldojesa
Ronnie Aldojesa Month ago
I want China to get erased and forgotten on world history forever
Finn Hansen
Finn Hansen Month ago
@Tubecreeper You make China democratic then we make US a dictatorship. Fair ?
Tubecreeper Month ago
Communist China will, should, must be gone very soon. I welcome democratic Chinese into my arms.
Master Chief 00117
China is ignorant. As nobody will do business in that Country..Why they lost $Trillions in Investment Capital....
DeathToTheLeft DieDieDie
Oh we'll do business with them... When we arm the citizens of China so they can revolt and start a civil war. We'll arm them and support them and their victory will be our debt crossed off their ledgers.
Kevins202 Month ago
We're not a sellout, China.
Finn Hansen
Finn Hansen Month ago
For a buck Americunts would do anything.
China is our mortal enemy.
The Endleader
The Endleader Month ago
No, bring buisness to Usa and Canada
Emiliana S
Emiliana S Month ago
As a Chinese, I am telling you, please don't bring business to China, the government not appreciate your business 40 years ago, certainly will not appreciate you right now. there are no real changes happening here. And our state news CCTV is still saying:" the west is bad" all the time! The people in China are saying "west go home" "we don't want you here" Don't believe me? Take a look at Weibo
Deborah Asher
Deborah Asher Month ago
Communism doesn't work. Socialism doesn't work. Capitalism is the only way to go. I wish the Chinese people would revolt. I pray for it for your country. The US is not BAD. Don't believe it please don't. Take a clue from Hong Kong and Iran. Please.
irene gold
irene gold Month ago
China should pray that US does well so they have their best customers ever , in good health.
Hakimbo Bola
Hakimbo Bola Month ago
Please come back, you're the easiest country to steal technology from, well, before this Trump guy entered the picture !
Finn Hansen
Finn Hansen Month ago
It's still easy LOL
Pete & Christine Gannon
We need these living wage jobs here. These business are only bottom line. Tariff them for fair trade and job retention. China needs to stop human atrocities and violation anyways. Why did we allow them to establish before that was done anyways. We wouldn't have most foreign conflicts with them. Russia would not have the power allies to continue conquest of anti Westernization of the Eastern Racist oppressors. Dirty lot...
Stephanie Month ago
I remember seeing a hoochie mama back in the 80s with a $2,500 Louis Vuitton bag paying for junk food with food stamps! I knew something wasn't right! That bag was fake as hell and made in China! 😠💩
SAY UNCLE!!! Month ago
No thanks.
Malone Mantooth
Malone Mantooth Month ago
So we can start this over again smh.
Chatla Suresh
Chatla Suresh Month ago
So they are going for 10% tithe US firms for China🇨🇳. Joe Biden, Bernie Sander's, Pete Buttegig, gets a stuff for making more enjoyments in green new deal.
Buffalo Bobby
Buffalo Bobby Month ago
Ummmm. I wouldn’t trust that just yet.
Faith returns
Faith returns Month ago
No more XI! You showed the world you steal technology, steal property, have unjust court systems and are NOT reputable people to do business with! So the world has woke up to your dangerous behaviors and you're on 💩 list
Alex Mercer
Alex Mercer Month ago
You useless idiots can only wish you owned all Chinese technology or the whole world.
SanAntonioSlim Month ago
These greedy fools would do better to remember recent history. The Chinese communist dictatorship has a history of coaxing manufacturing businesses into their borders then seizing the businesses for the benefit of the communist state. The Chinese also outlawed non Politburo approved software (which is all foreign software) which means all data and IP is at risk despite what the communist dictatorship promises. This is just a delay tactic until a more conciliatory President gets elected.
Brent Warren
Brent Warren Month ago
Would somebody meeting the vice premier please ask him why China is so racist against white people? Their citizens can buy here, making housing unaffordable for many, yet we're not allowed to buy there. Change this please, mr. President!
R B Month ago
What about all of the intellectual property and tech they have stolen up until now? Do the companies China has hurt in the past get compensated? I bet not.
Finn Hansen
Finn Hansen Month ago
Shut up what about the trillions looted from Chinese economy by US companies ?
Cheok CG
Cheok CG Month ago
China future looking bright
P Gray
P Gray Month ago
NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO Communists should not be supported, you are HALPING OUR ENEMIES BY INVESTING IN COMMUNISTS IN CHINA How fukn stupid are you business people?????? ? Support communists so you can make a buck????? Shameful and Traitorous to support a Communist dictatorship
Mike Perkins
Mike Perkins Month ago
Trump is a Belial a self serving self dealing lawless worthless unprofitable perverted wicked demon. Proverbs 6.12-19
Mike Perkins
Mike Perkins Month ago
Creamapera Trump breathes out lies.
Creamapera Month ago
Hows job growth looking in America, pretty good eh. And who did that? TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
GrassFedMeats Month ago
I am not buying Chinese. It's revolting
100101mint mint101001
Who voted for more jobs to go to China I know I didn't
Joshua Ervin
Joshua Ervin Month ago
Trump did nothing here. The communist Chinese won’t honor any deal.The only way to successfully deal with China is stop trading with them altogether. I grow soybeans for a living by the way, 8 acres last year. I also adding 1 acre of hemp this year.
R H Month ago
China must be destroyed.
kenneth farthing
I am sure they are telling the truth 😄 Said no one
TheOwlCreek Month ago
Any American company that would rather send their business to China should be boycotted and not allowed to sell their products back into the United States. If they love China so much they can stay there and never come back! 🖕
TheOwlCreek Month ago
@Finn Hansen China can learn to suck my American balls!
Finn Hansen
Finn Hansen Month ago
@DonRua Better learn mandarin. China is the future, US is the past.
DonRua Month ago
They know they are playing with wire. Then why? 2 reasons: 1. China is the best bribing machine in the world; 2. 20+ years of dble digit growth ... but DEBT DRIVEN. Spent trillions to build GHOST cities that can house the entire US population. They have printed 4 times more money than the GDP growth since 1979. They are running a US$50+ Trillion credit system on a 13.5 trillion GDP. Why hasn't the market collapsed? Cos the "EXTRA" and value-less money is locked in ghost cities, instead of floating in the market to hike inflation (making it value-less real estate). Worse - corrupt officials left with US$5+ Trillion (hence Crazy Rich Asian). They can print RMB, but they still need US$ to service loans and trade. They are "broke" (taking over private industries hence Jack Ma retired at his prime). They will offer an "IRRESISTIBLE" Bribe Package for CEO's to go to China. US$1.9 trillion already there (ie., pension fund) not to mention millions of jobs.Trump is the first president with the courage to stand up to bribed Fortune 500 and ultimately CCP. What did Obama say to the Filipines when China wanted to take over South China Sea? If they succeed in "Made in China 2025, "Belt and Road" and "5G", you will be singing your national anthem in Chinese. And they have time to play this "impeachment game?" As my teenage son would say "FOOOOOOL."
Eamon O'Connell
Eamon O'Connell Month ago
Any company that moves to China must have huge tariffs on their products.
m v
m v Month ago
' We'll be fair and honest ', best Chinese joke of the century...
Virginia Campodonico
MADE in America, choose that alternative
OUT OF TIME Month ago
KeoniBoy Month ago
Shades of that old murderous tyrant mao. like uncle joe a ruthless commie butcher.
RC Month ago
Nobody’s surprised Trump is being played like a broken fiddle by Xi. Nobody
rayleigh8 Month ago
Well if trump is not secretly decoupling from China then he’s being played. The only solution with China is to decouple. They will never honor an agreement, they will just keep cheating. We need to take back our internet. Ban all chinese business like they do to us and let the world decide which side they will pick. We need to do this now before it’s too late.
Derf Month ago
Like Obama was?
John Tempest
John Tempest Month ago
"Nobody" lives in your world of make believe RC. Stop tripping, you're making a fool of yourself.
theGoliath Month ago
Hox News. Consistently keeping muricans delusional level up and up always.
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