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Jeff J. Brown
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Join Jeff in Beijing for his China Rising Radio Sinoland Show. He discusses news and events about China, at home and around the world - information you almost never see and hear behind the Great Western Firewall. China is way too important to not have an insider’s perspective on how its leaders and people are shaping and moving the 21st century.
All shows and columns are at: www.chinarising.puntopress.com



8 фев 2016

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porque Год назад
This was must be Chinese lunar new year firework show. Very interesting, but it also brings much air pollution.
Jeff J. Brown
Jeff J. Brown Год назад
You are right, Haibo. But 1,000 plus years of tradition die hard. Shenzhen has done a good job of reducing the public use of fireworks. But, having lived 13 years in the capital, I can tell you Beijingers are incorrigible! Thanks for watching, Jeff.
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