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The Rise of China Mini-Documentary | Episode 1 | China's Economic Miracle
Two centuries ago, Napoleon warned, “Let China sleep: when she wakes, she will shake the world.”
The rise of China will undoubtedly be one of the great dramas of the twenty-first century. China's extraordinary economic growth and active diplomacy are already transforming East Asia, and future decades will see even greater increases in Chinese power and influence.
In this episode we will look only at the sheer size of China today. We will then look at it’s threats, challenges and confrontations with America in future episodes.
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Sep 11, 2017




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Comments 80
KJ Reports
KJ Reports 2 years ago
Hey Guys, thanks for watching. Help us produce more content by supporting us on fundmypage.com/kjvids - Much appreciated
Sralaine 007 o-007
Sralaine 007 o-007 5 months ago
WHO TO BLAME that China Businesses are Rarely loose ????? They very hard and Smart workers people.
Real world
Real world 10 months ago
Actually china helping poor country... Their low cost technology is blessing for asia and Africa.... White Europe is only busy in making technology for rich white human.... White people never want to develop other races...
Mohsin Rafiq
Mohsin Rafiq 10 months ago
AKHS prophet Muhammad pbuh said if you got education from China you should go to China, 1450 years back words come TRUTH:
Atago Y
Atago Y Year ago
It's not a rise,it's a comeback.
Varchas Singh
Varchas Singh Year ago
Can you tell me the sources of this video?
Springteen Day ago
Rise of China is not a miracle but simply the foolishness of the USA gave them the market. Same happened with Japan.
taniela Loketi
If they number one why Stealing from America That's why they fall n China is not what you see n think too much opium
taniela Loketi
China rise is good but dum n stupit ,scam n thief , China fall wrong Will always go wrong In the book of wright
Gerard 4 days ago
The Chinese miracle is already cover.
Gerard 3 days ago
Jiulin we call it a Chinese miracle because unlike the Chinese who call it a come back..Clearly don’t understand the market curve. Every economy follows one. China provided a “miracle” due to its amount of people and cheap labor. It’s over. Rising rates caught up, not enough services produced and because of that countries will be movin away from China and going to India the new potential. China didn’t make the cut.
Jiulin 3 days ago
We never call it as a miracle...we call it as coming back...
Matthew yu
Matthew yu 5 days ago
thomas butingo
thomas butingo 5 days ago
Make Asia great
I'm starting to think all this talk of miracles and big numbers is leading to one massive speculative bubble that's ripe for bursting, and it's gonna hurt
Danny Hang
Danny Hang 10 days ago
I think most Asians don't talk much but they do thire work . Like the west go around preaching democrazy, human rights, sanction, propaganda,ur name etc.
O_o 11 days ago
USA looks like 3rd world country now
Abhi D
Abhi D 12 days ago
This is propoganda video . Please report fake and report this video as misleading
Shrinivas swami
Shrinivas swami 12 days ago
West can try as hard as they can to do prpoganda against China but they can't stop china
te ga
te ga 15 days ago
thank you corporate america for taking our labor US to chinese slave labor and low cost labor. you are the reason we have fewer jobs in the usa. reaganomics once again
Prithwish Dutta
Prithwish Dutta 19 days ago
Hello coronvirus
James Tan
James Tan 20 days ago
The Rise of China is like the Rise of Hitler Germany
Shiv Naryan
Shiv Naryan 22 days ago
5G is very bad
Shiv Naryan
Shiv Naryan 22 days ago
It’s because of stupidity of the world 🌎 buying from communist China 🇨🇳
ChoccyMilK123 23 days ago
Aah yes, including the incredible feat of enslaving millions of Muslims in labour camps!
Ferdinand Millendez
The rise of China,? Really or the down fall of China
The Title should be called the rise of Economic Capitalism
Prakash Shrestha
Happy to see massive progree made by China. China also invest in Nepal for economic and infrastructure development so as to enhance market share Love and respect 💓💓💓💯 from neighbouring country _Nepal_peace loving country
Bonnie Wilson
Bonnie Wilson Month ago
China can fuck off.
Hanson Ji
Hanson Ji 21 day ago
Bonnie Wilson u can fuck off too wIlSon, stupid ass name
Marsh Month ago
Coronavirus is now the Game Changer..! The harm impacted across the Globe will set-back China's charge for supremacy. 2020 will the year of the groundhog ; a downfall cometh...
Longam Tomba
Longam Tomba Month ago
Chinese are the most hard working people in the world..
LimitedBlue Month ago
2:48 Takes Britain 30 years to fill a pothole
china LIED people DIED
Liberate Hong Kong! Liberate China!
K Joseph
K Joseph Month ago
The arrogance of the western government is to blame they're pompous the knowledge is there I hope they will comeback I Like the Chinese
Mukul Chand Barua
Also manufacture of Wuhan virus
Mukul Chand Barua
Embargo CHINA
Yashwant Bhosale
I love China. I'm Indian. Salute to hardworking, nation loving and disciplinary nature of China.
jason tee
jason tee Month ago
@AMHD yes
AMHD Month ago
cc beh
cc beh Month ago
Ramesh S
Ramesh S 2 months ago
You steel every technology from USA ,same thing will happen ,if they go ahead ,Europe will steal technologies from china ,that time china will cry
Jiayang Gao
Jiayang Gao 2 months ago
I’m proud of being a 🇨🇳
N K 2 months ago
India is coming
hou liu
hou liu 2 months ago
0:16 is urumqi
LaLiT KaiNdaL
LaLiT KaiNdaL 2 months ago
china is 500 years ahead of world right now...it will occupy asia over 50 years....i think america should finish china
Asiania 2 months ago
Should Americans question the 'evil China' narrative and tone down the fearmongering? ruvid.net/video/video-HTAeFW5i3Z4.html
H 2 months ago
China’s infrastructure development is insane. It is so fast and ambitious which was underlooked by the Western.
Ian CHUI 3 months ago
The rise of China is only because of Hong kong and now they are using Hong kong police's to destroy Hong kong protesters. This is ridiculous. 7.21 What happened to the protester's where were the police's? 8.31 What happened in Prince Edward station why did the police officer's injured so many people ? Will the police officers and the government pay for the medical that police's got hurt ?
Yew Kee Wong
Yew Kee Wong 3 months ago
You are looking at the cities. Please go to the rural areas and see what a world of difference. So, much poverty.
Share Greats
Share Greats 3 months ago
About to overtake the U.S. suddenly an extremly small enemy threatens to thwart all those ambitious Chinese plans: the Corona virus.
some guy in jersey
some guy in jersey 3 months ago
2 years later and China is reaping the sorrow from stealing technology. Their arrogance and false pride will be thir downfall. Coronavirus they stole from US and Canadian laboratories is going to destroy their economy. To paraphrase Thomas Paine, what is achieved too easily is esteemed too lightly.
YOGi 3 months ago
Silly Tricky Dicky went to China in 1972 & woke her up!!!!
Nat Gaming
Nat Gaming 3 months ago
i cant stand the guys voice or well rather tone of voice. fake happy, rather have a monotone voice telling the story. good expect for that.
sam 016
sam 016 3 months ago
Josh Perez
Josh Perez 3 months ago
The video “forgot” to include the MASSIVE stealing and illegal use of intellectual property it continually carries out EVERY DAY from other countries, especially the U.S. and is the basis for its “miracle”. It’s a “miracle” based on theft that would not survive without it. The real miracle is that people believe it’s a real miracle.
Dennis Gunawan
Dennis Gunawan 4 months ago
China will number one rich country in the world
Ullas 4 months ago
This is India in 3020 (maybe)
logan cajaras
logan cajaras 4 months ago
but they still eat rats
Cee Jay
Cee Jay 4 months ago
0:34 The rise of what? 😂😂
Baker Liu
Baker Liu 4 months ago
No no no, it is over praised. China is still a developing country, Taiwan is very poor.
山本一夫 4 months ago
China needs to be destroyed for the good of mankind
RoboTube 4 months ago
China alone broke the brainwashing myth that one party system cannot develop a country and that communist government cant be good. It seems that when a Communist countries like Vietnam and China when left alone and without US trying to undermine them with sanctions , CIA plots and proxy wars can do quite well.
Ning 4 months ago
we rabbits always know what should do
dong wang
dong wang 4 months ago
Chinese bless our country.
Ryan Gloria
Ryan Gloria 4 months ago
Asians dont mess around.
dumbwhore 4 months ago
this is so annoying i hate this ur lucky i viewed this for school
රවුනාක් බී
I am jealous of China.
ROB LLOYD 5 months ago
Under mismanagement China will fall again. History predicts it!
ROB LLOYD 5 months ago
The rise and fall of the ROMAN EMPIRE _ The rise and fall of the CHINESE EMPIRE under Emperor POO.
Sralaine 007 o-007
Sralaine 007 o-007 5 months ago
One thing We should know that China do Businesses RARELY LOOSE. Chinese people are very hard and Smart workers and it's the FOUNDATION OF THE their SUCCESSES. I knew this will happen Since in 1980 when many products are imported from China due to Many Many Businesses went to do business with the Chinese from All Over the World. WHO TO BLAME ?????????
Sweet chaos Rei
Sweet chaos Rei 5 months ago
Usa is the real evil. I have respect for china... America bombed and killed millions of people...
Mark II
Mark II 5 months ago
wow......... omg...... look how far we've come. Now what..?
Joanne J
Joanne J 5 months ago
Kashif Javed
Kashif Javed 5 months ago
I want USA to do the same or better
Sweet chaos Rei
Sweet chaos Rei 5 months ago
Usa only good at bombing
威孟先生丶 5 months ago
The result of the concerted efforts of 1.3 billion Chinese people!👍
Arcadia arcadia
Arcadia arcadia 5 months ago
Sun Tzu expounds: Do not make deliberate or pretentious display of your ability but let your enemy glorify in their position as being number one. Let your own achievements and strategy lay your path ahead and in due time will be recognized by your enemy. Learn from mistakes of past dynasties, do not flaunt and brandish yourself to be at the top for that will bring decline to your dynasty.
Stravo Lukos
Stravo Lukos 5 months ago
The rise of Red China is a travesty of justice & human rights. Ask the Tibetans & Uyghurs, Falun Gong, Buddhists, & Christians. foreignpolicy.com/2019/12/03/uighurs-xinjiang-china-cultural-genocide-international-criminal-court/?PostUp&Editor#39;s%20Picks%20OC Red Communists deserve the damnation they'll get.
오시헌 6 months ago
The funny thing is that no country has NO.1 forever. Babylon Rome Mongolia China Spain France Germany U.K USA all will and has risen, non seem to be immortal.
秦汉明月 6 months ago
战略忽悠局失职吖…… 中国人还吃不起榨菜呢……
ISURU THIWANKA 6 months ago
go china go..congrats from sri lanka
HENERAL LUNA 6 months ago
Illuminati is scared of the rise of china
Shabbir Helaly
Shabbir Helaly 6 months ago
CHINA IS THE BEST IN ECONOMIC,HIGHLY TECHNOLOGY,EXCELLENT INFRACTURE😊 Interview: China's advances helpful to world in addressing health, development challenges: Bill Gates Source: Xinhua| 2019-11-19 07:27 :17|Editor: huaxia Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, receives an exclusive interview with Xinhua in Seattle, the United States, on Nov. 13, 2019. (Xinhua/Qin Lang) "We are working with partners to bring China's products, experience, and know-how to African countries to support their efforts on health system strengthening, infectious disease control, and agricultural transformation," Bill Gates said. by Xinhua writers Zhang Chunxiao, Xu Xingtang, Qin Lang SEATTLE, Nov. 18 (Xinhua) -- China has made remarkable progress in improving health equity and reducing poverty, offering lessons that could help other developing countries, including in Africa, accelerate their development, Bill Gates has said. "The success of China in so many ways is amazing, starting with agricultural productivity, improving the health, [and] a very strong education system with some of the top universities in the world," said Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which opened a China office in 2007. China is now contributing innovations that can help some of the other countries that are not as far along as China, "help accelerate their development based on the lessons that come from China," the Microsoft co-founder told Xinhua in an exclusive interview ahead of a two-day trip to China. "As we (the foundation) enter the second decade of our partnership with China, we remain committed to helping China address its remaining domestic challenges in health and development, as well as supporting China in sharing what it has learned from its own progress to help the world become a healthier and more prosperous place," Gates said. HEALTH EFFORTS Gates is arriving in Beijing on Wednesday. He will attend an event marking the 10th anniversary of the foundation's work on tuberculosis (TB), a primary focus of its health efforts in China. He is expected to talk with Chinese health officials about the progress in the TB program and future plan to reduce TB even further. In 2009, the foundation launched a TB prevention and control program in collaboration with China's then Ministry of Health (now the National Health Commission). Over the course of 10 years, the program has shortened the time required for diagnosing multidrug-resistant TB from two months to two hours. "We've gone from having a patient having to take 13 pills to only three every day," Gates said. With new drugs, tools and mechanisms, the cure rate for TB has been increased where the program has reached, and patients' share of costs significantly reduced, he added. "To solve such a complex problem as TB, the Gates Foundation alone is not enough. We have worked side by side with our partners to design and implement a program that improved not only the quality of care but also its affordability, thus significantly reducing TB cases and related deaths," Gates said. The next phase of TB investment, he noted, will focus on new TB drug and vaccine development, which will "not only benefit patients in China but also those most in need around the world." Aside from TB treatment, the foundation is also working with China's public, private and social sectors in poverty alleviation, nutrition improvement, strengthening of the national immunization program and control of the HIV epidemic, among other efforts. China has lifted over 800 million people out of poverty and vowed to wipe out extreme poverty by 2020. The foundation is supporting China in going the final mile, according to Gates. Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, receives an exclusive interview with Xinhua in Seattle, the United States, on Nov. 13, 2019. (Xinhua/Qin Lang) "Now we're involved in the poverty work where China's got a very impressive goal to completely get rid of extreme poverty in the country. We've partnered with them to help out. We have a rich set of programs that are in the country, all of which we feel good about," he said. GLOBAL REACH Gates has traveled to China multiple times since his first trip in the 1980s. Since then, momentous changes have taken place not only inside China, but also in China's role in global affairs. "If you go back to 1980, China was not that engaged and other countries weren't paying as much attention because, in fact, the trade levels were very, very low and people really underestimated what would happen in China," Gates said. Today, however, China is one of the world's top two economies, trading with a lot of countries, and a large number of Chinese companies are "going out in the world with their products." On the political side, China is engaging in UN institutions and contributing to them, Gates said, citing the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation as "a great example of how China's now a big part of countries working together, which when I first went was not the case at all." China has shown strong commitment to using its expertise and experience to help lift people in other countries -- especially African countries -- out of poverty, Gates said. The foundation is partaking in these efforts. "We are working with partners to bring China's products, experience, and know-how to African countries to support their efforts on health system strengthening, infectious disease control, and agricultural transformation," Gates said. To this end, the foundation is partnering with the Chinese government and research institutions to introduce appropriate farming techniques, new seed varieties and other innovations to African countries to help them improve productivity and agricultural industry value chain. It is also working to accelerate the entry of high-quality, low-cost Chinese-made malaria commodities into the global market, and facilitate the sharing of China's experience in malaria control in regions with high malaria incidence. CLIMATE ACTION While in China, Gates will also attend the 2019 New Economy Forum where leaders from all over the world will compare notes on how to cooperate better on such tough issues as climate change. Bill Gates (L), co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, receives an exclusive interview with Xinhua in Seattle, the United States, on Nov. 13, 2019. (Xinhua/Qin Lang) "It's a huge problem... The sad fact about climate change is that it's the poorest who will suffer, even though they have done nothing to cause the problem... The temperature increase near the equator is affecting particularly farmers who have very small amounts of land," Gates said. He believes that to address the issue, it is crucial to have all the countries engage and cooperate, and in particular, have the United States and China set a good example of driving down emissions and innovating to make the cost much lower. China has shown a strong commitment to be one of the leaders, he said, both in reducing its own emissions and in helping to invent new approaches that will help all the countries be able to reduce their emissions. "We do need the U.S. to get engaged and to really work with China to get all the countries engaged, to make it very hard for a country not to participate. That's the only way you get to global zero [emissions], which is what the goal is," Gates said. He voiced concern over the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. "It is critical that future U.S. leadership reverse this decision and rejoin the Paris accord," Gates said. ■ Copyright © 2000-2019 XINHUANET.com All rights reserved.
haiyan wang
haiyan wang 6 months ago
Chinese will do as good as they can ,and I am Chinese.
Jeremih Nyaga
Jeremih Nyaga 6 months ago
Kenya is just doing immature politics, being more corrupt by the day and thinking they are better than everyone yet they are broke and doing nothing about science research, technology and economic growth for it's people.
Ahana Singh
Ahana Singh 6 months ago
China:- Developing like hell India has left the chat
Sweet chaos Rei
Sweet chaos Rei 5 months ago
Remove corrupt politicians. Oh well this is democracy.. Leaders will lie and get elected and they will keep destroying the country..this is why democracy won't work until and unless the citizen themselves understand and have civic sense.
Stravo Lukos
Stravo Lukos 6 months ago
For all my Chinese brethren who can break through the Internet boundaries that the godless have thrown around the Chinese mainland, here is the Bible in Chinese. God bless & multiply you greatly! Your brothers & sisters in the U.S. pray for you & are encouraged by your witness. Allelujah! www.biblegateway.com/
Manu Edxon
Manu Edxon 6 months ago
China surely will start the world war 3
Sweet chaos Rei
Sweet chaos Rei 5 months ago
This is asia...not Europe and america.. we want peace
ZR1Terror 6 months ago
Russia must feel so left out knowing that the USA and China are the most powerful countries flexing their muscles. It probably brings them good memories when they used to flex their muscles with the USA during the Cold War.
ZR1Terror 6 months ago
While Democrats in the USA are so focused trying to take Trump out of office instead of working with him to make the USA even more prosperous, Chinese are working together and growing at an extremely fast rate and will soon catch up and surpass as us in all fronts.
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