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The Rise of China Mini-Documentary | Episode 1 | China's Economic Miracle
Two centuries ago, Napoleon warned, “Let China sleep: when she wakes, she will shake the world.”
The rise of China will undoubtedly be one of the great dramas of the twenty-first century. China's extraordinary economic growth and active diplomacy are already transforming East Asia, and future decades will see even greater increases in Chinese power and influence.
In this episode we will look only at the sheer size of China today. We will then look at it’s threats, challenges and confrontations with America in future episodes.
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Sep 11, 2017

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Comments 2 281
KJ Vids
KJ Vids Year ago
Hey Guys, thanks for watching. Help us produce more content by supporting us on fundmypage.com/kjvids - Much appreciated
Atago Y
Atago Y 2 months ago
It's not a rise,it's a comeback.
Suyetno Suyetno
Suyetno Suyetno 5 months ago
it is jow 14trilion in 2018
Varchas Singh
Varchas Singh 6 months ago
Can you tell me the sources of this video?
Amanuel Temesgen
Amanuel Temesgen 3 days ago
China deserves the victory. China infrastructure is fantastic.
soham panda
soham panda 4 days ago
How the fuck America is 39th in maths??.... 😕😕... Oh.. Probably because of Asian Americans my Bad.. Oops
Justin Palmieri
Justin Palmieri 5 days ago
America would have spent less on the railroad if we didn't pay our workers like slaves... $2 per day equivalent pay
Berm Soodlor
Berm Soodlor 7 days ago
Love China from Thailand. My grand parents of father side came from Zhui hao, Puning somewhere between 1910-1920
kljxzcl 8 days ago
Still, our high school students still have higher grade than Chinese 3rd graders in science and math (According to TheOnion) :) I guess that's something right?
shinobi2119 10 days ago
Why can't Africa do the same?
Moussa king
Moussa king 10 days ago
welcome to China,Shanghai👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Terimar Rifa
Terimar Rifa 14 days ago
John De Friee
John De Friee 14 days ago
And Australia want's to build high speed rail from Melbourne to Brisbane via Sydney and Gold Coast......over 2000km better get the chinese to build as this has all the hallmarks of being another LA to San Francisco disaster !!
Govind Tuli
Govind Tuli 15 days ago
Theres a reason behind the raise in college standard. Overpopulation.
Oliver Chu
Oliver Chu 16 days ago
𝕷𝖔𝖛𝖊 𝕮𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖆 𝖋𝖗𝖔𝖒 𝕮𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖆.
Anant Hatkamkar
Anant Hatkamkar 17 days ago
From building Great Wall of China that shows china is not ordinary country but it is extra ordinary and skill full, smart work, innovation lies in their DNA that proves itself what it is now achieved........... Love from India
Akash Saha
Akash Saha 19 days ago
Instead of partnering with US, India should partner with China in all spheres of economy.
naga manjunath
naga manjunath 21 day ago
The rise of China as a next superpower is inevitable. Sooner or later they will surpass the US. What's scares the shit out of America or the western civilization is that the notion of Chinese being a superior race than their own and that taking over the west like a plague and ultimately crushing their moral of a superior race, which they have carefully built with crafty propaganda over the past 5 centuries.
Asif Nazir
Asif Nazir 22 days ago
Love you China from Pakistan
Look_around 24 days ago
The western media is same as the Chinese media. They said that they are official media,but that's bull sh*t. The never let the people know about the real things.
user not available
user not available 26 days ago
Prathik Shenoy
Prathik Shenoy 26 days ago
And here are Indians! Ram lala hum aayenge mandir wahi banaenge!! 🤦🏻
Alfred Vinci
Alfred Vinci 26 days ago
All fake numbers
Walter Black
Walter Black 27 days ago
Well, at least there aren't daily mass murders like in the US.
Dawa Sherpa
Dawa Sherpa 28 days ago
董等等 28 days ago
生于忧患 死于安乐
w surfer
w surfer 28 days ago
For us Chinese, it's the re-awakening. We were world power before and now we are on the way back to that lost status.
zaq001 29 days ago
Many of these statistics and fact points are given without a broader context. While some are cherry picked from sources that benefit the video's overarching narrative. At best this video is misleading.
Michael Yu
Michael Yu 15 days ago
I mean, misleading in the sense of not giving the whole picture and a not so planned structure but they are still stating valid facts atleast 👌.
Rintu Das
Rintu Das 29 days ago
This is called development.
Look_around 29 days ago
China is rising up.It will become the next superpower just as the United States.
Phant0mNights Month ago
China is amazing, but they stole a lot of technological secrets from other countries. But to be honest I think the world competitiveness has got to go. I'm pretty sure China shares their knowledge with their people so that they can innovate it. Meanwhile knowledge is kept secrete here. That kind of world has to go away. Someone who discovers an idea should get a kind of first dibs and then knowledge should be shared openly with the world. I doubt any of the super powers will do that though. Honestly I think America will continue to decline. Neither of the parties know wtf to do and I'm sure China is encouraging this. Why wouldnt they? America probably deserves to fail for a while. Learn from our mistakes. But we are thick headed. We have been mistreating African Amercans our entire history and we are still fighting that battle. We stole a bunch of secrets from Germany and that lead to our rise after ww2, and the rest of the world was half destroyed. What do we have to brag about? I'm so sad. But look how quick everyone is ready to forgive and forget Chinas acts of violence against it's own people.
Phant0mNights 15 days ago
+Michael Yu When you say open source do you mean that the information is available online? Or a network of different internet hubs?
Michael Yu
Michael Yu 15 days ago
In China, a competitive and "free (domestic) market" has greatly benefited the development. An example is the huge usage of open source/sharing !
James Wallace
James Wallace Month ago
Christianity is exploding there. Coincidence?
강주효 Month ago
The. World. China world economy. Xi jinping. Very. Good. Okay
Pokerman Month ago
200 years sleeping time is too long!
There is no economic miracle. The USA specifically and primarily (but Europe as well) literally made China what it is today.
海阔天风ོ Month ago
M Alghamdi
M Alghamdi Month ago
We're been taught Chinese in Saudi Arabia now.
C H Month ago
smart move
JTG Justin ELITE Chang
中国以后一定会把us打倒的 us太管闲事了 中国比较照顾自己 所以us蛮傻逼的
John Doe
John Doe Month ago
Respect for China from Italy.
Johnny Month ago
China did not bring the war to other countries. Where do you learn China history? From inside of China communist's school, Oop! they called it "propaganda warfare". In America, we called it "Bull Shit". Chinese communist party members are good as bullshit thing, and they were taught when they were in elementary school, they got brainwash!
Michael Yu
Michael Yu 15 days ago
Please rephrase, I not understando
Johnny Month ago
The US is good as rebuild other countries, look at China, Japan, Germany, S. Korea, and now VN. About 70 percent of VN officials were trained in the US with all kind of grand provided to them.
Michael Yu
Michael Yu 15 days ago
Johnny Month ago
Without US help, China people today still using the bicycle like 30 years ago, instead of cars.
Michael Yu
Michael Yu 15 days ago
Faceofthesun Month ago
Communism in Vietnam, Russia, and China use capitalistic window-dressing to fool the world into thinking that they have reformed. But they can and will exercise fullscale communist control of their countries when they see fit to do so. The communist system of Government is totalitarian and dictatorial by nature and is totally incompatible with free enterprise capitalist democracies. What degree of capitalism they allow for now in these countries is only temporary. Until they assume total control. The communist leadership does not want to relinquish control under any circumstances. They are the axis of evil and two- faced enemies of western free enterprise governments.
Tai Ming Chan
Tai Ming Chan Month ago
China builds the world, us bomb the world
Rangbipa Rangnamei
suprisingly no indian comment
A Z Month ago
Chinese and Western Media : The Miracle which Happened with China is Now Happening with INDIA.....🙏🙏
Danisha Pereira
Are you joking.... India is at least 30 years behind China. A small percentage of Indians have moved up. The rest are still steeped in poverty, illiteracy, superstitions, bogged down by the obnoxious caste system where people are discriminated socially.
Bo Never
Bo Never Month ago
None of this China shit even matters. America has trump! Lmfao
Yung- J
Yung- J Month ago
Still can't believe some of my classmates stills thinks Chinese are poor, and China has a really crap environment
Michael Yu
Michael Yu 15 days ago
I felt ya
강주효 Month ago
USA power political. Control. Tower. Korea. People. Okay. Two. Power. Boance. Very. Good. Okay
강주효 Month ago
Universal 21contriy. Asia. Power. China. And. Russia power. Political. Control. Xi jinping. And. Putin. USA. 견제작용 ㅡokay world political cpntrol. Very. Good. Okay.
g g
g g Month ago
硬实力就不说了,软实力来讲我们国家是延绵不断代的文化维系起来的,祭侄文稿在东京展出时国人摩肩接踵,对着一千年前中国人写的字,一千年后妈妈对小孩子说颜真卿的字不是比别人大或者粗,而是有庙堂气。 写出兰亭序的国家,烧制出汝瓷的国家,一直为你们造袜子产鞋的话,你们tm的觉得合适吗? 评论里那些诋毁中国的白左傻逼,人口多基数大是会放大一切不好的地方的,换你国有14亿人,就没有这些问题了?你们应该庆幸还有人搭理你,过个20年,你们就已经out of 眼中了
Adam Rigoni
Adam Rigoni Month ago
All these China bloggers - Lets put a European stamp on this hey!! EU must deal with China in a common policy and voice. Italy is a great country and culture but the government is weak and dysfunctional. By signing such agreements it risks EU governance - countries like Hungary, Greece, Portugal have done this. Their votes have been compromised in the EU parliament on decisions regarding EU Chinese protections. The ONLY way to deal with China is not as individual EU countries but as a united voice of 600m people/ China is 1350m, Macron is 100% correct on this. China is trying to play EU countries against one another whist using this division to enable thembuy up EU technology and transfer it to China!!!!
Ashraf Marwan
Ashraf Marwan 2 months ago
video does not have any analysis, it merely states facts without explaining how China did it
Michael Yu
Michael Yu 15 days ago
Mhm, no proper structure, only achievements (which I guess could be the structure but meh)
Town Times
Town Times 2 months ago
I like china from srilanka 🇱🇰
ᚢᛁᚫᛁᚾᚷ 2 months ago
China is the worst in human right's, freedom, freedom of the press, free speach and a lot more things! In EU it's not money over humans like it is in China
M V 2 months ago
The answer is simple. The US needs to put more priority in engineering.
Paul H
Paul H 2 months ago
If China is still under the ching dynasty this would have never happened
Bang Jos TV
Bang Jos TV 2 months ago
Why its always compared china to us.. not other countries?? Why us satelites? isnt russia, europe, india has satelites aswell??
KiNG Raptor
KiNG Raptor Month ago
It's only the country well round to the us. From Economic, Purchasing power, Trade Volume, Defends budget, Global influence ,Infrastructure.etc
Aamir Mehmood
Aamir Mehmood 2 months ago
We are proud to be friend of Chinese since independence. I wish we should learn something from China.
Zintoro Productions
Zintoro Productions 2 months ago
If the current GDP growth continues at a stable rate (I'm telling this because China, USA and India's GDP growth rate are stable for 6 years) then by 2055 India and USA will be sharing the same amount of GDP which is 45 trillion$ and China will be at 💯 trillion$
Tornade 2 months ago
It's China that is connecting the world together.
Jamie Dodi
Jamie Dodi 2 months ago
I agree
Wenping Liu
Wenping Liu 2 months ago
这个片子全是假的, 我刚从中国逃出来,在中国,我不仅不能读书,还要被强迫结婚
Sohel Rana
Sohel Rana 2 months ago
Go China, Go! Great Jobs.
Love & Respect for their commitment
nadeem ahmad
nadeem ahmad 2 months ago
While Pak and India still fighting.. Both loosing...
DER RÜTTLER 2 months ago
This video didn't feel like it had all that much relevant information to be honest. A lot of the statistics seemed cherry-picked.
Jovane Morgan
Jovane Morgan 2 months ago
This is the best video of China's economy.
Madara ML
Madara ML 2 months ago
*The rise of the Chinese empire* *The comeback of the dragon mandate*
patrick Koh
patrick Koh 2 months ago
Love and respect from Singapore. Grow strong, Rise gently, Stand tall, Stay humble, Be peaceful, Remain wise.
Aashub R
Aashub R 2 months ago
China is self developed and US is developed by others.
zachidam chiru
zachidam chiru 2 months ago
"There lies a sleeping giant.Let it sleep ,for when he wakes he will shake the world"said the Nepoleon. Love from Manipur ,India.
shanazirk 2 months ago
China is the new future
Ike Art
Ike Art 2 months ago
LegaZ 2 months ago
China knows the importance of improving the people to improve the country while we're stuck on are we going to build a wall or not. The Chinese are a collective group while we're fighting amongst ourselves.
Badr eddin
Badr eddin 2 months ago
Is this sponsored by the Chinese Propaganda ministry?
Michael Yu
Michael Yu 10 days ago
+Badr eddin I'm 95😎, jokes are for wooshers
Badr eddin
Badr eddin 10 days ago
+Michael Yu How old are you? 5? You do realize it's a joke lol
Michael Yu
Michael Yu 15 days ago
But still, what made u think that?🤔
Michael Yu
Michael Yu 15 days ago
No. Actually it's using money from patreon 😂😂😂
All Roads Lead Here
All Roads Lead Here 2 months ago
Looks like they are a multicultural country too
All Roads Lead Here
All Roads Lead Here 2 months ago
Let's pay our peasants minimum wage to deliver China what she worked for.
All Roads Lead Here
All Roads Lead Here 2 months ago
The capacity of the human spirit is truly a sight to behold.
Akito Kamamure
Akito Kamamure 3 months ago
I am worried about mu country ie USA Why usa is not paying its 21 trillion depth ????
Vukasin Spasic
Vukasin Spasic 3 months ago
I'm from Europe and I admire China's nation, history and tradition. I have words of respect only. As few people said, this is COMEBACK, since Han dynasty was most powerful state back in the days. As Napoleon once said "let China sleep, for when she wakes she will shake the world!" and now we're witnessing its arising. I'm happy because of China and I hope it becomes even more powerful. I have few Chinese friends and they're all good people. I also work with Chineses. I would really like to do my PhD there and meet even more Chinese people and culture. 我来自欧洲,我欣赏中国的民族、历史和传统。我只有尊敬的话。正如很少有人说的,这是回归,因为汉朝是当时最强大的国家。正如拿破仑曾经说过的:“让中国沉睡吧,因为当她醒来的时候,她将震撼世界!” 我为中国感到高兴,我希望中国变得更加强大。 我几乎没有中国朋友,他们都是好人。我也和中国人一起工作。我很想在那里读博士,认识更多的中国人。 如果有人可以帮助我申请那里的学习,请联系我: william.spenson.012@gmail.com
TheBluePC 5
TheBluePC 5 3 months ago
1600's India's time 1700's Spain's time 1800's Britian's time 1900's USA's time 2000's China's time 2100's India's time
TheBluePC 5
TheBluePC 5 3 days ago
+Melissa Adami 1600's oops mistake
Melissa Adami
Melissa Adami 3 days ago
1700’s india? Where did you get that? If you read history you would know that by 1700, the Spanish were the biggest and most powerful empire in the planet.
TheBluePC 5
TheBluePC 5 10 days ago
+shinobi2119 after 2200's
shinobi2119 10 days ago
Where's Africa's time?
Akeem RW Ross
Akeem RW Ross 3 months ago
Please lemme come too Chin"A" I need a tour guide I need so much ain't no money in Canada ...probably North America period...lol XD please Educate me Ahaha !! Akeem "Akeem".don't let sports fans down don't let potential go to waste lol help !!! Help!!! Lol XD ah a haha !!! "Akeem Ricardo Wade Ross" lol XD.
Wally Wally
Wally Wally 3 months ago
Diseases in china is up 400%.
Michael Yu
Michael Yu 15 days ago
Wat bout cure?
Hanson Huang
Hanson Huang 3 months ago
vidya sagar
vidya sagar 3 months ago
Go China go Love from india Love both Russia and china Love to see China India and Russia together
Hanson Huang
Hanson Huang 3 months ago
vidya sagar cool~I can promise that all Chinese people welcome friends from all of the world.
Bharth Yadav
Bharth Yadav 3 months ago
While India is calling people to build a toilet
Just Watch
Just Watch 3 months ago
China is an amazing country. Thanks to Chinese communist Party. In democratic country, Govt is busy in handling opposition instead of working for development of country. India is clear example. China and India had almost equal economy in 1950.
Chalie gamer
Chalie gamer 3 months ago
China going to restore it ancient status. Bravo go on and bring peaces in Asian region.
JHON DAN 3 months ago
cao bi 您懂的 dajj.info/good.php?ytb666 zuoai
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar 3 months ago
Hope...one video is enough to convince our people in this generation....this is not true you have to analyze all the aspects...why you want try to become master of the world
Neveryou Mind
Neveryou Mind 3 months ago
Having lived there I rarely saw skies that clear.
Democracy Milestone
Democracy Milestone 3 months ago
Gods will made China great again
Unedited Gamer
Unedited Gamer 3 months ago
I really don't want to come off negative but China does have a lot of problems with infrastructure, they build as cheaply as possible and their buildings do not last long at all. It is nothing to see a 5 year old building in China collapse all by itself (no floods washing out foundation/earthquakes compromising buildings integrity). This is normal you can find it everywhere and I'm not even exaggerating folks in China complain a lot about this as you can't own land in China you simply lease it and after the lease is over you lose everything on the land so it's not profitable or economical to build stuff that can last 100-200 years it's shotty at best. Videos everywhere where a building is being worked on and before they even finish building it the out side if falling apart they get paid for speed China prides itself with it's speed and everything else comes second. As for schooling they manipulate the data to a degree and only let their brightest students continue schooling, imagine if every country dropped the lowest 15%-20% performing students off every tests result it would raise their a good bit as well, China does a lot for image and it's honestly more concerned about image than anything else. They are kinda like North Korea in a way building large very modern and advance cities for the image but no one lives in these cities. China's economically is powered by debt fueled growth and no one talks about it much look at China's national debt it's surprisingly high for something no one says a word about and that's just how it's always been they pump money into state owned companies to make them do well not because they are a great company but they can sell at a loss because once again it looks good on China (outward appearance at least).
YUSKHAN 3 months ago
No country on the history of the earth has developed so fast as China 🇨🇳 💪 💪 💪 💯
爸爸 3 months ago
Mehar Adnan
Mehar Adnan 3 months ago
Keep it up China you're the most hardworking and successful nation in the world Love from your brother Pakistan 🇵🇰❤🇨🇳
snowmanckh 3 months ago
China is a miracle!!
Feisal Ajaj
Feisal Ajaj 3 months ago
China is spending it's money in China, while the US is spending it's money in the middle east and by supporting militians all over the world.
Sam 3 months ago
zohaib anwer
zohaib anwer 3 months ago
China And Pakistan standing firmly in this regional hegemony..China and Pakistan donot believe in Western Balance of power or balencer..We are born to rule
zohaib anwer
zohaib anwer 3 months ago
Love China From Pakistan..Sino-Islam unity against Western Godless society..
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