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The Rise of China Mini-Documentary | Episode 1 | China's Economic Miracle
Two centuries ago, Napoleon warned, “Let China sleep: when she wakes, she will shake the world.”
The rise of China will undoubtedly be one of the great dramas of the twenty-first century. China's extraordinary economic growth and active diplomacy are already transforming East Asia, and future decades will see even greater increases in Chinese power and influence.
In this episode we will look only at the sheer size of China today. We will then look at it’s threats, challenges and confrontations with America in future episodes.
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11 сен 2017




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Комментарии 2 239
KJ Vids
KJ Vids 9 месяцев назад
Hey Guys, thanks for watching. Help us produce more content by supporting us on fundmypage.com/kjvids - Much appreciated
Atago Z
Atago Z 9 дней назад
It's not a rise,it's a comeback.
Suyetno Suyetno
Suyetno Suyetno 3 месяца назад
it is jow 14trilion in 2018
Varchas Singh
Varchas Singh 4 месяца назад
Can you tell me the sources of this video?
Wenping Liu
Wenping Liu 9 часов назад
这个片子全是假的, 我刚从中国逃出来,在中国,我不仅不能读书,还要被强迫结婚
Sohel Rana
Sohel Rana 10 часов назад
Go China, Go! Great Jobs.
DEOGRATIAS NTANGA 17 часов назад
Love & Respect for their commitment
nadeem ahmad
nadeem ahmad День назад
While Pak and India still fighting.. Both loosing...
Heisenberg1996 День назад
This video didn't feel like it had all that much relevant information to be honest. A lot of the statistics seemed cherry-picked.
Jovane Morgan
Jovane Morgan День назад
This is the best video of China's economy.
Basements GT
Basements GT 3 дня назад
*The rise of the Chinese empire* *The comeback of the dragon mandate*
patrick Koh
patrick Koh 3 дня назад
Love and respect from Singapore. Grow strong, Rise gently, Stand tall, Stay humble, Be peaceful, Remain wise.
Aashub Rai
Aashub Rai 6 дней назад
China is self developed and US is developed by others.
zachidam chiru
zachidam chiru 7 дней назад
"There lies a sleeping giant.Let it sleep ,for when he wakes he will shake the world"said the Nepoleon. Love from Manipur ,India.
shanazirk 11 дней назад
China is the new future
Ike Art
Ike Art 12 дней назад
LegaZ 12 дней назад
China knows the importance of improving the people to improve the country while we're stuck on are we going to build a wall or not. The Chinese are a collective group while we're fighting amongst ourselves.
Badr eddin
Badr eddin 16 дней назад
Is this sponsored by the Chinese Propaganda ministry?
All Roads Lead Here
All Roads Lead Here 20 дней назад
Looks like they are a multicultural country too
All Roads Lead Here
All Roads Lead Here 20 дней назад
Let's pay our peasants minimum wage to deliver China what she worked for.
All Roads Lead Here
All Roads Lead Here 20 дней назад
The capacity of the human spirit is truly a sight to behold.
Akito Kamamure
Akito Kamamure 21 день назад
I am worried about mu country ie USA Why usa is not paying its 21 trillion depth ????
Vukasin Spasic
Vukasin Spasic 22 дня назад
I'm from Europe and I admire China's nation, history and tradition. I have words of respect only. As few people said, this is COMEBACK, since Han dynasty was most powerful state back in the days. As Napoleon once said "let China sleep, for when she wakes she will shake the world!" and now we're witnessing its arising. I'm happy because of China and I hope it becomes even more powerful. I have few Chinese friends and they're all good people. I also work with Chineses. I would really like to do my PhD there and meet even more Chinese people and culture. 我来自欧洲,我欣赏中国的民族、历史和传统。我只有尊敬的话。正如很少有人说的,这是回归,因为汉朝是当时最强大的国家。正如拿破仑曾经说过的:“让中国沉睡吧,因为当她醒来的时候,她将震撼世界!” 我为中国感到高兴,我希望中国变得更加强大。 我几乎没有中国朋友,他们都是好人。我也和中国人一起工作。我很想在那里读博士,认识更多的中国人。 如果有人可以帮助我申请那里的学习,请联系我: william.spenson.012@gmail.com
TheBluePC 5
TheBluePC 5 22 дня назад
1700's India's time 1800's Britian's time 1900's USA's time 2000's China's time 2100's India's time
Akeem RW Ross
Akeem RW Ross 24 дня назад
Please lemme come too Chin"A" I need a tour guide I need so much ain't no money in Canada ...probably North America period...lol XD please Educate me Ahaha !! Akeem "Akeem".don't let sports fans down don't let potential go to waste lol help !!! Help!!! Lol XD ah a haha !!! "Akeem Ricardo Wade Ross" lol XD.
Wally Wally
Wally Wally 25 дней назад
Diseases in china is up 400%.
Hanson Huang
Hanson Huang 26 дней назад
vidya sagar
vidya sagar 27 дней назад
Go China go Love from india Love both Russia and china Love to see China India and Russia together
Hanson Huang
Hanson Huang 26 дней назад
vidya sagar cool~I can promise that all Chinese people welcome friends from all of the world.
Bharth Yadav
Bharth Yadav Месяц назад
While India is calling people to build a toilet
Just Watch
Just Watch Месяц назад
China is an amazing country. Thanks to Chinese communist Party. In democratic country, Govt is busy in handling opposition instead of working for development of country. India is clear example. China and India had almost equal economy in 1950.
Chalie gamer
Chalie gamer Месяц назад
China going to restore it ancient status. Bravo go on and bring peaces in Asian region.
JHON DAN Месяц назад
cao bi 您懂的 dajj.info/good.php?ytb666 zuoai
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar Месяц назад
Hope...one video is enough to convince our people in this generation....this is not true you have to analyze all the aspects...why you want try to become master of the world
Neveryou Mind
Neveryou Mind Месяц назад
Having lived there I rarely saw skies that clear.
Democracy Milestone
Democracy Milestone Месяц назад
Gods will made China great again
Unedited Gamer
Unedited Gamer Месяц назад
I really don't want to come off negative but China does have a lot of problems with infrastructure, they build as cheaply as possible and their buildings do not last long at all. It is nothing to see a 5 year old building in China collapse all by itself (no floods washing out foundation/earthquakes compromising buildings integrity). This is normal you can find it everywhere and I'm not even exaggerating folks in China complain a lot about this as you can't own land in China you simply lease it and after the lease is over you lose everything on the land so it's not profitable or economical to build stuff that can last 100-200 years it's shotty at best. Videos everywhere where a building is being worked on and before they even finish building it the out side if falling apart they get paid for speed China prides itself with it's speed and everything else comes second. As for schooling they manipulate the data to a degree and only let their brightest students continue schooling, imagine if every country dropped the lowest 15%-20% performing students off every tests result it would raise their a good bit as well, China does a lot for image and it's honestly more concerned about image than anything else. They are kinda like North Korea in a way building large very modern and advance cities for the image but no one lives in these cities. China's economically is powered by debt fueled growth and no one talks about it much look at China's national debt it's surprisingly high for something no one says a word about and that's just how it's always been they pump money into state owned companies to make them do well not because they are a great company but they can sell at a loss because once again it looks good on China (outward appearance at least).
YUSKHAN Месяц назад
No country on the history of the earth has developed so fast as China 🇨🇳 💪 💪 💪 💯
爸爸 Месяц назад
Mehar Adnan
Mehar Adnan Месяц назад
Keep it up China you're the most hardworking and successful nation in the world Love from your brother Pakistan 🇵🇰❤🇨🇳
snowmanckh Месяц назад
China is a miracle!!
Feisal Ajaj
Feisal Ajaj Месяц назад
China is spending it's money in China, while the US is spending it's money in the middle east and by supporting militians all over the world.
Sam Месяц назад
zohaib anwer
zohaib anwer Месяц назад
China And Pakistan standing firmly in this regional hegemony..China and Pakistan donot believe in Western Balance of power or balencer..We are born to rule
zohaib anwer
zohaib anwer Месяц назад
Love China From Pakistan..Sino-Islam unity against Western Godless society..
Asad Sheikh
Asad Sheikh Месяц назад
China has proved how NATIONS are governed. Not like double standards of western powers which prospered at the cost of other countries poverty. They when woke up from their slumber of dark ages colonised the world for their survival. When they allowed freedom after first and second world wars they broke countries in manageable pieces this kept the reins of their destiny in their hands. They interfered in their affairs, pitted them against each other to sell them weapons and take away their resources cheaply, imposed wars on them thus disallowed them to function. America promoted standard of living through borrowed money based on printing of dollars and high rate of taxation. China neither by dint of great governance away from luxury of so-called democracy worked very very hard with focus. While the world enjoyed the cheap Chinese products due to lowest wage of Chinese workers, their govt respected their Labour and saved every single penny earned by the govt through exports. They avoided the luxury and temptation of democracy but ruled in the interest of their own people and helped them growing into a Super Power and allowed the masses to enjoy the fruit of their hard work and dedication.
x_bloopy_x Khiphoptrash
x_bloopy_x Khiphoptrash Месяц назад
Love and big respect from 匈牙利 🇭🇺💖🇨🇳
michael12991 Месяц назад
It's not Rise of China it's "The Return of China!"
Val Restaino
Val Restaino Месяц назад
So china export $400 billion of goods to the U.S, and import $150 billion of goods from the U.S, and takes the $250 billion difference and financed the new silk road world project..building the world economy, couldn't the U.S just print the $250 billion and do the same?
The Truth Seeker 0
The Truth Seeker 0 Месяц назад
I wish also the Soviet Union had implemented such reforms, instead of insisting on it's unsuccessful planned economy. By the way, respect from Italy 🇮🇹 go China 🇨🇳 Americans your end is close 😉
Tigris Voice
Tigris Voice Месяц назад
What a difference between what American have told us about China and the reality, we were told through the American media that Chinese people are evil, that they are stupid, that they are garbage, which is proximately the same that they say about Russia but the reality is so evident, so clear that this American speech now sounds so ridiculous. Of course the speech of hatred against China is still on. But history can not be stopped.
林俊傑 Miller Lin
林俊傑 Miller Lin Месяц назад
China is awesome, but Chinese community party is a evil group.
DeCiPhErIng GAmiNg
DeCiPhErIng GAmiNg Месяц назад
India and China will make asia great again as India was the richest country on the earth and China was second
Lau Ling
Lau Ling Месяц назад
Gender, race, nationality are not choices.
Ali Raza Bajeer
Ali Raza Bajeer Месяц назад
Ali Raza Bajeer
Ali Raza Bajeer Месяц назад
Steven Lee
Steven Lee Месяц назад
as a malaysian chinese . im so proud of the rise of china . my future goal is to visit china in fujian which my anchestor came from . much love to the mainland !
derek lambert
derek lambert Месяц назад
i m so jealous and angry
Sugarfoot 007
Sugarfoot 007 Месяц назад
US spend 4% of her GDP on defence (or offense) whilst China spend 1.3% GDP. US has over 500 military bases around the world and China only has 1 in Djibouti. China spend money on development and US on destruction.
Ogieamen John Efeosa
Ogieamen John Efeosa Месяц назад
China is busy building their economy. Why Americans is busy building wall creating races creating enmity between their neighbourhoods
wikct2 Месяц назад
The worst thing is that Chinese themselves are anti-China forces who are still with the image of China 40 years ago. Chinese are like a pile of sand that cannot stand up intact or together for long time. Chinese from Hong Kong rather be part of the Great Britain that used to be the colonizer. Chinese from Taiwan rather be part of Japan who used to be the colonizer as well. And on top of that, foreign powers use these Chinese to do harm to China and Chinese people. They use the meaningless and empty word of 'democracy' or 'freedom' to bash China without mutual respect and understanding and to create anti-China sentiment around world. They use what happened to China 40 years ago to describe what is really happening in China now. They gear up with anti-China media from the West constantly spread lies and distorted information about China. The US, the world biggest control freak sees China as threat because this is the first time that China can compete with the US in many key areas in science and technology. How can any country doing things to prevent other countries from advance their science and technology?
Myth Nowshin
Myth Nowshin Месяц назад
sorry i cannot subscribe
Jacob Wu
Jacob Wu Месяц назад
This video was posted on 9/11
Martin Zuno
Martin Zuno Месяц назад
Well because the American people buy everything but who's company are they u.s. and also they pay the Asian society but they win the gain our people suffer of trouble
Kill all Americans
Kill all Americans Месяц назад
Nickson Redfield
Nickson Redfield Месяц назад
Don't believe this fake news, we Chinese are super poor, I am typing with borrowed smartphone in Thailand, cause we don't even have internet in China! You don't believe me? can you see any Chinese comments here? None ! No Chinese, no internet, we are poor, super poor!
Michael Yu
Michael Yu Месяц назад
+Nickson Redfield dats lit
Nickson Redfield
Nickson Redfield Месяц назад
+Michael Yu yes I am
Michael Yu
Michael Yu Месяц назад
So this is the western version if the 50cent army huh?
KOOKIE WITH SUGA& JUNG-FOOD -᷅_-᷄ 2 месяца назад
I am very happy to actual hear great comments from people on the comments ♡ Thank you for positivity as a Chinese american
Alex Sage
Alex Sage 2 месяца назад
but don't chinese people suffer from hunger and many of them die from hunger, regardless that it's growing economically
Vin Lee
Vin Lee 2 месяца назад
Oh fuck that China can't have more bullet train than us. We need to do something about this embarrassing shortcoming. We need bullet train in every states to reclaim our former glory. Build that Train!!
Yuanxin Yao
Yuanxin Yao 2 месяца назад
王老虎 2 месяца назад
georgewu5 2 месяца назад
Chiupo Lini, 56 years ago I was told by a concentration camp survivor classmate in college that China would be the strongest country in the world. In 1960, I admitted that was not possible. But in 2019, I think the Jew was right! George Wu, ARCHITECT, A.I.A., NCARB 2019-1-10
georgewu5 2 месяца назад
Be honest. Tell me if Chiang and his relatives Sung and Kung were still in power, do you think China could be as strong economically and militarily as in the year of 2019? George Wu, ARCHITECT, A.I.A., NCARB 2019-1-9-10strong
Gum 2 месяца назад
even though I am not a Chinese, i would be grateful to witness another country overthrow USA finally
Matrix End
Matrix End 2 месяца назад
Zhida Pang
Zhida Pang 2 месяца назад
China had no interest of ruling to world ..
lmao lmao
lmao lmao 2 месяца назад
308 indians dislike
Siren Goddess
Siren Goddess 2 месяца назад
Nice China I love watching your BL SERIES ADDICTED
Björn Lundahl
Björn Lundahl 2 месяца назад
It started in the 80s when China implemented economic market reforms. This combined with hard working people and entrepreneurship started a exploding economic growth.
Subodh Rawat
Subodh Rawat 2 месяца назад
I wish China could be the richest and strongest country in the world and request to invite Nepalese people for education, job and even ad workers easily.
Pascal Mebeben
Pascal Mebeben 2 месяца назад
China is most clever nation in the WORLD, successed in coping many nation Tech, thereby modifies its own tech
Raj Kumar
Raj Kumar 2 месяца назад
Go China go. Love from 🇮🇳
A ONE MEDIA 2 месяца назад
China Economy Booming so well and we are with you. From Bangladesh.
Hard Ball
Hard Ball 2 месяца назад
Truth Troll
Truth Troll 2 месяца назад
China's rise is essentially good for the world and humanity. They already have the biggest population, as their economy grows, millions will get out of poverty. As they start innovating, soon we will have a 1 billion people market creating innovations that will be useful for the rest of the world. If China becomes the biggest consumer market, that will give other developing countries the opportunity to develop faster by producing goods and services for a market of more than 1 billion people, generating more jobs through the entire world for those who need them.
Grace Bremer
Grace Bremer 2 месяца назад
In the past few years, China has become an innovative country. What the United States should do is to improve the scientific research and development capabilities of the United States instead of trying to contain and restrict China development. * Now China college graduates are three times more than the United States, and the "engineering graduates" are nine times more than the United States. " How can U.S. stop China 2025 innovation project? Don't mention that In 2016/2017 the United States only accounted for 16-18% of China export market. 2018 China total GDP will exceed the Euro area.
Bugatti Boss
Bugatti Boss 2 месяца назад
CHINA is Civilization. Napoleon was prophetic when he said ' That is a slumbering giant. Let it sleep for when it wakes... It will shake the World'. The Sleeper has Awakened!
Bugatti Boss
Bugatti Boss 2 месяца назад
China is peaceful and devotes all its energy for development whereas the West focuses on War and destruction. It's easy to see who is the bigger threat to world peace.
Stanley Malbrough
Stanley Malbrough 2 месяца назад
Yo real shit... I had to resend so much not because I didn't understand but it's astonishing hope much they've done in what sends so little time. Almost as if, to bounce off of Napoleon's metaphor, they were just dreaming and and now they're manifesting it once there awaken the economic dragon.
Saimur 2 месяца назад
Disliked bitch china Jing pig 🐷👎😂
crystal snow
crystal snow 2 месяца назад
How china did all this grwth
First Last TM 1999
First Last TM 1999 2 месяца назад
By the way you have no idea how powerful the United States military is it crushes China. They have top secret development that no one knows yet. China in the other really doesn't have comparable military technology. China is only good at make electronics for a cheap price but they won't surpass what the top secrete technology United States has. The United States landed on the moon in 1969 and China is going to land on the moon in 2040 which show how behind are they industrial technology.
Kung Fu
Kung Fu 2 месяца назад
China just recently landed on the dark side of the moon and was able to grow cotton seed... Booooooom, China just keeps on surprising us !!!!
First Last TM 1999
First Last TM 1999 2 месяца назад
They are educated but 90% of the Chinese are cheater or plagiarize. Infact it's so bad that the degree of China are untrustworthy that Chinese students have to get a second degree in United States in order to work any where else in the world and to be not just limited to China
First Last TM 1999
First Last TM 1999 2 месяца назад
It's not a miracle. It's simple the manufacturing that United States gave to china brought the country up.
庄丂 2 месяца назад
Paritosh Jadhav
Paritosh Jadhav 2 месяца назад
CCP propaganda at its peak!!
Paritosh Jadhav
Paritosh Jadhav 2 месяца назад
Chinese """rise""" is all FAKE!! China is like a massive sand castle that can be easily dismantled!!
muhd nabil
muhd nabil 2 месяца назад
product made in china, fast broke.
amadexi 2 месяца назад
And now, thanks to Trump, China has free room to become the true world leader.
Santosh sapkota
Santosh sapkota 2 месяца назад
Love China 🇨🇳 from Nepal 🇳🇵. Do Any one Nepalese watching this impressive content. Right now ?
Baidu Mel
Baidu Mel 2 месяца назад
The most important messages about China is tell this facts to the uneducated TRUMP .
Melba Enriquez Avellano
Melba Enriquez Avellano 2 месяца назад
i dont know ...i just dont like china
Nico Agus Wibiantoro
Nico Agus Wibiantoro 2 месяца назад
Great china is back Love from Indonesia
Bandaru Ravikumar
Bandaru Ravikumar 2 месяца назад
Public Sector is Strong in China. Government intervention is dynamic & Powerful. Ruling Party is CPC - Communist Party of China. Socialist Country but also some capitalist reforms implement in China. Government is powerful than capitalists.
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